The Mentalist Recap: Life's a Beach

My Blue HeavenThis Sunday on The Mentalist, the CBS drama jumped ahead two years after the capture and killing of Red John, to a time and place where life was very different for on-the-lam Patrick Jane.

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Laying low on an unnamed island where the extradition treaties work in his favor, Jane trots out deplorable Spanish, irks the locals with his refusal to drink coffee, gets fitted for custom shirts (minus epaulets) and runs afoul of the neighborhood drug mule.

In the years since the CBI went bye-bye, Jane has surreptitiously (though not surreptitiously enough) kept in touch with Lisbon, who is now a police chief in a small Washington state burg, where she claims to like the “quiet” but you know she’s just bored silly. Lisbon in turn keeps tabs on Rigsby and Van Pelt, who now run a digital security firm and have added to their fam a little girl named Maddy.

And Cho? Well, he’s with the FBI, as we’ll learn in a bit….

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On the very day that FBI Special Agent Abbott sets foot in Jane’s paradise, Jane makes the acquaintance of a fellow American, Kim, over breakfast. He’s suitably dodgy at first — especially about the wedding ring he still wears — but one walk on the beach later, he confides that his wife died and “some things happened, I did some things,” and now he’s trying to put that in the past rather than “go backwards” by returning to the States, where a job opportunity (“I look for people”) awaits him.

What sort of job? Upon getting wind of Abbott’s arrival at the island, Jane walks right up to his pursuer to see what’s what. Abbott, against his personal feelings, is there to offer Jane a gig with the FBI, doing that thing he does. But Jane insists it be on his list of specific terms, which he makes Abbott sign, in quintuplicate (after he drops a huge drug bust in the visiting FBI agent’s lap).

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But upon arriving at the FBI’s Austin field office, where he bumps into the aforementioned Cho, Jane is met with the reality that his “deal” with Abbott is, when all is said and done, just “a napkin” — and that he is bound to the FBI’s (and only the FBI’s) terms, or else face a long stint in prison. Oh, and this: Kim is actually Agent Fischer, obviously sent ahead to the island once the Feds nailed down Jane’s whereabouts, probably to give him that nudge to return to the U.S. and maybe even “give her a call.”

Waving off Jane’s terms — which in addition to partnering him with Lisbon also dictated a workspace with a couch and an “adequate supply of tea” — Abbott slides the real deal across the table, one which indentures him to the FBI for five years, all while on parole. Will Jane take it or leave it?

He leaves it — and subsequently puts his hands behind his head, ready to get thrown into a detention suite. “Don’t worry, it’s all under control,” he assures Lisbon (who seems more focused on figuring out who this “Kim” is).

What did you think of this first peek at The Mentalist 2.0, directed by Simon Baker?

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  1. J says:

    This was a brilliant piece of television- well written, directed, edited and acted. I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

    • Brian Boisr says:

      This was pure crap. Where have the writers gone? Does CBS really need to sell commercial time bad enough to come up with this junk?? Patrick Jane ( the REAK Patrick ) would never be stupid enough to fall for thus….he is, after all, the real Red John. Does CBS have enough balls to put this out there to really make this (now very dumb) show just whither away with whatever car commercial, etc., they can scour up? Their really dumbing this down.

      • chester says:

        He fell for it because he was incredibly lonely, separated from his friends, a familiar culture, his home. Exile is awful.

        • ss says:

          he didnt fall for anything you know he has a plan.

          • Jen says:

            Remember when he had Abbott sign 4 “copies”. I bet one of those copies is different from the original, and IS in fact legally binding, OR maybe it is a confession that he was a conspirator in the crimes Jane committed in pursuit of Red John. I think that was the point of having five copies. When you sign five copies of the same thing, you don’t read them carefully.

          • m says:

            I would love to believe this but this assumes the writers have a plan and they clearly proved in the Red John episode that they don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

        • staci says:

          he didn’t fall of it… he knew they would do something to try to back out of it… plus he knows that the FBI must really need him and he is not going to jail……and that kim lady he knew something was up… two years with out seeing an other American.. and I bet he got into that fight on purpose..

      • Jake says:

        Who says he fell for it? My guess is that he wanted to come back, and he thinks he can get a better deal by refusing the initial FBI offer.

