Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Nashville, Grey's, Scandal, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Once and More

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Question: Anything you have on Grey’s Anatomy to get me through this hiatus would be very much appreciated! —Mary Kate
Ausiello: Jo is having a baby! Wait, that’s not right. Jo is adopting a baby! Nope, that’s not right either. Jo discovers a baby in the trash and develops an attachment to it! BINGO! “Stephanie and Jo are out in the back of the hospital by the dumpsters, which is the new cool intern hangout, and Stephanie accidentally kicks a box, and there’s a baby in it,” explains Camilla Luddington of the plot, which will unfold in a spring episode. “And so we find this dumpster baby, which, of course, is very difficult for Jo because she has abandonment issues. And she is not on the case, and she really wants to be working on it.” I was kidding about the adoption thing, but would she ever consider it? “Do you think Jo and Alex are ready for kids?” the actress shoots back with a laugh. “They’re still trying to figure themselves out.” Fair enough.

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Question: I’ll take any Nashville scoop you’re willing to throw my way. —Michelle
Ausiello: Another major character — more major than Peggy, I would argue — is about to bite the dust.

Question: Really loved seeing some sparks flying between Rayna and Deacon again on Nashville. Any chance it could lead to something more, or is that just too much to ask? —Sheila
Ausiello: It’s pretty much now or never, says exec producer Dee Johnson. “It’s more possible now than it ever was over the course of the last 20 years,” she notes. “Deacon went through something and came out the other side of it; the [Maddie] secret is now all out in the open; Rayna is not married anymore; they’ve both evolved.” The one fairly substantial hiccup? Neither one of them is single. “As with life, you’re always dating someone when the person you really want is available,” Johnson adds. “It’s all about timing.” For her part, Connie Britton is ready for those two crazy kids to get their crap together. “I’m a big believer in Rayna and Deacon,” she tells me. “I always feel that people can work these things out, which is probably silly and idealistic of me. But I’m a silly and idealistic person.” (And don’t you dare change — not ever!)

Question: I’m officially ready for Angry Closeted Will to start transitioning into Confident Out-and-Proud Will on Nashville. Any idea when I can expect that shift to start? —Danny
Ausiello: I’d love to be able to tell you the metamorphosis begins this week, but that would be a lie. “The struggle will continue for him,” confirms Johnson. “He still has a certain thing in mind for himself in terms of country stardom, and he still doesn’t think it’s possible to embrace himself in that way. He’s going to try very hard to focus on [his career] solely and remove temptation from his life.” However, eventually, “his secret is going to come out,” the EP adds. “That’s not something that can stay underground forever, despite anybody’s best efforts. The question is, How will he handle it? And where will he be in his career path when it does come out?”

Question: I’ll take any additional info you have on Raj’s potential new squeeze on The Big Bang Theory. —Joy
Ausiello: Here’s the setup, as told to me by exec producer Steve Molaro: “Leonard and Penny are watching Raj’s dog Cinnamon, and they nearly poison her and kill her. So they all spend Valentine’s Day in the vet’s office trying to make sure Cinnamon is OK. And the vet might be a cute young lady [played by Lost‘s Tania Raymonde].”

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Question: I was so happy to see Victor Garber in the Sleepy Hollow finale. Please tell me he’ll be back next season. –Kristin
Ausiello: Garber’s role as Ichabod’s dad “is a crucial part to Crane himself,” says series co-creator/executive producer Len Wiseman. “We’ve talked about how his character works in the second [season].” My interpretation: It’s almost a sure thing the Alias alum will don a powdered wig again. Plus, don’t forget that we can also expect to see John Noble’s Henry (I’m not going to put his other name, out of courtesy for those who haven’t yet seen last night’s episode) when the Fox drama returns in the fall.

Question: Castle is my very favorite show and I would like any information you have for the 2014 season! –Donna
Ausiello: Previewing for Matt Mitovich her Jan. 27 turn on the ABC drama, Titanic mom Frances Fisher says that her “high-powered” Anna Wintour-like fashion magazine editrix is quite surprised to come face-to-face again with one Kate Beckett, whom she first met years ago as a model. And it’s not the warmest of reunions, either. Teasing how things left off for the two back then, Fisher says, “There was an ’employment issue,’ where I ended up not very happy about her decision [to quit modeling].”

Question: Any Hotch/Prentiss action that fangirls can get excited about in Criminal Minds Episode 200? –Colleen
Ausiello: It depends on how easily one is excited. At the close of the milestone episode, during which Paget Brewster’s Prentiss is fetched from London to pitch in on a crisis, “There’s a moment where Hotch asks her, ‘How much longer do we have you?'” showrunner Erica Messer shares. “And there’s this look he gives to her that makes you feel like if she was around any longer, maybe they would have grabbed a bite to eat, by themselves.” OK, I sense that at least 37 of you just got excited.

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Question: Please tell me that Claire isn’t really dead on The Following! —Sara
Ausiello: I would. If I could. But I can’t. (She be dead.)

Question: Once Upon a Time‘s Josh Dallas recently tweeted a picture of “Jason our boom operator” still in Neverland. Does this mean we could be getting flashbacks of Tink, Hook or Neal in relation to Neverland? –Amy
Ausiello: Sorry, but series cocreator Eddy Kitsis says there are no plans to revisit Neverland, in any timeline, during the back half of Season 3. Should we send out a search party for Jason? (In other Once news… somebody’s about to die!!!)

Question: Any scoop on what’s next for Tony on NCIS? –Laura
Ausiello: If you’re among those concerned that DiNozzo will rush into a grand new romance, with Bishop’s pop culture-savvy NSA pal Sofia Martinez, you needn’t be. “I don’t think his next relationship is going to happen anytime soon,” show boss Gary Glasberg tells us. “Part of letting Tony be Tony and letting him be flirtatious and talk to women is that these women don’t really matter. They’re quick encounters that he’s having; it’s not Ziva. They’re not ones that count. Eventually, will there be another [great love]? Maybe.”

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Question: I am loving Anna and Duke on General Hospital! Any info on where they are heading storyline-wise? Will they redo their vows? –Me
Ausiello: “Oh, I don’t think so. Not yet,” Finola Hughes responds. Rather, Anna and Duke “are about to be at odds, because he’s gone and taken up with Sonny — and I think Anna will find out pretty soon.” Elsewhere on the daytime sudser, Hughes shares, “A new person is taking over the hospital and it’s really going to shock the town — and I don’t think Anna will happy with it at all.” Meanwhile, Kimberly McCullough’s latest stint as Robin looks like it will only last “maybe a few more weeks,” her TV mom laments.

