How I Met Your Mother Recap: Ted and The Mother Share an Iconic Moment

How I Met Your Mother Ted Proposes The MotherAfter weeks of being Mother-less, How I Met Your Mother finally welcomed back Ted’s future wife in Monday’s episode in a scene so romantic, even the mention of vomit couldn’t ruin it.

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While the episode didn’t quite knock it out of the park comedically, the emotional moments were a sweet reminder of HIMYM‘s heart-on-its-sleeve style. And this week, there were several touching exchanges to choose from. We also received a long-awaited answer to whether Robin told Barney about her infertility.

But I propose we start with Ted and The Mother. In the present timeline, the bachelor takes Anna Camp’s Cassie to the top of a romantic lighthouse, but their “date” is a dud. Worse yet, Ted feels like he’s wasted the lighthouse on the wrong girl.

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But not two years later, Ted is there with The Mother, who remarks that the view is like going back in time (Ted’s exact same words from his first trip up there). She’s not sure what could make the moment better, and that’s when Ted gets down on bended knee.

“Will you –“

“Yes!” she replies before he can even get the words out. As he finishes his sentence, she continues, “Yes! Yes!”

It’s such a beautiful proposal scene, it makes you wonder why it’s taken us this long to get another glimpse of Cristin Milioti as The Mother in any timeline. Even her throwaway line, “When you vomit, I vomit,” oozes charm.

Meanwhile, back in the present, Robin and Loretta are feuding again, which leads to Barney’s mother learning that her future daughter-in-law can’t have kids. Barney tells her he found out last fall — so before he proposed, right? — and that he’s “marrying a girl who means more to me than kids.” Added bonus: In flashback, we finally get to see Robin confessing the news to him, to which he replies, “Really?” before giving her a big hug.

Robin also gets another warm embrace after finding out that her mother isn’t attending the wedding because she was too scared to get on the plane. Loretta hugs her and tells her to always call her “Mom.”

HIMYM fans, what did you think of Ted’s big proposal? When he said “not two years later,” does that mean it’s during the same timeline as the season premiere flash-forward, or did he bring The Mother to Farhampton a second time? And are you relieved to see Robin and Loretta bury the hatchet?

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