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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on NCIS, Grey's, Mentalist, Nashville, Castle, Good Wife, Homeland and More

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Question: Any news on a replacement for Ziva on NCIS? —Cathy
Ausiello: Yep, and pretty big news at that. As exec producer Gary Glasberg revealed to Matt Mitovich Monday night, it’s going to be “a little while” before a full-time agent is brought in to fill the void left by Cote de Pablo. But in the meantime, the show — taking a page from Bones‘ squintern playbook — will “rotate some fun people” through the agency’s doors. “The first two episodes are all about Ziva’s departure,” Glasberg notes. “And then in the third episode we introduce, for instance, a woman in her 50s who is a few days away from retirement and just needs to fill the desk time. She, in theory, knew Gibbs all the way back to the days of Mike Franks. So we’re going to bring in people like that and have some fun with different characters. And then, hopefully, when people are comfortable enough, one will walk in and be The One.”

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Question: Do you have any Grey’s Anatomy spoilers about Derek and Meredith? —Toni
Ausiello: The two-hour Season 10 premiere will delve into the “aftermath” of Mer’s turbulent delivery, teases Grey’s consulting producer (and Scandal Emmy nominee) Dan Bucatinsky. “She had a rough birth. We’re going to see them in the hospital together and juggling their roles in a major way.” The super-sized Sept. 26 kickoff is alternately “dramatic, emotional and exciting,” the actor-writer-producer adds. “Also, we’re going to watch these new interns become part of the fabric of the hospital. That’s going to be part of what’s fun and fresh about this season. We’re going to get to know them better.”

Question: Please tell me if you have any Grey’s Anatomy news on Christina/Owen. They seriously need to be over and done with. It’s time for them to move on for good. —Abdul
Ausiello: How do you really feel Paula (that is your first name, right?). Sadly, I have no news for you on “Crowen,” unless the new recurring character the show is adding figures into their fractured relationship somehow. The newbie, Bill, is a likable jazz musician in his 50s who has been “somewhat ravaged by drug abuse.” He’s slated to appear in roughly five episodes of Season 10.

nashville willQuestion: I need some fall Nashville scoop. – Titan
Ausiello: Well, when you ask in such a polite fashion, how can I say no? A new thirtysomething character, Trey, is going to be hot, rich, charming, confident, self-deprecating and European — which narrows his romantic pool to Juliette, Scarlett, Zoey, Will or anyone with a pulse.

Question: What’s going to happen with my favorite (almost) couple Jane and Lisbon on this season of The Mentalist? —Bethany
Ausiello: The conclusion of the Red John mystery later this fall will have a profound impact on their relationship — for better or worse. “Up until now, they’ve been tied by this professional dynamic and this mission they’re on,” notes series creator Bruno Heller. “And that held their personal relationship in suspense. Once the Red John saga is done, how do they find a new way to relate to each other? The chemistry has always been there bubbling up. But he now has other priorities and other agendas and other pressures.” The arrival of a major new female character — a series regular! — in early 2014 will serve as an added complication. “When you’re as good a detective as Jane is, it’s very hard to walk away even when you want to walk away,” Heller teases, cryptically. “Some people wont let Jane walk away from what he’s so good at. And our new female lead has something to do with that.”

Question: I’m sure you’re getting a ton of these emails, but I’m so heartbroken about Cory Monteith’s passing. Any more info on what the initial Season 5 episodes of Glee will look like? –Ellen
Ausiello: No doubt, Ryan Murphy and the show’s cast and crew have a difficult road ahead, as they navigate their own grief while trying to pay tribute to their fallen colleague — and still produce an entertaining season of television. The Glee writing team had already penned the first two Season 5 installments — built around the music of the Beatles — back in May, which gives everyone a leg up in advance of the Sept. 26 kickoff.  And to that end, the show is casting five roles (to either replace or augment the three parts we told you about earlier this month) for the premiere, only one of which calls for a young actor. (Hrmmm.) The lineup of new characters — the first three of which are recurring — includes: Roderick Easton, a talented, theatrical fortysomething with a big ego; Jim Elliott, a handsome, smart academic in his mid-40s or 50s; Jurgen, another fella in his mid-40s or 50s, who’s either German or Austrian, with a definite accent; an unidentified, not-gender-specific, fortysomething “School Board Member”; and finally, “Nerdy Girl,” age 18 or thereabouts, who’ll likely wind up in the halls of William McKinley High (albeit with only a single line of dialogue). After Beatlemania hits the Glee-verse, expect one more episode — a tribute to fallen Finn — before the show takes its fall hiatus.

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Question: So I spent my weekend watching Homeland, from pilot through Season 2. I’ll say this as kindly as I know how… GIMME SPOILERS. Please and thank you with a Snapple-sized Smurf on top! —Paige
Ausiello: Let’s play a game. I’ll throw some literal data your way from the first two episodes (both of which I’ve seen and thoroughly enjoyed) and you have to decipher the meaning. All of the following figures are referenced multiple times throughout the first two hours. Ready, set, translate:

* 219 People
* 14 hours
* 6 miles

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elementary joanQuestion: I can’t wait for Elementary to come back this fall. Do you have any Season 2 scoop for me? — Céline
Ausiello: A skeleton will come tumbling out of the closet early into Season 2 when we meet “someone from [Joan’s] past,” EP Rob Doherty tells TVLine. “We’ve alluded to a mistake she made when she was a surgeon that cost a patient his life. We’re going to meet someone, like a very real connection to that patient, and explore Joan’s feelings of guilt. At what point do you tap your guilt and give yourself permission to live a life?”

Question: Parenthood tidbit, please? —Dakota
Ausiello: Look for Max to become an apprentice to Ray Romano’s returning Hank “in the world of photography,” previews Max Burkholder, who reminds, “At the end of the fourth season, Hank gave Sarah an old camera to give to Max. So he’s been fiddling around with that during the time jump.”

Question: Any scoop on the upcoming plot lines involving returning Good Wife guests America Ferrera and Gary Cole? —Beth
Ausiello: Cole’s McVeigh and Christine Baranski’s Diane are “still on the brink of getting married,” reveals exec producer Robert King. “So we’ll see if Diane will sacrifice [that relationship] for the judgeship or go with him.” Ferrera’s Natalie, meanwhile, “brings a case to Alicia’s law firm about immigration, and who should cross paths with her but [former crush] Eli. So all these feelings are brought up again and we see a re-sparked relationship. There was a lot of chemistry there. And we never felt like we explored it to its fullest because we couldn’t get America for more than three episodes; we’re going to try to return to that now.”

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Question: Is The Good Wife really naming Ben Rappaort’s character Carey? Even with the extra “e” I have to imagine there will be plenty of confusion. —Michelle
Ausiello: Turns out, that’s the point. “That confusion helps us on one or two plot points,” notes King of Rappaport’s “Carey with an ey” and Matt Czuchry’s Cary.  “The very fact that they have the same name and they’re young men adds an [interesting] dynamic between them and Alicia [at Florrick Agos & Associates*]. Triangles are difficult, because there’s always a power between two people and someone is left out. So who’s going to be the person left out?”

* confirmed name of new firm

Question: Consider this a request for some general, non-specific Vampire Diaries intel. —Missy
Ausiello: The show is doing the time warp again. Exec producer Caroline Dries tells us that Episode 3 will be a flashback episode. “It is a decade we haven’t seen before,” she shares. “It’s going to be very good.”

Question: Any scoop on Grimm? – Larry
Ausiello: Gypsies are known for their nomadic nature, but Queen Estefania is staying put… at least for now. Executive producers James Kouf and David Greenwalt tell TVLine that Emmy winner Shohreh Aghdashloo will appear in at least a few episodes of the NBC drama’s upcoming third season.
Neighborhood Watch

Question: Can you give as any news on when or how Deeks’ mother will appear on NCIS: LA? –EcoSarahFans
Ausiello: At some point during the upcoming Season 5, Eric Christian Olsen assures, “You’re going to meet his mom and get into his past” — which as any fan knows wasn’t idyllic. “We already know a little about the dysfunctional and catastrophic relationship with his father, but we’re going to find out a lot more about what makes this guy tick and how it affects, obviously, the relationship with Kensi and his inability to make that work.”