Question: Haven’t seen any AA scoop for Hawaii Five-0 in a while, and would love to get some! –Clarlee
Ausiello: Though Grace Park’s Kono is back in Hawaii (or Vancouver-as-Hawaii) and set to rejoin the team, Ian Anthony Dale’s days as Adam are likely numbered. “I love Adam and I love the actor, but he has a show [TNT’s upcoming Murder in the First],” exec producer Peter M. Lenkov explains. “We’re trying to make arrangements for him to come back. We’re trying to get him back for an episode.”

Question: Got anything on The Mindy Project? —Jen
Ausiello: The show is casting the guest-star role of Brooke, a flirty medical equipment sales rep who has a history of falling into bed with Danny whenever she pops into town. She assumes history will repeat itself, but I have a hunch she’s in for a rude awakening.

Question: Addicted to you site! Any scoop on Scandal to help us make it through the next month? –David
Ausiello: Asked to preview The Closer alum Jon Tenney’s upcoming Season 3B run, Bellamy Young reports with a big (albeit cryptic) smile, “We are having fun with Mr. Tenney — a great, great deal of fun.” Pressed to elaborate, she adds: “His character, Andrew, is someone that we have… uh… I don’t know what I’m allowed to say!” Well, since Andrew is reportedly a romantic interest for the long forsaken First Lady, does he arrive in her life at a good time? Young laughs — a lot –before responding, “Is there ever a good time in Mellie’s life?!”

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Question: As much as I’m loving Sherlock‘s third season so far, I’m bummed about the lack of Irene Adler. Any chance she’ll resurface in Season 4? —Brandon
Ausiello: “It’s not impossible, because she’s still alive and out there,” responds exec producer Steven Moffat. “But I was really, really pleased with [Season 2’s Irene-centric] ‘A Scandal in Belgravia,’ and that sense of longing between those two characters. The question is, can you do it again  without making it less good? Are sequels ever as good? Do you really make more money or do you debase the coinage? If we had as good a story as ‘Scandal’ and somewhere else to take them, we’d do it again. But, in the meantime, we’re thrilled with that episode and wary of touching it again. There are many other stories tell.” Gotta admire his quality control.

Question: Is there any chance Julia and Joel’s marriage can be saved on Parenthood? This story is breaking my heart like a shattered Snapple bottle! —Adina
Ausiello: It’s Parenthood — of course there’s a chance! Personally, as much as I’d like to see the show tackle divorce, it would be silly to see their marriage end over that one tiny indiscretion. Part of me thinks Julia should dump Joel based on his overreaction to this whole thing. It was one damn kiss — and she barely reciprocated. And she told him about it (albeit way after the fact). Speaking of Parenthood couples in dire straights, Crosby and Jasmine’s Adventures in Domesticity continues this Thursday when the “guy who took E.T. away” delivers some bad news to them on their doorstep. Exclusive sneak peek below!

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  1. Beth says:

    I really detest the Prentiss/Hotch… I always thought Prentiss was gay…

    • B. says:

      Are you kidding I LOVE them!

    • clarissa says:

      Sounds like something “Beth” would say. Hope we see no more of the Beth character. Love Hotch/Prentiss.

      • Angela says:

        I honestly like Beth, myself. In an extreme minority there, though, I know.

      • Tav says:

        lmao, at first I didn’t even realize the person’s name was Beth; but yes, sounds like sour grapes.
        Can’t wait for the ep, been shipping Hotch/Prentiss from the moment they shook hands. Really hope Paget/Prentiss will return for more eps in the future.

        As for Sherlock, YES to more Irene! A Scandal in Belgravia is still their best episode to date and the dynamic between Irene and Sherlock is gold.

      • Laura says:

        I agree with you Clarissa—

    • Angela says:

      I think it’s funny that people are so obsessed with that ship-it’s one I don’t mind, but I’ve also seen a hell of a lot of people thinking she should get together with Morgan. Or Reid. But yeah, if anyone’s seriously hoping for some sort of romantic setup here, be it a straight or gay one, I’d imagine they will be very disappointed. Romance is fun and I’m all for it, but I’m mostly excited about the story for the 200th episode.

      • Margie Clark says:

        As much as I ship Reid/Prentiss, CBS would be nuts to pair Emily with anyone. I am not a JJ fan, so the 200th episode doesn’t mean much to me. JJ has been so rude and condescending to pretty much everyone.

        • Angela says:

          See, I still like JJ, myself. I’m pretty happy with the cast in general. But like you said, to each their own. If not that episode, hopefully there will be other ones down the line that grab you more.
          Also, I like Reid/Prentiss, too :).

    • SayNoToHotchPrentiss says:

      So sick of this ship.

      The best part of this show is that there are no couples amongst the main cast.

      • M says:

        Well, SayNo, I’m going to guess that you’ve been too busy watching the team chasing the unsubs to notice the ship flirting that goes on. Though how anybody can miss some of the more blatantly obvious bits coughsMorgan/Garciacoughs is beyond me. Shrugs. CM appeals to a wide variety of people, so to each their own, I say. I, for one, will be grinning like the Cheshire Cat over the H/P ship flirting.

      • suzi says:

        I agree, SayNo. I don’t understand this desperate need to pair everyone up on TV shows. The team’s romantic relationships have existed Outside the team, and that’s fine with me. Morgan/Garcia have a cute little flirty thing going on (that sometimes gets pretty annoying in the middle of a case), but there isn’t a speck of romance to it–at least to me.

        • GoGiants says:

          Agreed. People can work together and not fall in love. To pair up leads in every show is just sloppy, boring writing. Bones/Booth, Castle/Beckett and so on.

    • Julie says:

      While I also detest Hotch/Prentiss a it’s definitely not because I thought a Prentiss was gay. It was more because Prentiss and Morgan have 1000 times more chemistry than she does with Hotch.

      • Tav says:

        More chemistry with Morgan? If any character should ping people’s gaydar…

      • Laura says:

        This is in response to Julie–how can Emily be gay when she had an “affair” with Ian Doyle??
        I personally the 2 of them would be a great storyline–Ian turning a “new chapter” in his life & going to the “good guy” side & be with Emily—Too bad they killed him off. I think Emily, Ian & Declan would have made some interesting episodes—Sure do miss “Emily”

    • Gabriel says:

      I always saw Reid and Prentiss pairing and hoped it would happen because that have amazing chemistry together it would be awesome.

