Suits Boss Previews Mike/Rachel Hook-Up Fallout, Broken Bromance & Donna's New Harvey

Suits Season 3 SpoilersSuits of armor might be needed for Season 3 of the USA Network drama (debuting this Tuesday at 10/9c).

The Brits, including Game of ThronesMichelle Fairley and Conleth Hillare, are invading Pearson Hardman (and flirting with Donna!). Meanwhile, this season’s theme is “consequences,” says executive producer Aaron Korsh.

And those consequences extend beyond office power plays as Mike and Rachel must deal with the aftermath of their steamy encounter and his confession to her.

Below, get the scoop on what’s ahead from the series’ boss.

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TVLINE | Now that Mike and Rachel took this big step in the last season’s finale, what’s next for them?
The analogy I like to use is that Mike has revealed a betrayal to Rachel, of sorts, because he basically told her that the thing that she most wants to do in life professionally – go to Harvard and probably work at Pearson Hardman as a lawyer – and that he’s been doing all this time, has not been legitimate. So that is somewhat of a betrayal to say, “I’m living your dream, and I didn’t earn it.” Even though they got over it in the heat of passion, that is going to come up again and again throughout the course of any relationship that they might have.

TVLINE | How will the fact that Rachel now knows his secret and is living with it affect them as a pair, but also her individually?
It absolutely has impact on them as a couple and for her individually. Basically, imagine you know that the person that you love has this dark secret. They’ve been living with that secret for a while, and you haven’t. It’s a process to get a bombshell dropped like that on you, and the ramifications of that secret hit her in stages. It’s one thing to say you’re going to accept it, but it’s another thing to get hit with what that secret actually means to both Mike and you over time, if you were going to want to have a relationship with him… If Mike is going to meet her parents, that all of sudden is like, “Oh my God, I’m dating a guy that is not legit.”

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TVLINE | The upcoming flashback episode has been talked about a lot. What’s the importance of doing this now, and what kind of things are we going to learn about the characters?
We thought it was a good time to take a step back and illuminate a little bit of their past and use that past to inform some decision points that they have in the present. That is true for Harvey, Donna, Mike, Rachel and Jessica — [and to a lesser extent] Louis just because he doesn’t happen to, at this point in the season, have a big decision point. In the present, Harvey is having a case against Cameron Dennis, and we flashback to when he was at Cameron Dennis’ office. That ends up, in turn, revealing some things about issues that he’s having in the present day with Donna and Jessica and Cameron. With Mike, [he] is having a bit of an issue with Rachel, and we flash back to when Mike was in college, which was at the same time that Harvey was in the D.A.’s office. We learn some new things about Mike, and it informs his relationship issue in the current day.

TVLINE | What’s going on with Donna’s story arc this season, outside of Harvey?
This season is about living with the consequences. It’s about the consequences of the choices and actions people took last year. But specifically, when the merger happens, people from Britain are going to start popping up in our world to some degree. They’re going to have effects on the characters in the show, and that includes Michelle Fairley from Game of Thrones, [who] plays a prominent role this year, as does [Conleth Hill as Darby]. And Max Beasley, who is also a big star over there, is going to come over. He’s Edward Darby’s Harvey. He has a flirtation with Donna. It may not lead to something. It may or may not have an effect on Harvey and Donna’s relationship. They certainly have a flirtation, at the minimum, is what I can say about that, and it causes some ramifications within the firm.

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TVLINE | What’s the dynamic like between the British Harvey and our Harvey?
It will unfold throughout the season, but as you can imagine, in the beginning, Harvey is wary of him. He turns out to be more than meets the eye and, to some degree, wins Harvey over.

Suits Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | Harvey and Mike had a big falling out at the end of last season. Is the bromance officially over?
[Laughs] I don’t think the bromance is ever going to be officially over… It’s like they’re a family. The difference between family and everyone else in the world is you can get madder at your own family sometimes than you would ever get at someone that you didn’t love and wasn’t your family… So when I talk about the Mike/Harvey relationship – it’s also paralleled with the Jessica/Harvey relationship – it’s mentor/mentee, but it’s more than that. [Mike] behaves differently with Harvey in order to attempt to persuade Harvey to forgive him. It might take a little bit.

TVLINE | Are there any fun Louis storylines coming up? Or maybe something delving more into his background?
There are many fun Louis stories coming up. Louis, like everyone else this year, is going to a little bit, live the consequences of the actions that he took in [Episode] 216. He’s going to have some penance to pay, so to speak. He’s like a triple threat. He’s a comedic character, he can be a villain and he can also be someone that shows tremendous vulnerability and emotion. We try to continue to explore all three of those things throughout the season.

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  1. Esaul says:

    I want Tuesday already. Best show of the summer. :D

  2. rebecca says:

    Can’t wait! I need more Donna!

  3. M3rc Nate says:

    What has me most confused is the stupid trailers on USA. First off they show WAY to much of the upcoming season, if you (TVline) went frame by frame through each trailer you’d get more spoilers than you’ve given so far. Also im confused because in some trailers it makes it seem like Mike and Rachel are together, you have talked about him meeting the family and how “awkward and good” those scenes are and i believe the trailer showed him getting out of Rachels bed (so they sleep together again)…yet another trailer shows Rachel telling everyone at the lawfirm that Mike is a fraud and didnt go to Harvard…though i suspect from how its shot and the fact that i doubt they can have her saying that on the show yet (letting it out of the bag in such a big way) that its a nightmare sequence that Mike wakes up from.

