Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Scandal, Once, True Blood, Beast, Liars, Graceland, Suits and More

KERRY WASHINGTONWill Once Upon a Time newcomers crowd out the originals? Who is not marked for a True Blood-y death? Will Scandal‘s snitch surprise? Are the Pretty Little Liars heading to prom? Will a Beast be back? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Peter Pan, a new Robin Hood, Lost Boys plural….. Should Once Upon a Time fans be worried that the main cast will be overshadowed by the Season 3 newbies? –Devin
I wouldn’t worry. I mean, we knew Peter Pan was coming, and where theres’ Pan, there are Lost Boys in the background. And Robin Hood, I suspect, will play a role on whats going on in the Fairytale Land That Is, probably impeding Neal’s return “home.” As series cocreator Adam Horowitz told me (after I suggested they’d be giving Belle new friends there in Storybrooke), “There will be some new characters, but for the most part were going to be focusing on our core group of regulars from Seasons 1 and 2. If characters do come in, it will, at least at first, be more akin to how we used Robin Hood in Season 2.”

Do you have any insight as to who might be experiencing the true death on True Blood? –Bobby
Here’s one name I’d venture to rule out, despite how last Sunday’s episode ended: Eric — if only because I hear that he’s busy making a last-ditch effort to save an ailing Nora in the July 28 episode. Unless, you know, it’s his ghost saving her. Or something.

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Very faithful reader here. While I appreciate all the tidbits you’ve shared this summer, I’m wondering why you’re keeping the Scandal info under wraps? –Kimberly
Hey now, the writers room only reconvened recently. Can’t scoop what doesn’t exist! But this much I’ve gleaned: We will learn, via flashbacks, who it was that ratted out Liv to the press. And I am pretty sure it’s not anyone you’d guess. Also: Prepare to meet Cyrus’ very oppressed, young, male office assistant.

Graceland is starting to grow on me. Have you got any scoops on Briggs? And will we see any love interest for any of the characters? –Marla
This week we learn a huge Briggs secret — and we’re not alone in doing so! As such, expect to soon see his layers peeled back and gain greater insight into why he’s really being investigated. As for love interests, expect things to heat up between Mike and Abby as they go on a double date…with a member of Graceland. Cue the (exclusive) videotape!

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Do you know if ABC Family ordered more episode of The Fosters? — @coolteacher31
They have not. The Aug. 5 episode will be the summer finale — and the final episode until/unless the show gets picked up (which I reckon it will, seeing as it keeps doing solidly in the Nielsens).Playing with Fire

Can you please keep us in touch with the latest on the Beauty and the Beast show? It will be much appreciated. –Carol
I hereby confirm that Sendhil Ramamurthy will be back as Gabe, and for multiple episodes at that. The big question is: Who’s side is he on now? Jay Ryan, for one, believes the secret-keeping ADA owes poor, abandoned Catherine a serious solid. As he puts it, “Gabe has got a lot of making up to do, if he wants to get back in our good books.”

Do you think Cote de Pablo’s departure spells the end for NCIS? With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. rivaling for No. 1, I don’t see NCIS staying at the top without her, and I know many Tiva shippers are leaving the show with Cote. –Mary Catherine
OK, for one, it’s not “the end of NCIS.” TV’s most watched program isn’t abruptly going to crater because one member of a good-sized, top-notch ensemble leaves. Will its numbers get dinged? Maybe. A bit. But it’d have to lose 3 million viewers to fall behind Big Bang Theory and cease being TV’s most watched (non-sports) program. The whole debate is: What fraction of that total viewership has been tuning in just for Ziva, and/or just for “Tiva.”  S.H.I.E.L.D.’s more direct competition, I imagine, is The Originals, as those two first duke it out for the genre-TV-loving eyeballs, before either start eating into CBS’ older-skewing audience.

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I just finished reading the newest Pretty Little Liars book (Crushed), and in it the girls are off to prom. That got me wondering: Will they be heading to prom on the show, since it is after all senior year? –Estee
Don’t buy a corsage just yet. This question “is a difficult one,” says EP Oliver Goldstick, “because proms, we all know, usually happen toward the end of the school year, and we are going very slowly through the senior year for a multitude of reasons. We’ll give you other events, but we won’t necessarily give you a prom right away. You’ll [eventually] get one, but unfortunately that would mean they’d be graduating within weeks [of it], and we’re trying to avoid that story point [for now].”