  2. Shanda says:

    I love that you did General Hospital scoop. Now give me something on Shameless please.

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m really enjoying Will’s struggle on Nashville and the scene between he and Gunnar last week by the fire actually made me tear up a bit. He’s really hurting inside (Chris Carmack is doing a phenomenal job). I hope they don’t drag this out to long. I hope the next “major” death is Layla :-)

    • Elm says:

      Agreed. Carmack is really doing a great job, but wouldn’t you rather just see him doing a good job with a happy character?

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Of course, I’m hoping he eventually gets there. I’m a glass half full kind of girl.

      • Tim Church says:

        Not a chance!!! Any time I see him (or his name) on the show, I think of his work on “The OC”!!! I keep waiting for him to punch someone put & say, “Welcome to the CMAs, B***h!”or something

    • Ann says:

      I don’t think they’re killing off Layla. I think they’re killing off Rayna’s dad. Teddy is gonna figure out the hit was from him and take revenge.

      • Shira says:

        Think it’s someone around Rayna’s circle. Either Tandy or Lamar.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I agree it’s unlikely but a girl can dream. I could care less if they kill Lamar.

        • Shira says:

          Lol. In that case I vote for Zoe for the kill.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I’ve come to realize that I don’t like very many people on this show. Zoey would work too!!

        • Mary S says:

          “I’ve come to realize that I don’t like very many people on this show. Zoey would work too!!” —
          And if you don’t watch it, how do you know their names? Personally, I’ve never watched it. There are already too many other shows I like, with characters I LOVE having in my living room. If I wouldn’t like them in real life, I certainly won’t waste my DVR time on them. Look around, wrstlgirl, make some new “friends” to invite over!
          Thank heaven for my DVR; I never have to give up one to see another! Monday I record 10 shows, Tuesday only 4, Wednesday, there are 8, Thursday…..well, you get the idea. I have never even been interested in Nashville, the ads just didn’t capture my imagination. And my DVR won’t hold many more…

      • Rook says:

        As long as Will, Juliette, Deacon, Maddy, and Gunner are safe, I could careless who dies. Hopefully Teddy but I doubt it.

        • Marcie says:

          Add Scarlett.

        • tiffanie says:

          Avery is one of the best characters and by far singer

          • Tim Church says:

            No on both counts!! Thinking about it more, in fact, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he died; It would leave Juliette thinking about how she truly felt about him, & feeling sorry for how she treated him before (verbally knocking him aside before the Wentworths’ party. etc.).

          • T says:

            Agreed on Avery! Didn’t like him at first but now he is one of my faves. Lamar is one of the few I wouldn’t mind if he was gone. I guess Teddy too… not sure if there is much need for him in the show after this storyline plays out.

      • Sigh says:

        I hope Layla doesn’t die. I think she’s an excellent foil to Juliette. Lamar’s death would really move that whole tired “Rayna’s mom / Teddy feud” storyline forward though, and the sooner it’s over, the better.

      • JJ says:

        Most definitely Lamar, and he’s not more major than Peggy. That’s barely a spoiler, they should have killed him off last season when he had the heart attack.

    • dude says:

      Hahaha! YES to Layla! But I don’t think she’s bigger than Peggy. My money is on Tandy or Lamar.

  4. Elm says:

    It’s Will who’s about to bite the dust, right? They’re gonna go all in on the whole “It’s so hard being gay, better kill myself” story, aren’t they?
    Ugh, I’d much rather just see him be happy!

    • Lauren says:

      There’s no way they’re killing Will. He’s a character with heaps of potential and Chris Carmack is killing it. Plus they’ve already teased him dying so to do it again would be stupid. My money’s on Lamar or Teddy. But I hope wrstlgirl is right and it’s Layla, can’t stand her.

      • Erin says:

        Yeah, Will is the only new character they’ve brought in that is remotely bearable. Zoe, Peggy, Luke Wheeler, Deacon’s girlfriend (whatever her name is), Layla… They could all die and nobody would give a crap. But Will is a keeper. he’s not going anywhere.

  5. Matthew Weber says:

    Thankful that they’re finally going to do something with Raj on TBBT. He’s gotten really stale in the last few episodes.

  6. Alex says:

    I could have provided a better answer about Irene Adler…

  7. Michelle says:

    Thanks for all the Nasville scoops this week. I think Teddy or Lamar are on the way out. In fact I think maybe Lamar hired that guy who tried to kill Teddy the 1st time when Peggy got in the way.

  8. shay says:

    please shonda no kid for alex & jo! Their relationship is new and I already think alex is too old for her…
    I’m not sure about prentiss & hotch no I don’t think I’ll like it but Paget is here just for one episode so

    • cycworker says:

      Don’t think we have to worry about Alex/Jo re: the baby It’ll cause drama for Crowen (who I predict will hook up again in 10B) or it will be a catalyst to Callie/Arizona addressing their loss issues re; the miscarriage in 10×9. My money is on Callie/Arizona if only because I don’t think they chose that surprise pregnancy/miscarriage out of thin air.

      • cycworker says:

        Replying to myself because I can’t edit my post… LOL. As much as it doesn’t seem like it at times, Shonda and Co. do plan ahead.

    • Klaroline says:

      He’s only about 7 or 8 years older. I don’t think that’s that big an age difference

  9. Riana says:

    Lamar could be killed, die in jail.

  10. Tran says:

    Oh my gooood. All the Nashville esp. Rayna & Deacon… I literally can not. I am so excited. I bet this time it will hit Tandy.

  11. Kar says:

    deacon would be a dumb fool to get back with rayna who kept his kid from him for 14 yrs and never was gonna tell him the truth

    • BackIntheUSSR says:

      Glad to hear Tony won’t be jumping into another romance yet. it is just way too soon.

      • BackIntheUSSR says:

        sorry “Kar”, should have been in the main page.

      • Debbie says:

        And when do you think the appropriate time should be for Tony to be released from sack cloth and ashes?

        • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

          there is no official time line. THIS tony is not ready. He is not at all himself.

          • Debbie says:

            I have absolutely no idea what “not at all himself” means. I’m asking how you’ll know when Tony is “ready”.

