Castle Recap: Baby Steps

Castle Recap Rick Kate BabyThis week on ABC’s Castle, a little fella surfaced a big topic for to-be-marrieds Rick and Kate — and on the eve of the Castle clan’s traditional costumed Thanksgiving gathering, no less!

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THE CASE | A mortally wounded limo driver stumbles into a church, handing a baby boy to the priest before he croaks. We then learn that the victim, Cameron, used to work as a getaway driver — yet no matter how many additional clues Beckett & Co. dig up, there’s still no accounting for how this unclaimed baby figures in. Fortunately for all, Ryan’s got the lotto bug and is watching the Super Ultra Mega Magic Ball 3000 drawing on TV when Castle realizes that the vic had a winning ticket in his pocket. Fold in the charred celluloid under Cameron’s fingernails and the ping-pong balls and argon gas canisters that his shooter had purchased, and you’ve got a lottery-rigging scheme. Cameron and the lottery hostess Miranda were pressured into going along with it, lest they lose loved ones — Miranda’s baby boy included. With the jig up, Cam’s boss and a crooked security guard are set to snuff Miranda’s hubby when the 12th precinct cops show up, guns a-waving.

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THE CASKETT | Oh, and was there plenty. Rick takes an immediate liking to the mystery baby, whom he dubs “Cosmo” (Alexis’ name, had she been a boy). Kate, though, believes herself not a baby person, and thus doesn’t jump at the chance to cradle the kiddo (while dad-to-be-Ryan often does, to disappointing effect). “I suppose you hate rainbows, too,” Rick scoffs. But in Kate’s defense, she quickly responds, “I’m sure I will feel differently when we have one of our own.” When Child Services has no room at their inn during Thanksgiving week, Rick volunteers to mind the baby, thrusting him and Kate into a tag-team diaper-changing sequence that left a huge smile on this viewer/dad’s face — especially as Beckett warmed up to the bambino and talked some playful smack about his “Uncle Rick.” In fact, the only thing to rain on Castle’s second-chance-at-fatherhood parade was Alexis noting that if she pops out her own kids soon enough, they can grow up with Rick and Kate’s. “Annnnnd it’s ruined.”

THE QUOTABLES | So many. “When we do [the church wedding], let’s not do the dead body in the middle of the aisle”…. “He’s about three months and he’s hungry, because he keeps going after the girls.” “Who can blame him?”…. “I have an RHD in child care — Ruggedly Handsome Dad”…. “That’s evidence — watch those balls.” “Nah, not touching it”…. “How long have I been gone?”

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THE CONSENSUS | Though I’m always down for an interesting lottery-rigging scheme, the Case of the Week took a bit long to build steam and threw in both red herrings (Jimmy the Wolf) and accomplices (shifty security guard) that were quite obvious. But this was really all about Rick and Kate’s future, one of the first episodes in a long while to really spend any time not just raising a relationship issue but doing work on it, revealing Kate’s “not a baby person” identity without overdramatizing it. In fact, all the while, she was sure to make clear that all would be OK — heck, the way she beamed when chatting yp Cosmo, she seemed game to gestate then and there. A quibble: Kate showed up for Thanksgiving dressed as (accidentally sexy) Pocahontas, unaware that Rick was joking about his “family tradition”… which she, what, would have been oblivious to for the past five years, including one as his girlfriend?

What did you think of “The Good, the Bad and the Baby”?

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