The Mentalist 2.0: 10 Things to Know About Señor Jane, Chief Lisbon and Life 'In the Future'

The Mentalist SpoilersCBS’ The Mentalist begins a new life this Sunday at 10:30 pm/9:30c — life without you-know-who — and TVLine got a sneak peek at the first two episodes, titled “My Blue Heaven” and “Green Thumb.”

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As previously reported, the action picks up two years after the events of last week’s episode, with Jane now in a very different place, spiritually and geographically — and with a new woman about to enter his life. Lisbon, Van Pelt, Rigsby and Cho also followed new paths in the wake of the CBI’s disbandment, while the FBI isn’t done just yet trying to get their hands on ol’ whatshisname’s killer.

All told, here are 10 teases from The Mentalist‘s upcoming episodes.

♦ Laying low on an island where, he says, only one other person speaks English, Jane’s Spanish is atrocious — as is his choice in breakfast beverage — the locals privately snark. That said, he does look out for his neighbors’ best interests, especially in the wake of a horrible killing.

New series regular Emily Swallow (of TNT’s Monday Mornings) makes her debut this Sunday as Kim, a vacationer who catches Jane’s eye — even if she is reading a murder mystery (gah!) when they first meet. Kim also makes a very nice cup of tea; it’s up to you to decide if I mean that as a euphemism.My Blue Heaven

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♦ Lisbon for the past 18 months has been keeping “busy” as the police chief of a small Washington burg, where she hunts down… bicycle thieves and such. At night, she is known to catch up with private security firm owners Rigsby and Van Pelt, or curl up on the sofa with some wine and [spoiler].

♦ Cho? As full of bubbly personality as ever.

♦ FBI Special Agent Abbott (new series regular Rockmond Dunbar), even two years later, is anxious to once and for all track down Jane — and for a very specific reason.

♦ In the Dec. 8 episode, Azita Ghanizada — formerly of Syfy’s Alphas — plays a woman named Defiance, which amused me. Alphas. Defiance. All that’s missing is a warehouse numbered 13.

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♦ Things are quite hairy My Blue Heavenin the future. Jane’s beard. Lisbon’s longer locks (when not stowed away in police chief mode). Van Pelt’s bangs.

♦ Jane’s wedding ring and whether or not he still wears it is at one point a conversation topic.

♦ A loose thread from the Red John storyline at one point resurfaces. That said (as Simon Baker previously indicated), the words “Red John” are not once uttered — though the serial killer is referred to.

♦ At the close of the second episode, Lisbon surprises Jane with something.

Will you be tuning in for this new part of The Mentalist‘s journey?

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