          • StevenR says:

            Plus, what qualifies you, to say when or if he is “ready”? Are you a writer for the show? If you are a viewer, like the rest of us, it isn’t your call at all. Get hired by the show and submit your ideas for plot lines before stating ‘opinions’, like they are facts. SMH

    • Shira says:

      Well, he lied to her every single day when he used to drink, including on the night he so called proposed to her, so don’t see how Rayna’s lie to protect herself and her daughter at that point and help Deacon get better makes her the villain in this story?

  12. Cote Fan says:

    Oh, so now Gary is ADMITTING Ziva & Tony were a great love. Ha. After repeatedly saying it wasn’t. Come on, I’m getting confused here. Sorry, either she comes back, or you won’t have enough time in the show for “another” great love, and Michael won’t be coming back either. So nice try.

    • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

      Please bring her back. It is physically painful for me to think about NCIS without Ziva especially since there was no closure.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        Cote LEFT on her own ….why CAN’T you ziva fans RESPECT HER DECISION?….let her move on, as well as those who DON’T want her back…..TIVA was TOXIC for tony…and MW did NOT want the pairing.

    • John 1138 says:

      Love doesn’t always work out, such as Tony with Dr. Jeanne Benoit, a woman Tony showed a lot more emotional connection to than Ziva.

    • Elvira says:

      Completely agree. I don’t see the new character gaining acceptance, though she is kinda cute in a quirky sort of way. But she definitely is not a romantic possibility for Tony. Dammit, why can’t they just get Ziva back???

      • Alisa Neely says:

        maybe because COTE does NOT want to RETURN…..WHY can’t her fans RESPECT that it was HER choice to LEAVE?…..and MOVE ON….and allow the characters of the show and the other fans to MOVE ON?

        • Elvira says:

          I understand your point of view and you are certainly more than entitled to air it. But could you PLEASE STOP SCREAMING? You’re giving me a headache.

        • Michael Hutchings says:

          Guys : These are just TV shows- not real life !

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i KNOW it’s a TV SHOW…..but, the COTE/ZIVA/TIVA fans CAN’T RESPECT HER CHOICE TO LEAVE THE SHOW…..I FOR 1; DON’T WANT HER TO RETURN… well as does MANY other fans.

  13. Eric says:

    Honestly, I’m tired of Nashville doing “major deaths.” Why? Because none of them are major. Everybody they kill off is a secondary character. A major death would be killing off a main character, which they aren’t going to do. The only major death they can do without pissing fans off would be killing Teddy off. They need to stop doing “major deaths” because they are all disappointments.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      “All”? They killed ONE character. And the only people saying that death would be “major” were on the internet; the teaser for the show simply said “someone won’t make it out alive.” So take a friggin’ breath.

      • CJ says:

        I think Eric is referring to last season as well, when they killed off three characters and none of them mattered very much, despite heavy promotion by ABC that there would be more than one “major” death.

  14. Dominique says:

    in other words, Moffat has no interest in writing for more female characters than he has to. It’s obviously far more interesting to write in more and more men. honestly, who ever thought it was a good idea this bump this man up to full creator/writer credits..

    • Znachki says:

      So Mary isn’t a new female character? They are pretty thin on the ground in the source material. And, by the way, there are two more episdoes in this series. Let’s see what happens before freaking out.

    • Lliannan says:

      I prefer having the focus on just Watson and Holmes. They are interesting enough without a girl as boring romantic distraction or, even worse, a nemesis!

    • scooby says:

      Why would he try to take his attention away from trying to figure out a way to get River Song back on Doctor Who? That’s the only female character he’s got that matters right? *sigh* I get what he means about going to the Irene Adler well too often, but then again he didn’t follow that with the Weeping Angels so I wish the selective memory would stop.

    • ba dum dun! says:

      As someone who’s seen all of this season that’s currently airing in the US, you couldn’t be more wrong. Watch and see.

      • Bob says:

        This is why I wish PBS would be more like BBC America. Simultaneous showings of ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Downton Abbey’, please, so half the world doesn’t already know what’s happened. ‘Doctor Who’ is often shown the same day in America as it is in Britain, with only the time difference. They even simulcast the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special all over the world so everyone saw it at the same time.

    • Vincent Ventrevski says:

      If you ever watch his sitcom Coupling, you’ll see that he can write incredible female characters. And stay tuned for some equally feminine awesomeness in eps 2 & 3 of Sherlock series 3.

      • Bob says:

        The only thing bad I could say about the brilliant Steven Moffat is that he has a habit of killing off characters and then bringing them back. Not as much on ‘Sherlock’, but on ‘Doctor Who’ (poor Rory!).

    • JM says:

      Frankly, I prefer the Irene character on ‘Elementary’. The Irene on Sherlock bored me. Better to focus on the core characters: Sherlock and Watson.

      • Tim Church says:

        That’s what “Elementary” should be doing!! The repeats they’ve shown recently remind me of so much focus on Watson’s life away from Sherlock, etc… All this stuff with Detective Bell & Irene using revolving doors makes me forget things about more-important characters!

  15. jen says:

    Why does everyone think Julia isn’t to blame on Parenthood? She DID reciprocate, at least she certainly didn’t stop him. She flirted with Ed for weeks and didn’t actually tell Joel about the kiss until he confronted her. I don’t want them to break up over this, but if I had to choose, I’m firmly on team Joel. He stayed home for years, then she wanted to, got what she wanted, now her mind is changed again.

    • Mike R. says:

      I agree Julia is certainly at fault for what caused them to separate, but I would argue that the kiss is hardly the only problem in the relationship.

    • DL says:

      Yeah, I’m kinda in Joel’s side too, but for different reasons. Julia just won’t admit she’s wrong, or that things are her fault. She makes rash decisions and then tries to spread the blame around instead of facing the consequences head on and taking responsibility. If only she’d apologized sincerely to Joel for carrying on an emotional relationship with another man and acknowledged her mistake, instead of insisting over and over that it was nothing and that she was essentially blameless, she might not be in this situation. She takes after Zeek so much in that it’s nearly impossible for her to be honest about things and she ends up hurting those around her with her passive-aggressiveness.

      • Sheila K says:

        They are both at fault. But I agree that Joel seems to be looking for an out and is overreacting!!

      • Mary says:

        The way I see it is that Julia emotionally cheated on her husband but she didn’t mean for it to happen. Her relationship with Ed started out as friendship and when it moved beyond friendship Julia was in denial about it. Yes, she did start to acknowledge that their friendship was falling into the inappropriate category but she had come to rely on him so much it was hard to let go. I’m not saying she’s blameless or should be given an automatic pass, just that I see it from her point of view.