      • TR says:

        He didn’t fall for it … you remember that as he got on the bus he had a little whispered conversation with the bellhop? He has the FBI setup in a way that we won’t see until the next episode. Think through it, folks. Jane is always a step ahead and saw this coming. Moreover, you really think Lisbon stays a cop in Washington? No. Jane wins this in the next episode.

      • NHT says:

        If you actually listened to the dialog and watched the action, you would see a lot of nuance and subtext. Jane almost never gets suckered, he most always gets exactly what he wants by manipulating other people into thinking they actually have the upper-hand.

      • swap says:

        how come do u know he(Patrick) is a Real Red John?

    • Maryann says:


  2. rob says:

    Great direction for the show.

  3. DarkDefender says:

    As far as reboots go.. It was pretty fantastic. I am looking forward to a more playful Patrick Jane (and Lisbon) now that the RJ weight has lifted off his shoulders and there is no longer a need for him to be brooding and revengeful.

    Not sure what island he was on… But I hear Tahiti is a magical place.

    • jm says:

      the bus where they went into had +54, so it should be Argentina. But it could be Chile. Both are quite close and the north part of chile is tropical… and dont forget that Isla de Pascua belongs to Chile

      • Dave says:

        The phone code on the bus was +58, which indicates Venezuela, that indeed doesn’t have much agreement, let alone extradition, with the US. Believe me, there’s not many island in Argentina whith that kind of sun or accent.

    • Annie says:

      Nice S.H.I.E.L.D reference.
      Did I fall asleep?

      • DarkDefender says:

        Nice to see someone get it and not take it so literal. All TV characters should head to Tahiti to prepare for their reboot.. Amiright? :D

  4. Jimmy says:

    I don’t know that I would call this “brilliant” television since it’s basically same plot of both White Collar and The Blacklist, and other similar shows before them.

    • Mike says:

      It’s not going to be White Collar. He is working with Lisbon in the next episode, so he will get his way. If this was not the case Lisbon would not be in any future episode, Abbot would not have her on any case or working with them. I think the five copies will mean something, and he must have gotten help for someone higher up agreeing to his terms.

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      I agree. It’s the same principle as white collar. I knew they were going this route. It was very predictable.

    • Randi says:

      I love this show and my husband and I will still watch it….but…watching Jane on the Island ..with the girl…with the FBI looking for him….was like watching a version of White Collar..I totally agree. It was not original but we love White Collar ….so what’s not to like. Thought the episode was fun.

    • Jake says:

      You mean “It Takes a Thief”, with Robert Wagner from 1960’s TV?

      • GildedRose says:

        LOL I was thinking the same thing about It Takes a Thief. There are NO original thoughts on tv. Everything is a touch back to some other show of some kind.

  5. Linds says:

    It was good but I saw the girl-is-an-agent thing coming and come on, the “old” Jane would’ve too.

    • mallory says:

      that sure works on jane a lot – c’mon, lorelai??

    • N says:

      I think he knew she was with the FBI and decided to have fun with her rather than make her put up her guard. That’s why he carefully never said anything about his work. Nothing that would give her an opportunity to say she was with the feds.

      Give Jane some credit. He knew. He would rather dance with her than out her cover. He’s Jane.

  6. lisa says:

    Loved it, Why they are getting rid of Rigsby and Van Pelt for is beyond me. I also don’t like Abbott, he is too hardcore. I love the show for the relationships and the humor. If Abbott is going to stay so serious I may have to leave the show. I will give it a couple more episodes, change is good, but Abbott’s character is a little too much. I liked Kim as a brief character she was good, but when she came in as agent Fisher, it ruined it for me. I felt her character made him want to see Lisbon again, she reminded him of Lisbon and when she betrayed him, it ruined the character for me. It would be hard for me to warm up to her again. I really liked her at first as a brief encounter for him. Cho should have hugged Jane, I was upset about that too. He acted like he barely knew him. Let down on that front.

    • Rook says:

      I get why they’re not continuing with Rigsby and Van Pelt, if they didn’t it would just be the CBC at the FBI. And Kim Fisher has been in one episode her character isn’t ruined, calm down. If you follow tvline you would know that she became a series regular, so she had to be a part of the FBI somehow.

