Ratings: Vampire Diaries Rises, Wonderland Wanes, Elementary, Men and Grey's Hit Lows

Ratings Reign Premiere Wonderland DropsABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland could use a bit of Nielsen magic, drawing in its second week just 4.5 million total viewers and a 1.2 demo rating, down 22 and 29 percent from its debut.

Grey’s Anatomy in turn slipped to 8.6 mil/2.6, down two tenths to match its all-time low demo. Scandal, however, capped ABC’s night with gains of 6 percent and two tenths, hitting its second-best numbers ever (9.5 mil/3.3).

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Over on The CW, Vampire Diaries surged some 30 percent to 2.8 mil and a 1.3, besting both ABC’s Wonderland and NBC’s 8 o’clock comedy hour. Reign — which TVLine readers gave an average grade of “B-“ — premiered to 2 mil/0.8, which was (UPDATE) on par with Beauty and the Beast’s first “regular” Thursdays-at-9 outing (2 mil/0.7) and demonstrated slightly better retention out of TVD (62 vs. 54 percent).

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CBS | Big Bang Theory (17.2 mil/4.9) and Two and a Half Men (8.5 mil/2.1) each dropped two tenths, with the latter hitting a series-low rating. The Millers (12.2 mil/3.2) rose two tenths, while The Crazy Ones (9.5 mil/2.5) ticked up a tenth. Elementary closed CBS’ night with 8.4 mil and a 1.6, down 8 and 16 percent and hitting a demo low.

NBC | Parks and Recreation (3.2 mil/1.3), Welcome to the Family (2.5 mil/0.9) and Sean Saves the World (3.4 mil/1.1) all inched up a tenth, while The Michael J Fox Show (3.5 mil/1.2) lost some eyeballs but was steady in the demo. Parenthood (4 mil/1.3) added some viewers and a tenth.

FOX | ALCS Game 5 coverage averaged 8.4 mil and a 2.4, on par with the night prior and up 41 percent in the demo from last year’s NLCS Game 5.

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  1. Templar says:

    I tried to watch it last night, but I can’t get past my dislike of Sophie Lowe as Alice and the dreadful CGI. I’m giving up on it.

  2. Jared says:

    Awesome news for VAMPIRE DIARIES! The CW has grown every night this week!

    REIGN was just not good.

    • Guest says:

      I reckon the premiere of Reign only favor Vampire Diaries. The biggest numbers strike from the pilot episode, which means the gain in viewers of Vampire Diaries might because of the audience that stuck with the CW after the Reign pilot.

  3. Elyse says:

    I love Once in Wonderland but I wish they hadnt given it the Thursday at 8pm death slot… I also wish they had used it as a Winter hiatus show as originally planned.

    • csr says:

      agreed. good show, excellent potential. terrible time slot.

      • Mikael says:

        I don’t mind the CGI because Wonderland is supposed to look crazy. The only thing I can’t stand is the Red Queen. She’s just not right. She is no Regina or Cora. I really hope that her backstory involves being a spoiled rich girl who took the throne after Cora left. There’s no way she could stand toe to toe with Barbara Hershey.

    • ChicagoDan says:

      I’m tired of the Thursday “death” slot argument – NBC isn’t airing anything. FOX had male dominated baseball, CBS only TBBT (TM isn’t exactly formidable). If TVD could beat Wonderland, it’s the audience rejecting the show. Not a timeslot issue.

      • Elyse says:

        Its a terrible time slot for ABC… not all of the shows they’ve tried in that spot have been good but some are. Everyone I know who watched Once in Wonderland loved it. However none of us have nielsen ratings boxes so our viewing doesn’t actually count. Not to mention TVD isn’t even on in my area at 8pm. Its preempted for stupid high school football.

        • prish says:

          Nielsen uses random sampling, and a college professor told us in his class that Nielsen was the most powerful and accurate research, out there. Our household, in the late 90’s, got a phone call, etc. They only keep people for a few years, btw. I know your pain about Wonderland. My husband stopped after the pilot, and I’m hanging in there. I just know there is going to be character development, so I am just hoping they won’t pull it before the current episode run.

      • Guest says:

        That’s what I think so, if more people watched The Vampire Diaries than Wonderland is just means the show is not good.