Will we ever find out what Harvey and Donna really do with that can-opener on Suits? – Abdul
I cannot confirm that one way or the other, but EP Aaron Korsh reveals this much: The flashback episode’s title, “The Other Time,” is definitely “a clue” about Harvey and Donna’s mysterious past.

I am incredibly curious about Auggie’s secret on Covert Affairs. Any clues? –Mel
Only that what Annie’s honey is hiding is “a seismic secret that will affect the entire trajectory of the show,” per EP Chris Ord. Only that!

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Any Drop Dead Diva scoop to drop on this diva? –Danyelle
Jane may have broken Grayson’s heart in the last episode, but don’t feel too bad for the handsome lawyer. “There’s a hot and heavy romance” coming up real soon for him, teases creator Josh Berman.

Do you know when ABC Family’s Bunheads will start streaming on Netflix? I love the show, and want to watch it again! –Amy
I asked around, and there are no plans at this time for Michelle and the girls to show up on Netflix. Sorry!

Why is Moon Bloodgood no longer billed as a series regular on Falling Skies? Is she leaving the show? –Andy
I am assured that Bloodgood is very much still a series regular, and was only omitted from the credits during her maternity leave. What’s more, I can tease that Anne resurfaces soon, and in an unexpected place (…or two).

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  1. I know I will be watching something else… tired of CBS and it’s treatment of women actors.

    • estefania says:

      well said denise

    • Julie says:

      I’m confused by this comment. I agree that CBS has a history of poorly treating its women actors (I.e., Paget Brewster and AJ Cook for starters) but it was my understanding that it was Cote’s decision to leave.

    • SHE wanted to leave. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

      • as524 says:

        Because it blows their happy little fantasy of everyone being a big happy lovey dovey family, kills their hopes of fulfilled tiva where they see every moment play out on screen and really blows the idea that there’s ever a chance that cdp and MW would actually be together in real life

    • LOL says:

      I mean no disrespect, but this is the stupidest reasoning I have ever heard.

      • as524 says:

        more blowing of the fantasy I guess….
        ziva is just NOT that popular next to the others individually and as a whole….yes, some who only watched for her and that insipid pairing will leave….but the fans of the show and the TEAM will stay

        • Dee says:

          I, for one, could never ‘cotton’ to Ziva. She normally isn’t kind – except recently to Vance’s children. She isn’t even a team player so I don’t know why she lasted as long as she did. If one of the other team members left, I’d be heart broken but remember, this is only a tv show and as in real life, people come and go.

          • ClassicNCISfan says:

            She lasted this long because the network PR department & the entertainment media latched out to the faux pairing that Brennan was whipping out & made a monster out of it…by mid-season 8, ziva’s sole purpose on the show was to be ‘the girl’, especially if ‘the girl’ was opposite Tony.

            She’s long past her shelf life as a viable character and really should have been written out in either season 6 or season 9, if not before

        • bobbi says:

          I will continue to watch NCIS. It is sad that Cote is leaving, but the show must go on.

      • stephen says:

        What treatment. U mean that some woman make less then the men? i know thats true on criminal minds but i don’t believe it is on ncis. Also while i liked ziva , they replaced kate and got even better ratings. ill trust in the guys running ncis to replace ziva with someone who will make us forget ziva in a yr or so. That said im gonna watch shield because i like my comic book stuff more then ncis. ill do ncis on demand.

    • Esaul says:

      I’m tired of people who respond to stories with inaccurate information. Cote de Pablo left fully on her own. The producers on NCIS expected her to return. She, herself, ,chose not to return. Eight years is a long time on a show. Do you realize the work hours they put in for a season? It’s more than your 9-5 job. In regards to NCIS, they don’t mistreat women at all. Why else is Pauley Perrette still on from day one?

      • Jerri says:

        Well said Esaul.

