Did HIMYM Preview a Proposal? Pointless Grey's Intern? Did Rachel Wreck You? And More TV Qs!

Emmys 2013 Neil Patrick HarrisWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including How I Met Your Mother, S.H.I.E.L.D., Parenthood and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Doesn’t the Emmy producers’ statement that the guy randomly standing behind host Neil Patrick Harris was intentionally planted there, to create buzz/laughter, seem a little suspect?

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2 | What was more shocking about Sunday’s penultimate Breaking Bad: that three masked men could break into a house under police surveillance, or that functioning pay phones still exist?

3 | On Ray Donovan, how ominous was Bunchy’s conversation with the kid who stole his bike? Might next season see him caught in the cycle of child abuse?

4 | TVLine reader DBB asks about Devious Maids: “I’m glad the ‘Who killed Flora?’ mystery was solved, but wouldn’t it have been more satisfying if Marisol had been responsible for the resolution, not the Powells?”

5 | Even though shows like A Baby Story do it all the time – and the family must have given its OK — didn’t Today‘s live-birth segment on Monday feel kinda intrusive?

6 | Is it just us, or does Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod not seem terribly broken up about his wife being trapped in some demonic limbo? And yes, we’re only two weeks in, but how has the show not had a storyline yet about Tappan Zee Bridge traffic? #WestchesterCountyHumor

7 | Has anyone realized that once CBS’ We Are Men premieres next week, Harold (John Cho), Kumar (Kal Penn) and Neil Patrick Harris will all be on Monday night TV?

8 | If we never again have to see Mom‘s Anna Faris do a prolonged ugly cry, will it still be too soon?

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Spoilers9 | Having now seen How I Met Your Mother‘s Cristin Milioti and Alyson Hannigan sitting next to each other for an episode, they don’t look quite as similar as some first thought, do they? Do you think Ted takes The Mother to the Farhampton Inn to propose? And how can we hack our DVR to record this final season minus the Marshall storyline?

10 | How refreshing is The Voice‘s honesty about contestants’ histories — i.e. Donna Allen’s past membership in Miami Sound Machine or E.G. Daily’s prior work with Pee Wee Herman and Rugrats — especially in comparison to The X Factor‘s attempts to paint Lillie McCloud and Rachel Potter as not having had prior respective successes on the Billboard charts and Broadway?

11 | How funny was it that just moments after S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Agent Coulson flew off in his car, The Goldbergs‘ opening credits featured Back to the Future‘s DeLorean taking off in identical fashion?

12 | How were Chicago Fire‘s Dawson and Casey able to resist the temptation to run into each other’s arms after that touch-and-go rescue?

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13 | Admit it — you thought Revolution had killed off Aaron, didn’t you? And what the heck was Miles up to in that shed? Any theories?

14 | Could Nick’s hackey-sack have looked any more CGI’d in that New Girl flashback? Also, in the interest of preserving our affection for the character, can we pretend that Winston’s disturbing cat-killing subplot never happened?

15 | Is it OK to ‘ship The Mindy Project‘s Mindy and Danny (which we do) and still hope that she stays with Pastor Casey forever (which we also do)?

Nashville16 | Let us get this straight — Nashville flashes back to the moment before the car crash to reveal that Rayna and Deacon were screaming about absolutely nothing?! Also, how badly did you wince when Deacon mangled his arm in the wreckage? (A total Derek Shepherd moment, right?) And as far as making actors looks many years younger and picking dated clothes/hair, weren’t the Deacon and Rayna flashbacks spot-on?

17 | On Modern Family, did Manny’s letter to Gloria out-awww Cam and Mitchell’s “double yes”? Who’s your prediction for the wedding’s best man/woman? And why are we always startled when child actors sprout over the summer? Biology!

18 | While we’re intrigued by The X Factor‘s replacement for the Boot Camp and Judges’ Houses rounds — the 10 semifinalists in each category will now battle live for one of four spots per team — how come nobody in Simon Cowell’s orbit noticed that the name “Four-Chair Challenge” sounds wayyyyy too similar to The Voice‘s already established “Four-Chair Turn”?