Question: I’ve been wondering what the people at Criminal Minds have in store for Hotch next season. For example, will we find out more about his past? –Rachel
Ausiello: At this point early into the Season 9 writing process, showrunner Erica Messer says, no new backstories are on tap for any of the characters outside of JJ, but that could quickly change when the actors get invited to weigh in on what they’d like to see. (That dialogue between cast and scribes is how Garcia came to play the ukelele in one episode last year.) But this much known about Hotch as the show returns: He’s been filling in as section chief for a few months, and yes, he’s still with Beth.

Question: I would love some scoop on Beauty and the Beast. The show ended with a ton of cliffhangers and the fans are holding their breath, waiting for some clues. –Donna
Ausiello: Not only will Sendhil Ramamurthy be back for Season 2, but “Gabe has a great arc. It’s awesome,” raves exec producer Sherri Scooper. As fellow EP Jennifer Levin elaborates, “We saw that he was shot to pieces [in the finale], so if he’s back, that would affect his point of view on life. He could be ‘born again.'”

lindsey-gort-as-samantha-jones carrie diariesQuestion: I’m very excited about the arrival of Samantha on The Carrie Diaries. Anything you can share regarding her storyline? –Joyce
Ausiello: How about deets on her first conquest? The show’s producers are currently casting the role of Paul Haltom, “a genuine and kind Midwesterner who performs as a ninja at a Japanese Cultural Festival.” A grad of the Iowa State Gymnastics team, brown-eyed, twentysomething Paul moved to New York City to be an actor, and ends up sleeping with the young Samantha (played by newcomer Lindsey Gort). In the meantime, I’ll be taking bets about whether the legendary Ms. Jones drops a double-entendre featuring the term “corn-fed” or “katana.” Look for the Samantha-Paul cahoots to happen in Episode 3.

Question: Any Castle tidbits you can give us? —Stephanie
Ausiello: The show is about to stage a kinda-sorta Saved By the Bell reunion. In an upcoming episode titled “Need to Know,” the cast of an early-’90s sitcom called 2 Cool For School is reassembling for a new movie when — egad! — its version of Screech is offed! (This never would’ve happened on Miss Bliss’ watch! Just sayin’… )

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Question: What’s new on the How I Met Your Mother front? —Dave
Ausiello: Three more (mostly uninvited) guests have RSVP’d for Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend, and they include Knight Templar, a spooky fella (think Grail Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) who passes judgement on pretty much everyone and everything; Robin’s horny old college roommate Sophia, who shows up at the wedding in heat; and Grace, Barney’s new assistant who’s hot, personable and dumb. BONUS SCOOP:  For those keeping track at home, the title of Episode 5 is “The Poker Game,” Episode 6 is  “No Questions Asked” and Episode 7 is “Knight Vision.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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  1. Kenter says:

    Conclusion of the Red John storyline?! What will the show he about after that? What’s the point of Jane sticking around? Where’s the hook for fans to stick around? It’ll just turn into another procedural…

    • Tania says:


    • Ed & Audrey Derby says:

      If you bring in another female interest for Jane, you will totally ruin the show!! We hate it when writers do this….real reason to stop watching it, as the new woman takes away from chemistry of Lisbon and Jane….just make us sit there tense! And finally give up on the show….leave the “new female” out, out, out of this show!!

    • DL says:

      It’s not… already… just another procedural?
      An overarching mythology does not a non-procedural make. ;)

      • Brock says:

        See, I think the opposite. Adding an overarching mythology does make it more than a procedural. It is still very procedural-esque, but I think adding the Red John storyline has given it something more and has allowed it to escape procedural same-same syndrome. Take away Red John and you take away it’s only link to non-proceduralness.

        • Esaul says:

          A lot of shows have overarching mythology. Criminal Minds (Boston Reaper whoever the other dude that was around this past season), NCIS (P2P killer among many others), Bones, etc. A lot of shows have a re-occurring baddie that adds “that” element to the show. it’s been concluded and they’re still on. Granted not as long as Red John, but still. Kinda still on point.

          • dee123 says:

            But The Bones ones where horrible. I’d compare this more to the way ahead of it’s time Profiler and it’s hunt for Jack Of All Trades. I miss that show.

          • Martoukian says:

            Virtually every show has, if not a series long “mythology,” at least storylines concerning the main characters that take anywhere from several episodes to multiple seasons to complete. It’s been a long time since a pure procedural was on the networks. The difference with what we call procedurals now is that they spend most of their time on weekly stories. Then there are hybrids (like The Good Wife or Grey’s Anatomy) which split their time evenly.

          • Esaul says:

            I do miss a true procedural. I wish SVU went back to its core roots. Makes me wish the original came back. :(

    • Tav says:

      FYI, it’s always been a procedural, but concluding the RJ storyline gives them a chance to get creative and stretch their writing (if it’s not too late).
      Though what’s this about a new female lead in 2014?? Does that truly mean [?SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER?] Amanda Righetti (Van Pelt) is off the show after this season??
      The actress’s husband tweeted some bitter stuff that makes it sound like they’re getting rid of her. Haven’t seen any coverage of this (except screen grabs of tweets) on another site; can TVLine find out what the deal is? That’d be some scoop.

      • prish says:

        Oh, no! The pain of it all, we love her character in our household. I always did wonder how she would, eventually, deal with her fiancee being a Red John agent and having to off him. If it turns out to be a departure for her character, I assume it was too convenient a plotting tool. I hope they bring her back, up the road. She’s funny.

      • cas says:

        This is awful. I love her and Rigsby. They are my favorite. And as far as everyone complaining about it being a procedural blah blah, I am guessing after 6 seasons they are wrapping it up because the show might not survive another season and last season all I read about was how fans were so over the Red John storyline.

      • Morris Floyd says:

        Would someone “enlighten” me as to what they are referring to when they say ” a procedural”??

    • prish says:

      The hook is to get the Red John storyline over in the fall, then have the rest of the season to rebuild the show. Clever.

    • Jenet says:

      I can’t wait till this whole Red John business is put to rest for good. I started watching the show for the week-to-week detective work. The show has since gone off to focus on this serial killer who has a cult following. As far as I know, serial killers are loners. The Red John plot became too big for its own good, so good riddance!

  2. Amanda says:

    A musician in his 50’s ravaged by drug abuse? That sounds like it could be Alex’s father. I’ve wanted to meet more of his family for so long. That would be the most awesome storyline Grey’s Anatomy could do at this point. Please let it be Alex’s dad

  3. CC says:

    No, Dan Bucatinsky, we do not want to get the new interns on Grey’s better. In fact, just let them remain supporting characters and focus on the main characters.

    • CC says:

      I mean “We do not want to get *to know* the new interns on Grey’s better.”

      • Gailkate says:

        Oh, I dunno. Unless they get more involved, why have them? The very best shows have always been the ones focused on real medical cases, with the romantic and personal- demon subplots swirling around them. I want more great cases and more action!

    • reluctant fan says:

      Have to agree. They need to be background noise but not interested in their back stories. But it is what it is. TPTB are phasing in the younger newbies and phasing out the originals so that GA can continue to go on with or without them. ER was a shell in the later years and I hate that GA appears to be headed that way.

    • Rod says:

      Unfortunately, a dream which won’t come true. Writers are completely out of ideas for the old characters. If they front seat the new interns, it’ll be easier to me to stop seeing the series. But in the other hand, what they have done to the main couples last seasons doesn’t leave room for much.

    • tiffany says:

      We do not need to focus on the Interns. Leave them in the background. Grey’s is not ER, nowhere near. It won’t work like ER did. The critics can say all they want to that interns are great. But in reality no one like them except for one or two of them. One that people like they didn’t even make her a regular. Just Shane I like him too. Hate Jo with a vengence. Don’t care about the other two. The original interns were great still are. And Lexie was amazing. LOVE LEXIE! The new interns will never be in her league. I am staying for Chandra Wilson but if U take scene time from her with these interns. I will say BYE BYE. So please leave them in background or give them a spin off. Please let Grey’s die with dignity not like Lexie.

