Ratings: Mike & Molly Returns Down, Sleepy Hollow Slips, Castle Ticks Up

Ratings Mike Molly Season 4 PremiereThe “new” Mike & Molly didn’t quite return to its old numbers, premiering on Monday night to 9.2 million total viewers and a 2.6 demo rating, per finals — down 4 and 16 percent from its previous opener, though up 10 percent and two tenths from its most recent Monday outing.

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Opening CBS’ night, How I Met Your Mother (8.7 mil/3.4) rose 12 percent to score its best numbers since the season premiere. 2 Broke Girls (8.1 mil/2.6) and Mom (7.4 mil/2.0) however each dipped a tenth in the demo while adding a few eyeballs.

Hostages was steady in audience (4.8 mil) while ticking down a tenth to 1.1, tying a series low.


ABC | With NFL preemptions subtracted out, Dancing With the Stars (13.7 mil/2.0) wound up down a tenth in the demo, while Castle (10.9 mil/2.2) was up a tenth.

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NBC | The Voice entered its live rounds with 11.8 mil and a 3.6, down 12 and 16 percent week-to-week. The Blacklist (10.3 mil/2.9) in turn dipped two tenths to a series low demo.

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THE CW | Hart of Dixie held steady with 1 mil and a 0.4, while Beauty and the Beast (680K/0.3) shed 19 percent of its precious few viewers.

FOX | Bones (7 mil/2.0) and Sleepy Hollow (7.1 mil/2.5) each returned the baseball break down just 9 percent and two tenths.

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  1. Kim R says:

    I actually watched Mike & Molly twice looking for the explanation of where the baby went. Did I miss it? Maybe they cut that part out for Canada? :) Last year’s finale she was definitely expecting…..in Canada……so I’m a little confused as to what happened to that storyline.

    • Scott says:

      I’m wondering where the baby is too. Maybe this long break went to the producer’s head!

    • Amanda says:

      They never aired that part in America so I guess they decided not to go there yet for some reason.

      • Big Joe says:

        They did air that part in America. It was the finale and the tornado was coming and they were huddled together in the basement and Molly told Mike that she was pregnant. Then new season and they’re back to saying that a baby will come when the time is right. Did the writers forget to watch their own season finale???

    • David4 says:

      It’s The NEW Mike and Molly! So I guess no baby. haha

      But to be fair Bones has a baby they rarely ever show too. So who knows.

    • Gemini says:

      On the Canadian shows, she had a baby? She wasn’t even pregnant at the end of last season…they were having problems getting pregnant. And absolutely no mention of having a baby in this episode. Hope they don’t screw up this program as I like it.

    • Mike and Molly has just gone down the Olympic fastest downhill ski run! Nothing to like anymore about the main characters. King of Queens has done this in a most excellent fashion already. Funny, plenty of 2nd banana time for supporting, terrific cast and great writing.
      Unfortunately, the main Characters here are just plain unlikeable and dull.

      In my opinion, Swoosie, her man, and Katy Mixon would make a better show. They are all the fun….and usually Mike’s mother.

      This show was fine at first….but barely watchable now. Just waiting for Dancing With the Stars…although the PTB, have likely messed that one up one too many times.

  2. hipper says:

    Wow. CBS is sure gonna miss that HIMYM demo number…

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      Indeed, and that may be the driving force behind CBS’ (and 20th Century Fox TV) interest in the spin-off/spin-out ‘How I Met Your Father’ for next fall. Those HIMYM demo numbers (as well as those of TBBT) are amazing – CBS will do all it can to find another replacement series to try to match those HIMYM demos. If rookies shows like ‘Mom’ are not able to replicate those numbers, and if winter’14 series like ‘Friends w/Better Lives’ are not able to either, then come May/pilot season announcements, we may see ‘HIMYF’ get that Monday 8pm slot in Fall’14
      Then the question will be if Bays/Thomas will want to try to have a character or two from the original series included in the new spin-out. I think they should. Someone like L Fonseca (or even/and C. Milioti?) could make for an interesting idea. Fans have been asking for a chance to see how ‘the Mother’ met Ted via HIMYM – perhaps, no better way to do that than to have a full spin-out series built around Milioti and perhaps the two kids – LF & DH, with some occasional guest-spots for ‘Ted and the gang’ around the holidays and sweeps months.
      In my mind, the best spin-off comedy series I’ve ever seen executed was ‘Frasier’ (and Jeffersons as well) – get a character that the audience is familiar with but wants to see more of, give then a good script and back-story, and you have a good series. HIMYF w/C Milioti as lead and LF/DH in expanded roles (with flashbacks and flash forwards as well) might fit that model.

