Arrow @ Comic-Con: Will Season 2 Give Us Suicide Squad, a Black Canary and Green Arrow?

Arrow Season 2 Suicide SquadArrow‘s adversaries for Season 2 will include (but by no means be limited to) DC lore’s infamous Suicide Squad — and a True Blood alum and a Dark Knight cast member are among the group’s ranks.

VIDEO | Arrow Duo Preview Finale’s ‘Emotional’ Fallout, Clear Up ‘New Black Canary’ Confusion

During the CW series’ Comic-Con panel on Saturday evening, it was announced that Kevin Alejandro would guest-star as Sebastian Blood (a character inspired by the New Teen Titans nemesis Brother Blood). Blood’s an alderman who rises to power in the wake of the earthquake that devastated Starling City in the Season 1 finale, and his “man-of-the-people” popularity instantly places him at odds with Oliver Queen.

Meanwhile, Michael Jai White — who appeared in The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger’s Joker and voiced Doomsday in the animated Justice League — will play Ben Turner aka the claw-wielding assassin Bronze Tiger. He’ll form an unholy alliance with China White (returning guest star Kelly Hu).

Michael Rowe’s Deadshot is also expected to be a member of Arrow’s Suicide Squad.

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Watch the new Season 2 sizzle reel, then scroll down for more scoop from Comic-Con panelists Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes, and executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg.

BE A HERO | The title of the season premiere — “City of Heroes,” which picks up five months later — is also the theme of the season as Oliver goes from being Arrow to being the Green Arrow. There will be “a couple of more heroes helping him out this season, in addition to one from last season,” teased Kreisberg, adding that “it’s not just about crossing names off a list anymore. Arrow Comic-Con 2013 Season 2 SpoilersThis season is about him seeing that the city needs a hero.” And that extends past Ollie as Detective Lance, Laurel, etc. also do their part to help.

A CANARY SINGS | A sneak peek at Season 2 revealed that Black Canary is indeed being introduced – “Where the hell did you come from?” exclaims Roy after watching her kick some butt – but like with all of the show’s comic lore-based characters, she may not end up being the ultimate Black Canary. “We’re telling the beginning of the Black Canary story,” explained Kreisberg.

BAD MOMMIE | “It’s [Moira’s] season of redemption. Can she come back?” Kreisberg previewed. In the meantime, Oliver will take more of an interest in Queen Consolidated, which is going to be difficult because his last name is now associated with murder. And what’s his sis Thea doing? Running Oliver’s nightclub!

THE DARK ARCHER LIVES | After John Barrowman crashed the panel, the talk naturally turned to his possible return. “Dead people can’t come back to life, can they?” Kreisberg hedged. For his part, Barrowman said he’d “be more than happy to come back into this family fold. And if I were invited back, it’s more than the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who has ever done, I’ll tell you that.”

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R.I.P. TOMMY | “No one’s sadder than I was,” Amell said of his onscreen buddy’s death. “Everything that happens [in the series’ run] is meant to honor [Tommy]. Every decision that [Oliver] makes is considerate of and inspired by Tommy going forward.”

BROKEN CITY | The destructive events of last season’s finale will still be felt all these months later. “Some people have worked out their stuff, others haven’t,” shared Kreisberg. That includes Laurel, who has “done her mourning and grieving and she’s trying to move forward in any she can,” but “as much as she loves Oliver, she also loved Tommy,” Cassidy explained. The actress also teased that her onscreen counterpart “starts to kick some butt.”

ROY’S SPEEDY FUTURE | “Season 2 can be almost like an island to Roy like it was to Oliver,”  Haynes said. “He’s going to have to realize he’s not as big of a badass as he thinks he is.” He also needs to win over Oliver as Thea’s boyfriend, which is “going to take some time.”

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  1. rod says:

    Another show Kevin Alejandro can be killed off of

  2. Michael Jai White played Spawn in that character’s movie too.

  3. andrea says:

    Is there any news about felicity? Like her past maybe?

  4. Maki says:

    I like them introducing the first B. Canary and thnt probably after a while Lauren will grow into the role. After this girl dies or gets hurt.

