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A 'Broken' Arrow in Season 2? Plus: Which Finale Scene Was Deleted for Being Too Revealing?

Arrow Season 2 PreviewHe helped save (part of) The Glades and ultimately drove his point home with the Dark Archer, but as Arrow‘s Season 1 finale drew to a close, Oliver Queen chalked up a big one in the loss column — the life of his longtime best friend Tommy Merlyn.

As such, Stephen Amell says that fans of the CW drama should expect to see a “broken Arrow” when Season 2 takes flight this fall.

“Not a Broken Arrow as in the Travolta/Christian Slater movie — which I enjoyed — but yeah… Oliver’s not going to be in a good place,” the actor previews.

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In saying a tearful goodbye to Tommy — who wound up sacrificing his life to save lady love Laurel’s, as one stretch of The Glades cratered — Oliver sustained “a massive loss,” Amell attests. “But hopefully this will be the impetus for something greater.”

In other words, Tommy’s death may ultimately help birth the superhero Starling City deserves as well as needs.

“There’s a reason why we don’t call [Oliver] Arrow, Green Arrow yet — because he’s not that person,” Amell explains. “He was a vengeful, stubborn myopic individual this year, and he has to grow, because his way didn’t work. He had moments of success but ultimately failed, so he’s got to become a better version of himself.”

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Alas, one person whom Oliver may keep at bow’s length as he recoups from The Undertaking and its casualties is Laurel, with whom he had just reunited. Having just lost someone else close to him, “I would think that a gigantic caution flag has been thrown up, for him having any type of meaningful relationship with anybody,” Amell reckons. “If Sara was a big wedge between [Laurel] and Oliver, I can only imagine what would happen because of Tommy.”Arrow_Season1_finale_TheaRoy

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Speaking of Starling City sweethearts: Relative newcomer Colton Haynes, who will be a series regular come Season 2, was pleased to see his Roy Harper take selfless action in the finale, running to the rescue of his neighbors rather than speed outta town with Thea — a certain signs of things to come for Oliver’s one-day sidekick. But, the actor shares, an even more revelatory finale moment was left on the cutting room floor.

Somewhere in between Thea helping Roy vanquish a gang of street thugs and the couple’s mid-quake kiss, “They cut out an entire scene that would’ve given a lot more away,” Haynes shares. “It was a big scene … that might’ve told you the route that Thea is going, or the route that Roy is going. But I think they didn’t want to give too much away.” With those teases tendered, he invites viewers to “draw your own conclusions!”

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  1. Mila says:

    Give me Olicity!!!!!!

    • Brian says:

      NO NO NO. They work so much better as partners, friends, casual flirty banter. Not every female needs to be a sexual conquest for the male lead.

      • Spikenalabama says:

        Completely agree Brian!!! In fact, I say that about many of the shows that I watch (Bones, Castle, NCIS, NCIS LA, etc).

      • Jessica says:

        I agree with Brian. I like tOliver and Felicity just as partners. They have great chemistry, but I like Oliver and Laurel together romantically.

        • LPala says:

          Aargh. Please, keep Oliver away from Laurel! Negative chemistry there. I’d like to see Oliver and Felicity, but not for a long long time, when he finally feels for her more than he feels for Laurel.

          • David says:

            Laurel to eventually become black canary

          • Niko Vernic says:

            Completely agree felicity is definitely a better match for Oliver than laurel

          • adelani says:

            no no no no!!!! ollie ain’t meant to be with any of em….. its just lyk clark kent in smallville, he ended up wid neither chloe nor lana…… so am hoping they bring in ollie’s louis….

          • Jade says:

            I agry!!and i really don’t like Laurel…she was better with Tommy!!and Olicity would be so cute but they would first need time to really get to know eatch other and why didn’t Oliver tell Laurel that he’s the Green Arrow and tell Felicity??because he trusts Felicity more then Laurel!!(;

        • Sara says:

          Have to disagree….Really don’t like Oliver and Laurel together. Something about her/actress.

          • merritx says:

            I completely agree. I just don’t get any type of chemistry when they are together. They are just not a good fit. Plus he can talk to Felicity even yells at her and she’s still there for him. With Laurel, that’s just not there.

          • Amilynn_De says:

            Agreed. All they ever do is angst at each other. All we ever hear is all their love, but nothing actually *shown*. We just see her pressuring him into moving in together, when anyone could see he wasn’t up for it, and her plans for the future which really aren’t *their* plans for the future. I never got the feeling she loved *him*, just the *idea* of him, and vice versa. Not a good relationship there.