    • ABBY says:

      If Joel and Julia break up it’s because of the problems that lead to her kissing Ed not the kiss itself.

      • Trista says:

        The truth is Joel continues to miss the point. Julia turned to Ed because she feels inadequate as both a mother and a wife. Her job was the only thing she truly felt she was good at and when she lost that her confidence took a huge hit. Add to that Joel not wanting her input regarding the kids and work and you get a woman who is severely depressed and scared. Joel wants to blame and point fingers but doesn’t want to look at the root of the problem and Julia is such a kicked puppy she is afraid to speak up. Sad, but hopefully they can course correct with the help of a good therapist.

    • Ari says:

      Does anyone else remember back in the first season of Parenthood when one of the moms in Sydney’s playgroup kissed Joel and he didn’t tell Julia about it until way after the fact and he allowed that woman to continue to flirt with him. Julia’s reaction was trusting. She trusted that Joel wouldn’t cheat. Joel on the other hand turned into some kind of rageaholic when the situation was reversed. I don’t think either of them is totally blameless but Joel is definitely being a primadonna.

      • Mai says:

        Yeah i remember that. But i think in this situation, Joel was already suspecting there was something between Julia and Ed and when he first asked she said that nothing had happened. She only came clean after that and thats when his trust was broken. But still, im kinda with Julia on this one. No, she isnt blameless, but Joel is never home and just wont listen to her, even before the whole Ed thing. He claims that “i stayed home all this years while you worked”, but he stayed home with perfect little Sidney, he never had to deal with Victor all day long, he wasnt really aware of his reading problems and he would still fight Julia about it.. thats when their problems started and he wont accept that he’s also to blame. And the way he said “The marriage isnt the problem, its you” was just plain selfish, he doesnt realize he has a part on it to…

        • Ari says:

          I agree that Joel is being really selfish. He used to be such a decent guy and now all of a sudden he’s this huge selfish jerk. I don’t like their storyline right now and I don’t like what a jerk Joel has become. I think he’s only thinking about himself and doesn’t consider for a second how hard it was for Julia when she quit her job (or when she was still working and trying to deal with bringing Victor into the family).

  16. mes says:

    I agree! Love, love, love seeing a GH scoop!

  17. Mike R. says:

    I would argue that it would be difficult to make an Irene centric sherlock episode less good given scandal in belgravia in my opinion was one of the worst episodes already, only best by the Blind Banker.

  18. Me2 says:

    So, on NCIS, Tony is not going to be allowed to develop or grow. The poor guy was chained to ziva from season 6 until the beginning of season 11 when she left. Now, he has to spend from the middle of season 11 til heaven only knows when chained to an invisible character and her ghost.
    Sounds like tons of fun.

    • Mel says:

      Exactly! Once again Gary Glasburg has changed his tune. Both he and Michael Weatherly talked repeatedly about Tony dating again, and Weatherly implied he would go on to other relationships. And now: backburnered. Tony and Ziva were never a couple, never married, never even dated. They stagnated his character for that non-relationship. And now, we’re going back to encounters that “don’t really count”? Thanks Gary, for the giant step backwards. Tony has been in pause for too long now. I thought they were moving on, but apparently it’s without Tony.

      • bnkrchk says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Tony and Ziva were never a couple. Ziva was not his great love. She treated him like crap for years. He has been tied to her for way too long and it’s time to really move on. Both the character and his portrayer, Michael Weatherly, deserve better. Would someone please make Mr. Glasburg watch Seasons 1 to 4 so he can to see what Tony can be with a show runner who gives a damn.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i agree….if anything, she was ABUSIVE towards to tony…..i wish people would PLEASE move on from a relationship that was NEVER going to happen….MW did NOT want TIVA….he said that as OFTEN as possible…..cote CHOSE TO LEAVE for PERSONAL reasons…..tony needs to be the INVESTIGATOR that we ALL know he can be….without the PUT DOWNS from his co-workers…..let him go out on a few dates here and there….but, STOP WITH THE TIVA CRAP.

    • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

      If Tony is going to grow, he needs to get out of that job. it is not about who he is dating. He needs to get his own team or move to another agency. THEN we will see growth.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i hate to say it: but i AGREE….he needs to move on…..have his OWN TEAM…..with some that will RESPECT him as a SSA of the team….because, he’s learned as much as he’s gonna from gibbs.

        • StevenR says:

          So, basically the two of you MENSA members, want Tony gone from NCIS (the show), to be on his ‘own’ team for ‘respect’ and ‘growth’. Do you boneheads have an off button? I watch NCIS for the entire team, his character is part of the team. Try writing your personal fan fiction in your diaries and give the rest of the show’s fans a break…..

          • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

            who said anything about him leaving the show? He needs another JOB not another SHOW. This may be a surprise but it is possible for characters to get promoted and still be on the show. CSI has done it tons of times and it was good. Why do you want to keep him frozen in the same professional place for 11 years?

          • suzi says:

            If Tony were promoted it would be to lead his own team, and I wouldn’t enjoy switching back and forth between Gibbs’ team in DC and Tony’s team on another continent. The character Tony is quite happy where he is– the team, his family, is more important to him than advancement, and the personal growth we have seen has come because of that team–all of them.

    • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

      Clearly if Tony is not growing even without Ziva there the problem was never their relationship. You should go back to Season 1 and 2 to see the truly annoying Tony. He was definitely vertly immature then. Ziva was able to challenge him personally in a way that no one else was able to do and if you see the first two seasons and compare them to later seasons you will see that.
      There are other ways he can grow other than by having a relationship. He should be getting to know himself before he makes that leap.

  19. sarah says:

    Nashville:I predict Lamar will die. Teddy will find out he put the hit on him and will exact revenge.
    I really want Luke to sign with Rayna’s label and be comfortable coming out and being his true self.
    H50: So Grace is still not in Hawaii? That will suck to lose Ian Anthony Dale with the whole Kono finding him and taking him home, would like to see him still be in the picture and on a couple episodes each season.

    • “I really want Luke to sign with Rayna’s label and be comfortable coming out”… I see someone is still missing The OC :)

      • Willowan says:

        While it would tickle me greatly for Luke to come out, on Nashville, he seems to think he’s straight!
        I’m guessing you mean Will.