      • Brendan says:

        With the proposed spinoff I’d really prefer they go the Parks and Rec route and make it an independent launch (P&R was originally conceived as a spinoff of The Office before they decided just to let it be it’s own thing). The biggest challenge with a show like that is letting it find it’s own voice rather than just being a copy of the original. I’ve loved every season of HIMYM, but a new show, even with the same tone and style, would need it’s own identity (just like P&R got better in season 2 when they stopped trying to be The Office 2.0 and started being their awesome selves), and that’s easier without carrying over an established character IMO.

  3. Just one thing says:

    That .3 jump for Castle is pretty damn impressive.

    • Just one thing says:

      Oh, wait. NFL preemptions… It’s a waiting game until 4 p.m. ET, I guess.

    • RBA says:

      ABC’s Monday lineup was preempted in Milwaukee and Green Bay for local NFL coverage (1.07% of the U.S.). The last time Castle was pre-empted for a GB game in GB/ Milwaukee on 9/24/2012 (for “After the Storm”) Castle saw a 4 tenths of a point downward adjustment in the finals.

      • Katherine215 says:

        That seems like a rather large drop to account for such a small portion of the tv-watching country, no? I don’t pretend to be a ratings expert by any stretch, but it seems odd mathematically.

        • Alex says:

          Not when you consider how nutty people in this state are about the Packers. (I live in Wisconsin and see the crazies firsthand.)

      • c-mo says:

        The final adjusted ratings were just released and the Castle ratings didn’t change at all, they stayed at 2.2 so fortunately, the preemption in the GB/MIL market had no effect this time and Castle gets to keep their awesome rating!

    • HAP says:

      But although it had a larger total audience, The Blacklist beat it in the demo.

  4. Jess says:

    I am pretty happy with Bones rating, it was returning after the baseball break and got a 2.0, that may get adjusted up in finals, the 2nd half hr got a 2.1…..it’s still such a steady, consistent show for FOX.

  5. knd says:

    Impressive for Castle especially since my broadcast was interrupted for the mall shooting.

    • RBA says:

      The numbers are inflated due to Football airing in the GB and Milwaukee ABC affiliates. Expect to see a 4 tenth adjustment in the finals…

  6. WayneInNYC says:

    Too bad about the slip in Sleepy Hollow.
    It was, without a doubt, the BEST episode thus far.

    • liz says:

      the three week break hurt it I’m sure. Broke the momentum, which is just dangerous for a new show

    • gdv says:

      Seriously people, watch that episode online or On Demand if you missed it. It was AMAZING. Then tune in next week!

    • Joe says:

      I know that everyone is claiming Sleepy Hollow is a hit…but I think Fox is having buyers remorse and will cancel after the supposed second season. That is assuming there will actually be a second season. (ask any fan of Southland about what can happen with an early pick up). Fox has to be very disappointed in those demo numbers. They will need to rise to a 3 for Fox to continue….and don’t even start on the whole DVR +7 numbers. Networks talk a good game about those but at the end of the business day it is number of eyeballs on in that coveted demo that can’t fast forward through the commercials that count.

      • gdv says:

        Why does it have to rise to a 3 to continue? Does ANY Fox show, other than American Idol, get ratings that good?

        I think Sleepy Hollow will do well, and will do well in DVD sales/Netflix too, which could up its S2 viewership. I predict it will stick around for a while.

  7. tp says:

    It doesn’t look good for Beauty and the Beast. Oh nooo.

  8. Joe says:

    Saw 2 broke girls ( was shocked that was on 830 , it was funny but it should be 930) Mike and Molly was funny but different ( I can’t explain)

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Yes, this was definitely their raunchiest episode to date. But can I say it? Best. Episode. Ever. :) I never laughed this hard in probably my entire life when the UV light got switched on.

  9. Sarah says:

    I’m a bit bummed that Bones went down that much, but considering they barely promoted it (i.e. not putting the promo out until Thursday) a 2.0 isn’t that bad. But hopefully it will be adjusted up.

  10. Of course Sleepy Hollow slipped. That’s what happens when they have it take a three-week hiatus. Wish they’d quit doing that! That’s why some of my favorite shows have been cancelled in the past! They don’t learn.

  11. Dani says:

    It’s great that HIMYM and 2 Broke Girls are doing better again. Looking at CBS numbers since September, Mike & Molly had an impressive premiere as well.
    Beauty and the Beast seems lost on The CW. Maybe they should have kept it’s time slot after The Vampire Diaries. Reign isn’t doing better than BATB last year.

  12. sarah says:

    Blacklist may have dropped but it is still doing good for NBC.
    I do not watch Beauty and the Beast, however those numbers are really bad, I am not sure why the CW kept that show when there were others they have cancelled in the past that were never that bad!

    • Carla Krae says:

      DVR and streaming numbers, and international fandom. BATB has a lot of support. The Nielsens don’t reflect who’s really watching.

  13. Eric7740 says:

    Ouch, BATB!!! Those are 90210 numbers bad!!!