    It will be nice to see the season unfold. Can’t wait. Whta a busy day on CC today. Arrow,Originals,Once and VD. So many good information. ^_^

    • *A* says:

      I am hoping Sarah Lance ( BC I ) has mad computer skills ( sorry Felicity ) and is good at moving about in a wheelchair.

      Once Sarah becomes paralized Laurel takes over as The Black Canary II and after greiving decides to but her skills to use and Oracle is born.
      ( sorry Barbara Gordon )

      The Oracle creation story could just as easily work for Felicity Smoake’s character.
      ( Laurel, Helena, and Sarah/Felcity could even be spun off into tbeir own Birds of Prey spin-off )

  5. Tori says:

    Wow, Black Canary looks lethal. I look forward to seeing how they work the Black Canary mythology, it’s to bad about their”no superpower” rules because I would love to hear the canary cry.

  6. sad says:

    so “much” good information.

  7. ayesha says:

    I do hope Katie Cassidy never grows into Black Canary. Her acting skills have left much to be desired and the only word I can use to describe her character is annoying. And while I’ve never seen her throw a punch, something tells me her physical ability and physical prowess are far from being superhero level. Here’s hoping that this casting actually means that her role is slowly being diminished.

    • Lisa London says:

      One can only hope.

    • BTM says:

      I feel bad for KC. She’s a decent actress in a bad role for her. She was pretty much the saving grace of the Melrose Place reboot.

    • kath says:

      I agree with you on KC/Laurel so far. However, if they start writing her as a smart, self-sufficient lawyer instead of someone who is ditzy and needs a man to save her (her father, Tommy and Oliver in the season finale) maybe she would do better. I liked her best when she was supporting Tommy.

      Just as long as they keep her away from a romance with Oliver. That’s dead air for this show.

      • ethan says:

        Yep, a smart and self-sufficient lawyer would be godsend… if it weren’t for the fact that I still don’t think KC could act out that role. I can’t really put a finger to it – maybe it’s her voice, maybe it’s her dialogue delivery, maybe it’s her physical features, maybe it’s her personality – but nothing about KC screams strong, smart, independent or powerful.

  8. Olive says:

    I have a feeling Black Canary is going to be Laurel’s presumed dead sister, which was why her mother that she saw her alive last season.

    • BTM says:

      I’ve also seen speculation that Alex Kingston (the mother) will play the Black Canary.

    • brb123 says:

      She doesn’t look like her sister and I hope she’s not her sister.

    • *A* says:

      I wonder if TPTB over at Arrow have made a HUGE move regarding the show that we aren’t suppose to know about until the end of episode one of season two.

      Could episode one end with a dramtic fight scene involving The Black Canary ( Caity Lotz ) and say China White / Isabel Rochev / The Huntress and as The Black Canary walks away the winner she calls Ollie / Quentin Lance on her cell and they say “Where did you disapear to? Are you okay ?” We then hear the announcer say “The role of Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance is now being played by Caity Lance.” The End. Fade to Black.

  9. Joey says:

    Great scoop and good casting of actors joining season 2. The trailer looks great. I can’t wait for Arrow to come back in October.

  10. JC says:

    I think Katie Cassidy has been this show’s one big casting misfire, and it’s a shame because the Oliver/Laurel pairing done correctly should have been one of the show’s major strengths, but now it, and Laurel herself, are probably its biggest weak points IMO. It’s not so much that I think Katie Cassidy is a bad actress – I thought she was fine as Ruby in SPN – but she is not working in this role. At all. Maybe they can fix it with better writing, but I have my doubts.

    • ayesha says:

      Amen. Completely agree.

    • A says:

      Agreed. Cassidy was terribly miscast and doesn’t have romantic chemistry with Amell, IMO. Their scenes are just painful.

    • Drew says:

      The problem isn’t Katie Cassidy. The problem was that Laurel simply wasn’t a major part of season 1. She was pretty much in the background of the story because she didn’t have a lot to do with Oliver. Then she was used to bring out elements of the Oliver/Tommy relationship before the finale, but she still didn’t actually have a very active part in the show.

      I think that if they give Laurel something to do, she will be way more interesting. I don’t have a problem with her being less of a major part of season 1, but they need to start moving her more toward the center of the story if she’s supposed to be Black Canary. The question is, with all of the other characters who are up and coming superheroes on the show, how will they keep from turning it into The A-Team? How will they keep the line between Oliver and Green Arrow defined?

