Sleepy Hollow Preview: Fringe's John Noble Wants You to Know He's Not Playing Walter

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Spoilers John NobleThis week, John Noble makes his debut on a Fox supernatural drama. His character: a mysterious, reclusive man who possesses special talents that make him a highly sought-after asset.

Sound familiar?

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Though they may seem similar on the surface, Noble’s Sleepy Hollow character Henry Parrish is “not going to be like Walter,” the actor says, chuckling as he name-checks his beloved Fringe alter ego. “Walter was one of a kind.”

Noble’s portrayal of the eccentric genius – a gig he held for five seasons – likely is also the reason that Fringe executive producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman wanted the Australian actor to be part of their new supernatural hit.

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“These writers know me. I guess that’s why they rang and asked if I would do it,” he says, adding that he’d just seen (and been highly impressed by) the pilot when the call came.

Monday’s episode (9/8c) introduces Noble as a sin-eater, someone with the ability to absorb another person’s wrongdoings and thereby “sanctify” them – which accounts for why the actor describes Henry as “mysterious and kind of sad, in a way… Historically, sin-eaters were people that were socially ostracized. No one would have anything to do with them, except when they were called upon to eat sins.”

When Ichabod goes missing, a mystical tip-off sends Abbie to Henry for help — and the lieutenant is determined to pull the sin-eater out of retirement.

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Though Parrish is unwilling to aid the time-traveling at first, he soon realizes that “all of this was predestined, to a degree,” Noble notes.

Which is why we’ll see Henry at least three more times this season – Noble’s next episode has “a terrific script,” he says enthusiastically – and why the actor is happy to announce that he’ll be back in Season 2.

After all, out-of-this-world fare like Hollow is “the stuff I love doing,” he says.