      • 4luvofncis says:

        Please provide the statement in quotes that reflects this information. And not something a media source has chosen to spin. “Choice” involves a lot of things. Like choosing not to put up with CBS’ & Gary’s BS about her character or direction of Tiva. Or like choosing not to accept a final offer from CBS due to wage disparity. Or the choice to be done with the role & move on. Or choosing to have a family that conflicted with the offer that was made. Or wanting less of a demanding schedule. None of these reasons have been confirmed. Even citing personal reasons can account for any of the above. I too am tired of people making assumptions, but also of people who are also making assumptions telling someone else that’s making assumptions that they are wrong & you’re assumptions are right. What does “chose to leave on her own even mean?” It’s potentially the same a rejecting a crappy offer. All we know is that she wasn’t outright fired.

        • Esaul says:

          If this was an issue about money, I doubt she would keep that fact a secret. If you want something and you’re being treated unfair, keeping quiet fixes nothing. Sure, maybe she didn’t want to make it known about her money issue,that’s a possibility, but I find it unlikely she quit due to a contract dispute. And if CBS folded (even just a little) to the folks at Criminal Minds, I’d expect the same for TV’s number one most watched non-sports show. It’d be silly not to please the cast of the most successful show. It’s just logic.

          • 4luvofncis says:

            There are more important things to Cote than money. She’s an actress by trade. If she’s unhappy & doesn’t have room to breathe in her role, that’s going to take priority.

    • Jerri says:

      Aren’t you tired of jumping to conclusions, Denise? Cote chose to leave. It’s not unheard of for actors to want to do something else after 7-8 years on one TV show.

      • sara says:

        Yeah, when they’re not getting paid as much as the men.

        • ClassicNCISfan says:

          Ahhh there’s the rub. PP is getting paid as much or more than some of the men on the show. But then PP has been there from day one.

          Cote has NOT been there from day one & should be paid accordingly.

      • T says:

        Did all of you miss the articles posted in various places on the internet yesterday or of it was before that that stated that Cote was not happy with the salary she was offered and ultimately decided to turn the offer down because she felt she deserved equal pay to Michael Weatherly?

        • MandaC says:

          i heard that too that she wanted equal pay to weatherly. problem is, she doesn’t deserve it. weatherly has produced and directed at least 1 episode and has been on the show since it was a pre-pilot episode on JAG. before NCIS, cote was just a chick on a spanish television show that nobody has heard of. anyone who doesn’t watch NCIS faithfully will still have no clue who she is. she needs to get over herself.

          • JCK says:

            Maybe it’s just me, but with the exception of Abby, I don’t like how the writers script women on the show. I didn’t like Kate, but love Sasha on Rizzoli and Isles. I didn’t like Jamie Lee Curtis or Lauren Holly on NCIS and don’t like Ziva either. I’m not faulting the actresses, I’m laying the blame at the writer’s feet.

          • kath says:

            People watch for the characters, not who has been on the show or what they do behind the scenes. Cote de Pablo has a higher Q rating than both Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon.

            I didn’t watch the first two seasons because I didn’t care enough about any of the characters to make it a reason to watch, and I probably won’t watch next season. It was the chemistry between the characters of Gibbs, Ziva and Tony that made me watch for 8 years.

        • ncis4evr says:

          If you’re referring to the gossip monger from that small site, who btw has been fired from two previous network jobs,who erroneously reported info and numbers that were completely wrong,then yeah,I saw it. First, the guy couldn’t even get Ziva’s name correct. Second, Cote’s own reps told the guy he was wrong, and third, the salary he reported for Weatherly was incorrect(he gets $175K an episode). Also, Pauley makes the same amount as Weatherly, so how is the network not paying women equally? None of these sites have gotten the facts right, but if you prefer to get your info from uninformed hacks, go right ahead. None of the more reputable sites, like TV Line or TV Guide, have reported these lies.

          • MandaC says:

            I totally AGREE! I love love love Pauley, but the other women who have been on the show = their characters on NCIS to be specific = I have hated. Well, disliked immensely.

            Oh and as far as those who are complaining about their fantasy couples not coming true, I ship a specific couple but I know the show will never bring it to light. Which is sad for me, but that’s why they make fanfiction.

          • Angela says:

            Oh and as far as those who are complaining about their fantasy couples not coming true, I ship a specific couple but I know the show will never bring it to light. Which is sad for me, but that’s why they make fanfiction.
            Agreed. With the shows I like, if they put together people I think would make nice couples, great! If they don’t, eh, well *Shrugs*. Shipping is one reason I watch my favorite shows, but it’s not the ONLY reason I watch them.

  2. tornado says:

    I’d love to see some scoop on Twisted. It’s really good.