        Love the Deacon/Rayna tease. I hope they can work it out. They’ve both made serious mistakes, but they still truly love each other!

        • JJ says:

          Loved the Deacon/Rayna tease, but I feel like it’s too early to be excited by that. That could have also meant that they’ll spend another season wanting each other, but continuing to be with Megan/Luke who I absolutely hate…I actually can’t decide which random sig other I hate more.

      • Mary says:

        Maybe Sarah thinks Luke Wheeler is gay :)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Grace Park’s first scenes back actually have been filmed in Vancouver.

  20. Dani says:

    OMG … GH scoop. LOVE YOU, Michael. Thanks!!!!

    • Patty says:

      Yay! GH Scoop :)
      Don’t want to spoil it, but they showed who the new chief of staff at the hospital is and yeah, Anna WILL NOT BE HAPPY about it.

      And what the F about Robin. All this big deal for her to get home to Patrick and her daughter, broke up Patrick’s impending marriage to Sabrina (who’s pregnant with his kid) and now she’s leaving?!? Oy, I was fully for Patrick and Robin, but now so annoyed and want him with Sabrina. Just ridiculous that she’s leaving.

      • TinLV says:

        Supposedly, Kimberley McCullough has a directing job coming up for an independent film funded by a kickstarter campaign; I would surmise she doesn’t have the time to do both. But I think she’ll be back again someday. Obviously, her leaving opens the door again for Patrick and Sabrina, who may be the most boring couple on the planet, but they have their fans.

        • KA77899 says:

          I too am sick of Robin’s comings and goings. Sigh. And I agree that Patrick and Sabrina are indeed the most boring soap couple of all time. Sigh, Sigh.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i HATE when actors come and go from shows…..they start a storyline…that involves other actors….and then, they LEAVE….leaving the others swinging in the air….someone else i HATE who does that ALOT, is TONY GEARY/LUKE SPENCER…..either you want to be there or you DON’T.

  21. Shira says:

    Nashville: don’t know who’s getting killed off but just hope Rayna and Deacon will comfort each other during these “difficult times”. And Connie Britton, yes, don’t ever change!!!

  22. sarah says:

    Parenthood: I hope Julia and Joel can work it out. Yes Julia kissed another man but she did pull away right away and Joel has been mean and not that nice to her since the start of the season, well even all the way back to when the adopted Victor.

    • Kim R says:

      Yes! I was on the fence and maybe even leaning to Joel’s side a bit until he refused to answer her calls and she ended up showing up at his office and had a small melt down. They have children and regardless of your feelings, you pick up the phone. After that, I have just been annoyed at his refusal to talk to her to try and work anything out. He’s acting childish and he does seem to be just looking for a reason to move out at this point. Julie has her own responsibility with things as well but she is trying. He is not.

      • Kay says:

        I 100% agree with this. Joel has changed- he’s not the sweet, loving man that we’ve come to know. He’s this harsh man who doesn’t hear or accept that his wife was/is struggling. I’m really on team Julia here. No, she’s certainly not blameless, but he’s pushed the situation to where it is and now is refusing to work on it or hear her out.

  23. sofia says:

    Wow, Hotch looked at Emily. This is actually big development, since it’s like the seventh time he looks at her since season 5 (looked twice during season 6 and five times during season 7), but who’s counting.
    As big a Hotch/Prentiss shipper as I still am, this really isn’t enough get me excited. It’ll be great having Emily Prentiss back, since she’s my favorite, even if for just one episode, but I’m not getting my hopes for any good scenes featuring my OTP.

    • sofia says:

      Also, Mr. Glasberg, please make up your mind sooner rather than later. You can’t say Tiva was a great love and then say it wasn’t and then say again it was and then say it wasn’t and then say it was and on and on and on…. It just makes you look even worse as an EP than you already were, to begin with.

  24. Hayley says:

    Can’t sand hotch/Prentiss. Glad there really isn’t any real HP scenes according to that spoiler… Lol

  25. mimi says:

    “it’s not Ziva” So, it means that they’ll never abuse him, assault him, humiliate him and treat him like sc*m all the time? GREAT!!!
    BTW, Ziva has never been Tony’s great love. He loved/loves her but was/is not in love with her. Big difference!
    They’ve never dated. Tiva never happened or, as a wise man said, it would have been a disaster.
    I’ve got the feeling that our dear GG is just toying with Ziva/tiva fans to give the normal ones hope and keep calm the other ones who are bothering/annoying/bashing/threatening the actors and tptb since CdP left the show.
    Mr. Glasberg should give Tony a real love pretty soon and definitely close with the past or ‘certain people’ will never leave them alone.

    As Ziva said “the past is the past”.

  26. Faye says:

    Hoping for a Morgan/Prentiss scene in ep 200. Especially after the last dance they had when she left, not to mention all the lovely scenes we had over the seasons. Glad to see her back, just hope we’re not disappointed

  27. GeoDiva says:

    Ummm…. H-50 is filmed in Hawaii. I run into the production all over the island all the time. It does wonders for our traffic.

    • Yeah, I was confused when I read that Vancouver-as-Hawaii line too. Isn’t it a fairly well known fact that Hawaii 5-0 is filmed in Hawaii?

      • Drew says:

        I don’t watch the show, but didn’t she just have a baby? She might be back home with her family in that case. I’m just assuming here. I have no real clue, but maybe they’re filming her scenes there so that she doesn’t miss a ton of episodes.

  28. Dani says:

    i feel like everyone (including the writers perhaps) forgets Joel actually kissed another woman AND didn’t tell Julia about it on season 1. He’s being such a hypocrite and overreacting to this whole thing! didn’t even consider her feelings, what drove her to being close to Ed in the first place, never gave her a chance to explain the whole story… a mess.

    • Kermit says:

      I think the argument there is that when she directly asked him, he admitted it, but when he directly asked her, she didn’t. (For a few days? Weeks? Unsure of timeline.)

  29. Sam says:

    Is Adam going to get killed off since the actor has another TV show? I really going to miss IAD on H50, good luck on his new show.

  30. colleen says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I love Hotch/Prentiss! Hope there is much more. Thanks for the tidbit, I love H/P so much! Erica has been promising, let’s hope she’s finally delivering. Thanks for answering my question #NoMoreBeth!