    Still, overall…im excited for this season especially with the British merger shakeup, HOWEVER i hope they dont change SO much that they lose what was so awesome/fun/special about the previous seasons. I hope Rachel doesnt keep bringing it up over and over and over because the writers need drama and want to milk it for all its worth until they eventually have them together together (aka together and happy). But so far Suits hasnt failed me yet, so i will give benefit of the doubt.

    Am i rightly assuming the reason Rachel jumped Mike’s bones in the finale last season is because even though she was semi disgusted by his revelation to her, she has wanted him for so long and he finally told her his big secret so she knew instantly that he had finally fully opened up and revealed himself to her? Which then meant there was nothing stopping them from being together?

  4. John says:

    Ah, Louis is a vile worm. But as mentioned he does have his moments. I liked when he lied to Rachel about her Harvard rejection, I don’t see why he had to do that except he’s not as smarmy as he’s usually behaving. That was a nice thing, perhaps the truth would have been “better” but his intentions seemed to be about protecting her, not a terribly bad reason.

  5. Mo says:

    Wow… I can’t wait for this season to start! I’m glad the Mike/Harvey relationship isn’t completely broken, but I hope Harvey/Jessica finds a way to heal also. And more Donna awesomeness, please & thank you!

  6. Martin says:

    I was still convinced after 210 that we were eventually going to find out that louis actually voted for jessica to stay on as managing partner and they did some trickery with some unknown partner voting the wrong way. don’t think it’s going to happen anymore though, not 100% sure but not far off. Really thought they were going to have a flash back with louis revealing he did vote for jessica and after others find out him revealing reason why he didn’t say anything to anyone cos he didn’t think anyone would believe him. Cud still happen, and would sort of like it to, but doubt it now.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      That wont happen, not only did he admit multiple times that he did vote for Hardman, and how when he voted Hardman out it was talked about how he Voted for Hardman when he was being courted (tricked) by Hardman, but when he didnt like Hardman anymore he voted him out (when his vote wasnt needed anyways, they already had the majority).

      I get what your saying, how you wished for a secret redeeming quality for Louis, and I as well am excited for the future of Louis where he will probably be good for a while, but all of last season with Harmon went to prove his nature just doesnt sync up with Harvey/Mike/Rachel/Jessica. Hes a pitbull and Jessica isnt giving him enough treats/attention/love so every once in a while he nips at his owners, sometimes full out biting them. But hes a hell of a lawyer, and a fun character so im excited for more Louis.

  7. Joey says:

    Great interview. I can’t wait to watch season premiere tomorrow night.

  8. sladewilson says:

    The bromance is the most important relationship of the show. So, don’t keep Butch and Sundance seperated for long. Harvey and Mike are at their best when they team up….

  9. liz says:

    Jessica, Donna, and Louis are my favourites so I’m glad to get more of them soon!

  10. SK says:

    Can’t wait for Suits tonight!! I’ve been missing my Harvey! One of the best, fast hours on tv! Love it!!

  11. Rusty says:

    I have waited for this season to start. Really enjoy the show. That being said, this constant infighting and constant back story in every episode, is starting to get a little old. I fear if the writers and producers continue along this path, this great show will be doomed. The first season was great. Second was all about Hardman. That storyline got a little old after the 4th episode of it.
    I miss the great interaction of Mike, Harvey and Donna. The just barely legal shenanigans of winning a case. Now it seems it’s all about infighting.
    So this whole season is going to be about consequences. The writing better be good and best keep me interested or I’ll pass on this once great show.

    (Of course as long as every show has a shot of Donna either walking towards or away from the camera stays on my DVR. :) ) That was tongue firmly in cheek. Her character is pivotal to the series. As Harvey’s conscious and confidant, Donna has a lot to do with maintaining the “bromance” (hate that name).
    Now then, what can we do to get this show moved over to USA’s parent network and having 22 or 24 episodes a season? It’s so much better than almost anything on network TV.

  12. M says:

    Max. Beasley. British Harvey.

    *brain explosion*

  13. jmodude says:

    The writers have come up with a sure fire formula to kill the show. Having the central characters at each other’s throats. Bringing in a slew of new characters at the same time. Successful shows are about the the way the characters interact causing the audience to care about them.

    Harvey at Jessica. Harvey at Mike. Darby at Jessica. Eventually we won’t care about any of the characters. They should have spent this season exploring the characters’ backgrounds giving them more depth. Keeping the audience interested. Instead the writers chose to make the show a cheap soap opera. If they keep going with like this the show won’t go beyond season 4, if that long.

  14. comeonsuits says:

    I like suits- seems the only one dealing with consequences (not all deserved) is Jessica. To bad since she’s the only adult at the firm. Harvey the prom king is busy being superman/ butch/sundance/ Mcqueen, to be an adult (lol). Jessica was the only one who could at times bring him back (briefly) to adulthood. IMHO everyone being forced to beg his forgiveness & declare unwaivering loyalty (drink Harvey’s kool-aid), especially Jessica, is not a good look.