    • Kaycee says:

      I would too. I really like the show but it’s moving slow on giving us info. I personally don’t think that Danny murdered his aunt and took the fall for someone else which may have something to do with his mother since his relationship with her is not what one would think it would be for a devoted mother. I certainly hope that they don’t end this season without giving us some big answers.

      I would also like some scoop on The Killing. I only started watching it this season but I understand that season one ended without giving any answers and it lost a lot of fans because of it….that is why I hope Twisted does not go that same route…it would certainly make me think twice about staying a fan.

  3. Sam says:

    “SHIELD’s most direct competition is The Originals, so those two will have to duke it out first…” Are you insane? Not SHIELD is still basically a cop show with procedural elements and a sci-fi twist, making it prime competition for NCIS, but as IF it will do anything less than double the ratings of The Originals. I mean, come on now. Not that I don’t like The Vampire Diary-verse, but comparing this to a CW show is like saying “Oh, well, this Ferrari MIGHT go faster than that minivan…”

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I have clarified that sentiment.

      • Yasin says:

        Um you didn’t really clarify anything because SHIELD to me is more similar to NCIS then The Originals yes they’re both genre shows but so is NCIS, isn’t it technically a procedural which SHIELD is looking like its going to be? The Originals is completly different and 2 very different shows.

        • Martoukian says:

          NCIS is a genre show, too. That genre is drama.

          • Well they all are dramas, but in his distinction he said there genre-tv. I was going by his distinction, not my own

          • wordsmith says:

            In Industry speak, the term “genre” is used to mean anything sci-fi/fantasy/horror – basically a show or film with surreal or supernatural elements. Hence Originals and SHIELD are genre, while NCIS is not.

        • wordsmith says:

          I don’t think that people will be tuning in to SHIELD because they like crime procedurals – they’ll be tuning in because they like worlds where characters have superpowers.
          You can make comparisons to both shows, but it makes sense that the typical SHIELD fan will have more in common with the average Originals fan than your run of the mill NCIS watcher.

          • The CW is in its own league, as if any show got CW ratings, they’d be cancelled on any of the big 4 networks. Like I said before, looking by Marvel Agents of Shield, it looks more common to NCIS then The Originals. The Originals is a family drama (in the sense it center’s around a trio of siblings) with supernatural suspense- other than the supernatural element (which is in a form of Superheroes) it still is a procedural, aren’t they going to have like a superhuman person to hunt every single week, kind of like how Arrow is? That’s what I got from the trailer. It seems to be an ensemble show like NCIS, in the sense of a group of people working together, they’re could be a family element, but The Originals is BASED on the family- thats the core element- family.

      • as524 says:

        well congrats Matt…you have now come up against the more…..touched part of the tiva fandom by saying what you did about SHIELD. They are counting on the new show bringing NCIS down as part of the proper punishment for not doing whatever possible to keep ziva around and to fulfill their Tiva dreams.

        • Esaul says:

          Lol what? ABC is going to do more harm than good with their Tuesday schedule with a night full of new programming. NCIS will suffer very little from this.

    • Danielle H. says:

      If you build a minivan right, it could very well beat a Ferrari. But most people just assume that Ferrari’s are the end all be all of cars.. but they aren’t. ANYWHO.

    • Tony says:

      I think both are compared because both cater to an audience that has similar viewing taste. My in laws, who watches NCIS, will probably not watch SHIELD. But my sister in law and myself, who watch TVD, would probably be the first to check our the show because of the fantastical elements. Not to say there aren’t those who wouldn’t watch both shows.

    • rarefied says:

      I also think it’s more likely that SHIELD and NCIS will be competing against each other for viewers. The CW will be happy if TO gets 1.5 to 2 million viewers, but otherwise it’s kind of irrelevant. There will be much more pressure on SHIELD to do well since it’s a big network show.

  4. Austin says:

    Aw, I hoped Bunheads would come to Netflix. I haven’t got to wa.tch it but really want to with all these great reviews

  5. Claudia says:

    Thnks Thanks for good news for us Beasties we wanted Sendhil back ;)

    • liz says:

      Same! I really enjoyed the entire Gabe storyline and I’m glad to see he’s returning; that character is nowhere near being done yet and I love the drama he adds.
      Plus Sendhil is a great actor.