      • Kaycee says:

        I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with all of the above comments about leaving the new interns IN THE BACKGROUND. I do NOT want anymore back story on ANY of them. Not a single one of the new interns are interesting, in fact they are more than annoying. If they come to the forefront and story lines veer away from the main cast then my days will end now. Have been saying for the last few years that my watching is coming to an end but this change would end it immediately. By all means please either END the Owen/Christina relationship or get them back together but this maybe/maybe not is OLD and no longer interesting. I’m afraid people that we are watching the mother ship slipping completely under the ice….it’s been slowly sinking for the last few years and we’ve finally reached the tip going under.

  4. Sheila says:

    I don’t think I can watch Glee anymore. Last season wasn’t much fun, but I really looked forward to Finn’s scenes. But it’s just too sad to think about now.

  5. itbean says:

    Aaand cue the people complaining about more characters on Greys in 3.. 2.. 1..

  6. macabre says:

    I thought it was obvious that the use of the names Cary and Carey were going to be used in some way.

    • DW says:

      I’ll have to wait and see what plot points are served by having two guys named Cary (ey) in the same office. Since I have yet to experience any office with even one Cary this “plot point” naming does not sound good to me. Why do these producers continue to minimize poor Cary on TGW?
      Now the guy doesn’t even have his name to himself. I’ll wait and see but based on past seasons I don’t like the sound of it.

      • Lucy says:

        It sucks. Period. Those writers showed how much they care about Cary’s character in that damn parking lot. I expect just the usual crap for Cary that season too. We got spoilers about every single character and about what their storyline is going to be (exactly like last season), but Cary’s is just barely mentioned when they talk about the “civil war”. Did they Kings say something specifically meaningful or relevant about him and about what’s going on with him that season? No. They never do. Because even the new firm is not a storyline about him anymore (it’s about willicia, palicia and the triangle). As for Cary it’s a neverending mockery. And let’s start counting how many time we’ll be able to see him in court (not in the background) taking care of a case…

        • James Butler says:

          I agree that Cary is not given the credit he deserve, what with him being first to leave L/G and bringing Alicia along and the willicia mess is more sicken then ever. What happens to Kalinda in season 5; will she move with Argos/Florrick or stay at L/G? Cary being one of the Senior Partners should be included more in the storyline. I would like to know if Peter and Alicia will renew their marriage vows?

      • DH says:

        But similar name issues are not unusual in office environments.

        Once I was on a project team of five, and four were named “Dan”. I was the only not-Dan.

        • DW says:

          Sure, but two Carys (ey)? If the new Carey is a 4 year associate how will they explain that this possible name confusion never came up in all of these four years? So it will be confusing at Florrick-Agos but no one at Lockhart-Gardner was ever confused about it for four years? No office assistant ever gave a message to Carey that was intended for Cary? I sure hope they handle this quickly and smoothly. I’ve been waiting four years for TGW to give Cary some respect and so far for next season all we get is another character with the same name while all of the others get new assistants, new love interests, possible marriage etc. I’m going to watch this “plot line” very closely and sure hope they move on quickly.

          • Pat says:

            “I’ve been waiting four years for TGW to give Cary some respect and so far for next season all we get is another character with the same name while all of the others get new assistants, new love interests, possible marriage etc…”
            Can we expect writers’ respect for a character like Cary who was beaten up in a parking lot with no follow up storyline? Who hooked up with the woman he was obsessed about after 4 years of waiting…off-screen and to be dumped one episode after that?

  7. FedUp says:

    Seriously, can we just be done with Beth and give Hotch a grown-up relationship?

    • Nina says:

      Hotch and Beth HAVE a grown-up relationship. SMH. But I bet what you consider a grown up relationship is only a hook up between Hotch and Prentiss.

      • Right? I just ADORE their relationship! I was seriously so happy when they were together in Brothers Hotchner and we saw her with Jack and how great they are!

      • FedUp says:

        Actually, I can’t stand the thought of Hotch and Prentiss, but thanks for the assumption.

        And I’ll believe they have a grown-up relationship when they can get through one conversation without giggling.

        • FedUp says:

          And before I get accused of disliking their relationship because of another pairing, I don’t think any of the regular characters on Criminal Minds should pair up.

    • Sticious says:

      Your reason that their relationship is not “adult” enough is because they giggle? Really? And they have had multiple conversations where they don’t giggle.

  8. K. says:

    I am so HAPPY they are wrapping up the Red John story, I think it’s past time…Also they can have a great show every week without RJ updates! Beside Red John had so many followers more than likely one of them will come out and start killing…

    • Susan says:

      True, killing off Red John could be like cutting off the head of a hydra! I’ll be glad to see it wrapped up too … but … “new female lead”??? I already don’t like them adding a new contrivance to keep Jane and Lisbon apart (Lorelei was annoying enough), but making her the “lead”? Nooo! Robin Tunney is the female lead; we don’t need TWO in addition to Grace (or will Grace turn out to be Red John or one of his followers and leave the show?). :(

      • @ Susan says:

        I hope they’re not doing it to replace our beloved Lisbon. I doubt they would. And I feel the same about the contrivance to keep them apart. Lorelei and Kristina, ugh. Wasn’t a fan of either.

        • prish says:

          I assume it would be another department head. It’s always so much fun to see how this one becomes plotting fodder. I was sorry about the kid getting shot to pieces in the car, though. It was always so much fun to see his bewilderment dealing with Jane and Lisbon.

  9. Mary M says:

    Is The Fosters going to be renewed? Cannot get info about this anywhere

  10. Jo Bautista says:

    It truly BOTHERS me that they are brining in Samantha into The Carrie Diaries. It was CLEARLY STATED in Sex And The City 2 that CARRIE MET SAM FOR THE FIRST TIME when Samantha was BARTENDING IN CBGB’s. So why are they changing that now. They are messing with canon.

    • Danyelle says:

      Um, The Carrie Diaries is based on the books and not on the TV series that is the one totally bungled the actual canon.

    • ImSmarterThanYou says:

      I want a crossover between this stupid show and the Vampire Diaries (please tell me someone else is bothered by the same network bringing on another “diaries” show???) where all the vampires eat the stupid sluts from sex and the city. That’d be awesome

  11. Judy says:

    I’ll add to the chorus: No, I have no interest whatsoever in the Grey’s interns. I watch for the original characters.

  12. tahina says:

    Ok so we get scoop on Merder(yawn)and on Crowen(major yawn), and zilch on Calzona?this ain’t good, getting really concerned now. ):

    • LMSO says:

      We got zero information on Crowen. Ausiello came right out and said he had nothing on them. But you’ve got to spin what you’ve got, right? So Crowen (who attract a lot of attention from their loyal fans) were mentioned only as a framing device to talk about the new recurring character, whom I’m willing to bet is Alex’s father and has absolutely nothing to do with Owen and Cristina.

      • LMSO says:

        On the upside, anything that gives Alex Karev a decent storyline is fine by me, so I’m fine with the recurring character turning out to be Papa Karev.

    • Macz says:

      Calzona is the most yawnworthy of the three. Them breaking up will the be the most exciting thing that’s happened to them in four seasons.

      • Gailkate says:

        Yes! They’ve been yawnworthy for at least 2 seasons. I’m so tired of his mopey face I hope he gets a new job in someplace like Antarctica.

      • A says:

        Agreed! Arizona is just awful.

      • Babygate says:

        Season 8 was low key for them by design. Shonda and company completely botched their story on S7 and they needed to fix it. For S9, however, they went through a lot, including Arizona losing a limb. That is compelling enough for anyone that is capable of empathy…

      • Ninna says:

        Dunno. Calzona is the most yawnworthy of the three? Have you seen the infamous Crowen? Worst than that only Izzie and Danny the ghost. Worst couple in GA’s history. Turned into a joke.
        I really hope they’re done for good as Calzona. Hunt and Robbins should hook up and leave Callie and Cristina to appreciative partners

    • Mike R. says:

      Aussielo can only give what he has, don’t blame him for not having scoops, whatever Calzona happens next season is clearly not going to be spoiled.