    • Hayley. says:

      Erica is basically saying there’s no hp scenes. The woman is always trying to placate hp shippers. She has a good way with words ;)

  31. This Grey’s spoiler gave me a huge smile on the beginning and a big disappointment at the end. I want a Jolex baby so badly! I need to see Alex being the wonderful father I know he will be someday. This season has so many clues that a baby may come for them, I hope they aren’t just fooling us.

    • LC says:

      Seriously? They are a new couple! They just got together. Holy cow, give them a little time to figure out who they are together and if they even want to make a go of it long term before we saddle them with kids, a mini-van and a mortgage. Both Alex and Jo are characters wounded by their individual past. Pushing things too quickly would only backfire for them. No, no baby. By the end of the series, maybe, IF (and it’s a big IF) they stay together that long.

  32. Matthew Swanson says:

    I really think the solution to the Parenthood marriage is for Julia to just get a job. She wasn’t unhappy in her marriage until she quit/got fired from her job. Then she started blaming joel. She’s a lawyer, she doesn’t need to work for a huge firm. Start your own practice so you have something to do. Problem solved.

    • Austin says:

      ^^^ This is what I’ve been thinking for the past three weeks.

    • Herman1959 says:

      Julia has been trying to get another job for awhile. The problem is the question of why she left her previous law firm, and that they will not give her a good recommendation – basically she is being black balled because she messed up at work. This was shown on at least two episodes (and at least 2 different law firm interviews); may be you missed them.

      • LC says:

        Exactly. She’s had several interviews. That’s initially what fueled her budding friendship with Ed, both were the “stay at home parent” looking for jobs. They commiserated and could actually empathize with each other. Julia tried to talk to Joel about it, but he was too busy with his job with Pete to see just how depressed and insecure she was feeling. I agree that Julia should not have looked outside of her marriage for support (which is what ultimately led to the kiss), but she was getting no support from her husband. She realized what was happening and cut it off, she was just a little late and the kiss happened. On the other hand, Joel has been incredibly selfish and childish. His refusal to talk to a counselor and his jumping straight to moving out have put me solidly in the Julia camp. She knows what she did was wrong, but she’s owned up to it. He just decided that it’s too hard and he doesn’t want to put in the effort. Guess what, bud? Marriage is hard.

  33. Mary Kate says:

    Thanks for answering my Grey’s question!

  34. Reina says:

    I’ve never really understood the fascination of Hotch/Prentiss. I’ve got nothing against it, but I honestly just don’t see it. I do love every scene with Hotch/JJ though. Now they on the other hand, just give off the sexual tension.

    Remember the scenes in season 1 where Hotch is way too protective about an inmate smelling JJ’s hair if he(Hotch) lost the poker game?

    Or when Rossi first came back to the BAU – was kind of ogling at JJ and Hotch got a little offended?

    Or when JJ told the team that she was pregnant, and Hotch acted weirdly?

    I could list more, but you get my point. I like the “Batman & Robin” vibe from Hotch/JJ more. And besides, I’ve always been more of a Morgan/Prentiss than Hotch/Prentiss.

    • Patty says:

      Yes, couldn’t agree with you more. Hotch and JJ seemed to have more chemistry together and so did Morgan and Prentiss. Would’ve liked either one of those 2 pairings to have happened. Oh well.

      • Julie says:

        I agree. I think Paget and Shemar have Great chemistry on screen. I started watching CM a few yrs ago and caught up on A&E reruns. I’ve never understood the the Hotch/Prentiss fascination but I can see potential for Hotch/JJ. But Morgan and Prentiss is definitely the only pairing that I think would even make sense on that show due to the chemistry between the two actors plus the fact that he’s not the boss. Hotch is principled to a fault and he would never compromise the team by dating a subordinate so it never made any sense before she left. And watching the two interact is beyond professional it’s like watching paint dry so I don’t see it working now that she’s no longer his subordinate.

        • Beth says:

          I love the JJ/Hotch scenes. I would NEVER want any of the team become a couple on the show, (although I don’t hate the idea of JJ/Hotch) but I’d love to have more JJ and Hotch friendship scenes. I just want more of the conversations we used to get between them.

          Last week was great to just see them interrogate together. There’s a comfortable ness/familiarity between JJ and Hotch that the writers/actors never really accomplished when he was partnered with Prentiss.

          I hope the 200th have some JJ and Hotch scenes and I hope the fact they shared the secret in season 6 is readdressed either in the 200th or in the aftermath.

          I think JJ and Hotch are probably my favourite pairings of agents. The other character pairings in episodes are interchangeable for me, but I always love it when JJ and Hotch pair up.

  35. MandaJ says:

    Where I don’t think Julia is blemeless on Parenthood, I am totally bummed that Julia and Joel are on the rocks right now. He is one of my fave characters and I always liked their marriage. Seemed to be rock solid. I hope they can mend fences. I know the powers that be must think a divorce story line would be good but Joel not being present in the kids lives each day seems so far fetched to me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for brighter days ahead for J and J.

  36. LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

    Glad to hear TOny isn’t going to jump into another relationship. Yes we know he and Ziva didn’t officially go on “dates”, like that matters. They were PARTNERS for 8 years, spent every day together, were intensely attracted to each other, repeatedly showed they were willing to die for each other, and nwent to hell and back together.
    but never mind that.
    For 8 years CBS sold the audience on the love interest between them because it was so obvious. They were trotted out to press appearances everywhere to sell the show. CBS knew TIva sells and they exploited it. Tiva still gets clicks, right Matt?
    So if you want to live in your undersea cave of denial, that is fine, but meanwhile, CBS cashed in for 8 years on them as a pair.
    As for the character, no. Tony is not ready. he went through hell and he needs more time.

    • Alyson says:

      How much more time? Months? Years? Decades?

      • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

        When he is ready. Emotionally. he is not.

        • StevenR says:

          As I said before–what makes it your call on if he’s ’emotionally’ ready or not? Do you write for the show? Make cast decisions? No? Then stop making ridiculous comments like you are speaking with some authority, because you are not.

    • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

      The hardest person to get over was one of my closest friends. We never dated yet it took me a very long time to get over the person. On the other hand there are people that I dated which were easy to get over. It is not about dates or kisses but about the emotional connection. This is why it was harder for me to get over my friend than any of the people I actually dated.
      Throughout the tenth season (dubbed by the TPTB as the season of Tiva) they were both working on some issues individually. Tony still needs to work on these issues and show some more growth before going into any sort of relationship. He does not need to date someone to get over these issues because they wil continue to persist. In fact it would be better if he worked out these issues on his own just in case the relationship does not work out. This way he does not have to add other new issues to deal with before he is fully healed in the first place.

