It's Official: Castle Spies James Brolin Encore

Castle James Brolin Returns Season 6ABC’s titular Castle will get a second blast from his past when James Brolin puts in an encore as Rick’s father.

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Confirming that which Brolin told AntennaFree.TV back in November, Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe says that when Jackson Hunt, a ruthless assassin for the CIA, resurfaces and father and son are “flung together once again, Castle begins to wonder whether he can trust this mysterious stranger.”

In speaking with AntennaFree.TV, Brolin hinted that the second time around, we may see the darker side of Rick’s father, saying: “[T]here’s no reason for me to do another episodic show… unless I can show you the complete other side of this character, the one you might be afraid of. Rather than you finding out he’s a good guy, you find out he’s good in front, but….”

Castle, which last week aired its fall finale, is due to resume Season 6 on Jan. 6, 2014. The father/son reunion is tentatively scheduled for Jan. 20.

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Brolin originated the role of Jackson in the Season 5 episode “Hunt,” the second half of last February’s sweeps two-parter.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hope Beckett can meet her father in law this time

    • DarkDefender says:

      This should totally happen, so she can help Castle pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong (which it sounds like it might play out that way).

  2. Jenni says:

    I think that’s pretty much to be expected from both Mr Brolin and a plot line that develops his character further. The character has spent at least forty years as a spy and will have done some very nasty stuff. Heck we saw him do some very nasty stuff in the two-parter, without so much as batting an eye. I like the idea of exploring that part of the man, whereas Rick only say a ‘goodish’ side last time, let’s see more this.

    Very excited!

  3. Christina says:

    Very excited for this! Can’t wait to see what “flung together” means in terms of the episode plot.

  4. Apples says:

    In that same two-parter we got to see a darker side of Castle himself (channeling the spirit of Mal Reynolds when he tortured the driver for information), mirroring Hunt. Besides seeing Hunt, I hope to explore that side of Castle further (and see Beckett interact with Castle’s father too).

    • Alan says:

      i wouldnt have said mal reynolds, mal was vicious when he needed to be but he never went that far, it was more like caleb to me.

    • Rick says:

      Dark side? I think any father in America would like to have 5 minutes with someone holding crucial evidence about his kidnapped child. I was glad to see Castle act like a man and that Beckett had enough humanity and love to give him that time. Since we did not see what happened you can imagine it any way you want as to the use of force.

  5. Stormy says:

    I’d like to see him reunited with Martha.

  6. James D says:

    Sweetness more Brolin/Fillion screentime can never be a bad thing

  7. Leigh says:

    Yay! This sounds great!

  8. David4 says:


  9. Teri says:

    Sounds intriguing. Just hope Pops can meet Beckett, Alexis and have a ‘moment’ with Martha.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Mostly though I’d love for Martha to meet Hunt..share memories of that night where they ‘loved for a lifetime’ one last time!

  10. lame says:

    Yeah, have a family moment after Hunt disembowels a couple of guys before the NYPD can get to them.

  11. Ana says:

    Just hope they don’t go with the route of Beckett having or wanting to arrest him, no melodrama please.

  12. sexyback says:

    YES! Gimme me more Castle family (Castle/Alexis/Martha/Daddy Castle)!!! I’m so sick of Beckett and Caskett.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Sick of Beckett & Caskett? You really must be ‘one in a ten million’! We never can have too much of Beckett or Caskett…#Fact

    • Carolina says:

      Sweetie, if you don’t like Beckett or Caskett then you need to watch another show. The title might be Castle, but without Beckett, the show just wouldn’t work.

      • scooby says:

        Preach, plus if we get more Alexis, right now that involves Pi so ya know what, I’m cool with what she’s getting. ;) Love Molly, but just sayin’. People who aren’t shippers and watch this show confuse the crap outta me. I’m really hoping the OP of this thread is being sarcastic. As for Papa Castle, I bet they couldn’t get James Brolin back without promising him stuff like this but it’s fine with me, I mean he’s not a warm and fuzzy spy. He’s killed people. Might be interesting to see him interact with Kate on that because they’ve both done it only his involved more plotting. Just what it does to you internally, I mean.