  13. A says:

    I love how we keep getting The Mentalist news!!!! I’m really excited to see where the show goes post-RJ and I suspect it will be the ‘worse’ for Jane and Lisbon, they’ve been through too much to fall into bed no questions asked as soon as this is over… And as for a new regular I can’t wait to hear the casting on this one!!

    • prish says:

      Robin Tunney said at the beginning of the show the characters were more like high school friends. If any other relationship developed, it could only be at the end of the series. That was her take on it, at the time.

      • Susan says:

        I wouldn’t want to see Jane and Lisbon jump into bed together right away either. I was really disappointed seeing him jump into bed with Lorelei–I had always thought he was still in mourning for his wife, although I can understand he thought it was necessary to get info out of her to catch Red John. I think if he were going to hop into bed with Lisbon, he’d have done it by now. I just like seeing their friendship develop and deepen over time, and I would hope he would end up with her because they clearly have feelings for each other. She obviously loves him, and he’s certainly attracted to her as we saw in the episode when he lost his memory, plus she’s the only person on the show he really confides in. I really wouldn’t want him to end up with anyone else.

        Anyway, I’m relieved to find out Jane isn’t going to turn out to be Red John himself! I kept thinking that would be a sort of obvious twist ending to the series, his being a con man and maybe the whole show turning out to be a “long con” on the audience, especially when I had read (I think) that originally the series was planned to end when he caught Red John. Either that or he was going to be killed by Red John.

        His catching Red John could have some serious emotional repercussions and character-development possibilities for him … maybe leading to another well-deserved Emmy nomination for Simon Baker and even (dare I hope?) an overdue win.

        • K. says:

          I really want Jane and Lisbon to end up together and no they shouldn’t jump into bed right now but I don’t want Jane or Lisbon in bed with anyone else either. When Jane and Lorelei got together I was like yuck!!!!!

  14. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Re: THE MENTALIST – Glad that they are wrapping up the Red John arc by the end of 2013. Intrigued by the addition of this new female lead. Also, I hope the writers develop the Jane/Lisbon relationship after Red John is over.

    RE: NCIS: LA – So, Deeks is still unable to get a relationship work with Kensi. Does this mean that their kiss in the S4 finale will not amount to anything?

  15. Angela says:

    If they do manage to get more ideas rolling for the entire team’s backstories on “Criminal Minds”, that’d be great, ’cause I’d really love to see those stories on the show. Especially if the ideas come from the actors themselves-it’d be cool to find out what parts of their pasts they think are particularly interesting and worth telling. But knowing we’ve got something for JJ in and of itself is great, and I look forward to that.
    And intriguing info on what Hotch has been doing work-wise the past few months as well, wonder if any more will be made of that? Thanks, as always, Ausiello, for your TV information!

    • jenferner8 says:

      Hotch has always been the most interesting character in the bunch. I love seeing him in action. My only complaint is I don’t feel the chemistry between him and Beth the way it was between Hotch and Emily. I’m not saying Emily and Hotch should have dated (which would have been nice) but I feel like Beth is more invested in the relationship then Hotch. She loves him but I doubt very much he’s “in love” with her. The only reason I’m still ok with the relationship is because she’s only on in very small doses. Just because she’s the first one after Hayley doesn’t mean she should be the only one.

      • Angela says:

        Heh, and Reid was the main reason I started watching-I love him :D. But hell, I love the whole team, and you are absolutely right about Hotch. He’s quite fascinating. Juggling a family and his work, dealing with all the issues of leading a team (and how he handled the times when he had to step down), being no-nonsense one moment and making a dry quip the next (I love his incredibly deadpan sense of humor)… There’s been a lot of interesting stories involving all those aspects of him and his life throughout the series, and I think Thomas Gibson plays him to perfection.
        As for Beth, I could see where you’d feel that way about their relationship. I personally have no real issue with her one way or another because, as you note, she’s only been in a small handful of episodes. Which is why it’s always struck me weird that some fans DO get so up in arms about her. To each their own, though, and you do make a good point about the first one not always automatically having to be the “only” one. Be interesting to see if they do anymore with those two in the new season, if there is to be any more bumpy roads in their relationship or not.

    • kvivik says:

      I want more morgan And reid story. What has reid’s relationship with his dad been like? Can morgan get a decent relationship or show some spark of his old charming ways.

      • Angela says:

        Well, if “Memoriam”, and the flashbacks Reid had in some early episodes about his childhood, are anything to go by, Reid and his father are on…shaky ground, to put it mildly, and I think they’re going to stay that way for a long time. But if there ever is any potential chance at improvement or reconciliation between them, that would be nice to see.
        And yeah, it’d be kinda neat to see Morgan in a long-term relationship for a change. Course, given all that’s happened to the girlfriends/wives of the men on this show over the years, if he does get a girlfriend, she’ll want to be a bit wary. But still, maybe he could buck the trend, have a successful romantic relationship like JJ has with Will?

        • cas says:

          Well hopefully JJ’s storyline this season doesn’t involve Will being hurt, mainly because I love him. It would be nice to see Morgan with someone, but I feel it would have to be great casting. Hotch I do usually love his storylines, when he had big ones, but I never saw chemistry with Hotch and Emily like people are saying. Maybe I just don’t read into things. Beth is okay, but I won’t be sad if she goes away, I just want Hotch happy.

    • I literally squealed when I read about JJ! I’m so happy they’re already planning that <3 <3 <3 <3

  16. Stana says:

    There’s one thing (among many) that really bothered me about this season of TVD. It may just be me overthinking things but I cant help it. So Elena is ravaged by grief after the death of Jeremy. Stefan asks Damon to help her since shes sired to him. He decides to make her turn off her humanity. Remember how Stefan and Caroline were horrified by that? Why did he have to go that far? So she wouldn’t have to deal with her brothers death? Well she ended up having to deal with anyway but it was much worse because she also had to deal with the things she had done while her humanity was gone, which was all due to Damon making her turn it off. Wouldn’t she be upset with him for that? Why was there never a question as to why he did that? I really wanted to see Damon and Elena together at some point but things like this one just continue to make it hard for me to believe she could be with him romantically. Yes I know, I shouldn’t be surprised by these things anymore but I never see this one being discussed so its been bothering me. Okay rant over!

    • Lisa says:

      Huh. I never really thought about that but yeah, you’re right. I dont think you’re overthinking things. I do it too, its just that kind of show. I still cant get over Damon killing Lexie….

    • Fran says:

      I think we were supposed to believe that Damon thought Elena wouldnt be quite so bad? Or that the bond would still work with her humanity off? I dont know, anything to do with the sire bond storyline was a confusing mess. So the sire bond didn’t work when her humanity was off? Then it doesn’t come back when she does get her humanity back? Why was it there in the first place. It was all a mess.

      • Chelisa says:

        I agree, it is all kind of a mess. But, I don’t think Damon knew she wouldn’t be sired to him anymore once her humanity was turned off. Her being sired to him was a convenience at that point, and then it all kind of turned against them. The whole sire thing I just didn’t understand at all (and still don’t). I know they tried to clear it up with some random girl from Damon’s past that he had (unknowingly?) sired, but why are they just learning of this now? Why is no one else sired?

  17. Babar says:

    Thanks for HIMYM and Grey’s spoilers.

  18. Lisa says:

    TVD – generally I like the flashbacks episodes because its always fun to see the Salvatore brothers in different dress :) I am not a fan of the ones that seem to throw everything we know about a character away. Like the ones wigh Damon meeting Elena first, Lexie sleeping with Damon, etc.

  19. Just one thing says:

    Re: Castle, I hope a majority of the “actors” from the SBTB episode are rockin’ the triple-name combo.

  20. Samara says:

    Thanks for so many great spoilers. The one that interests me the most right now is the Jane and Lisbon one. I am *really* looking forward to seeing Jane *after* Red John is gone and how he deals with it. I also am *really* looking forward to them actually doing something with Jane and Lisbon’s growing bond. I know the road will have ups and downs, but hopefully there’ll be progress and they get together. Also, I’m a little worried about this new character and how she will effect Jane and Jane and Lisbon’s relationship.