    • Annoyed with BATB says:

      I don’t know of anyone who wanted him back. Sendhil is a fine actor and quite handsome, but his story line dragged down the show. The episode where he was featured prominently, Playing With Fire, was the most inconsistent and boring. Maybe the new writers will help the character be less boring.

      • Buffy says:

        I agree. It’s also a surprise to me that after having been shot multiple times in the season finale, this beast is still alive. I guess Gabe, the beast can’t be killed. Season 2 is going to be very interesting – a lot to look forward to such as Cat’s parents (who are they really?), how will Heather take the fact that Cat isn’t their father’s daughter, and will Vincent be rescued from Muirfield and Cat’s bio father. Wow – a lot on the writers’ table.

        • JCK says:

          I want Once Upon a Time to cast Sendhil as Aladdin.

          • Buffy says:

            OMG – Sendhil would make the perfect Aladdin. I can definitely see him in that role on Once Upon a Time. It’s not that I wouldn’t have loved to have seen him continue his role as Gabe Lowan on BATB, but the way the finale ended, it should have been the end of his role on the show. I would love if he surfaced again as Aladdin in Once Upon A Time. Hope the message gets through to the writers of that show. It would be excellent casting.

  6. Yasin says:

    Matt, are you serious? You really think that The Originals is competition for SHIELD? ABC clearly wants some of CBS’ NCIS numbers that’s why they strategically put SHIELD there. The Originals will only have max 3 million viewers and TVD has that covered by helping out. So I don’t think that’s going to be a problem at all

  7. Julie says:

    I think it’s crazy that anyone could predict with any certainty, which MC seemed to do, that a show that hasn’t even premiered yet would come close to rivaling the show that’s been number one for years now and whose audience seems to grow each year.

    • as524 says:

      nah…it’s not crazy Julie…it’s because they are so invested in the whole ziva is oh so popular and everyone loves and wants to see the tiva romance come to life on screen that with cdp leaving the only thing they can think of is that NCIS must now fail

      • I’m pretty sure some people WANT the show to fail now that Cote is leaving, so they can be vindicated. It’s pretty childish. I’m ashamed by and for some factions of the fandom right now.

        • ClassicNCISfan says:

          At the rate it’s going & with the insane amount of abuse the cast, writers & others affiliated with them are taking on twitter still, not to mention a rather outlandish snail mail letter writing scheme (that includes sending paper clips & just about anything else) to CBS execs (including Nina & Les) – it really sounds like the on line fandom as a whole will implode prior to the season 11 premiere. Which will then leave the majority of fans (who actually aren’t involved in fandom) as the ones TPTB look to satisfy.

  8. rod says:

    “Jane may have broken Grayson’s heart in the last episode, but don’t feel too bad for the handsome lawyer. “There’s a hot and heavy romance” coming up real soon for him, teases creator Josh Berman”

    -Please dont, let Greyson suffer for one season like Jane did for 3 seasons. He doesnt need a new girl.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Agreed!! He should stay single and try to win Jane over for the rest of the season. It will be a big let down if he moves on really quickly instead of pining and trying to win over Jane. I want their love to be real. If he moves on right away, then it will seem like it wasn’t real. And didn’t he love her all last season? He can’t just get over her.

  9. K. says:

    I had already bumped NCIS to the DVR position when Avengers was announced to be in the same time slot. I have been losing interest in it even before it was announced that Cote would not be back. This just bumps it further down the priority list….I might catch it in repeats.

    • Susanne says:

      I agree. I have been watching the show since Day 1 and have noticed that NCIS writing has been going downhill for a few years now. I hate to admit, the only thing that kept me watching was the TIVA element, but since that is over, NCIS will probably be a DVR event only.

  10. How does making Peter Pan the villain in Once not make the show more like Fables? Making Peter the bad guy (The Adversary) was the original intention. Remember when some said that if the sheriff was the werewolf then Once would be a rip off of Fables? What’s the difference?

  11. Tory says:

    While there is a coterie of Ziva/Tiva fans threatening to leave, it seems their numbers are smaller than they realized. I don’t think that CdPs leaving (her choice by all accounts, not a nefarious plot by mysoginstic CBS execs) will breathe new life into a show that has been increasingly bogged down by illogical Mosaad storylines and a flawed & doomed mom-romance. I foresee a freshened NCIS revitalized and bringing in stronger than ever numbers for Season 11.