      • Patrick says:

        Plus, it is obvious that the producers want to continue the show. For money. Cause now is when the profit participants start making F U money. If they can get even 2 more seasons after this one, they basically have generational wealth. And the actors who play Rigsby and Van Pelt were relatively big names when they came on the show. Rigsby was big over seas, and Van Pelt had had a few steady gigs. In other words, they were just going to get more expensive. I have no doubt that the new actors will make less in one week, combined, than either Rigsby or Van Pelt. Probably a lot less. Cho was an unknown when the show started, and is still relatively anonymous. When the show started, he probably made a fraction of what the other actors made.

        The cast reductions are just an effort to make the show lest costly, and therefore more attractive to CBS. They are bucking for more seasons at this point. It is pretty shameless.

  7. Matt SodT says:

    Yeah I get the moving forward bit but now its going to turn into a Bones type show where the relationships take priority over the puzzling crime. I didn’t mind the Sheriff being Red John any more than the other suspects but come on man what about Red John’s followers, they couldn’t all be cops? What about the connection to the “Visualize” cult? In the end they did exactly what was done on Lost. Build up a brilliant premise and then totally screw up resolving it. Other than giving Jane the satisfaction of killing Red John they totally dropped the ball.

    This Blue Heaven episode further solidify my feelings as it just felt like they were sweeping the old mystery under the rug. Now the Mentalist has become like every other crap CBS cop show from NCIS to CSI to NCIS LA and Hawaii 5-0. Oh lets not forget British Mentalist (Sherlock) and the new Tech-Mentalist coming out in January (Intelligence).

  8. Bonnie Maynes says:

    Excellent new direction for the show. We get to see Jane happy and carefree. Making friends and enjoying life. I’m glad he set up that drug dealer that kicked kids and killed a dog. The FBI don’t keep their word but Jane isn’t worried about it. They need him. I’m sure Lisbon is bored and will come back. Simon did a great job directing.

  9. ma ch says:

    excellent writing. i say that because, i really got riled, when jane was sitting at abbott’s
    table, listening to abbott talk. when i take it personally, i know i just got transported into
    the plot.

  10. Not giving the ultimate con man enough credit! says:

    The people who think Jane was somehow conned don’t seem to remember his character very well. He saw through the whole thing, especially after he made sure the letters would be intercepted to see how the FBI tried to come after him. The politicians in charge of and in management of the fbi are desperate for his help, and the ultimate con man would never be fooled by such rubbish. He did the best con of all – letting the two Feds think they had tricked him, while he was actually playing them all along.

    Jane knows that no jury on the planet would convict him of murdering a serial killer, and that the pressure from the FBI bosses would be enormous on the agents supposedly in charge of him to get him to help. They will have their careers ruined in this battle with jane, while he has nothing to lose after killing red john. He holds all the cards, and made sure to hug Lisbon through an obvious observation window to make them think they had reeled him in. The FBI doesnt seem to remember how both charismatic and cunning jane is, and that he thrived in jail and in court before. Prison and court are not a threat to him, and he would view them as a fun intellectual challenge that he would certainly end up winning.

    Typical Feds – they were arrogant and did not see that they were being manipulated just like Jane manipulated the drug dealer into being arrested. Hint: the female fed slipped up when she called him Patrick! She also just happened to show up at the same time as the other agent, and she was reading a murder mystery! Do you think Jane didnt see through this from day one?

    Jane wants to see Lisbon and his old buddies again, have fun manipulating people again, and help innocent people like the poor kids and the poor dog hurt by an evil man. Don’t stop watching the show bc of the arrogant fed in charge – it will be hilarious to see the gradual realization that Jane is much smarter than him and has conned him the entire time instead of the other way around!

    • Wm says:

      Thank you for posting this !

    • chester says:

      This is good. I retract my comment above.

    • Jake says:

      Exactly! – for all those other posters claiming to be regular watchers of the show and not realizing this, I got to say, you obviously weren’t watching that closely…

    • enri says:

      I love your post! Very insightful.

    • avid watcher says:

      Thank you! You said EXACTLY how I felt. And I never post on these boards.

    • DarkDefender says:

      You are correct.. Jane never says his name to her (and we don’t know her name). The bartender called him “Jane” when the call came in that Abbot was in town. When she leaves him after making him tea.. She calls him Patrick. Great catch!

      • Nabil says:

        ah i actually watched back a scene to confirm this….he does actually introduce himself as patrick…but it was weird the way his smile died when she said it, so something must’ve tipped him off/ confirmed his suspicions…on the other hand, he is lonely, and willowy brunettes have always been his achille’s heel..

