Revolution Post Mortem: The Firefly Mystery, Aaron's [Spoiler] and More Questions Answered

Revolution - Season 2Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Season 2 premiere of Revolution.

NBC’s Revolution resumed on Wednesday, and despite its earlier time slot there were still swords to be drawn, fists to be thrown, guns to be fired and blood to be shed.

In fact, one of the main characters died during one of the final scenes… only to spring back to life, with a gasp, long after passing.

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At the show’s premiere screening event at the United Nations in New York City, as part of the “Revolution: The Power of Entertainment” panel discussion, TVLine asked series creator Eric Kripke and the cast members on hand to field some burning questions coming out of the first episode back. Such as:

THE ONCE-MIGHTY MONROE NOW SEEMS RATHER AIMLESS – WILL HE GET HIS MOJO BACK? | For the short term, “We’re sort of enjoying that he’s real destitute and down on his heels, sleeping with women and fighting,” Kripke smiles. “But in his [upcoming] experiences with Charlie, he’ll pick up on a new mission, one that will send our characters crashing together.”

DOES CHARLIE REALLY HAVE IT IN HERSELF TO KILL MONROE (IF SHE GETS ANOTHER CHANCE)? | Though her first attempt got thwarted in the premiere, Tracy Spiridakos insists, “She’s definitely got it in her.” Chock full of new ‘tude (and apparently a liberated libido), “Charlie has gotten a bit more badass. Revolution Season 2 SpoilersShe’s branched out on her own and is just taking the world by storm.” Alas, next week’s episode serves up new obstacles between her and her prey. (Hi, Lord Marcus!)

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DOES AARON COME ‘BACK’ FROM DEATH A CHANGED MAN? | Um, yeah — but not in any zombie kind of way. “He was dead for two hours,” Kripke previews, “so he went through something. And that’s really the kickoff for his storyline this year, because he goes through this impossible, absolutely incredible phenomenon, an inexplicable experience, so what does that do to him?” For one, watch for Aaron to next week lay his eyes on an unexpected yet familiar face. Says Kripke, “It all sets him off to investigate what happened to him and unravel that mystery.” Perhaps the fireflies played a role in his resurrection? Speaking of which….

WHAT UP WITH THE FIREFLIES? | Prior to croaking, Aaron witnessed an odd assembly of lightning bugs – something that will be a bit of a recurring occurrence as Season 2 unspools. “We have a lot of good mystery questions this year,” says Kripke. “There’s the action part of the show, the warlord (more on him below…), the Patriots and what they want, but then there’s this Bad Robot ‘frosting’ of mystery. And for us, it’s: What are those fireflies? What happened in the Tower? And what’s up with the rats [seen in an upcoming episode]? Something is happening in nature that is the result of something that has gone very wrong.”

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WHAT’S NEVILLE’S READ ON SECRETARY Revolution Season 2 SpoilersALLENFORD, THE PATRIOTS’ MOUTHPIECE (PLAYED BY ARI NICOLE PARKER)? | While this flag-waving bureaucrat regaled most of the townsfolk with her promise of a restored US of A, “From the very beginning, Neville sees right through her,” Giancarlo Esposito assures. “He hears in her rhetoric something he’s heard before — don’t forget Randall, Randall, Randall – so he sees there’s something bigger going on.” Namely, something so big it was likely responsible for firing the nukes, thus killing his wife Julia. In short, Esposito says that despite future appearances to the contrary, Allenford “is despicable. Tom hates her.”

WHO’S THE GUY WHO GRABBED MILES AT THE END? | Billy Burke tells us that the enigmatic Titus, played by Big Love’s Matt Ross, is a warlord who has started a movement “for a very selfish reason” – more light on which shall be shed next week. (Hint: Beware the red door!)

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