Grey's Anatomy Recap: Dad to the Bone

Grey's Anatomy Season 10Given the way Alex reacted last week to the revelation that a new patient at Grey Sloan is his long-estranged pop – textbook angsty tantrum-throwing – it probably won’t stun you to learn that this week’s Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t involve any bear hugs or fond memories. What we get instead is… Well, keep reading. I’ll tell you all about it.

PRESENT TENSE | Though Alex keeps his distance from his “dirtbag” dad, Jimmy – lest he become tempted to pick up where he left off all those years ago and move him from a recovery room to the morgue – fatherless Jo is determined to facilitate a family reunion. How determined? She even gets a rehab facility to take Jimmy in – for free. When the addict refuses to go, Jo appeals again to Alex to speak up. He does, but not in the way that she’d hoped. “Don’t talk to me about this again,” he snaps at her. “Ever.” Yet, as the episode nears its end, Alex and Jimmy – by chance – wind up in the same elevator. It looks for a second like Alex might actually reveal their relation… but then the doors open, and Jimmy, clueless, exits with nothing more than a casual “Take it easy, man.”

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MAMMA MIA | Stephanie manages to make a lasting first impression on Jackson’s mother… but not a good one: Catherine walks in on the couple about to get busy in an on-call room. The second impression that Stephanie makes isn’t much better: She botches a case involving a guy who boinked a beehive. In the end, however, the intern explains herself so eloquently to Mommie Dearest that it appears Catherine is willing to give her a second (third?) chance.

TOUGH LOVE | Of course, terrorizing Stephanie isn’t enough to keep Catherine occupied. She also grouses to anyone who’ll listen that, since the interns are coddling Richard, he isn’t recovering at a satisfactory pace. “Come home with me,” she more or less tells her beau, “and I’ll whip your ass into shape.” Rather than face that dire fate, Richard – at last perking up – decides that he’ll instead whip the interns into shape. 

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STARTING OVER | While Arizona fears that she drunkenly shagged Leah after the fundraiser (she didn’t), Callie decides that the time has come for her to leave the episode of Big Love in which she, Derek and Meredith have been co-starring and reclaim her life. Step 1: She has to take back her apartment from Arizona. (Which she does without even letting Arizona get a word in edgewise.) Step 2: She has to resume dancing in her undies. (Which requires no words at all.)

AT A CROSSROADS | At first, Meredith – four days back on the job – is psyched about the prospect of performing a liver heart transplant with Cristina. Then, she’s ticked that Cristina replaces her with Miranda in the OR because she’s distracted by an emergency at Zola’s daycare, a princess tea party and her “exploding” breasts. Finally, she’s downright apoplectic when Cristina comes right out and says that, since her priorities shifted from medicine to motherhood, she’s a less competent doctor than she once was. “We’re in different places now” than when we were starting out, Cristina observes. “And that’s okay.” Only it obviously isn’t okay. (In fact, it’s so not okay that Mer ends the hour blaming Derek for the sitch.)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did Jo overstep her bounds with Alex’s father? Were you glad to see Callie cut loose again? Will Mer/Cristina patch things up, or are we about to remove an F from BFFs? Hit the comments.

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