      • JC says:

        Eh, agree to disagree. I know this is a point of continuing debate – whether the problem with Laurel is the writing or the actress – but I’m pretty firmly on the side of it being the actress, for one thing because even the times earlier in the season when they did try to get her more involved with Oliver/The Hood, it didn’t work very well (IMO). So I’m doubtful giving her more of an active role in S2 is going to fix the problem. But we shall see.

        • Orion says:

          Bingo. Her active role was demolished and shifted to other characters like Felicity because the actress, Katie Cassidy was still painful and unimpressive in the few active role she was given by the show, so why would they have continued to risk anymore screen time on her. The show has already been there, done that.

          They would be smart if this Black canary/Caity Lotz intro is their back up plan.

          • Drew says:

            JC, a lot of the time when she was on screen, they were looking for ways to use the character when they really weren’t ready to have her front and center yet. Some of that was awkward, I agree. But I don’t think they stopped trying because she failed as a character, I think they stopped trying because it didn’t help the story to force her into the Hood storyline where she really didn’t fit too well yet.

            Orion, her role wasn’t shifted to Felicity. They fill two completely different positions on the show. There isn’t anything Felicity has done where you could swap her out for Laurel and have it make sense.

      • james says:

        Gotta agree with JC. Drew, you technically could have said the same thing about Felicity earlier on – in the first couple of episodes her screen time with Amell was minimum and the producers themselves have stated that they never intended for the role to be recurring or regular. But her superior acting skills (by CW standards at least, haha) and her chemistry with Amell in that limited screen time led to a meatier role and promotion to series regular.

        • Drew says:

          Comparing her to Felicity is apples and oranges. Felicity was a blank slate where the actress made an impact and inspired the writers, because she really didn’t have anything to gain or lose. Laurel is a regular cast member, meant to fill a specific role in a specific way. Katie couldn’t come in and play her as the quirky one or anything like that, or she would have been recast. On top of that, Felicity had a role to play in the Hood storyline, whereas Laurel was really just the ex of Oliver who was now dating his best friend. Yeah, they tried to bring her into the story with the cell phone, but they could only go back to that well so many times before it became repetitive and he looked like he was stalking her.

          Laurel was connected to many of the people who played larger roles in season 1, with Oliver, Tommy and Detective Lance, but she wasn’t actively involved in the major plotlines herself.

          It’s very possibly that she’ll fail when they do give her a larger part to play, but I’m not going to judge the fact that she wasn’t a central character last year.

          • sally says:

            Respectfully disagree Drew – yes, Laurel was supposed to play a specific character in a specific way. Laurel was supposed to be this anchor and love that helped Oliver last five years on the Island. The love of his life. I think that qualifies as a major plotline. And even if I concede and agree that maybe she wasn’t actively involved in the plotline, my dislike for her stems from the fact that she wasn’t a memorable actress in her scenes even if you view them as standalone scenes, separate from the Arrow world.

            She was the ultimate, incomparable shining light that no other woman was supposed to be able to compare to. Is that really such a hard character to pull off convincingly? I think the writers did write some meaty scenes for her to showcase her acting chops but so much of the Laurel character (the kind of character that you put on a pedestal) depends on the actress’ ability to pull off that sort of a personality. When she is fighting for a child as a lawyer, you’re supposed to wish you were even a little as pure-hearted as her. When she and Oliver talk, they need to exchange glances and share chemistry that melts the screen. When I saw Katie Cassidy on screen, I always thought her dialogue delivery was one-note, her face expressionless and that she and Amell just looked uncomfortable and awkward around each other. That especially surprised me since I’ve seen them in an interview off-screen and they seem so much more at ease.

          • Drew says:

            Fair enough. I’m just hoping that we will both be pleased with her as the show continues.

      • zathe says:

        lol, the problem isn’t Katie Cassidy, ummm yes it is, ok no more like she is part of the problem. Her fans can shield her all you want but that won’t stop her sucking and many people noticing it. She is not the only one who has ever had crap writing in her character, that still doesn’t excuse her lack of acting ability, inability to emote and lack of chemistry.

        Guess what even if they let her be the bad ass black canary, she still doesn’t have the physical prowess required to do that, like someone noted. Hopefully this new girl will bring even more proof Katie Cassidy is rubbish and they slowly phase her out for the good of this show.