    • Pj says:

      I agree that Jane was not well and truly conned. However I would offer one little correction to your post: Jane introduces himself as “Patrick” when the FBI lady invited him to join her at her table at their initial meeting. I just replayed that part to be certain.

  11. David says:

    Abbott’s Character, Will kill the show. I also give it a few more episodes then I’m through. Oh and as for agent Fisher, saw that coming. I would have rather seen the show end last week. Then anymore agent Abbott. The CBI team worked if they have to change it that much. Just end it.

  12. Kat says:

    I wanted to see maybe some body surfing, shirtless, wet board shorts for just a minute or two, then I wouldn’t have cared that he seems to be getting the screws. AND, when is self-defense considered homicide, even in California?? And grand theft of what auto? All in self-defense. Seems a bit fishy on the part of the FBI – wouldn’t surprise me if this new FBI guy has a tattoo on his shoulder.

    • zaza says:

      The grand theft auto probably refers to Lisbon’s car. If she admitted that she gave it to him, she could be charged as an accessory to his crime, but if she says he stole it (and why not, he was disappearing so it wouldn’t harm him), she would be in the clear.

      I’m not sure if they could argue self-defense since RJ was already gut shot (and therefore in no condition to kill Jane), while Jane was choking him. Generally, a person’s life has to be in imminent danger for them to be considered as defending themselves.

      And I agree with you…we couldn’t get ONE shirtless scene?!

    • DarkDefender says:

      Didn’t Jane put the gun he shot RJ with in Bertram’s hand? Also no witnesses to the choking.. They might gloss over it (this isn’t CSI and Jane has beat a rap already) and say RJ died of his GSW.

  13. lame says:

    Hey, I really like NCIS, never was a big fan of the Mentalist, so not a big deal for me.

  14. LOVED IT! This is how you reboot a show. So naturally developed and well written. I hope it lures back the audience that left the show and maybe attract new viewers. This is a top show and deserves more recognition, specially from it’s own country because internationally it is still a hit.

  15. People seem to forget that both LaRoche and Hightower were despised when they came on, but the writers turned the viewers around in a couple of shows. Now they’re well loved.

    I like Abbott. Without someone with Jane’s loyalties like Jane has for Lisbon, who’s going to manage Jane? Gotta be a tough character who will eventually learn that you’re better with Jane on your side than butting heads with him; he’ll just make your life miserable. Remember when Haffner was first introduced? Jane ran rings around him too. Haffner acted like a badass and wasn’t careful of the fact he was in Jane’s way to getting what he wanted – Lisbon’s job back.

  16. neb8fan says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode and I look forward to what they do next, but…I was also amused that this show is going from a combo of monk and psych to a combo of psych and white collar. Is Bruno Heller the biggest USA network fan ever? and when will we meet his Michael Weston?

  17. Et al says:

    It’s pretty desperate for a prime time drama to pull a ‘Saved By The Bell – The New Class’. CBS should have a new opening in their schedule shortly.

  18. skrable2 says:

    So, now he’s Neil Caffrey?

  19. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Loved it! I knew Kim would be FBI, and I don’t expect to like Abbott for a while, if ever (as with all the “bosses” they bring on the show). I’m hoping they get Jane and Lisbon together as a couple. I’ll miss Rigsby and Van Pelt terribly, but am glad Cho is there to stay. I look forward to seeing how much Jane is manipulating the FBI. So far, nice reboot. And Simon has a nice eye for direction. Loved the style of the episode.

    • Shiloh says:

      Agree with all of this. But I actually like Abbott. He’s got potential for some great interactions with Jane, I can see it already. I was surprised he didn’t see Kim for what she was, and disappointed. But if it turns out he did, then that makes me very happy. I like the reboot so far, like the lighter tone and humor and Jane of old coming back to us, like the thought that Jane and Lisbon really seem to belong together, they’re better that way, and that there was a new sort of closeness about them in that scene where they see each other again. I’m interested to see how things go for this reboot. All the makings are there for some good entertainment.

  20. Renaak says:

    The idea that the state of California would simply allow their state police bureau to be shutdown and not re-opened after weeks is complete garbage.

    Overall liked the reboot, we’ll see how this progresses shortly.

  21. Anonymous. says:

    This was such a wonderful episode. Absolutely fantastic! Simon’s best directed episode by far.

