Castle Recap: Father/Daughter Dance -- Plus: Why There Hasn't Been a Big Alexis/Kate Scene

Castle Recap Rick AlexisThis week on ABC’s Castle, an unexpected collaboration — between Rick and Alexis, as they endeavored to save an innocent death row inmate from execution — paved the way for a father/daughter reconciliation. But did Alexis make peace with Beckett as well?

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This recap will be admittedly light, seeing as local news coverage of the Garden State Plaza mall shooting preempted much of the Castle broadcast. But most simply put, Alexis — who’d been working with her criminology professor on an innocence Review case, on behalf of a man on death row in Pennsylvania for the brutal killing of a female neighbor — somewhat begrudgingly turned to her father for help, to see if his fresh eyes, as a mystery writer/NYPD consultant, might spy a new clue.

The accused, Frank, was working on his car when he heard screams next door. Rushing into his neighbor Kim’s house, Frank, we would ultimately learn, found his mentally impaired brother standing over the dead body. Assuming his brother did the killing, Frank sent him out of the house, only to get pinched himself. Frank had kept his brother’s seeming guilt to himself, and refuses to share the info even to his own benefit. So things looked grim, until Rick spies a clue — a charm found under the victim’s body, meaning it belonged to the killer. After tracking down checks paid to Kim as a tutor, Castle and Alexis confront local lawman Teddy Lane, who years ago was a wannabe meth cook, and was using Kim to hone his chemistry skills. Kim got wind of Teddy’s hobby, so he silenced her — losing his swim team “dolphin” charm in the process.

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As Frank had his death sentence vacated in court, a proud Rick — who earlier had exchanged “I’m sorry’s” with Alexis, over their spat — told his not-so-little girl, Castle Alexis Beckett“What you did was amazing.” But Alexis declined to stick around to celebrate with Frank, seeing as she had someone else to thank. And back at the 12th, we then see (yet do not hear) the tail end of an Alexis/Beckett conversation, consummated with a hug — as a pleased Rick looks on.

Interestingly/somewhat serendipitously, I just the other day asked Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe why, given Alexis’ “issues” with her father’s engagement/alleged reservations about Kate, the two women didn’t just lay any cards on the table and talk it out. Here’s what he said:

I’ve never been fan of the ‘soap opera expressions,’ where everybody lays all of their emotions on the table, because that’s not how it happens in real life until you get to a crisis point. That’s not who Beckett is, and that’s not who Alexis is…. I think that neither of them knows what the other one thinks of them, and neither of them, if the other one said what they thought, would particularly trust it. I think that they both have territorial instincts and they have to work together to figure it out, because they recognize that each of them is giving the person they love something that they can’t.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Like Father, Like Daughter”?

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