  14. B says:

    Sleepy Hollow was amazing last night.

  15. Rich Abey says:

    Wow amazing ratings for ‘Castle’, despite pending adjustments. Yesterday was indeed a superb emotional episode.

  16. Paul J. Reedy says:

    I can tell you why Mike and Molly was different. They dumbed it down and have lost the magic that made you root for these two overweight people who meet fall in love and get married. They ate now playing Melissa McCarthy as the buffoon she plays in her movies.

    • Joe says:

      Ok , I realizes it was a little different , Molly in the previous seasons was the smart one , the voice of normal.( for the show anyway) she didn’t come off if it last night

    • Gemini says:

      I agree–read an article that the producers wanted to “cash in” on her success as a movie actress. Not sure I liked it or the direction it’s taking. Her jumping or falling out of a window to leave her class was stupid. And since Molly has always been the practical one, her quitting her job, losing her pension and benefits doesn’t play. I hope they don’t ruin this show as I really like it.

  17. Pat says:

    I was excited when Mike & Molly was returning sooner rather then later. Calling it the New Mike & Molly show is without a doubt, ridiculous, especially for the fans of this show and I happen to be a big one. Tampering with how the show was before could result in its downfall, which will really be ashame, because this was one of the funniest shows on Monday night, last year. So please producers, don’t change what is a good thing !

  18. Heathers says:

    I have only watched one episode of Mike and Molly, a long time ago. Comcast (or could it be CBS?) refused to put it on Video Ondemand. I would have loved to watch it in the evenings when I could.

  19. hipper says:

    The CW currently has 2 sophomore series (along with ‘Carrie Diaries’) that get less than 1M viewers with new episodes… that’s bad, even for them.

  20. Amanda says:

    Sad to see the ratings for Beauty and the Beast. It’s not a show I’d normally watch, but I really enjoy it. It’s definitely hit its stride this season. That timeslot really killed it. At least it’s on The CW, so they’ll get to complete all 22 episodes,

  21. John 1138 says:

    Ouch BATB is getting into Simon and Garfunkel concert in Central Park territory.

    That can’t be good.

  22. Carla Krae says:

    I don’t worry about BATB. It gets a lot of DVR/streaming and international support. The fandom is fiercely passionate. That counts for a lot with The CW.

  23. DavidSask says:

    B&B if not cancelled soon should be replaced with Carrie Diaries is better fit there when Nikita starts, plus CD is better show! PLEASE say no to HIMYF spin-off series fans!!!!

  24. Apples says:

    Castle numbers very solid. Yet another year-upon-year build in the audience. I’ve never seen that in a drama before, does that have a precedent?
    I honestly think Castle and TB would be neck-and-neck in the demo without the The Voice serving as the lead in for the latter.
    SH returns down, I did not expect that. Still doing great for Fox.

    • RBA says:

      You can probably thank the syndication gods for this (TNT). It is not unprecedented either.. There are these two little shows on CBS that took off once the show got into syndication (NCIS and TBBT).

      Bones too had a similar bump in its first two years of syndication.

      • Apples says:

        Ahh makes sense, I’ve heard Castle reruns are popular on TNT. I don’t expect Castle to reach the numbers those two shows on CBS did, but a Bones-esque run would do very nicely…

  25. Dave says:

    a GREAT episode of Sleepy Hollow last night. too bad there was almost zero promotion of its post-MLB return!

  26. bellabella says:

    The NEW Mike and Molly just got stupid. That’s all. I used to enjoy that show. But its all Molly now, and they are really reaching. She slugs a woman in the face, jumps out of her classrooms window, in her dreams kills Mikes mother with an icepick. I used to love the characters of the supporting case, like Karl’s Grandma, The African in the diner, her sister, her mother and her boyfriend. But now its just so dumb and boring. I don’t plan to watch another episode.
    Too bad!

  27. Susan says:

    I had stopped watching Mike & Molly because I didn’t enjoy the crude humor. But I love the characters and their personal stories, so I tuned in last night. Big mistake. I did not appreciate Mike reading Molly’s porn. BTW: I don’t miss Carl’s grandma, because most of the stuff out of her mouth was filthy. Why do they always put filth in the mouths of the elderly actors?

  28. Bill L says:

    Does anyone else (that actually understands and appreciates comedy[that excludes you, Susan]) feel that the writing is awful this season? I loved the show, but there seems to be a huge drop off this season.

  29. Emma says:

    Mike and Molly is not worth watching any more. Her role is totally obnoxious now, just a fat woman acting crazy and stupid. I used to love that show last year, but now, PFFFT! Forget it! I used to love the other characters, Karl and his grandma, her sister and mother and boyfriend, Mikes mother, the African. That supporting cast made the show. But now its all Molly, all the time, and dumb