    • Louise says:

      I agree. I would have preferred it as a winter hiatus show, too.I also don’t understand ABC’s promotion. Next week’s episode features two familiar faces from the mother ship and yet it’s impossible to tell from the promo. You’d think they’d try to cash in on that if only to draw in some OUAT fans as viewers.

      • Elyse says:

        I’m surprised more OUAT viewers aren’t watching Wonderland! I like Wonderland better than the original. I would have liked it a lot better during the hiatus… it was one of the best ideas i’ve heard in a long time!

      • Guest says:

        That’s also a problem too: at the very least, the Once Upon a Time audience should be watching Wonderland too. But if they don’t, then it means the franshise is doomed regardless the time slot.

    • Christina says:

      I think the original plan was much better. I wasn’t all that interested in it, but I’m a huge fan of ONCE. If ONCE was gone and this was my only other option, I would have watched it during the hiatus. Def not watching it right now, too many other better shows.

  4. Lysh says:

    I’ve heard last night’s episode of Wonderland was better than the pilot. I haven’t watched it yet, but plan to. It’s on at a really bad time with tough competition.

    • gdv says:

      I liked last night’s episode, but I also liked the pilot. Michael Socha alone is enough for me to stay with the show, though. That guy is amazing! I’m also starting to enjoy Naveen Andrews back on my screen, even if he’s a villain.

      • Lysh says:

        I just watched it and completely agree. The knave is mysterious and funny and I love his Northern accent. And I hope they do a flashback episode for Jafar soon. Naveen is rocking the part.

    • nico says:

      Last night’s episode of Wonderland was better than the pilot. The first 15 minutes of the pilot was really boring.

  5. English says:


  6. Amanda says:


  7. Amy says:

    Matt do you think ABC will swap Grey’s and Scandal? Scandal keeps growing and Grey’s is showing its age.

  8. Zach says:

    ABC really should’ve saved Wonderland for the hiatus. No surprises here.

  9. Martina says:

    Two & a Half Men is now CBS lowest rated thursday comedy! It has strayed so far from its title it is no surprise.

    When Charlie left they should have had Alan inherit the house & take in Herb as a lodger to make ends meet, we could have still had Judith appear dropping off Herb or possibly Alan’s daughter at weekends.

    • lll says:

      They dropped because Jake left for good. I know he was gone last season but he pops in periodically. There’s no chance this year because of Amber Tamblyn’s character becoming a regular.

  10. Jared says:

    My problem with Wonderland is that I just feel like there’s zero chemistry between the leads and there isn’t any other character that’s worth rooting for at this point. ABC should have used it as a filler when the original OUAT went on hiatus.

    Happy to see The CW having a great week. I personally watch pretty much every series on the network but Reign just wasn’t that good. I gave it a try but I doubt ill stick around.

  11. Lea says:

    Am I the only one who likes Sean saves the world ? It really makes me laugh.

  12. Sarah says:

    Why didn’t they pair Once and Wonderland together? Do they think it would be Fairytale Overload? I think that would help Wonderland’s ratings, but I guess maybe it would confuse Once viewers who arent regular fans? I dont know, I dont like that they split them up. I think pairing Scandal and Revenge would be awesome too.

  13. wrstlgirl says:

    I enjoyed the Wonderland pilot but last night’s episode didn’t impress me. I can’t hardly look at the Queen, her poofy lips plastered with way to much lipstick are very distracting, LOL :-) The time slot isn’t that great for this new show either. On the flip side I loved SSTW but only because I’m a big Robert Gant fan from QAF. He was hilariously funny. Only watched the show to see him, don’t plan on watching it again.

    • charlottcharles says:

      oh my god, it’s not even an “lol” at this point, I /hate/ the red queen. I was annoyed with her in the pilot but this episode I couldn’t even pay attention to what was happening she’s been so completely miscast.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I had to Google the actress just to see if those lips were real and yep, they are and she’s a very pretty young lady but when they plaster on all that lipstick, ugh, it’s horrid and hard to look at. The Red Queen is definitely my least favorite character in the show.