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Parenthood19 | Anyone else wondering why Jasmine’s overbearing mother on Parenthood skipped out on the birth of her granddaughter? Also, forget Kristin’s highly-publicized new tresses for a moment and let’s discuss Adam’s sexy new trim, OK? And did you, too, think you’d finally made it through an episode sans tears, only to find yourself a blubbering mess after the episode-ending engagement?

20 | Show of hands, Glee fans: Who needed to reach for a Kleenex as Lea Michele’s Rachel reached the line “Why he had to go, I don’t know, he wouldn’t say” during her cover of the Beatles’ “Yesterday”? Also: Did they really bring back Amber Riley’s Mercedes for the Klaine engagement scene and not give her a single line of dialogue?

21 | What is the purpose of Grey‘s Anatomy intern Lea? (Anyone…?) And did the premiere remind us that, even as bloodless as it is, an electrocution is perhaps the hardest TV death to witness?

22 | As fun a twist as it was, couldn’t The Big Bang Theory have made up Topless Flashback Penny to look more like a younger, mousy, desperate starlet?

23 | Can Kelly Clarkson please recur on The Crazy Ones? Little Miss Independent was funny, and perhaps the best part of the pilot (aside from a flustered James Wolk being grinded up against).

24 | Was Parks and Recreation‘s explanation of Andy’s hot new bod — he just gave up beer! — enough for you, or did you expect something a bit crazier? And was there anything more perfect on TV this week than Leslie’s reaction to A) Ron’s engagement, B) being Diane’s Matron of Honor, C) Ron’s wedding and D) the aftermath of the impromptu I Dos?

25 | Even avowed Yankees-haters can’t deny: Didn’t one of this week’s most touching televised moments come when Yankees closer Mariano Rivera left the mound for the last time, in tears?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CC says:

    Grey’s interns continue to be pointless and stupid. Nobody cares about them, no matter how the writers continue to try and weave them into the show. Unfortunately, the most likeable of the interns is the one that died. There is no way they would ever reclaim the original intern MAGIC.

    • shay says:

      AMEN to that

    • dude says:

      I think Tina is great in a lot of roles but I never liked her on Grey’s. The only one I have even the faintest interest in is Jo and that’s probably a mixture of the fact she’s adorable and she’s the only one the writer’s seem to have a genuine interest in.

    • Pat says:

      I wasn’t surprised Brooks died, I read she is going to star in another show. I don’t remember what it is though. I just find the intern who is dating Avery so annoying, too bad she wasn’t the one who didn’t make it.

    • Isak says:

      To be honest, it’s not that I LOVE them, but at the very least they are slowly being fleshed out as real characters, 360°. I’m so used to Glee’s portrayal of new (and well, old) characters as two-dimensional cliches that I find this refreshing.
      I also believe that, while I agree that the most likable intern died, the season premiere did a great job in making the interns come together. It was all very natural because they weren’t introduced from the get go as a tight group. So I think that we will slowly get to know them, and like them more over time.

      And this is actually the reason I still watch Grey’s after 10 years.
      Sure, some storylines are a bit of a stretch, and not all the characters are equally engaging, but I still find it highly enjoyable because the characters are believable and the cast does an outstanding job.
      So apart from everything, kudos to Shonda and the Grey’s team – they can still make me smile and tear up, and succeeding in doing so for 10 years straight is not an easy task.

      • Tony says:

        Word on all of it.

        Personally, I like Shane. But that might just be me transfering my love anything and everything FNL more so than the character.

    • Tiffany says:

      Totally agree

    • tvaddict says:

      I really liked Brooks, Tina Majorino left to do the Veronica Mars movie – but I wish Shondra didn’t kill people off, they could have had Brooks get injured and be away recovering instead of dying! The only other inter who is somewhat interesting is Jo and I think its because she has a lot in common with Alex. I can sort of see how the interns will be a big focal point this season, but so far we have no reason to like them, they don’t have that wow factor.

