Exclusive: Castle Creator Sheds Light on New 3XK Mystery, Beckett's Reaction to That Song

Castle 3XK Alive BeckettWhile many Castle fans at this instant have baby on the brain — tonight’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) thrusts Rick and Kate into the role of accidental nannies — some still are dwelling on the questions raised by last week’s “Disciple,” in which Jerry Tyson aka 3XK/The Triple Killer in some form or fashion rose from the dead to unleash a new reign of terror.

On the heels of that thrilling, tense hour, TVLine asked series creator Andrew W. Marlowe to offer insight on the serial killer’s improbable encore (is Dr. Kelly Niemann merely executing kills in his stead, as some sort of “disciple”/groupie?) and tease a few clues embedded within.

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A NEW FACE ON AN OLD FOE? | Supposing for just a moment that Tyson is somehow alive, being chummy as he was/is with a plastic surgeon, is it safe to say that we — and Castle/Beckett — might not recognize him if he resurfaces? “It is certainly possible that Tyson, if alive, may have altered his appearance,” Marlowe allows. “Then again, Castle shot Tyson multiple times in the chest. He fell 100 feet into the water. How could he have possibly survived that?”

COUGHY BREAK | ‘Member the Coughing Guy in Hooded Coat that waterfront watchman Carl Matthews (Lost‘s William Mapother) made scram just before he “discovered” Lanie’s dead look-alike? Eagle-eyed/-eared viewers noted that just before Beckett & Co. stormed Carl’s motel room, a Coughing Guy in Hooded Coat crossed in front of the camera.Castle_Disciple_Hoodie2 copy (See photo.) Same guy? “I would say that they bear an uncanny resemblance to each other and seem to be suffering from identical respiratory conditions,” Marlowe notes. “It’s quite the coincidence, don’t you think?” Mmmhmm. Especially since the first fella bears a faint resemblance to Jerry Tyson/portrayer Michael Mosley.

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BACK WITH A VENGEANCE? | Having thus teased us with this provocative mystery, can viewers count on Castle revisiting it again before Season 6 is over? Says Marlowe: “I think Vera Lynn said it best when she sang, ‘We’ll meet again. Don’t know where… Don’t know when….'” Ah, speaking of that old-timey tune….

BECKETT HAS A SONG REACTION | Does “We’ll Meet Again” carry any greater significance than suggesting that the Beckett-fetishing Dr. Niemann (played by 24‘s Annie Wersching) and/or Tyson will be back? After all, Beckett’s reaction to the song suddenly filling Castle’s loft was conspicuously strong. Here, Marlowe drops his most curious clue.

“It could be that Beckett is just reacting to the disturbing and terrifying possibility that Tyson or Niemann will be back to toy with her and the people she loves,” he posits. “Or maybe, just maybe, Beckett has a personal history with that particular song that makes her think that it was more than just a general threat. That maybe someone out there knows more about her past than she realizes.”

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Did anyone else just get goosebumps? And with the above information now in play, what’s your current theory on last week’s Castle?

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