    Not sure about sticking with NCIS after the departure of Ziva. They, Glasberg and Moonves, have done a lot to make me feel a bit better about the departure but wrapping up such an important part of the “family” again…they lost Kate early on and I stuck with it, but things have changed since then. I know for sure I’m taking a break from the series for awhile. If or when I come back, I don’t know.

    Thanks also for the ‘Castle’ and ‘Good Wife’ news. I like the writing teams on those shows and how the producers actually care what we think and would like. Plus, ‘The Good Wife’ is just so well done.

    • Susan says:

      Samara wrote: ” The one that interests me the most right now is the Jane and Lisbon one. I am *really* looking forward to seeing Jane *after* Red John is gone and how he deals with it. I also am *really* looking forward to them actually doing something with Jane and Lisbon’s growing bond. I know the road will have ups and downs, but hopefully there’ll be progress and they get together. Also, I’m a little worried about this new character and how she will effect Jane and Jane and Lisbon’s relationship.”

      I agree. Post-Red John Jane has some really interesting possibilities–I’m sure there will be a huge emotional impact on him in some way (hopefully in a way that gets Simon Baker another well-deserved Emmy nom!). I also hope that the new female character will only present a “bump in the road” for him and Lisbon because I love their chemistry and want to see their bond continue to grow. I hate the idea that, once they solve Red John, he would push her away.

      • Samara says:

        Same here. But it was carefully worded and some people are theorizing that this new female “lead” is going to be the head of CBI, perhaps replace LaRoche? So if she’s sort of like Hightower was, I’m okay with that. Just as long as she doesn’t mess up Jane and Lisbon’s relationship. It’s been a snail’s pace getting here but that’s okay. I want it to be well-developed like it has been but I also need *visible* progress. And since it *could* be the last season (I really hope it’s not. This is my favorite show) it’s very important how they use the time they know for sure they have with Jane and Lisbon’s story post-Red John. I trust that Bruno knows this though. I just don’t want a debacle on our hands like Gary Glasberg has: where he unexpectedly only has a couple of episodes to give Tiva fans, who’ve been waiting for eight years, what they’ve asked for. A lot of them are happy they’re at least getting something but it’s not close to what they wanted. So a lot of them feel let-down because they’ve invested a lot in what now has to be a last minute rush job and a single episode pay-off. I don’t want a rush job, but a nice balance and realistic development keeping in mind this might be the final season, ya know?

        Also, I really am looking forward to seeing what happens after Red John in Jane’s, Lisbon’s Cho’s, Rigsby and VanPelt’s (if she’s still around?) lives. It feels like something that will freshen up the series in many ways.

  21. Jeff says:

    Lisbon as Red John since there is a “new female lead”?

  22. april-ann says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that that HIMYM spoiler sounds just awful? You can pretty much bet we will be “treated” to the perspectives of all of those lame sounding characters just to fill time, but they will be balanced by the perspectives of the mains, again just to fill time. And just why, when the bride and groom are pushing 40, would they be inviting anyone and everyone from their pasts? Or at least, if they’re crashing, why would those people even know about their nuptials at that age? Yikes. I know, I know, because it’s a tv show…and not a very good one for quite some time now.

    • C says:

      Character-wise, neither of them are really pushing 40. Well, maybe Barney, but Robin is supposed to be in her early thirties, and Barney’s in his mid-thirties.

  23. A says:

    I’m still dumbfounded by Dan Bucatinsky’s Emmy nomination. His performance was okay, but definitely didn’t feel award-worthy to me. I can think of so many other nominations to be in his place.

    • Babygate says:

      Award nominations are mostly political in nature. Talent alone is not the main qualifier…

    • prish says:

      Emmy nominations being only cable shows indicate something, maybe making more money off cable, thus directing viewers there.

    • Epidrone says:

      Jonny Lee Miller was absolutely brilliant on Elementary, but good luck getting a CBS actor any recognition in that field. I’m so over the Emmys.

    • Susan says:

      Yep, I agree with you all. I’ve noticed too how network shows/actors are being snubbed in favor of cable shows. I realized how truly meaningless the Emmys have become when Hugh Laurie didn’t even get *nominated* for the final season of House after all those previous nominations and no wins. (Meanwhile, over on cable, I don’t understand what all the fuss about “Game of Thrones” is about, although the Emmys have certainly become a “game.” I like Sean Bean, but I could only manage to force myself through the first four episodes, it was so tedious. It seems to me all anyone watches it for is the gratuitous porn.)

      • jm says:

        as a fan of game of thrones, i think it is a great show. Much better than others. I love Elementary though… and House… just you give the wrong example for me… if you say “Mad Man”. It is awful and pretentious show… i though they were tired of Jon Hamm already…

        • Susan says:

          Sorry, didn’t mean to insult any Game of Thrones fans. I just couldn’t get into the show after four episodes, so to me, the excessive praise being lavished on it (like “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad,” which I haven’t seen, and even “True Blood,” which I have seen) demonstrates that the Emmys are clearly favoring cable TV over the broadcast networks when the writing and acting are at least as good. It seems to me that it’s the added but unnecessary nudity, violence, and swearing they are encouraging.

          With the proliferation of channels and original cable programming, there just aren’t enough awards to go around anymore, it seems. So they either need to start nominating more equitably from both categories, or else split the awards into network Emmys versus cable Emmys (like they already did with daytime Emmys).

          Glad we agree on House. And Elementary is excellent too, as is Johnny Lee Miller.

  24. schu says:

    It’s crazy to see how much Max and the other kids of Phood have grown! When I think about it, the show hasn’t been on very long, but I’ve watched from the very first episode and Max was so little then! And I reeeally hope Haddie makes more than minor appearances this season. Always excited for the show nonetheless…although I’m still salty Monica Potter was Emmy-snubbed.

  25. Mindy says:

    Amazing how the Grey’s airheads complain about the interns getting more airtime in Season 10. This isn’t news. You have to wonder where these idiots have been for the past year. I’d prefer the interns any day to another season of contrived, recycled storylines for the tired and OLD originals. Who wants to see yet another season of Meredith, Yang and Alex in their 40’s acting like 16 year olds? Not me.

    • Babygate says:

      Because Greys is not great drama. It really isn’t. Most people that tune in do so because they are attached to the characters. This has always been a character-driven show. BTW, your comment reflects ageist bias. Not exactly P.C.

      • Sheila says:

        I don’t necessarily agree that Mindy’s comment shows age bias. She may have just been saying how annoying it is to see adults acting like petty teenagers, as sometimes happens on Grey’s. And I’m in my 40s and wasn’t bothered by the comment.

        • Babygate says:

          While I do agree that it is ridiculous for Alex, Mer and Cristina to be acting like they are interns, I did not miss the emphasis on ‘old originals’, ergo, my comment.

  26. Sammi says:

    I couldn’t dislike a character more than I dislike Beth. Hotch does need a grown-up relationship; Beth is so phony and only doubles as a babysitter for Jack. She is useless. I can’t believe Messer will drag this character into another season and ruin all the Hotch episodes with her annoying presence. It’s not the time she spends on the screen but her existence in Hotch’s life. He should have stepped up his game after Haley, not continue to swim in the shallow end of the pool.

    • Anne says:

      You seem very bitter about a fictional relationship that gets so little screentime.

      • colleen says:

        All of the posts in this column are about fictional characters, some who haven’t even appeared on the screen yet (Greys). Fans have experienced Beth and many don’t like her-some feel strongly about that. I happen to agree with Sammi. Hotch could do way better and should for a man of his caliber.

  27. Cathy says:

    Thank you for answering my question! :)

  28. Babygate says:

    Do the powers that be at ABC and Greys Anatomy really think we’re excited about the new interns? Let alone getting to know them better! We still don’t know our favorites enough! We know almost nothing about Owen’s or Arizona’s background. Crowen and Calzona are on the rocks. Alex is still trying to find happiness. The interns are ok as background players to support the storylines but seriously, if Shonda chooses to focus on them while so much concerning the primary players goes unresolved or unaddressed, they will continue to bleed viewers. Callie and Arizona spent the entire 9th season skirting around issues that they never addressed. Their moments and issues were packed into 1.5 minute segments that were supposed to convey the whole of their relationship. They need more time, not less. And now the interns are being moved up the ladder? This is extremely frustrating….