    • Really says:

      I wouldn’t be watching this show if it wasn’t for Beckett

  13. Rich Abey says:

    I remember Castle Snr telling Rick that he is always watching over the Castle family. So how come 3XK (and his evil cronies) are able to freely terrorize Castle, Kate & the rest of the 12th? Fact is though, they have never been physically maybe Hunt, knowing that his son & his fiance are quite capable of taking care of themselves, lets them deal with 3XK until it gets too much for them. High hopes then that Hunt is swooping in just as 3XK (or his super-creepy girl friend) returns late in the season to kick his/her evil butt & end it once & for all!

  14. Rich Abey says:

    More RHD’s (Ruggedly Handsome Dads) coming our way? Bring it on!

  15. Dory says:

    OMG. I was thinking about that the other night. Kind of castle deprived just now. ABC on hiatus limited reruns on TNT. Love Brolin and Rick and Kate are my favorite couple. In fact the only drama I watch.

  16. nicademus11 says:

    I just hope it opens up the possibility for some more brilliant work from Susan Sullivan.

  17. Jazz says:

    I was kinda hoping they would drop this storyline as Target/Hunt were my least favorites episodes of the whole serie. Badly written and badly acted. In general I am not a fan of storylines revolving too much around Castle’s character, I think he works better as a support to other characters.

    Which brings me to the point : am I the only one who notices a shift this year with more material given to Nathan? Might explain why so far I find this season to be the weakest one.

    • sonnenschein77 says:


    • Carolina says:

      You aren’t the only one to notice. I agree whole-heartedly about Target/Hunt. I read on other sites that Nathan had a hissy fit about Beckett getting all the story lines so they caved and started to focus on his character more. This is truly sad if it really did happen. The show may be called Castle, but honestly, if it was all about Castle, I wouldn’t even watch. Beckett is a more interesting character and lets not forget, she was kicking @ss and taking names long before Castle wandered in. That’s not saying I am anti-Castle, I love that he and Beckett are finally together. I just don’t enjoy seeing Nathan taking the spotlight away from everyone else. If the truth be told, this show is an ensemble, every character is important to it’s success. As far as I’m concerned there’s no room for Diva’s.

      • Jazz says:

        Well I don’t know if the rumors are true or not, even though I would tend to believe it’s not Nathan’s type of behaviour.
        I think the shift in storyline is mostly likely coming after writers (and maybe Nathan) noticed a lack of depth in the title characater. But the issue with Castle’s character is his personnality in itself, Castle is twice divorced, goofy, an annoying man-child, womanizer, he still lives with his mother, he doesn’t really stand his ground…That is not the personnality of a strong male lead or Alpha male as they put it recently, that’s the personnality of a great supporting character. To sell this kind of character as a lead the show would have to be more edgy (if it was a cable show maybe).
        And to address the elephant in the room, the old age question : is it the writing or the acting? Because at the beginning of the show I could totally buy it, but now? Not so much.
        Castle would benefit having a more debonnaire and suave portraying in my opinion. A little touch of gentleman and old-charm in my opinion. Now, can Nathan do that or not that’s another question.

        • lkh says:

          I agree with you about the character. Makes me laugh (on occasion, but so do Ryan and Espo), but it would be difficult to be around him continuously. Don’t know about Nathan but others say he’s most like his character of all those in the cast. It was Castle who said they were both alphas–not so sure about that being true tho. ( In PCA, losing in the ‘Best Chemistry’ category–I feel that’s accurate some, but hate to resurrect this topic as I’m not a shipper). On the other hand, he’s calmed down some since he’s not trying to constantly get her attention. This may seem a little harsh, don’t mean it to be–really enjoy the show. Just always glad my son outgrew that stage. :)

          • Dory says:

            Question to the last 3 posts. Could it be that he doesn’t like her in real life? He seems to avoid physical contact. Why? They’re actors. I was at one time a fan of a cable show where the lead seemed turned off the leading lady. It did not end well. All it shows is the actor cannot behave in a professional manner. Not saying this is the case but I would like to read your opinions.

          • lkh says:

            To Dory. This is a TV show, they’re actors. That’s what they do for a living. I don’t care if the like each other in real life, this is their job. Like we all have jobs and get along, so do they. I feel like fans get confused regarding actors’ jobs and private lives. When I use the term ‘he’, I’m referring to the character as is written, I’m not talking about the actor, Nathan Fillion. At any point in time, is it the acting, directing or writing–I dunno. Some days good, others not so much-just like for all of us. Again, I never miss the show, am a fan. Enjoy it most of the time as do you all.