    • Britt says:

      I agree!!!!!! Her lips and jaw line just distract me. Then again, I have never been an Alice in Wonderland fan. I hated the book and all of the movies that came with it even as a child, so I figured I wouldn’t like the show.

      Plus Elementary is getting boring. I really love Sherlock Holmes, but I feel like this show could do better.

      I am one of the few people who liked Reign and want to see where the show goes.

      Lastly, I feel really bad for NBC comedies. They aren’t doing so hot.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Welcome to the lip haters club, hahaha. I gave upon Elementary last season because it just wasn’t interesting to me. Haven’t watched Reign yet, I put it on the DVR for the weekend.

  14. Mel says:

    It was a mistake to put Wonderland on at the same time as OUAT. Who wants to watch two fairy tale shows a week? Wonderland would have been a great replacement in the OUAT spot next spring. Glad Parenthood is holding on to it’s viewers. Oh, and Lea, I like Sean Saves the World too.

  15. DavidSask says:

    NB….DEAD!!! Reign sucked, CW picked wrong pilot to go with, they should have made this summer series for kiddies. Wonderland if they have no replacement and goes no lower in ratings may as well stay where is but as said in past no one wants companion show when they have problems with original show on air. Nice to see 2 half men dying, hopefully for good soon!

  16. Maki says:

    Nice raitings for CW. I like the Reign cast I can see it grow with time but Grey’s is leading the 9pm slot in my mind at least.

  17. Jen says:

    Wonderland is great! But I don’t understand why they didn’t pair it with it’s predecessor on Sundays. It would do so much better with Once as it’s lead in.

  18. nicole says:

    Reign was better than I expected! Too bad there’s a lot of haters who can’t be bothered to watch.

  19. Rae says:

    I love Wonderland! Last night I said there are two things I don’t like…the Red Queen’s fake lips and too much CGI with the exception of the White Rabbit. The rabbit has to be CGI and I think he is too cute and John Lithgow’s voice is perfect for the role! Someone said above that they do not like Sophie Lowe…I love her as Alice! Another comment was made that the first 15 minutes of the pilot was boring. I loved the beginning of the pilot. I love how the scene opened up to an old timey tea party and a house set in England. I loved the premise of Alice in the asylum. Also, someone said that the leads don’t have chemistry, well I think they do. I also think the Knave has a thing for Alice. I love Naveen Andrews back on the screen being the Lost fan that I am. Where are all the viewers? I watch Grey’s as well so it works well for my night to be on Thurs at 7pm. I hope, somehow, it can improve in the ratings and not get canceled. Such potential!

    • Lysh says:

      I feel like all the money for the CGI is being spent on the rabbit. I do hope the ratings improve or they find a better place for it. It’s already gained my interest more than Agents of SHIELD, which has very little character development. I don’t know if it’s the way they tell their stories (with the Lost-like flashbacks) or if Adam and Eddy really have a knack for telling adorable love stories and having fleshed-out interesting characters.

    • bobbie says:

      I totally agree about the lips. They’re like Karl Malden’s nose – i can’t see anything else. Except that the lips are pretty repulsive. A couple of times I’ve seen eyebrows on actresses that were so unnatural that the same thing would happen.

    • prish says:

      My husband likes the rabbit. If they made White Rabbit the main character, he’d probably still be watching.

  20. Someone says:

    Wow, The Vampire Diaries beat ABC and NBC? That’s really good.

  21. murley says:

    I hope wonderland improves it’s numbers, or at least stays steady. I think it has a lot going for it. Love the actors playing Alice and the Knave. Yes the CGI is “terrible” but it is what it is. This is a network show on a network budget. I didn’t quit on Buffy because the monster makeup was cheesy (in fact I kind of loved it for that). I am not going to jump ship for something the creators can’t really do anything about.

  22. vcoolwater says:

    Should I be worried about Elementary? It is getting crushed by Scandal. I also watch Parenthood. However I accepted that this will most likely be it’s last season. But losing both Parenthood and Elementary at the same time is going to be rough.

  23. DarkDefender says:

    Is it just me, or am I the only one DVR’ing The Crazy Ones just to watch the gag reel during the end credits?