  12. Patty says:

    Definitely still watching NCIS. I’ll miss Cote but for me, the show > Ziva/TIVA.

    And I’m pretty sick of people blaming CBS, she made her decision. CBS offered her a reasonable amount of money. And please stop making this a sexist issue because it’s not. Pauley, as a woman, is earning as much as Michael. They both were on the show since the very very beginning(JAG), and both have more experience. Forgive me but I feel that it’s ridiculous if Cote wanted to earn as much as them.

    As for the viewers, I highly doubt the show will have any threat of losing the “#1 show” title whatsoever. NCIS always has been a high quality show and even after the departure of Cote, we still have 7 excellent cast members. And the show will probably get pretty exciting when we see how they deal with Ziva leaving and the story that follows. Makes me pretty excited to know how it will play out and what will happen.

  13. NoChance says:

    I didn’t realize there would be two shows trying to get the demographic (18-25) viewers. Good news for the older skewing NCIS.

    I think it will do just fine, even after the exit of one of the gang of 8. We still have the other 7 and I’m looking forward to they and the writers have in store for us in Season 11.

    Ms de Pablo made a career decision to leave. I’ve seen the site that claims it was over money but until today I’d never even heard of it. I’ll take his claims that this was a money issue with a grain of salt.

    Might be true or it might not. Personally I’m going to give Cote’s words a lot more weight than that gossip columnist and wish her the best of everything as she moves forward in her life and career.

    • NoChance says:

      Sorry, forgot the word “what” – “I’m looking forward to WHAT they and the writers have in store for us in Season 11”..

    • It’s so nice to see comments that utilise common sense and logic.

      “Personally I’m going to give Cote’s words a lot more weight than that gossip columnist and wish her the best of everything as she moves forward in her life and career.”


      I’m bemused by the number of people ignoring what has actually been said by Cote, other cast members etc, and instead clinging vague bits of gossip and here say.

  14. Brandon says:

    Are they replacing ziva with a new team member

  15. ben says:

    I’m not really sure how anyone can compare a freshman show to an established juggernaut before a single episode is aired or has ratings. Of course it has to best the Originals first. I hope SHIELD does great, but I’m not going to assume it will until it actually does.

  16. Kate says:

    “A new Robin Hood” on Once? Did I miss something? Does this mean the really really ridiculously good looking Tom Ellis won’t be returning?

  17. Leslie says:

    REALLY want some SVU spoilers. SVUers haven’t had any at all hardly.

  18. Grammar Police Sorry Not Sorry says:

    Thank you, Matt. And it should be whose, not who’s, in your BATB scoop.

  19. prish says:

    I’m sorry the Ziva character is leaving. Now, I feel like the guys at the end of the movie, The Truman Show. What’s next?

  20. Susan says:

    I wasn’t worried about Eric dying on True Blood since fans would riot. I am worried that Pam’s going to die the true death, and for me that is almost as bad as Eric dying.

  21. Ron says:

    I said i wood never watch again when Kate was killed off.I din’t like Diva,but she grew on me.I suspect that’s what will happen again.Atthough I would like to see someone on a cross between Kate & Diva

  22. A says:

    I have a feeling that PLL is saving their prom or graduation episode for therir 100th which is in early season 5.

    • T says:

      The writers wants to do like at least 7 seasons… I don’t think it’s likely that the show will continue when the girls are all in different colleges, it’ll probably end either with graduation or at some point during the summer before they all head off to college. So a prom-episode will probably not happen until towards the end of the show, unless they slow time down even more (I hear that the final season of How I Met Your Mother takes place during one single weekend.)

  23. Kathy Agel says:

    “S.H.I.E.L.D.’s more direct competition, I imagine, is The Originals, as those two first duke it out for the genre-TV-loving eyeballs, before either start eating into CBS’ older-skewing audience.”

    Um, you DO realize that a lot of us who comprise the ‘older-skewing audience’ aren’t quite ready for our graves yet, right? That a good chunk of us (I’ll be 58 next week) grew up watching Star Trek, and have continued to watch (and read) SF and fantasy?

    • cas says:

      Yes but the ratings don’t care about anyone over 49. So while the older crowd helps with the number of viewers, it doesn’t help with the 18-49 demo. That’s not to say that NCIS doesn’t have a good 18-49 demo because it does, but I believe the older people are what puts makes it the most watched program.