        • Lyle Anderson says:

          How thoughtful.

        • Drew says:

          Man, how did you discover the massive conspiracy of the Katie Cassidy fans to shield our princess and shower the interwebs with loving comments to make her look better? It’s supposed to be a secret, but you totally found us out.

          Except, I’m not one of “her fans” and I’m not “shielding” anyone. I might have a different opinion than you, but that doesn’t mean that you’re an anti-Katie Cassidy extremist who is out to spread hate online, so why should it mean the opposite for me?

      • jen says:

        Maybe it’s the actress, maybe it’s the character. Doesn’t matter – bottom line is it isn’t working and it needs to go. I would be all for trying to build a stronger character and story arc for her in the second season if it weren’t for the fact that there are so many other interesting unexplored characters and stories. I feel as though she had her shot in season 1, and dragging her character further along is neither fair to the the fans nor to the other characters. I do believe that minimizing her screen time in favor of more background/ story arcs for Diggle and Felicity will help the show further since the show has always been it its best when the three of them are working as a team. Diggle and Felicity will also be integral to Oliver’s transition from Hood to Arrow/ Green Arrow, so it’s only fair that we flesh out their characters a little more.

      • sally says:

        They could give Laurel something more to do, I’m not going to deny that. But at this point, I think it might just be too little too late. Nothing about Katie Cassidy’s acting in S1 gives me faith that it would make the character more likeable and memorable. I am not convinced that Katie Cassidy can pull off this character or this genre and I’m dreading her transformation into Black Canary, should it ever happen.

      • elmo says:

        I do think the character of Laurel was poorly written, but I also believe that Katie Cassidy’s bad acting has something to do with why a lot of people dislike the character. She and Oliver are supposed to be in love, but every time they share screen space, I just feel like turning my eyes away because it is so painfully awkward and uncomfortable and cringeworthy.

        And while I am neither pro nor against Olicity, I will say that at least Oliver breaks into genuine smiles and grins around Felicity. I don’t think that I’ve seen one of those around Laurel yet – it’s always guarded or fake or nonexistent. I mean, it’s been an entire season and she hasn’t made him smile once. Is that too much to ask for from the love of your life?

      • kath says:

        Both the actress and the writing. She just doesn’t do subtle or anything below the surface.

    • Lisa London says:

      Totally agreed.

  11. Drew says:

    The Speedy story is interesting. Because Roy Harper is Speedy in the comics, but he is also Red Arrow (and Arsenal for that matter). The part where it gets interesting is Thea. She’s not in the comics of course… but her mother’s maiden name was Dearden, which is Thea’s middle name. And *Mia* Dearden in the comics is the second Speedy.

    Is Thea actually Mia? (is there a cousin out there)
    And if so, could Thea become Speedy, while Roy becomes Red Arrow?

    • JC says:

      Yeah, Thea as Speedy and Roy as Red Arrow is my guess too.

    • It gets EVEN MORE complicated when one realizes that Roy Harper is ALSO an Arsenal – a villain.

      Roy Harper in the show has literally three different paths to go, so I would not be surprised on if Thea and Roy would end up on different sides in the end, with Thea taking more traditional Speedy role, while Roy becomes a more “drastic” Arsenal.

  12. kath says:

    I hope the lack of spoilers about Felicity are because they are trying to keep things a surprise and not because the show runners don’t value the character as anything more than occasional humor.

    • brb123 says:

      Felicity is way beyond the occasional humor, and she’s the one that would make Oliver wear the suit again next season.

    • brenna says:

      I love this show and the Felicity character, and think her chemistry with Oliver and Diggle is so fun. Looking forward to Season 2.

  13. sarah says:

    Looking forward to the new season of Arrow! Still sad about Tommy, but this is one of my favorite shows! I am happy Kevin Alejandro will be on this season! I did not like him on Golden Boy but it is always nice to see him on tv.

  14. Mikael says:

    I love that they didn’t kill off China White. Kelly Hu is gorgeous.

  15. A fan says:

    Katie Cassidy will always be Ruby to me. I’m really excited about the new season. Although I will miss Colton on Teen Wolf, I’m looking forward to Roy.