      • ggny says:

        she didnt leave to just do the VM movie. She got a series regular gig on a TNT tv show

      • grey's-luv says:

        She also did a TNT pilot (Legends) that got picked up for 10 shows, so she may not have ever been able to come back to Grey’s. From what I read, she was already under commitment to TNT, so she would not have been able to accept an extended contract from Grey’s. I did like her and wish she could come back, but I don’t think it would have been very realistic (funny word, I know, since we’re talking about TV and not real life) for her as an intern to just leave for a while and then come back.

  2. Claire says:

    I really thought the guy behind NPH on stage was supposed to be there for an awkward, funny bit. Then, no one else did, so I thought I was mistaken.

  3. Julia says:

    #15 – OMG yes, Casey is so likeable. They will have to give us a good reason to break them up..

  4. Mikaela says:

    #21: Other than to be a super uber bi-ch? Not much. Stephanie’s there to give drama to the whole Jackson/April drama and Jo for Alex. But now that Tina Majorino’s gone the rivilry for Smash Williams is gone and there’s no point in keeping him or Leah around. They don’t do anything to enhance themselves or the people around them.

  5. Meg says:

    Rivera is one if the best closers in the game and a classy player. I loved that the Red Sox did a ceremony for him during the last series at Fenway.

  6. Scott says:

    And was there anything more perfect on TV this week than Leslie’s reaction to A) Ron’s engagement, B) being Diane’s Matron of Honor, C) Ron’s wedding and D) the aftermath of the impromptu I Dos?

    Best. Opening. Segment. Ever. If one scene could perfectly describe the Leslie-Ron dynamic, it was that scene. “London, Parts 1 and 2” is easily in the top 5 P&R episodes of all time.

  7. CBB says:

    #21 remember when we thought the Mercy Westers were so annoying and then they killed a few off? Shonda’s playbook to deal with annoying characters. Except this time she chose one of the least annoying and left Lea. Also how does this show much Gaius Charles soooo lack-luster? He was so charismatic and endearing on FNL as Smash. Is it the writing or the acting?

    • grey's-luv says:

      I think it’s just how the writers are developing his character. As far as the annoying Mercy Westers, I think they forgot one. April is less annoying than she used to be, but I find that most of the time I still don’t like her. Other times, she’s just “not too annoying”. I just can’t imagine her ever being a “beloved” character – like some of the originals are – as well as Callie, Arizona, Mark, Jackson…

  8. Stefan says:

    WHAT?! I’m loving the Marshall storyline.. HIMYM hasn’t made me laugh that hard in a while.

  9. anabarnett says:

    Ahhhh that whole darn scene in glee of Rachel singing yesterday nearly killed me…that line, her standing on the bridge where her and Finn had a date in season 2 and then the picture on her phone with Cory still in it :( I cried crocodile tears!!!

    • kajar says:

      You know that crocodile tears are fake tears, right? Somehow I don’t think that’s what you meant.

      • Elizabeth says:

        kajar…I’d just like to ‘like’ your comment.

        as a side note..Leah Michelle singing that song in light of the recent tragedy was poignant and heartbreaking considering the grief she must be going through. Very sad :(

  10. Babygate says:

    This new batch of Greys interns is worst than the one which gave us Avery and April. Only one I liked was Heather and Shonda killed her. I get that Tina got the new show but she could have just left her with a deficit to recover from instead of killing her. Jo is ok. She works better with the other interns. I still find her and Karev to be creepy because of the age difference. And honestly, I don’t see the chemistry. It comes across as more physical than emotional. I like Leah more than the others because she’s snarky and a little bit badass and cutthroat. She has an interesting personality and I’m hoping she will declare Ortho. Shane I cannot stand. I didn’t like him before, I can’t even look at him now. As far as I’m concerned, he’s unredeemable. So, to the question of what’s the point of Leah? Well, exactly, the others are only relevant because they are being propped up by someone else. Stephanie by Jackson. Jo by Alex. Shane by Derek and the secret of what he did to Heather. Leah is standing on her own. That’s why I’m rooting for her. And I like the Sloan connection. I really hope she chooses Ortho. It would be kind of poetic considering that Callie is Mark’s baby mamma.

