Post Mortem: Is The Mentalist's Red John Saga Truly Over? And 7 More Burning Qs Answered

The Mentalist Red John Sheriff McAllisterWarning: The following contains red-hot spoilers from this Sunday’s episode of The Mentalist.

The hunt is — at long last — over.

This Sunday on CBS’ The Mentalist, Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) got his man, and then some. Meaning: Red is dead.

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Heading into the pivotal hour, with Reede Smith having turned himself in and snitched on The Blake Association, there was only one living suspect left from Jane’s list: CBI boss Gale Bertram. But with his bureau involuntarily disbanded and the FBI watching the agent’s every move, Jane laid low — until Bertram reached out to set up a meet.

With some doing, Jane gave the Feds the slip and confronted Bertram (with his lackey Cordero) in the chapel at the cemetery where his wife and daughter, both victims of Red John, were buried. Thing is, Bertram isn’t actually the serial killer Jane has hunted all these years. After after being put down by Cordero, the real Red menace reared his head, approaching from the back of the sanctuary.

Sheriff Tom McAllister, whose death had been presumed-slash-faked in the explosion at Jane’s house.

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Jane seemed not surprised, nor was he — as he would explain, he knew that whatever “truth” was presented in the wake of the explosion had to be a misdirect. In fact, Jane was wholly prepared for McAllister, deftly depositing some bread crumbs in the sheriff’s palm before producing a pigeon from his coat pocket, siccing it on his ornithophobic adversary. Jane then whipped out a gun he had proactively strapped beneath the front pew and winged Red John, only to see him slip away when a femme follower (clumsily) charged at him from the back with a knife.

Jane would catch up to his wounded archenemy, pinning him down on the grass in broad daylight and asking if he was afraid to die (answer: yes), before proceeding to choke the life out of him, their decade-long dance ended. And as the hour closed, we saw Jane leave a message for Lisbon that he’s OK and will miss her, before fleeing the scene, running off to…?


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