  22. Brian e says:

    Jane has something on Abbot. Remember the bellhop whispering something in Jane’s ear before he got into the bus?

  23. proacwoman says:

    I thought the best part was when they changed the opening music.

  24. If you don’t have something nice to say – shut it! Do you know how many shows have been based on the same stinking story? Go somewhere else, I’m sure there are books to be read and chores to be done. I can’t wait to see where Patrick Jane goes from here. I hope we have a little bit of levity from him.

  25. Kim R says:

    Well…I do realize they had to cover a lot of ground to show us where everyone was in their lives 2 years later. That being said, my husband and I were bored for the first 45 minutes or so. When Patrick started setting up the drug dude, it woke up our interest again. I must say I find Lisbon quite dull. She doesn’t seem to have chemistry with anyone, including Jane. We are definitely watching for the next few weeks to see how these new circumstances play out and are hoping for the best. Please don’t let it be a White Collar knock off. :)

  26. The All New Mentalist says:

    Oh, I see it, I see it. Rainbow Killer as a new big badass villain. Big worldwide criminal enterprise. Great storytelling. After six more seasons and a lot of new and well-written characters, the suspects of being the Rainbow Killer would be: a) Alfredo, the bartender of the beachside bar. b) Danny Otero, the drug dealer. c) Mr. Lam and his henchman, the two asiatic guys. d) Franklin Morales, the janitor. e) Dennis Abbott, the FBI agent. And the Rainbow killer will be… Franklin Morales, who runs his empire from the rooms of the hotel and controls all the illegal transactions going on in it. Whooa!! Suck it Red John, I’m a psychic too!! I’ve figured it out right now, years before it happens!!

  27. The All New Mentalist says:

    PD. And what about the old man –this “Roger” guy– and his eyes-like-cobras mumble jumble? Eh, Eh? Something smells rotten in that beach, trust me. I bet that’s the new secret password.

  28. enri says:

    I enjoyed the episode. I’ll be glad to see Jane back to his old tricks.

  29. zaza says:

    Jane said “I keep the original” but it wasn’t clear what happened to the five copies. Maybe Jane sent them to his own set of “the powers that be” who are high-up enough to force Abbott to comply with Jane’s wishes.

    I think the fact that Cho smiled when Jane went into the meeting with Abbott indicates that he knows Abbott is going to get played by Jane.

  30. sladewilson says:

    It’s a set up. It’s way to obvious to even think Jane fell for any of it. Personally I think he got his revenge because they killed the dog and hit the kid. Knowing Jane, that would be enough to set him off. Plus in the end, he missed Lisbon. Abbott has no clue as to what is coming. Lisbon’s last line to Agent whatshername was perfect – “welcome to my life” aka run girl run you ain’t built for this….

  31. zaza says:

    If Jane really didn’t want the FBI to find him, he wouldn’t have written to Lisbon and he wouldn’t have still been going by the name of Patrick Jane. Clearly he was expecting them, because he kept asking the mail lady if anyone had asked for him. And if he was expecting them, chances are he was on to and ready for them. He’s too cagey not to be.

  32. GildedRose says:

    I liked it. I thought it opened up new doors for the show and did what so many have been asking the show to do: end the Red John thing and move on! I thought this episode did a great job of that and it’s starting something new. Could it be rickety? Sure. Give it some time to find its legs and gain some steam. But I really liked it. I enjoyed the Patrick/Lisbon stuff. It was unexpected sweet and I’m really curious where they’re going to go with them from here. Love that Cho is with the FBI. His take on the FBI not knowing what they were really getting into made me laugh. It’s good to see the band back together. As for Rigsby and Van Pelt… I got the feeling it was more the actors being ready to move on. One recently married, the other had a baby… But whatever the reason, they’re going to be gone and the show needs to fill the shoes. I’m okay with Abbott actually. I kind of like him. The Kim chick? Eh. I’m not really feeling anything either way. I thought the FBI outlining Patrick’s service to them for another 5 years was kind of a generous wink from CBS saying, Hey, we think we can get this new version of the show up and running and lasting 5 years if you all hang with us. Clever.

  33. RichieS says:

    It is very difficult for me to hate on Abbott, the Rockmund Dunbar character, because he played such a sensitive,victimized father of a sick child on the late great Prison Break.