    I think Grey’s numbers are still pretty good for a 10 yr old show.. And the drop in the demo between TBBT & 2 and 1/2 men.. Huge. (4.9 to 2.1)

  24. manokale says:

    why would you compare REIGN to the 2nd episode of Beauty and the Beast? We all know premieres always rate the highest with few exceptions. Probably disappointing for CW given they promoted more than any new show this year

  25. Abby says:

    Aren’t Wonderland’s ratings kind of the fault of the guys/gals in suits who assumed it would be successful on one of the most stacked nights on TV already, even though the ratings of their other show were falling on Sundays, too? Wasn’t their original plan to use Wonderland as a break-filler for OUAT supposed to be the better idea?

    It’s too bad the ratings aren’t good for a Thursday night now, but I do hope they air all the episodes for the season before (or even after) they decide it’s officially a one-off and cancel it.

  26. bobbie says:

    I still can’t get thru the first episode of “Wonderland”. Ugh. I think I’m giving up on it. Stupid and boring. No, not me, the show!!! haha

    I didn’t hate “Reign”. Will watch again next week.

  27. Ava says:

    I love the TVD/Reign CW line up. Both shows were terrific last night. I DVRd Wonderland but haven’t seen it yet. It is a shame that ABC didn’t schedule it on Sundays following OUAT or as OUAT’s winter hiatus replacement. It is an interesting premise and Naveen Andrews is fantastic in it. Can any show succeed in ABC’s Thursday night slot of death at 8/7c? It has become, like the Sunday at 10/9c slot, a graveyard for shows.

  28. Morgen says:

    Alice In Wonderland is one of my favorite books, too – and the Disney animated version I love. And I’m a Once Upon A Time fan… but I can’t get into ‘Wonderland’ either. I find the lead actress to be off-putting, I find the way they portray her character as totally unsentimental – I mean, one thing with Alice is, you always had a bit of sympathy for the character, being a stranger in a strange land. Here, she is a bully and not a heroine at all. Look at how she treated the poor Mock Turtle – instead of asking him for a ride, she threatened to cut his throat in order to make him swim.
    And don’t even get me started on her makeup – in the forced falling in love flashbacks with Cyrus, she is practically in corpse makeup. Why she gotta look so clown white?
    Jafar isn’t campy enough – I mean, if you’re going to do Jafar in that outfit, do it all the way. The Red Queen should have been played by a seasoned actress with some sense of timing and diction, some gravitas. Stephanie Beacham would have killed in this role, and would have been a great foil to Jafar – and hopefully Barbara Hershey’s Queen Of Hearts at some point – this show is severely missing Barbara Hershey, in my opinion.
    And wouldn’t it have been nice for Genie, ie Cyrus, to have been even vaguely Middle-Eastern?
    The only character I have any liking for or sympathy with is the Knave, but I totally do not understand why he sticks with such a bully like Alice.
    All that plus it feels like they have a much lower special effects budget than OUAT, where they needed to have triple the budget to pull off the wonder of Wonderland. The Mock Turtle looked like he was made out of the leftovers of the Michaels Crafts bargain bin.
    So, I’m glad I’m not the only one not digging Wonderland – there’s just no ‘wonderment’ for me.

  29. Boiler says:

    I still would like to know why Mr Lee at ABC thinks they had such a great development year. He has ruined OUATIW by making it more than originally planned and then putting it on Thursday. The only one hour show that is a hit is AOS. All other dramas have bombed yet we lost Body of Proof this year as well as what I thought were good ones a couple years ago. The only comedies doing “well” follow well established hits yet we lose Happy Endings(which ABC killed), Malibu Country again as well as giving up on others that I thought had potential. Now they seem to want to kill Suburgatory. I probably watch ABC more than any other network but the way Mr Lee is running things may cause that to change eventually

    • Anne says:

      No the audience killed Happy Endings by not watching it. Lee did everything possible to save the show, but the ratings were just too low.

      • Geo says:

        If “everything possible” was to move “Happy Endings” around the schedule as many times as possible until even devoted fans like myself were forgetting when it was on, then, yes, Lee “did everything possible to save the show.” Funny how doing everything possible to save it looks almost exactly like doing everything stupid to kill it.