  24. Ally_D says:

    Big YES to more The Fosters. For me it’s been the surprise of the summer. As a huge QAF fan I started watching because of Peter Paige’s involvement but it really is very good. And Maia Mitchell as Callie is a total revelation; I predict big things in her future when The Fosters ends (which I hope isn’t for quite a while yet).

  25. Tallee says:

    FYI- you can stream Bunheads from Amazon if you have a Prime membership. You may also be able to buy episodes, but I’m not positive on that…

  26. CA says:

    First of all, no one on NCIS makes 225k an episode. MW and PP get paid the same, 175k per episode. If you don’t believe it, Google it. If she turned down 200k an episode, that’s her bad.

    Second, if the split with the show and network wasn’t amicable, do you really think Cote would come back to “close out Ziva’s story? They could do that with a couple lines of dialog. That would be a heck of a lot cheaper and easier than having to write however many episodes she’s gonna be in and pay her for them.

    And finally, I keep hearing that Cote is a strong independent woman who is a role model for women, young and old, around the world, yet her fanatics expect Harmon and Weatherly to fight this battle (if there actually is one) for her. I believe she is more than capable of standing up for herself.
    The attitude that some of the CdP/Ziva fanatics have right now is an insult to the cast, crew, and Cote herself. Not to mention, an embarrassment to the fandom. If you’re that unhappy that all your NCIS fantasies will never come true, just stop watching. It’s more than obvious that some people really don’t like the show at all, just one little piece of it. That piece is coming to an end. Get over it!

  27. Callie says:

    I disagree with the reasoning that people would only stop watching NCIS if they were ONLY there for Ziva or Tiva. I loved both, and I will not continue to watch the show, however neither of those are the main reasons. In my opinion, NCIS wasn’t the NCIS I loved until Cote came. The team I l

    • ClassicNCISfan says:

      The team was there prior to Ziva/Cote’s arrival – she did NOT make it…
      The team will continue to be there after her exit (may it please be a permanent one)
      She did not make the team – she’s a singular character. Saying that she did so, just means that Ziva is more important than the others for you – which is fine. Just not sure what it’s so hard to admit

  28. Callie says:

    I disagree with the reasoning that people would only stop watching NCIS if they were ONLY there for Ziva or Tiva. I loved both, and I will not continue to watch the show, however neither of those are the main reasons. In my opinion, NCIS wasn’t the NCIS I loved until Cote came. The team I love, the FAMILY I l

  29. Callie says:

    (My comment keeps getting cut off)
    I disagree with the reasoning that people would only stop watching NCIS if they were ONLY there for Ziva or Tiva. I loved both, and I will not continue to watch the show, however neither of those are the main reasons. In my opinion, NCIS wasn’t the NCIS I loved until Cote came. The team I love, the FAMILY I love, is not complete without Cote/Ziva. That’s not to say I was just there for Ziva specifically, but for the Team Gibbs I love. Without CdP, NCIS will never be the same. And frankly, that’s not really an NCIS I want to witness.

    • ClassicNCISfan says:

      You are correct – without cdp, NCIS will NEVER be the same – as has been said with every new addition by none other than Harmon. They got better & the same will happen whether they stay with the cast they have or bring in another agent. NCIS WILL GET BETTER WITHOUT CDP/ZIVA

      • kath says:

        They will have to bring on another female character. Without Ziva, they have six men and only one woman — the testosterone will be off the charts. it’s worse than a James Bond film and not something I have any interest in.

        As for Harmon’s PR statement, yeah, it got better with the addition of Ziva but I think it got worse when they started giving so much screen and story time to Vance. I skipped a lot of season nine because they focused so much on Gibbs, Tony and Vance. Yawn.

  30. Kim R says:

    Covert Affairs (subject change!) :)….is it possible Auggie is not really blind? That he has some sort of procedure that no one knows about? That would certainly change things up.

  31. Allison says:

    The return of Sendhil Ramamurthy as Gabe in Beauty and the Beast makes no sense. During the Gabe arc, we learned: The pills to keep him normal didn’t work any longer and he would be in beast mode 24/7 without the pills. The pills were killing him by destroying his brain, muscles and tissue. Without Vincent’s organs he would die. He was shot four times in the chest.

