Vampire Diaries Recap: Time After Time

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapForget everything you know about The Vampire Diaries — literally.

On Thursday night’s episode, Stefan came back from his underwater tomb and lost one crucial thing: His memories.

Meanwhile, our hunch that Elena and Stefan are connected because they’re both doppelgangers proved to be on the money. This news was revealed via a witchy new face in Mystic Falls.

Elsewhere in the hour, Matt’s mysterious storyline with Nadia continued to get even crazier. Read on as we dissect the biggest shocks in “Original Sin.”

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THE JILTED EX | Brace yourselves for an insane mythology dump: Stefan is saved by a mysterious stranger, who is actually Silas’ vengeful ex, the witch Qetsiyah (played by True Blood‘s Janina Gavankar). She tells him the tale of how 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece, she and Silas were part of a group of travelers and planned to become immortal so their love would never end. But on the night of their wedding, he drank the cure without her and gave the other cup to his real true love, who was Qetsiyah’s handmaiden and looked just like Elena/Katherine!

So the witch went a little crazy, to put it mildly, and forced her handmaiden to consume the immortality cure before killing her. Then came what we learned last season about Silas being stuck in the tomb with the cure. Qetsiyah hoped he would take it and be tricked into spending eternity on the other side with her, but the stubborn bastard never did. Now, she’s back – thanks for lowering the veil, Bonnie! – to get her revenge on Silas since her hunters have failed to kill him. (She’s totally talking about travelers Nadia and Gregor, right?)

Part of her plan involves linking Stefan to Silas so she can weaken his mental powers. It works, saving Nadia and a captured Katherine in the process, but takes a lot out of Stefan, who loses consciousness. When he finally wakes up back in Mystic Falls to Elena and Damon’s warm welcomes, he has no idea who they are.

CURE ME | While Qetsiyah holds Stefan hostage, Elena, Katherine and Damon are on the world’s most awkwardly awesome road trip in search of him. The witch planted the same dream in both doppelganger gals’ brains so that Katherine would come with them. Turns out the cure is not gone just because Katherine took it. It’s her blood that will turn immortals human now.

DESTINY VERSUS FREE WILL | Qetsiyah also dropped another big bombshell on Damon: Century after century, versions of Elena and Stefan have been finding each other. “Destiny has been trying to get the doppelgangers together forever,” she says. “The universe is working against you. You and I are the same, Damon – the obstacle standing between two fates.” While it looks like he may be buying into her spiel when Elena runs to Stefan’s side as Damon lies injured on the floor, he refuses to let the witch dictate how he lives his life. “I’m not going to let someone else’s version of destiny stop me from loving you or being with you or building a future with you because you are my life,” he confesses to Elena, who plants a happy kiss on him

INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHER | Nadia may have killed her love, Gregor, but he’s safely hiding out in Matt’s body, unbeknownst to the busboy. Gregor is not too happy about the situation when she brings him to the forefront, but her promise to find a way to make the possession permanent seems to appease him.

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