Post Mortem: Covert Affairs Bosses on Arthur's [Spoiler], Auggie's Secret and a CIA Shake-Up

Covert Affairs Spoilers Arthur's SonWarning: The following contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s season premiere of Covert Affairs. Proceed at your own risk!

Covert Affairs certainly delivered on its promise of big secrets during its Season 4 premiere Tuesday night.

First off, Arthur’s a dad — twice over! Not only was his grown-up, secret child uncovered, but Joan was revealed to be carrying a bun in the oven, too. Meanwhile, Auggie revealed to new girlfriend Annie that he knew about the mystery man all this time — but he and Arthur are keeping something even larger close to their chests. Then, the man in charge resigned from his post at the CIA. Phew!

Below, executive producers Matt Corman and Chris Ord preview what all the changes and revelations mean for the characters going forward.

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TVLINE | Arthur has a son! That’s a huge thing. Can you talk about the thinking behind that storyline and the direction it’s going in?
MATT CORMAN | Talk about a secret – an adult son, who, by the way, is in a terrorist group. We just thought that it’d be interesting to introduce that powerful a secret. Where it’s going is he’ll be in more of the story. Manolo Cardona, who is a fantastic Colombian actor, will be interfacing with our other characters in a major way. He and Arthur have a very complicated relationship, and we’ll see more of that as we go through the season.

TVLINE | There’s always been political intrigue surrounding Arthur, but at this point, is he even a good guy anymore?
CORMAN | That’s a great question. In our minds, everybody lives in the gray a little bit, if you’re in the spy world. There’s no one who is completely pure, and there’s no one who’s completely evil. Arthur is still a hero and a patriot, but he’s a human being, and he’s a man. He’s made some mistakes, and a lot of what this season is about, to a certain extent, is redemption.

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TVLINE | Is Joan also going to be keeping her pregnancy a secret for a while?
CHRIS ORD | There’s only so long you can keep that a secret. [Laughs] It starts to show after a while.
CORMAN | Yeah, at a certain point, it’ll come out, and then they’ll have to deal with that.

Covert Affairs Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | How will Arthur react to that news?
ORD | He’s happy, ultimately, and I don’t think that’s a spoiler we mind giving. But it’s complicated, and it’s coming at a difficult time for their marriage and for him, personally. Life comes at you in funny ways at funny times, and they just have a lot on their plate.

TVLINE | Will Joan sense that there’s something off, that Arthur is holding on to something?
ORD | Yeah. A lot of these questions are what [Episode] 402 is about – a lot of clarity on the Joan/Arthur marriage and their secrets. In many ways, we explain a lot and reset a lot for them in that episode.

TVLINE | With Arthur resigning, what’s next for him, and who’s in charge now at the CIA?
CORMAN | That was another reason we – not why we did it — but it was something fun to explore after an event like this… that there is a power vacuum. Who’s going to fill it? Who’s going to fill the spots that are left by the person who fills it? That was a way of shaking up the CIA, internally, and creating some movement within the building that we hadn’t yet seen before.

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TVLINE | There’s obviously more to the story with Auggie and Arthur and what he knows. Is there anything you can hint about where that storyline is headed?
ORD | Well, Arthur and Auggie have a strong relationship, but it’s certainly being tested this season. And Auggie has got a huge secret that’s going to affect his relationship with Annie and with Arthur. That’s really the rich stuff in that storyline.

TVLINE | Even though Auggie is still keeping a lot from Annie, she did learn quite a bit of information in this episode. What is she going to do with all of that?
CORMAN | Well, it’s Annie, right? She’s going to want to follow it down and learn more. She has a thirst for the truth that goes fairly deep. She also has that tenacity that’s not going to prevent her from looking into things. Annie’s search for the truth in all this is really what the season’s about.