  37. Angela says:

    VERY excited at the prospect of Victor Garber potentially appearing on “Sleepy Hollow” again next season. And I am obviously dying to see how they handle things with Noble’s character, too. Can it please be fall already?

  38. Ann says:

    Thanks for the Hawaii Five-0 scoop! Recently started watching, and I love it!

  39. Me2 says:

    Mr. Glasberg needs to stop trying to write the show to make one segment or the other of the fan base happy.
    The ziva/tiva fanatics aren’t going to be happy unless they cover the bullpen in pictures of her and everyone cries for her at least once in every episode until the end of time. And Tony cloaks himself in sack cloth and ashes and joins a monastery so he can devote the remainder of his sad, lonely, pathetic existence to thoughts and dreams of the love he never was able to achieve.
    The anti ziva/tiva crowd just wants the whole ordeal to go away. Stick her memory in a fishbowl like Kate, not to be thought of or even mentioned for at least five seasons.
    It’s time for the writers, producers, etc to stop kissing up and just write the show and tell the stories that they want to tell.
    TPTB can never and will never make everyone happy.

  40. Erin says:

    Oh heaven forbid the writers should allow Tony to grow and move on. Even with Ziva gone he’s still apparently to be written as her accessory. I guess sacrificing Tony to Ziva just leaves more opportunity to give Gibbs and Ellie, and pretty much every other team member actual personal stories. Sounds like we’re in for more shallow and humiliating “humourous” encounters with women for Tony. I’m so tired of tptb marginalizing Tony while everyone else gets flattering writing and real stories.

    • Debbie says:

      Clearly everyone else gets to move on. But not Tony. He alone has to be the one stuck with someone who isn’t there. Gee This show just needs to man up. They’re honestly going to let Tony go back to being shallow? Or worse. Are they going to have him “save himself” for a character who isn’t there and and actress who isn’t coming back?

    • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

      ONce Tony gets a promotion or a new job he will grow. Ziva wasn’t what held him down.

      • Me2 says:

        Ziva absolutely held him back. The shippers have said it repeatedly, Tony matured because of ziva. He grew so he could be a better man for ziva. And now that she’s gone, he’s still being held back by ziva. The only way he can truly grow, become the man we all know he is (except for Glasberg and the tiva shippers), is for himself, not some invisible ball and chain.
        As far as any promotion goes, he told EJ that the only team he wants to lead is the team he’s on now.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i agree…..tony is STILL being HELD BACK by ZIVA…’s time for him to GROW as an AGENT….and as long as she’s hanging over him like a DARK CLOUD, he won’t……he needs to be allowed to take LEAD on cases….he IS the SFA to gibbs….and tim and ellie NEED to be made to UNDERSTAND that.

          • YoUaReToTaLlyAnNoYiNg says:

            Here’s a thought, go get a job with the show and give them your GREAT ideas. See how FAST they fire you or just LAUGH you out the door.

        • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

          That team isnt’ there any more, is it?

        • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

          That team doesn’t exist any more. He’s not leading it. He’s a babysitter whose excellent investigative skills are being wasted.

  41. robinepowell says:

    I wanted to watch the Parenthood preview, but of course the video is not available to anyone outside the U.S. I still don’t understand why that is

  42. Margie Clark says:

    I like Beth and Hotch together. She seems to make him happy. And I am really in the minority because I love Emily with Reid. Don’t give me age difference-they have such chemistry on the show. She’s the cougar and he, the young stallion. The teacher and the willing student.

    • Julie says:

      Just reading that statement about Emily and Reid creeps me out. If Emily hadn’t had an abortion as revealed in “Demonology” her baby would’ve been right around the same age as Reid. Ew.

  43. Julie says:

    And now I have to get off this site before my head explodes from the inevitable war that will break out between the Ziva fans and Ziva haters and the Tiva vs Tony with anyone else shippers.

    • Angela says:

      Heh, oh, god, I hear you on that one. I can only imagine how big the comment section will be by tomorrow morning.
      I just feel bad for anyone who wants to discuss the other shows in these sorts of articles, because their conversations always get drowned out by the ridiculous Tiva debate that inevitably ends up happening on here. Apparently it’s too much to ask for everyone on both sides of that debate to FINALLY take it somewhere else (or drop it altogether)?

      • StevenR says:

        Oh bless you both for saying that. It is truly hard to gain any insight into all of the questions being answered because of the attack of the loonies. I used to enjoy reading what others thought before this snarling dog pile started. Now, all of them are the same–extremely stupid. Lord knows, you can’t fix stupid……..

  44. JustJulie says:

    Whoot, GH scoop! But I think I’m the only out here that’s loving the Anna/Robert chemistry.

  45. MA says:

    I wish the Nashville death would be Teddy/Luke Wheeler/Zoey, but I’m guessing Lamar. Yay for Rayna and Deacon. And yes, don’t ever change, Mrs. Coach!

  46. John Hibert says:

    I would to know if all the petitions to bring the show Missing with Asley Judd back on ABC? I was hoping with almost 3,000 petitions sent doesn’t ABC card about when people like a show and they did not support it like they should of. I believe Asley was special and the show could made it if it had support from ABC. So I learned not to get attached to any shows on ABC . They show that stupid show Bachorette talk about stupid that show is the dumbest I ever seen it reminds me of the show Bob Eubanks used to host many moons ago.

  47. Sherry says:

    I love J.J. on Criminal Minds. Would like to see more of her and her husband

  48. Mel says:

    Hell yes I wAnt Irene back a scandal in bel gracias was the best episode of all 3 seasons plus the chemistry between Lara and Benedict was soo darn good and of elementary is anything to go by Sherlock should leave his asexual habits at least so he can have “dinner” with Irene ;)
    I still love that scene near the fireplace ah!

  49. Pat says:

    Alex and Jo ( Grey’s) ready for a baby? I sure hope not. They need to not only work on their relationship but they both need to work on themselves, individually. Also, on NCIS Tony’s character really does need someone in his life to love and care for. The only thing that I would not want to see change is who he is at work. He is serious when he has to be on the job and then there is the funny Tony who lightens up the mood.

  50. Arthur says:

    They HAVE to bring Irene Adler back. Lara and Benedict’s chemistry was incredible.