          • Dory says:

            REALLY? I am well aware that this is a tv show. I asked for an opinion not a smarmy lecture.

          • lkh says:

            Well, ‘smarmy’-great word but doesn’t really apply-probably my ineptness with the English language and this medium. But I still don’t care if Nathan likes Stana or not, Castle just has to like Beckett–that is my opinion or perhaps I don’t have an opinion, it just doesn’t matter to me at all. Really.

    • Mary says:

      I don´t agree with you at all!:) IMO, Tarhet/Hunt were greatly written and brilliantly acted!:) And I love to watch the episodes around Castle´s caracther, actually I think there haven´t been enough.
      To each one, their own:)

      • Rick says:

        I thought Target/Hunt was very good and showed the strong feeling between Castle and Beckett. Once S6 got Beckett out of DC i have really enjoyed the episodes. Since I really like Casket I wonder why any one would think the show would work without one of the two stars. To me S6 has brought back a lot of the feeling of the first two seasons with out the false angst and lack of adult communication. As far as the Alpha in the relationship we always see them in Beckett’s environment where she is a Lt. in the NYPD Homicide Department. She better be an Alpha in that role or her fellow cops would eat her alive. i doubt she is the Alpha when we step into Castle’s public role as a successful, wealthy RHM and well known author. I would imagine women and men would push Beckett aside to get Castle’s attention. And while I love Beckett she would be competing with women at least as beautiful and younger in public. I believe that in this stage of their relationship it is strong enough to withstand those kind of problems.
        Any two successful people in a long term relationship have to balance this dynamic when they move with their partner from one stage to the other stage.
        As to their off stage relationship or sexual preferences why would I care as long as both actors are true to their roles. I think their affection and love scenes are more than adequate and I fail to see the awkwardness that some profess to find.

        • Dory says:

          Hi Rick I wonder if you are the samed Rick I used to read on other threads (Sally Nelmar). If so I’d like that I always enjoyed your posts. You were very helpful to a newbie. Still am sort of but getting better. 1 point. I”m 41 and would kill for Kates’ looks. She has that classy quality I’ve always admired. As far as younger my guy is 4 yrs older. No Castle but successful in his own right. We’ve been together for 10 yrs. We maintain separate residences works for us. I am in no way comparing us to a tv show. I agree that as he is written he could find someone younger and more successful financially Hope not. I do feel she is his physical equal at least. I agree about sexual preference. If they can successfully portray a heterosexual couple who cares. I also don’t care if they like each other in real life as long as they respect each other in front of the camera. I have to be careful with my postings since I am sometimes not clear enough. Great to read you again. If you are not the same Rick, it was still a good post.

          • Rick says:

            Hi Dory nice to see your posts. I think you are right about Castle being at least 10 years older than Beckett, since Alexis is 19. I think Kate as presented is the whole package I doubt Castle would be drawn off by another pretty face. He has had pretty faces (two ex-wives) I think he has moved beyond that phase. Not to say that I think Caskett will be problem free in future episodes.

          • Dory says:

            I am so happy you wrote that. Ireally believe you. 1 more opinion Sophia on Pandora was gorgeous. also think Gena was the prettier of the but let’s face they’re all pretty. They are not going to give Rick an ugly paramour.

            . I will look for your opinion on the Jan 6 2014 show.

    • Lion says:

      Castle it’s kind of a boring character..his behavior is obnoxious and annoying he only play the goof guy and that can be really exhausting for the viewer!

      • Rick says:

        Why waste your energy writing or watching such a bad show. If it’s just Beckett put her picture up on the wall and go watch another show. When Bones starting boring me I just stopped watching it.

      • Dory says:

        I figure Rick as written to be about 10 yrs older. Kind of sexy. What do you say.

  18. Phoebe says:

    Exciting stuff!