    So, do the writers actually believe that they can just stand him up, dust him off and we will buy it? Do they honestly think we are that stupid?

    Okay, so lets say they do believe we are that stupid and go with it. Gabe would then be a beast all the time and running around NYC. He has no control or memory when he is in beast mode. He serves no purpose to the story if that be the case. Then lets say the writers think we are even more stupid so they write in a cure for him that was previously unknown so there was no reason to kill Vincent in the first place.

    Then what? He just blithely returns to being the ADA and goes about his business? what about the murders he has committed or will they then have to convince us he didn’t do in the carriage driver and Ray Sheckman?

    I know their intent was to make him the star. He was more beasty than our story’s hero, he has money, influence and power. But he doesn’t fit. The story is Beauty and the Beast not Beasts. His character takes away from the story not adding to it. They have gone too far with him being a villain who should be dead now. They can’t retract all of it.

  32. Bobby says:

    Thanks guys for answering my question. That’s really cool. I really hope Tara and Pam are safe on TRUE BLOOD.

  33. Marie says:

    Will miss Ziva – She was 100% better than Kate. Maybe or hope she changes her mind and comes back sometime later in the series. Whatever she decides, wish her well in whatever she chooses to do. Would like to see Catherine Bell appear on NCIS – Great Actress.


  34. joho says:

    Matt, thank you for the Scandal spoilers. I think there are three possibilities in terms of who outed Liv’s affair with the President.Let’s start with who it is not. It’s not Mellie, Cyrus, James, David, SSA Tom, Rowan, Jake Ballard, Harrison, the Prez, the Prez’ secretary, Lauren, Hollis, Becky, Charlie,VP Sally Langston, or Billy Chambers. I think it could be SSA Hal because of his loyalty to the FLOTUS, Abby as get back for destroying her relationship with David or Huck because he hates the president and worries about Liv ending up in the bottom of a river. Of course all three of my guesses could be wrong it could be Liv who outed herself just like Hollis’ daughter kidnapped herslef for 20 mil.

  35. 4luvofncis says:

    Well, the question is being asked, so that’s mean something. If people weren’t wondering it then perhaps it isn’t a realistic outcome. But people are thinking it. And it’s not about whether or not people just tune in for Ziva or Tiva, Matt. It’s about the collective cast, and how they play off of one another. The dynamic created by this team of people is what made NCIS #1, and Cote de Pablo is central to this dynamic of actors, & several KEY relationships of characters. How can the characters, if continuity is true to its form, and the cast & crew for that matter, not be severaly impacted by Ziva/Cote’s absence? I mean, are you kidding me it’s not going significantly change anything? Um, I beg to differ. No, perhaps it isn’t “the end.” But it’s definitely the end of #1. If “business as usual loses all meaning” for Tony, Gibbs is impacted. Gibbs loses another “daughter.” Ducky is impacted by Gibbs. Palmer is impacted by Ducky. McGee is impacted because of Tony & Gibbs. Then Abby is impacted because of McGee & Gibbs. And Vance impacted by everyone. Or producers could water it down to not mean anything, & then fans are put off by this lack of realism & disjunction. People were already getting fed up with TIVA “percolation” or “obsession,” depending on which side of the fence they were on. And Cote’s departure most likely had something to do with a disagreement with CBS & Gary & their treatment of Ziva and TIVA. I don’t think you realize how strong of a response her possible departure has created with fans. I’ve read several dozen comments stating they’re not interested in watching w/o Cote. That represents about 36,000 fans. That’s just my sphere. If everyone knows about 50 people that aren’t going to watch anymore, that’s A LOT of people. 3 million people will be a cinch. That’s the cold hard truth that you & CBS & some fans find themselves denying.

  36. Mary Morris says:

    I would like to write ABC and say how much I like “The Fosters”. Do not know the correct address. Can anyone help me with this?

  37. Penny. Thank you for the scoop on Beauty and the Beast. So looking forward to new season. says:


  38. 4luvofncis says:

    This just in! TV Guide article confirms contract issues at heart of Cote’s departure. Cote wanted one year & salary increase. CBS wanted multiyear contract & agreed increase. CBS said: $#&% NO! to what Cote wanted. So Cote walked. SIGN THE PETITION!!