    • A says:

      I agree. They need to focus back primarily on the core cast. Meredith, Christina, Alex, Callie, Derek, Bailey and Webber. The rest (i.e., Jackson, April, Owen, Arizona, interns) in small doses are fine by me.
      My only thought as to why they intend on integrating the interns more within the show is if they might want to continue the show beyond this season and as a backup plan in case the vets decide not to return after this 10th season (aren’t their contracts up for negotiation at the end of this year again?). I’m not saying it will work 100% because most of us know that trying to have new characters take over the show to a large extent will not work (just look at Glee), but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
      I personally could care less about Arizona or Owen. They’re among my least favorites on the show and I think Crowen should definitely be over. There is no good end in sight without one of them compromising their wants, which they really shouldn’t have to. They should bring back Teddy because Owen and her would be a much better fit. I also am sick of Calzona because Callie deserves so much better and Arizona has never been a completely likeable character IMO.

      • Ninna says:

        Completely agree on this comment.
        For me the interns are a failed atempt from the TPTB to remake the successful formula of the fabulous five. Only liked the boy, at the beginning, now he has lost the appeal with his last behaviour. And liked mousey that has gone. So, trying to force the interns, only shows that they don’t have nothing meaningfull and credible for the older couples after have them torn apart.

      • Babygate says:

        I liked Arizona enough before she cheated. Now, I wish she will be written off because there is no credible way that Callie can just bypass this after divorcing George for the same thing. And I do think that Callie deserves better. Then again, I also think that Alex deserves a lot better than all the crappiness he has endured. I also think that they are trying to build up the interns to create a new focus in the event MerDer do not return. Ellen is very, very expensive and I’m sure there will be new demands during renegotiation and while.the show was last season’s top drama in the demo ratings, that is very likely to change this year which means lower ad revenues. We’ll see what happens…

      • tiffany says:

        Bring back Lexie and Mark. They can because it fake make believe.

  29. Epidrone says:

    Gah, Elementary sounds awesome. Needed more Joan background. I bet that gets really angsty, really quickly.

  30. ragincajun says:

    I know some viewers would like to see NCIS go after a name to replace Ziva, but I can really think of only two actresses who may have the necessary chemistry with the cast. The first is Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona from Burn Notice) because her show owes much of its success to NCIS lead-ins and, let’s face it, Gabrielle is badass! The other is someone that CBS really needs to keep in the CBS family – Michelle Stafford. The woman can read a phone book and make it interesting as hell, and Gibbs has such a soft spot for redheads. ;-)

    • Badpenny says:

      I’m not certain a 61 year old man dating a 47 year old woman is what fans want to see. At least not if they’re wanting to keep their 18-49 demographic ratings. :)

      • John says:

        There are a lot more ways to interact with the team than dating right “chemistry” can just be be fitting in I’d suggest? As to the “redhead”: that may simply cause Gibbs to giver her more slack than he otherwise would be inclined to do? Much to Tony’s frustration…

        I’d love to see Gabrielle Anwar in something, but not as a retread of Ziva’s assassin persona, so they’d need another take on her place in the team for her to perform . As they didn’t “replace” Caitlyn with a copy-Caitlyn when they wrote Ziva. Badass lawyer to get them reigned in per SecNav’s orders?

    • prish says:

      My husband really liked a Hawaii 5-0 actress/character they killed off, Chin Ho Kelly’s physician wife. The actress is Reiko Aylesworth. She was one of the 3 finalists for the Olivia role on L&O SVU, so she has the depth to handle NCIS.

  31. Alex says:

    Please never use “Crowen” (or any other dumb portmanteau name) again. Kthxbai!

  32. Britta Unfiltered says:

    219 people will be the tally of those who were killed in the attack on the CIA, I’m sure of it. 14 hours and 6 miles seem pretty mysterious to me though. They can’t have anything to do with Brody’s current state of affairs since he’s not in the first two episodes. My curiosity is piqued. I’m thinking 14 hours was the amount of time Carrie was missing after the blast that she can’t (won’t) account for. Maybe 6 miles was how far away the blast could be felt. Am I close at all?
    So if Saul is supposed to be betraying Carrie in some way, I am guessing he spilled the beans to someone about how long she went missing for and now she’s in trouble. We already know one of the new characters is supposed to be her lawyer.
    It’s soooo not fair you guys have already gotten to see the first two episodes. We’re still two months away from them airing! It’s torture waiting for Homeland’s return!
    Totally off topic, holy crap, that picture of that girl does look exactly like young Kim Cattrall. I could buy that was a picture of a Kim Cattrall in Mannequin if someone tried to talk me into it. I don’t watch the carrie diaries, but that looks like a good casting move.

    • Bfleet says:

      219 people is assuredly the number of people killed (or killed/injured) by the bomb.

      Your other two seem like great guesses.

      I do have to disagree with one of your lines of thinking: The other numbers could have to do with Brody. I imagine that even though Brody isn’t in the first two episodes, he will be discussed in near every scene. Most wanted man alive, and all.

      • johnhelvete says:

        219 people killed agree with that
        14 hours of time that Carrie can’t account for, agree with that also.
        6 miles no idea but your guess is a good one.

    • N.B.E says:

      Even though Brody isn’t in the first 2 episodes, that doesn’t necessarily mean the “14 miles” and/or “6 hours” has nothing to do with him.

  33. Kate says:

    I’m REALLY excited for NCIS’s revolving agents. So many fun scenarios can come from that..

    • suzi says:

      I agree, I think that sounds like a great idea. They did this for a little while while Ziva was gone, and watching agents trying to fit in was entertaining.

  34. clarissa says:

    Hotch profiles like an unsub with a victim-type. I have never understood how a man of Hotch’s stature, who’s been stabbed, blown-up and had his former wife brutally murdered by an unsub; would choose a phony, clueless airhead like Beth as his next love interest. Haley met Hotch at a young age and grew with him in his career; couldn’t handle the life, divorced him and was killed anyway. The adult Beth is even more irritating and juvenile acting. Hotch needs to wise up, lose the attraction for the naïve and the clueless, and get a real woman; preferably Prentiss, but definitely someone of substance.

    • Lydia says:

      Spoiler alert: Prentiss is no longer on the show!

      • Angela says:

        Seriously, I love Emily, too, believe me, I do. She was an awesome character and it’s a shame she’s not there anymore. But it’s been over a year since she left. I think any fans still upset about her leaving need to accept that fact and move on.
        Also, regarding the shipping thing-yes, there’s a lot of Hotch/Prentiss fans out there, but I’ve also seen both characters get paired up with other members of the team, too. Fans can’t assume that EVERYONE wants to see that particular pairing (I personally wouldn’t mind it if it happened, but I know others would disagree).

      • colleen says:

        Never say never, things change, who knows Prentiss could make a return. Many would love to see her come back, at least as a recurring character.

  35. verkisto says:

    I guess if the Red John thing is concluded the writers will no longer have to come up with “red” episode titles. I always enjoy seeing how they work that in.

    • Susan says:

      Haha, good point. Sometimes I imagine that must be the hardest part of writing an episode–maybe they’re ending the Red John thing because they’re running out of ways to work “red” into the title! ;)

  36. Lucy says:

    The year of Cary, yeah. Big storyline for Cary. Now he’s just one of the Carys. Kings have something in store for everyone, poor imbiased Kalinda was given her new love interest because she feels betrayed and needed consolation (lame excuse to drop out once again of C/K plot) and Cary will spend all his time plotting in the background and being left out of court. Meh. Meh. Meh.