  30. A says:

    I absolutely love Once in Wonderland! Save it please! I wish it was on After Once on Sundays

  31. Babygate says:

    Is anyone surprised that Wonderland is tanking? The acting is really uneven, and the characters are laughable. So, Greys is sinking fast this season. You think that maybe Shonda will pay attention now? This show was first and foremost about the relationships. That’s why people tuned in, because they got invested in the relationships. This season, every relationship people care about has been obliterated. Mer and Cristina are now in the outs. Crowen is over. Calzona has once again been torn asunder in a way that actually has people rooting for a divorce. After finally getting to the point of people liking Avery and April, they get separated and I’m still not sure why. Worst, they paired Jacskon with Stephanie, a pairing that can’t possibly be less compatible and less attractive together. AND, they keep shoving the interns down our throats while putting them in positions that make us dislike them even more. Jo got more play last night than Alex. Stephanie got to meet mama Avery when Jackson hid Lexie from her and never disclosed his relationship with April. Leah is now the new Lauren and Shane is just despicable and unlikeable. Last night, Catherine got more play than any of the characters we care about. And honestly, Webber’s recovery is not ‘can’t miss tv’. BTW, thanks for allowing Jackson/Stephanie and Webber/Catherine to have meaningful conversations while Arizona and Callie are just acting like strangers. And still no mention of PTSD, or Arizona’s offer to cut off Callie’s leg. Arizona is just prancing around in denial wearing her ring while Callie is easily moving on. Best part of the episode last night was the opening scene and second, Mer/Cristina’s confrontation. Can Paul Lee go now? Please?

  32. liz says:

    Its a bummer Elementary does so poorly with the demo. Being a member of the coveted demo, there’s really a lot in there that I think appeals to a more critical viewer (of which there are many in the demo) and would really connect with.
    Buuuuut, no one in the demo watches a physical tv anymore during scheduled times SO.

    • do it says:

      Because young people think a take on the Sherlock Holmes tale with a female Watson love interest set in NYC is insulting to good taste. And it is.

      • Stormy says:

        The thing that annoys me about Elementary [though I continue to watch] is Sherlock’s ill fitting clothes and his terrible posture. He stands like he’s arching his back continuously. I don’t mind girl Watson because I don’t equate the show with the original Doyle characters at all.

        • tp says:

          I’m usually not one to nitpick but standing with your shoulders back and chest out is considered good posture. I disagree that his clothes are ill fitting. It’s all part of that hipster look. I don’t like either but I don’t think it’s ill fitting. He’s kinda like the scruffy version of Neal Caffefry from White Collar.

  33. greysfan says:

    I LOVE Once Upon a Time and i liked what i saw last week in Wonderland but this week, i hated the episode. It was boring, it was not there and imo the show isn’t anywhere good as its mothership. So those ratings are deserved. I really thought it was going to be a good series but from the Queens dodgy botox to the lack of chemistry between characters it really is not a great show and this is coming from a fan of Once. I really want to enjoy it but i can’t.

  34. Rich Abey says:

    It might not have scaled the heights of Blacklist among this season’s debuts (still an average of more that 9 million viewers is pretty damn good), but the Crazy Ones continues to impress me.

  35. Boiler says:

    Elemenatary and Parenthood were 2 of the highest DVR demo increases last week and Scandal wasn’t on the list so people must watch Scandal live and DVR the others. Would be interesting to know Scandal’s DVR to see where they rank in the end. Also baseball had higher ratings than XFactor and Glee have had so I am sure more DVR’ing happening. I would also be interested to see ratings if Millers and Two and a Half Men flipped flopped times. Finally I think more late shows, after 10 eastern, are DVR’d because people are starting work earlier. Again the networks need to figure out a way to make money on DVR…maybe product placement, something in the corner of screen like they do on soccer. I don’t know what but I personally get tired of seeing good shows cancelled especially when many new ones perform worse.

  36. Anne says:

    I loved Wonderland this week, people are too sensitive about the rock turtle.

  37. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I want to like The Michael J. Fox show, I really do. But it’s falling for me. Each week it’s getting harder to hold my attention. I can’t put my finger on exactly what I’m disliking about it, but one thing I do know is that Anne Heche isn’t helping me like it. I personally can’t stand her. I would always fast forward through her scenes on Hung to get to the eye candy that is Thomas Jane.