    • jane says:

      I agree with you, I like Leah and I think she’s not as bad as it seems; I think in this season we’re going to discover more about her story and personality…Shonda Rhimes told Leah will have an intriguing love interest…what if it is Owen? I can’t imagine Owen with some other than Cristina, but sadly, due to Sandra Oh leaving the show, there’s no way the couple ends happily together….so why not Owen and Leah? in Shondaland everything can happen!

  11. Cassandra says:

    3) Yes I’m worried, I really hope this show does not go there.
    14) I loved Winston’s story. How cute was the cat playing with the noose?
    21) Better question, why kill the one intern that actually had a fan base?

    • samirose says:

      Because she got a role in another show. I can’t remember which one (but it’s on USA, TNT, something like that) and if I remember correctly she was booked as a regular in it.

    • Ari says:

      That cat was cute but the cat killing storyline was just too much. Winston is crazy but he’s a gentle soul. I could never see him intentionally harming an animal as a revenge plot. It was so out of character in my opinion.

      • scooby says:

        What’s with them going to Winston for the craziest storylines? You’re mad at a gf for cheating on you when you admit you’re not exclusive yet so the answer is to try to kill her cat (not threaten to kill it which makes no sense anyway)? He actually got things like a baseball bat that he tried to get up the nerve to use. I guess we’re supposed to chuckle and go ‘oh, that kookie Winston’ but I just can’t. The badger thing in the finale was just stupid, and how does someone get as far in life as him and not know they’re colorblind? It feels like Jess is the straight ‘man’ now except for the “jacooz” incident and the roommates are crazy. When did that happen? No way does CeCe buy that stuff Schmidt tried to get Winston to admit to. She’s known Winston long enough–Schmidt too for that matter–and she’s gotta know she’s being played. It’s also clear that Schmidt doesn’t have the same feelings for Elizabeth as he does CeCe. It’s not even a contest. Feel bad you have to dump Elizabeth, but it’s pretty clear he was reliving a nice relationship from his past. There’s not current heat and love, it’s nostalgia and friendship. I don’t get what the writers are doing on that show. It really is getting harder to watch.

  12. Babar says:

    I am actually liking Marshall’s storyline. Sherri Shepherd is really funny.

  13. sarah says:

    12) I do not want Dawson and Casey together.
    19)Yes I too did like Adam’s haircut. I too was wondering where Jasmine’s mother was. I also cried when Ryan proposed.
    21)Yes I do not like Lea and I do not like Shane either for that matter.

  14. English says:

    Lea’s song did feel particulary heavy and I could feel the weight of everything through her song. I dont know how that girl does it but she is amazing.

  15. jon says:

    Keep Casey around Mindy and Danny don’t seem to have romantic chemistry, IMHO but then all subjective right.

    As for best man/women, Claire for Mitch. Gloria for Cam.

  16. ankiris says:

    I sooooooooo agree with the second Q in 9.
    Really what’s the point. I just skipped it after first preview wthat’s going on.
    Compared to other Marshall stories this is just annoying.

  17. Daisy says:

    9. Um…what’s wrong with Marshall’s storyline?
    14. I thought it was supposed to look fake because he was lying about how awesome he was. And also, thought the cat-killing sub plot was weird but it ended perfectly. I LOL’d.

  18. wordsmith says:

    6) I don’t mind Ichabod’s lack of lamenting his wife’s condition because a) he’s British, stiff upper lip and all, and b) trapped is better than just plain dead, because there’s a chance of getting her back. (Though given the number of characters who have come back from the dead already, that may be debatable).

    • J.Norman says:

      To me, he is remarkably accepting and blase about suddenly being thrust into a world 240 years in the future.
      Sort of . .. uh, ok, . . .nothing to get used to here.