  19. Livus48 says:

    How anyone. An be sick of those two is beyond me,😖
    Glad we are 10mill who disagree…I love the show,exciting with Broli back
    Roll on Jan.6.2014 thank you to crew and cast,a stellar job 😄🌹

  20. Kay says:

    I sometimes think I could win a fortune if I bet for not being able to ever read a single TVLine Castle-related article without seeing Nathan/Castle hate-fest in the comments below. Yep, people, you’re absolutely right — the title character is boring, flat and badly acted. That’s exactly why the show stays on air in its 6th season with over 10 million viewers tuning in each week — because they all just can’t stand the title character and how badly the lead actor portrays him. The only reason they all watch is Beckett’s character, no doubt, as being the most not-boring, not-cliche and brillianty acted cop on TV. Keep telling yourselves that. Oh, and, of course, one can certanly bet on seeing here every single anonymous lie about the lead actor that can be found in the net, like these fabricated “rumours” about him being a “diva”, found at some trash gossip site. Way to bring them here, because, hey, they just have to be true! No doubt about that. What do some 20 years of flawless rep mean compared to one anonymous “source” leaked from London? He surely knows it all! Yawn.

    I’m actually excited to see Rick’s Daddy back and hope to see more interaction with these two and, of course, with the rest of family, especially with Martha. I only hope they won’t make him the killer of the week, that would be too cheesy, IMO. I mean, we already know the guy kills people left and right when he needs to, and gets away with that, because that’s what he does. Tell us something new about his character this time.

    • Dory says:

      Great. I like Rick because of his sense of humor. He’s a writer in NYC. My home a millionaire who can buy a bar or anything else he wants and yet he has a social conscience and is highly intelligent. Kate I like also. The support cast is great.

    • Carolina says:

      Kay, I never said that Nathan’s acting was boring and flat. I simply said that the episodes centered around Castle did not interest me. I also said that I didn’t know if the rumor was true or not. Frankly, I wasn’t there and neither were you, so we don’t know for sure if it happened or not. We also don’t know Nathan personally so we don’t know what he’s really like. He could be a total Diva or he could be one of the sweetest guys on earth, once again, we don’t know. My main point was that the show works because of both Castle and Beckett, and also because of Ryan, Espo, Lanie, Martha, and yes, even Alexis. Castle without Beckett doesn’t work, nor does Beckett without Castle. They are partners, two halves of a whole, for the show to work as far as I’m concerned, it has to be all or nothing. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy the Lives of Others much because Rick wasn’t involved in the investigation. That’s why I said there is no room for Divas on the show. They are both equally important to the shows success, emphasis on equal.

  21. lame says:

    There is a reason J.Hunt lives in the shadows, hopefully we learn why this skeleton has been in the closet for so many years. Let’s see if his inclinations are brought to the surface and they keep in touch. Someone like Hunt is probably the only one who can deal with Jerry Tyson on his own turf.

    • lame says:

      As for the discussion up thread, you all have to remember, every scene is shot two or three or more times. the final product you see on the screen is the choice of the director and editor. If you have a problem with what you see, the person that should be called on the carpet isn’t the actor.

      • Dory says:

        Good common sense. The actors can only go by the script. The final product is up to TPTB. The people whose job it is to polish it up.

    • Dory says:

      I hadn’t thought that Jerry tyson would be back so soon. You brought up a very interesting possibility. It did not say how many eps Mr. Brolin will be on but interesting post.

  22. anon says:

    Nathan throughout his whole TV career (100+ episodes) has only been great in three episodes.

    First, Out of Gas from Firefly where he played the dying captain which showed his protectiveness of his crew and his spaceship.

    Second, Always from Castle where he declares his love and frustration with Beckett in the monologue in Beckett’s apartment.

    Finally, Target from Castle because he showed genuine emotion of getting his daughter kidnapped and the dark interrogation with the suspect. (Hunt was not that good because of the side story with Castle’s dad which destroyed any credibility)

    So, 3 out of 100+ episodes is not that great and I don’t see how people think he is a good actor.

    • Dory says:

      Oh please the man is loaded with talent. He does comedy so well and can be very romantic. He is “ruggedly handsome”. I feel you are certainly allowed your opinion bot I don’t get it. What more do you want. I feel Stana is just as talented and drop dead gorgeous.

    • Rick says:

      Destroyed any credibility! You have a millionaire mystery writer following a NYPD female homicide Lt. around and you want credibility? It’s a TV show with two good looking actors. Go with the flow. There is no real credibility on TV see(Bones, NCIS and all the others). I only ask that the people remain true to the characters they have built up over time. Other wise the amazing coincidences that allow murders and kidnappings to be solved in an hour have to be accepted. I thought that Target/Hunt was a good show that allowed all to exercise their talents and still get James Bolin (SP?) in. Plus I think Caskett is the most interesting pair on TV.