  37. JB Smooove says:

    Man, again another week with no scoop on the office =((((

  38. Of course you chose the question of a Cristina and Owen hater (who can’t even spelled Cristina name correctly). You don’t like them, we got it. But they still have a lot of fans and you could at least respect that. The good thing is that we will all laugh at your face when they will be back together and happy for good and I know that this day will happen. They are made for each other. The ultimate OTP !

    • A says:

      If you are going to criticize other people’s spelling, then you should make sure your own spelling is correct or else you just look like a fool It should be “can’t even SPELL” not “spelled” and there should be an apostrophe and an “S” at the end of Cristina!
      And forgive those of us who are actually sick of watching this same back and forth storyline for the past two seasons. They are NOT made for each other IMO. They have completely different life goals. She doesn’t want kids at all and he, as we have seen extensively this past season with that boy, desperately wants a child of his own and a family. The only way they can ever stay together would be for one of them to compromise, but they shouldn’t have to because it wouldn’t be true to their characters. Cristina has made it crystal clear for nine seasons that she does not want any kids ever and Owen does want a family. If Shonda had initially made Cristina in early seasons unwilling to have children AT THAT MOMENT, but said that she would still consider it in the future, then there would be hope. However, that didn’t happen and I don’t really see a possible solution to this unless one of them gives in. That’s why this couple needs to move on IMO and find partners who will accept them for who they are and can live happily with one another with or without kids.

      • Nina says:

        I am a huge Crowen Fan. I think in some way they are perfect for each other. But i have to admit the last SF left me really thoughful. In real life there is no solution to this problem. But this is a soap. Who knows what happens. One hasnt to ship Crowen. But its also unfair of some to say it was never love between them. Cause thats not true. I think Shonda figured out that Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh are very very good at angst and I think she likes to explore things. CO never got boring in all the past seasons. And as long as there is love (and there definately is) there is still hope for them. I often remember this alternative episode which made clear who belongs with who. I personally dont think Owen wants a kid more than he wants Yang. He just needs to figure it out and explore it. The alternative epi gave him THREE kids and yet he was so unhappy. And alone with his PTSD. Cristina and Owen never chose the easy way. But IMVHO they are meant for each other. And i know couples who also had different life goals and despite that they are together. its possible. I think what many forget is that for the first time Cristina put Owens needs first place. She did an honourable thing and let him go. I think she wanted him to get his chance. And I totally understand her. Who wants to be blamed one day from the man you love for standing in his way? There is this phrase. If you love someone set him free. If he returns he is yours forever

        • A says:

          I don’t think they that they were never in love. I just think that they aren’t a great fit/not made for each other any more because for the past two seasons we have seen this back and forth between them over this baby/family issue. I think they either need to resolve this issue soon and move on to a different aspects of their lives/relationship. If the writers can’t seem to figure out a way to accomplish this, then they should move on from the relationship period. We can’t have another season of them getting back together and then having the baby issue creep back up again every time Owen sees a kid or connects with one or if Cristina accidentally gets knocked up again. It’s annoying.

          • Nina says:

            I think deep down Shonda wants to proof that despite their differences they can make it work. There must be a reason she absolutely wont drop this issue. Plus I think this issue will be put to rest for good this new season. Cristina and Owen are soulmates. they have been through so much. It really saddens me that so many say they are not meant to be. as a fan and shipper it saddens me. of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think Shonda wants both to get what they want. And she repeatedly said she wants them together. Something tells me that they wanna make it look completely hopeless and over. Thats how this business works. The last SF was just driving home the fact that C wont have a baby. Now Owen needs to figure out what he wants more. A baby with someone he will never love like C or a life with the love of his life. I think it wd be terrible to spend your life with someone you dont love the way like you love the love of your life. And it wd. be unfair to the other person. Being second choice. Life is full of sacrifices. Its not abt Cristina not giving in. Its abt Choices and sacrifices. Yang sacrificed the love of her life. And thats the greatest proof of love. At least IMHO. In the end no one knows. Sandra Ohs contract is expiring. But to me it would be non credible if Hunt stayed on GA without her. Believe me… as a shipper you will always want them together. and you will never give up. I just wish we could all talk nice with each other ;-)

          • nina says:

            I know they dragged it to death.we are all annoyed…..

          • Erica Hahn says:

            Why are you so bothered if they’re your notp?

          • Ninna says:

            I honestly have my doubts that Crowen feel a deep love for each other. And I’m not saying this to rile up fans. I’m being honest. Shonda claims they love each other dearly but since S6 she put them sistematically doing horrendous and cruel things to each other which show no love. She can’t have both. The things they’ve done to one another have no name but as they have an insane chemistry, this receives the name of ‘love’.
            I’m not saying they don’t share a certain amount of affection and care but that kind of love that makes you choose consciously the other, above everyone and everything and prevents them of hurt deeply the beloved one, they don’t show. They are not teenagers, they’re adults. So we can say that this way of acting from both of them is not consequence of their youth but rather the nature of their personalities and the nature of feelings they nurture for each other.

            I think only when we grow old we get the big picture on what love truly is. And people often confound love with other feelings. Feelings that are positive but not definitely deep love.

            If Cristina truly loved Owen the way she once described:’ I can’t breath without you’, there wouldn’t be a way in hell she would let him go. She would do anything to preserve the air she breaths, including giving him the child he so desperately seeks. There’s no way she would have aborted his child in his face. No one who loves deeply do such a thing (though correct from a character preservation stand point). The problem is that the writers want to have everything. Not to talk other things she did to him over the years.

            Neither I do believe a man who cheated on her to hurt her back love his person more than anything in the world. That’s cruelty and where is cruelty there’s no love in spite of the reasons he might had. That’s a fact. A man that’s so madly in love with the love of his life would never let her go to pursue the opportunity to have children with another woman or simply to have children. He will not be preserving the air he breaths either. He will sufocate, and somewhere within a few years he will resent his family, his kids, his new wife for having taken away the love of his life. Once more the writers want it all, they don’t want to choose. But they have to.

            They present this couple choosing themselves individually over the other again and again. Despite that, they claim they deep love each other!!! Huummm! (And Owen though they insist is a person’s person he has been portrayed doing the same, not only her )

      • Calm down, sweetie :) English is not my native language so I make mistakes (“mistakes is how you learn” as Owen said). And you can continue to hate them as long as you want, it only gives me the energy to ship them more. Take care now. Bye.

        • A says:

          I don’t know you, so I wouldn’t know English wasn’t your native language. Yes, mistakes are how you learn, it’s just annoying when people harp on other’s spelling when they don’t do it completely right themselves.

    • Ninna says:

      LOT of fans? I don’t think so. They’ve a few remaining loyal fans. And it’s ok, there are tastes for everything and we have to respect. But we have to respect those who don’t like them either.

      In the end Shonda will give them the happy ending as contrieved, unbelivable and horrid writing it is. But we all know it’ll be a plot stunt, an acrobatics to end the series on a good note. Because after having been gradually annihilating the couple since season 6 the way she did there’s no way someone, with reasoning capacity, can say they are MFEO and that they can be happy together in the future. And I honestly don’t understand why on earth this was the only couple who was subjected to a continous atack of massive destruction since almost the beginning. The truth is, they’ll end together but if we woud have acess to a picture a decade later, they wouldn’t remain together. Two extremly different paths of life and personalities.

      • Nina says:

        I think they are attacked so much cause McKidd and Oh are fabulous at playing angst. They are IMO the BEST ACTORS on this show. Next to Ramires and Wilson. Forget abt the rest. Sorry fans. And I agree on HORRIBLE writing with you. Esp. Dan Bucatinsky. Having Yang ask Hunt in 9×22 you want a kid dont you? I was like WTH?????? dont they know what they were writing a few epis ago?????

        • Ninna says:

          I think they are attacked so much because the writing for this couple has been simply horrendous with back and forthwards in a manner we haven’t seen with any couple in GA, lets be fair.

          Their luck is to have KMK portraying that character. Because I’m totaly convinced that the remaining fans of the couple out there are in fact fans of Owen and are totally in love with the actor, not the character. KMK is a fabulastic actor. Lets not confuse things. I love the actor, don’t like the character and the couple. And we can say they’re the best actors of the show because were given the material to show that. Why we never hear any complain or a glimpse of fighting for the fans on Sandra’s part? She’s very happy with the SL, that’s why.