      • wordsmith says:

        Please refer to: a)
        I think we’ve all been conditioned by movies to expect people to go completely nuts when they’re thrown into a “fish out of water” situation, but realistically speaking, if you’ve got more important things to worry about (the apocalypse, for example), I think you’d just learn to roll with it pretty quickly.

  19. Sarah says:

    On BONES this week, the old couple at the retreat were the Schumachers, who had robbed at several others places. All I could think was……DIRTY DANCING!

  20. wordsmith says:

    12) I’m still on the fence about a Casey/Dawson relationship, but in that particular moment I was totally yelling “KISS!” at my TV screen.

    • Sophia says:

      #12: I loved that scene! I hope they end up together, eventually (no need to rush it, the will they/won’t they is the fun part)! I have a feeling that Dawson will need to date another guy/s before Casey realizes that he has deeper feelings for her. Even if he realizes that he loves her, what will it take for him to admit it to Dawson???

  21. Girl in MD says:

    RE: #4- I kinda liked that the Powells were the ones to end it instead of Marisol and the girls reassuring their story made it better. Now Marisol is in the clear for lying to everyone and she can move on with her son. Now what I have to wonder is if she is still going to be a maid or move and hire one of her own…

  22. Tammy says:

    Now if the Broadway director had heard Rachel sing Yesterday, they would be casting her in Funny Girl immediately That was amazing!

  23. trainwreck says:

    9. I agree with a lot of people here, Sheri Shepherd is super funny in Marshall’s storyline.

    21. Grey’s writers are trying REAL hard to bring in the same kinda bonding MAGIC had – no matter how much Stephanie’s speech was a clear reiteration of Meredith’s speech post-Denny-heart-stealing thing (cue the ending shot of a taller blonde, a middle height scruffy pony tailed girl and a curly black haired one running after an ambulance – too hard to get that they are bringing the Izzie, Mer and Yang thing?)

  24. dan says:

    1) I thought the producer’s explanation that the guy behind NPH was completely made up to save face. But it was one of the funnier moments in the show (planned or not)!
    10) Last season The Voice did not make a big deal about Sasha Allen being a Broadway performer (she starred in “Hair” a few seasons ago). It was mentioned that she had Broadway experience, but they didn’t make a big deal out of it.
    20) Count me in as one who was confused by Amber Riley’s guest star appearance on Glee’s season premiere. I kept thinking “where is she” then it seemed like such a waste to see her in the background with Naya and Lea while Darren was signing. Maybe they brought her on to help with the emotion of filming right after Cory’s death? Thats the only reason I could think of (but I believe she’s also in episode three regarding Finn’s death).

  25. Liz says:

    When is Ichabod going to get some new clothes?

  26. Alia says:

    Personally, I think HIMYM flash forward could actually be previewing Ted and YM’s own wedding weekend, rather than just the proposal.

  27. Babybop says:

    15 is exactly how I feel…

  28. Tom Charles says:

    9 | Having now seen How I Met Your Mother‘s Cristin Milioti and Alyson Hannigan sitting next to each other for an episode, they don’t look quite as similar as some first thought, do they? Do you think Ted takes The Mother to the Farhampton Inn to propose? And how can we hack our DVR to record this final season minus the Marshall storyline?
    That’s their wedding. Ted’s that kind of guy, I’m betting they’ll get married 364 days after they meet they’ll be married with Leia on the way.
    17 | On Modern Family, did Manny’s letter to Gloria out-awww Cam and Mitchell’s “double yes”? Who’s your prediction for the wedding’s best man/woman? And why are we always startled when child actors sprout over the summer? Biology!
    What I still want to know is why they didn’t get married when it was legal before. That needs to be addressed for the world to make sense to me
    25 | Even avowed Yankees-haters can’t deny: Didn’t one of this week’s most touching televised moments come when Yankees closer Mariano Rivera left the mound for the last time, in tears?
    One word: Schadenfreude.

  29. J.Norman says:

    #22) Yes, it looked as though it could have been Penny 2 weeks earlier. She looked pretty much the same.

  30. John DeMayo says:

    “13 | Admit it — you thought Revolution had killed off Aaron, didn’t you?