  34. Harry O says:

    Abbot is in a long line of “hard ass bosses” — go back to every 70s cop show. He’ll be on Jane’s side ultimately, but it’s an old play for dramatic (and comedic) tension.

    Speaking of the 70s, I was afraid that this would be the equivalent of Mayberry RFD to the original Andy Griffith Show. But the center of the show remains — Simon Baker as Patrick Jane. Surrounded by some very good players and some pretty good writing. That is what raises it above a standard procedural cop show. Every episode is full of holes — so what! Jane is a riot to watch.

    BTW, you could see Cho’s face warm up as Jane walked away. I’m glad he is sticking around. I’ve always enjoyed watching his stilted admiration and affection for the lead character. And the guy is a hilarious deadpan.

    Lastly, a Jane/Lisbon hookup has the makings of a classic JumptheShark. But I have faith in the show’s creative trust.

  35. cris says:

    I think this sucks. Can’t believe I invested all these years in this show. Looks like another “LOST” disappointment.

    • m says:

      You are absolutely correct! The show better hope it gets some new audience or brings back those who fell away from the Red John storyline because those of us who stuck it out for years have been sorely disappointed. They way they f-ed up this whole premise is just pathetic.

  36. PPPG says:

    @#$$%^&* – I hate football. After Amazing Race, I set my DVR for 10:50, plus 2 hours, just in case, yet somehow it STILL screwed up. Now I hve to wait for onDemand. CBS, “oh well, it’s a popular show, but football will make it start nearly an hour late, almost 11 with a workday the next day where people have to get up early, but people will watch. Why bother at least re-running it at some other time?” Many don’t have DVR’s or OnDemand, you twits.

    • Phred says:

      I could never stay up to watch it at its regularly scheduled hour. CBS airs them on their website nowadays, so not too shabby.

      • PPPG says:

        I realize that, but they have small captions, which I need. But I found out it was m local shutting down the episode to show the news.

  37. Maryann says:

    Fantastic episode! Great directing job by Simon Baker! I really love the reboot. It is my favorite Mentalist episode ever. It went from occasional viewing before intensity of the Red John story line, picked up to regular for this fall, and now is in the absolutely can’t miss category. In fact, at this point for me it ties with The Blacklist as my favorite new show. And that is exactly what it feels like — a new show. Anyone who ever had any interest at all should check out for themselves. If people give the reboot a chance, I have no doubt at all that ratings will pick up and the show will be around for years to come.

  38. Liz says:

    I loved seeing Patrick smile and seem so much more light hearted and trying to move on. He’s certainly not fallen into a trap – I like the previous commenters’ suggestions that one of the copies of the terms was different to the rest. I think Abbott will be a good foil for Patrick – he’s dry and serious but I think he appreciates Patrick’s genius and will warm to him – he reacted well with the drug bust for example. I’m intrigued and definitely looking forward to the next episode.

  39. James Thomas says:

    It was obvious Kim was working with the FBI. I do think some shows have a theme and need to run their course, maybe they should have ended it on the high point.

  40. Simon Baker is one of the few actors out there who could wear a badly fitted suit and still look amazingly sexy.

  41. Bob Fry says:

    Hey, anybody know about the solo acoustic guitar pieces? The longest was when Lisbon was reading Jane’s letter and they showed Jane dancing, etc. was it made for the episode or part of a longer track?

  42. Still one step ahead says:

    I didn’t think I’d like the episode but it was actually very enjoyable. It was nice to see Jane relaxed and stress free. Props to Simon Baker! I had feelings that Kim was dodgy especially how she just turns up and gently encourages Patrick to go back. He seemed to have made good friends, and have the intel on everything that happened around him so I can’t believe he didn’t see Abbott coming. Should be interesting to see how Jane and Abbott work together and how Kim and Lisbon factor into future episodes. I think this is a fresh, new direction for the show…’s much needed because the RJ storyline was a bit depressing and stagnant sometimes.

  43. Ziz Azizov says:

    simon baker are there any character of serial killer again?

  44. You probably miss her because she isn’t around anymore. Amiira Behrendt”), silently making a plan in my head to stop having a relationship with a married man. I thought about what she would look like, how the labor would go and I envisioned our family and friends congratulating us and sharing our joy.

  45. Preeyesh Shah says:

    Loved it, but Kim is a little hard to hear and understand. I couldn’t understand what she said to Patrick when she left his room. Patrick is his usual excellent self as are the rest of the ex CBI team