          The ‘9×22 you want a kid dont you?’ didn’t bother me much. It was a way of her introduce the subject. It bothered me much more the indolence of writers in 8×15 when in the couples therapy they put Owen stating categorically that Cristina never had said she didn’t want kids bf marriage, when we all heard it. That was a total lack of homework on the writers part or else they intended to do of Owen a total dishonest jackass with selective memory.

          • nina says:

            I agree with you that they wanted O to be the jackass. On the other things not so much. I think owen hunts is a good man who loves cristina and who wanted a family with her.nothing wrong with that.but this is a women series.and shonda is a feminist.its all abt womens right to chose.nothing wrong with that too.i just think they made yang look irresponsible.getting pregnant twice without wanting it. As for the kids issue.she said no kids. I think he just thought she wd change her mind.happens.arizona did.and as for kmk: i am not in love with that guy.he is a good actor who can do better than shondas scummy soap. I am stunned he stays.

          • nina says:

            I hope they make it. But after that SF i highly doubt it.unless they invent something completely unrealistic and stupid.which is also possible.they are horrible self satisfied writers. And rhimes likes cheesy stuff.

      • Nina says:

        i remember you said they would end up together last season. but they didnt…..i relied on you ;-P

        • Ninna says:

          I don’t know exactly if this answer was for me or not, but I still stick to my opinion that Shonda in the end will find a contrived way of making them end up together. She said once she doesn’t mind to give the happy ending to her characters but in the middle they have to suffer(and be destroyed).
          I’m not even sure if she will make them live separated lives the all season 10. This break up we saw at the SF might be a jape to make buzz and hype everyone and then some episodes later they’re back together. Whatever, now, in the end of the season or in the end of the show in Shonda’s head they will end up together. Unless, of course one of the actors leave.
          IDK either why he didn’t leave yet. Or maybe I do. It’s not easy to find a new reliable job nowadays. But occasionaly in the course of S9 I felt in his acting he was fed up of telling the same SL. And he’s in his right. ;)

          • Nina says:

            amen sister :-P you said it right. Same SL over and over again. just like Patrick Dempsey said a few days ago.

  39. Kate says:

    The way Heller worded it re:The Mentalist has me me wondering if the new female lead is going to be Jane’s new nemesis – being that he’s a ‘good detective’ and will find it ‘hard to walk away.’ Another Erica? She’s not been caught as yet after all.

  40. Dear Erica Messer, you’re not reading this, but I want the world to know, thank you. For including your actors in building up their characters, for making it a team play, for listening to the fans, but not too much not to let it compromise *your* story. Thank you, for giving the characters lives, love, and making them real living entities and for making Criminal Minds the best show on tv. I just adore you. Love, Barbie.

  41. Jason P. says:

    I would love for one of the rotating agents on NCIS to be Dorneget. Matt Jones plays that part perfectly. I know they will probably make Ziva’s permanent replacement be a female but I’d love to see Dorneget have some more screen time.

  42. Sam says:

    Give me Crowen, Calzona, Merder, Japril, Jolex, Bailey drama over the interns any day….what are they thinking?? Making them the fabric of the hospital…..throw that fabric out ASAP…. Ok no seriously let’s just look at these interns, and no offence to them but they are’nt even great actors, there screen presence ain’t amazing (except for Jo and mousey)….GA fans watch the show for the main characters not so much for the medicine…. You have so much already going on with the existing established cast…..who wants to watch the interns become the fabric of the show….and who put Dan Bucatinsky incharge he seems to be taking over GA!!

  43. SoS says:

    “Jurgen, another fella in his mid-40s or 50s, who’s either German or Austrian, with a definite accent”
    Nice to see that Hollywood now recognises that Austria exists. If the character is cast as an Austrian, they’d have to change the name though. Jürgen (not Jurgen btw) is a very German name that is actually extrmely rare in Austria.

  44. Pat says:

    It’s ironic. Saddly ironic. Cary had to share an office with Alicia. He had to share screentime with every single guest star who came in. He had to share Kalinda with….all her love interests’ harem. And now he has to share his name with someone else. Can he have the exclusive for something for once? I feel bad for Matt Czuchry: his character is trapped in all those writing tricks and he’s trapped in a show which has absolutely no idea how to use him properly.

  45. DawnJ says:

    Love Criminal Minds, Erica Messer and Hotch is my favorite character. But really, can we get rid of Beth already?

  46. Pavanne says:

    So, Ziva is basically going to be replaced by Murphy Brown’s secretary?

  47. Matthew says:

    Boring spoilers for mostly terrible and boring shows. Give us some real news on some real shows, instead of this generic procedural crap. Here’s a spoiler for you! Someone gets murdered, and an investigative team made of poorly-written characters solves the case! ERMAGERD AMAZING. -_- *yawn*

    • Steve F. says:

      Maybe if you shot TVLine.com an email, you could get an answer to one of your “real shows.” Hopefully your “real show” doesn’t have the word “real” in it.

      • Matthew says:

        You know, I thought about it after posting this. I’m sure the shows I watch get emails sent in too… but now that I think about it, it’s far more likely Ausiello doesn’t HAVE spoilers for the shows I watch, so he finds emails that relates to spoilers he DOES have. Makes more sense to me.

        I still hate crime procedurals though. Except classic Law & Order. Only because it didn’t pretend it was anything else.

  48. ClassicNCISfan says:

    Really excited about post Ziva NCIS & hoping Gary doesn’t mire the show or the team down with the mopes & mourning.

    Best thing for the show would be to move on as quickly as possible – as they’ve done before. It would be the only way to mute the crazies.

  49. cas says:

    Love the all the scoop and I see Crowen fans getting all riled up. My big question to Shonda would be why did they not talk about kids before getting married???? I mean that is one of those discussions you have. I know someone who got married without talking about it, then got divorced a few months later because then it came up. Are people really that stupid that before committing to spend their lives together they don’t talk about the future, like kids. Most things can be worked through but a difference in whether or not to have kids can not, one or the other compromises and is okay with having kids or not having kids, or you call the whole thing off.

    • Babygate says:

      I’m not a Crowen fan AT ALL. I think they should move on from each other because there is no credible way to fix this. But to be fair, when they got married Cristina wasn’t all there. She was recovering from the shooting and suffering from PTSD which Owen took as the opportunity to get her to commit. She was vulnerable and afraid and Owen took advantage of that. If Cristina had been on her right mind, I don’t think there would have been a wedding.

    • Ninna says:

      Shonda would answer they wouldn’t have enough drama and angst to play or, in her own words: wonderful and beautiful material to develop them. Mature people talk about these issues bf marriage but not Shonda’s characters. They’re all in their 30’s and Owen in his 40’s but they act like teens.
      She didn’t talk about the issue right bf marry him again, because she was not in a mentally good place to think things through (though she already had made her point clear enough before). He didn’t talk about the issue because though he had heard her stance on the issue he thought she was childish and didn’t know what she was talking about on not wanting kids and in due time she would be bent to his will. In time she would do what he wanted to, so it was not necessary a talk about that.
      I think the issue came up and he understood it very well, but chose to dismiss it as statment of a brat. It’s on him that he chooses to have selective hearing too in addition to selective memory.

  50. Kat says:

    I don’t care for MerDer or Crowen, and I’m obviously the only one who cares for Richard, but I for my part wanna know what happens to him. Is James Pickens Jr. coming back for Season 10? Any news on that? If so, I haven’t heard, but I really wanna know whether he’s dead or alive. We knew MONTHS prior that Mark would die, and I seriously mostly care for what happens to Richard… *lol* Oh, and I want April and Matthew to stay together, but this is not gonn happen, unfortunately :D

    • Ninna says:

      No,no. Untrue! I myself am very invested in Webber’s health. Hope he’s alive because he’s the chief. No one can replace him. A very important secondary character. Poor little one! Hope he makes it.
      And by the way I too want April and Mathew together. They’re made for each other. April and Jax are two siblings who wrongly slept together. ;)