    Nope. I honestly predicted he’d wake up. I actually thought that the yellow firefly things were going to fly over to Aaron and revive him. While they didn’t do that, they obviously have something to do with it, right?

  31. Jake says:

    14. Wait people like Winston??

  32. LC says:

    #5 – OMG YES! At least with A Baby Story, the narrator is a voice-over. Today Show’s Born Today was so awkward it was hard to watch with the news caster “broadcasting live from the delivery room.” I’ve had two babies, but ew.

    #13 – Yes, regarding Aaron. Regarding Miles, I don’t know…animal sacrifice, perhaps?

    #20 – A whole box of Kleenex. First I cried over LM singing that line in Yesterday, then I cried again at how horribly under utilized Mercedes was in the proposal scene.

    #21 – They’re all useless except Karev’s girl, but the problem is that they’re all so forgettable, I can’t even remember her name. Follow-up question: Anyone sensing a suicide story line or attempted suicide for Guilty Intern?

    • trainwreck says:

      21. I would say hallelujah to your intuition about Shane (i guess his name is)! Just when i thought there can’t be any character more annoying than Kepner (remember when Shonda tried making her Izzie 2.0 in s7?) – here comes the king of annoyance on screen. I think many people will consider this harsh but see, Cristina also showed similar kinda competitive spirit and guilt (for burke’s tremor hiding) but she wasn’t least bit annoying to look at – this intern guy is just not doing it..

  33. Jayne says:

    I know people say this kind of thing a lot, but does anyone like Ross on Grey’s too? I’m always reading how none of the internts are liked or that they killed off the only liked one but for me, I’ve only really liked Ross :/

    • Babygate says:

      Actually, it appears that the general consensus is for the opposite. Especially what he pulled on the premiere. He’s the most disliked intern now because it was his actions that caused the death of the most LIKED intern.

    • grey's-luv says:

      I don’t dislike Ross, but I don’t love his character, either (and I did like Brooks’ character). The writers had to get rid of Brooks since she’s now working for TNT doing Legends. Ross’ earlier competition with Brooks was a plausible way the writers used to have Ross get her looking for Webber instead of dealing with Derek’s patient.

      Of course, if he didn’t lie to Heather Brooks and had gone looking for Webber himself, he would probably be the dead intern. Just something to think about…

  34. betty says:

    Did not like revolution. It was to dark. All I could hear was voices. You couldn’t tell if they were in present time or past time. I loved rev. Last season, but if it doesn’t get better they have lost me

  35. DT says:

    I’m predicting a Nathan Lane guest appearance for Cam and Mitch’s wedding :)

  36. Alia says:

    New Yorkers, could anyone tell which theater Lea walked of when she first exited onto the street (in the “Yesterday” scene)? Was it the Eugene O’Neill? If so, that’s a nice nod to her big break in Spring Awakening.

  37. tvaddict says:

    I didn’t love The Crazy Ones, but I didn’t hate it either, I’m a huge Robin Williams fan, and he was great as always. Kelly Clarkson was very good, funny. But I really enjoyed James Wolk and Robin Williams together – sadly Sarah Michelle Gellar was a drag until she went to talk to Clarkson but the singing bit was terrible.

    I have had Drive thru loving, running through my head all day! I think the Crazy Ones as well as the Michael J. Fox show need time to work out some kinks, make them funnier. On the other hand Trophy Wife was funny, much better than I expected. Only time will tell.

  38. Alichat says:

    1) Just a bit, yes.
    6) Yes, I would agree he should be more upset or panicked. But then again, this is a man who was told by George Washington to kill ‘Death’ himself. And he just Rip Van Winkled for about 230+ years, so I get the impression he adapts well. Any other person would be catatonic I think.
    7) Yes, and I think it would be hysterical if White Castle were a sponsor for the entire evening!
    11) You know that was planned. Had to be.
    13) I was beginning to believe he was really dead until the fireflies appeared to his girlfriend. As for Miles, I’m going to guess killing a guy and getting rid of the body.
    21) Lea is a waste of screen time. Her character is unlikable, when we actually do see her character. I don’t understand why she’s still around. I’m still not happy about Shonda killing off Brooks. I would have preferred there was a window for her to return. (although knowing Shonda, Brooks could return a la Denny)
    23) She did a good job. I liked the chemistry between Williams and Gellar as well. It was believable that they are father and daughter….the quiet moments talking about auctioning off his Cleos on eBay, and Gellar singing in the restaurant, I felt, tied the characters together.

