Castle Boss Previews 'Big Step' for Feuding Rick/ Alexis, Pi's Fate, 'Caskett' Cohabitation and More

Castle Spoilers Rick Alexis KateTonight on Castle (ABC, 10/9c), Rick and Alexis (played by Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn) will lower their respective shields in the name of solving a mystery together — and in doing so, take a first step in mending fences after their blow-up over the Pi situation.

Recounting the source of the father/daughter feud, which boiled over in the wake of a disastrous dinner party (and ultimately surfaced Alexis’ hurt over hearing of her dad’s engagement second-hand), Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe says, “Pi’s a nice guy, but he’s not who Castle imagined for Alexis — and I think that anybody who’s a parent has gone through this at some point. And anybody who is Alexis’ age, wanting to grow up and find their independence, is probably going to feel hurt in that it used to be you and your dad ‘against the world,’ and now he’s with a woman who’s different from the other women he’s been with. So Alexis suddenly is saying, ‘Where do I fit in? I’ve got to find some place to stand.’ And so she comes back [from Costa Rica] with Pi.”

But for Alexis to go so far as to question if Beckett is “the right one” for her father, mid-quarrel…? Marlowe confirms that the heat of the moment she “absolutely” was merely speaking from a place of anger versus actual opinion, “acting out in a way to challenge her father.”

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Alexis, meanwhile, isn’t the only concerned party to be wondering about her role in the new paradigm. As Castle this week assists Alexis with an Innocence Review case, trying to deduce if a death row inmate is in fact guilty, it presents “a nice first and big step towards them starting to repair their relationship — and in a way that also raises some questions for Beckett,” Marlowe shares. “She recognizes that for so long it’s been Alexis and Castle against the world, and she’s the interloper, so how does she reconcile that? How does she fit in?”

Many viewers meanwhile are left to wonder how (and, you know, why) Pi fits in. Obviously, Alexis’ choice in live-in beau was designed to ruffle her father’s feathers. But, I ask, is he agitating the audience on a level Marlowe did not intend?

“It depends on who you’re listening to,” he answers. “Out in the Twitter universe, I think there are a bunch of people who are fine with Pi, and a bunch who are frustrated with him. But he’s a character that Castle is frustrated with. And it’s all part of the unintended consequences of the engagement.

“I know there are a lot of people who, every week, want us to focus on the Castle/Beckett relationship,” he continues, “but that’s not what happens in life. In real life, sometimes you’re frustrated. In life, there are consequences to the decisions you make. We have plenty of time in the spring to really focus on whether we’re heading towards a wedding, whether we’re setting a date, what Beckett might look like in a wedding dress. But in this moment, we felt like we had an opportunity to show that Beckett is in a relationship with more than Castle, that Castle is in a relationship with more than Beckett. Before we get into the whole wedding of it, we wanted to ask these real, human questions.”

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Surveying the Pi backlash at large, Marlowe reminds, “We’ve all had TV shows with the character we love to hate, and here it’s poor Pi who gets the blowback. But knowing where we’re going, we’re not particularly worried.” Might the fruitarian’s days be numbered, if Alexis were to, say, acknowledge that she was acting out? “We will see him again,” Marlowe says. “That, I think, is the best way to answer that question.”

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Among the other topics covered during TVLine’s November sweeps preview Q&A with Marlowe:

WILL KATE MOVE IN WITH RICK? | After all, Alexis (and Pi) have moved out of the loft, and Caskett was poised to live together in D.C. “We have an episode [airing Nov. 11] where that issue certainly rears its head,” Marlowe assures. “We have the murder of a TAMALA JONES relationship therapist, and that allows us to deal with the issue of cohabitation.” As he notes, “Kate’s spending a lot of time over at the loft, which is very much Castle’s place. And when she starts to try to make subtle changes so it’s a bit more welcoming of an environment to her, how does Castle react to it? It’s a really fun, funny [storyline] runner.”

WHERE’S THE LANIE LOVE? | In addition to have resurfaced in recent episodes after a brief Season 6 absence, Tamala Jones’ M.E. will be “put in the spotlight in a darker November episode featuring a serial killer who seemingly has this fixation on her,” says Marlowe. And as that drama unfolds, “It’s a good opportunity for us to touch on where Lanie and Esposito are in their relationship. And whether or not other people out in the universe know they’re in one becomes the subject of much discussion at the 12th precinct.”

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