  39. MariaH says:

    15) No. that’s not ok for me. sorry

  40. Angela says:

    #20: Oh, yeah. That was a really eerie choice of song for her to do. Lovely rendition, though.
    As for the question regarding working pay phones on “Breaking Bad”, hey, I was surprised to learn that fact when “Criminal Minds” had them be part of the Reid/Maeve thing, so…

  41. tara17 says:

    The actor playing Andy – Chris Pratt? – had to gain weight for another part, so he’ll probably be yo-yoing as Andy.

  42. Lara says:

    Can someone explain why they insisted on saying Webber and Brooks were electrocuted when neither of them actually died? (Obviously Brooks did, but it was from the head injury.) You are only considered to be electrocuted if you die, anything else you have been shocked. Better yet, can you explain why a show that has medical professionals as consultants would make such a ridiculous mistake? Yes I recognize it’s a tv show and not really at all realistic, but c’mon.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      verb 1. injure or kill someone by electric shock.

    • Tony says:

      I think its a matter of formal and informal uses. Its really not that big of deal, especially if the intent on how its being used is known

    • wordsmith says:

      Yes, the -cute part comes from “execute” as in dead, but It’s one of those words that so many people misuse that the alternate non-lethal meaning has become at least acceptable if not strictly correct.

  43. cjeffery7 says:

    FINALLY some worthwhile questions being asked. THANK GOD for premiere season!

  44. Winnie says:

    10 – Whoa – EG Daily is on The Voice? Now I gotta watch. #betteroffdead #moreunnecessaryhashtags

  45. H.Houston says:

    10. (The Voice) – I am a new viewer to The Voice (thanks Mom). I really liked how they told everyone who they really were and their background. I think it made them more likeable because we knew they didn’t just wake up yesterday and wnt to sing – they have been working hard to do this, to be this, forever.
    13. (Revolution) I did, I thought he was gone. I figured with the power on and then off it would have taken out the little buggers keeping everyone alive (remember how they explained about those things that kept folks alive and that turning the power on would kill them). I think this show doing the time jump and their lack of explaining oodles of stories last season really help it out because the mystery is what keeps bringing viewers back. They explain just enough of the answers to the questions but keep a lot of mystery.
    16. (Nashville) Apparently I didn’t have the TV turned up loud enough to hear their fight. But it seems to be a “thing” that the antihero who needs his hands for something always ends up with them hurt and it turns into this huge storyline about whether or not they will ever get to use it again… and as the character is redeemed their hand is rehabbed.
    21. (Grey’s) I wonder if it’s a way of bring Sloan back into viewers minds. I mean it would absolutely make sense that she could be his daughter. It would be interesting if her mother was actually a friend of Addison’s and the storyline brings Addy over to Greys for a few episodes.
    BONES – I agree with another poster and was thinking Dirty Dancing!

    • grey's-luv says:

      I don’t mind them using Leah to bring back Mark Sloan into everyone’s minds, but please, please, don’t let her be his daughter. I’m still not over the vapid, narcissistic character that was his daughter in season 6. One “long-lost” daughter was enough. However, I would like to see Addison in a few episodes, although I’m not sure how high the chance is of that happening. I know Shonda would like Kate Walsh to come back to Grey’s for a few episodes, but I think Kate’s in a new comedy series (not sure what network).

  46. 19 & 20…YES!! I was like “Yay no crying during Parenthood tonight” and then BAM!
    I can’t even think about Lea Michele singing “Yesterday” right now…brings me to tears :(

  47. Ninna says:

    21) Lea. please Shonda…,kill this one too.