        • Guest says:

          Okay. In that case, let Laurel be a friend, too. Something wrong with that? How is Felicity a sexual *conquest* when she’s the only one who meets him as an equal and the ONLY one (including Laurel) who has the guts to stand up to him when he’s wrong?

          Felicity and Oliver are partners. They work because they bring out the best in each other. He actually gets her to go out and use her skills for something greater, and she steadies his extremely questionable moral compass and believes in him as a hero and a good man, neither of which he can do for himself. If Laurel’s so close to him, why can’t he trust her with his secret?

      • Bruce_F says:

        I’m not going to pretend to definitively know who should end up with whom but “no, no, no” to your comment as well. You’re basically suggesting turning Felicity into Moneypenny and that’s a terrible idea. Additionally, it’s plain to see that Felicity is already way into Oliver (feelings he doesn’t seem to reciprocate) so, if anything, Oliver would be her sexual conquest.

        • dude says:

          She basically is Moneypenny.

        • kath says:

          Felicity is already so much more than Moneypenny. She’s smart, creative, and she call Oliver on it when he’s being stupid.

          As long as the writing is good, I don’t see why Oliver and Felicity couldn’t become a couple around season 4. Until then, they can build the friendship.

      • sladewilson says:

        Brian has it right on the money. As a matter of fact, if you break down the trio, Digg is the older voice of wisdom, Ollie’s the younger on a mission one, and Felicity is like baby sister who wants in the club. I know Thea is Ollie’s real baby sister, but Future Speedy is off mackin’ wit Future Arsenal… Leave the dynamics be…

      • dude says:

        Thank you for saying it! The past two episodes really had Oliver, Diggle and Felicity working as a team and cemented to me that they are really better off that way. They work SO well, I wouldn’t want that ruined for a romance that is doomed to fail since we all know he’ll end up with Laurel. I just don’t buy they’d put their entire operation in jeopardy for a fling and it would totally throw the team dynamic off as Diggle would become a third wheel.

        • brb123 says:

          We don’t know what would be the endgame like we didn’t know they’d kill Tommy. The writers could decide to make Oliver and Felicity the endgame.

      • DL says:

        Forget Olicity. All about the Felicitiggle. ;)

      • johhnny Juarez says:

        I also agree with Brian, that not every female needs to be a sexual conquest for the male lead, but the relationship between Oliver and Felicity may fall victim to an old adage. Leave a male and a female in a room for long enough and sooner or later they are going to …. you get the picture. A relationship between Oliver and Felicity would develop more out of circumstance and structure than say one that has already been marred with complication. Personally, I wouldn’t mind either way. They have excellent chemistry and Felicity could serve as yet another foundation for Oliver to look to for moral credence in his actions.

      • Lynn says:

        Ahh i felt like i was the only one who thought this way! i dont hate felicity, she is intelligent and obviously gorgeous but that doesnt mean oliver needs to date her. i think they play off each other well as friends and partners, but i dont get the chemisty that everyone seems to be talking about. if they do get together, which i reallllly hope they dont, i hope its like an awkward date where they realize they are just better off as friends and thats it. im not laurels biggest fan either but im hoping she really gets more developed in season 2. please no oliver and felecity!!!! as a side note, felicitys little “cute” one liners are extremely annoying to me i roll my eyes at every other one. when she is serious, like the scene with diggle in his apartment, i really enjoy her.

      • sharm says:


    • Marcee says:


    • Autumn says:

      I agree with Mila. Most entertaining part of the show. But they can draw it out a REALLY long time.

    • Yes to the sentiment, no to the abbreviation

    • mmac80 says:

      Yep! Olicity please, but not very soon. I would like a nice, slow build-up from friends to bestfriends/confidant to lovers, hee! Stephen and Emily’s chemistry is just so awesome that I like these moments they keep throwing at us fans…. for now. Oliver needs to get over his toxic relationship with Laurel first.

    • Elyse says:

      I totally agree with you Mila! love Oliver and Felicity! Laurel is awful… I don’t care that she is supposed to one day become the Black Canary I can’t stand her!

    • brb123 says:

      I think it will happen eventually but will take some time..

    • Bella says:

      I’m with Mila, though I would prefer Olicity wasn’t rushed.

    • psynce says:

      I realize that half of you don’t read the comics that these stories are based on…..but they actually get married goofballs. So how about keeping to the integrity of the original story at least for REAL fans’ sakes

      • cas says:

        Gosh I hope the writers stick to the comics. As much as I do like Felicity and Oliver, for some reason I just see him ending up with Laurel. I mean I understand deviating in some aspect from comics, but I feel like major arcs like that really shouldn’t be deviated from.

      • Guest says:

        Hey, psynce, late to the party, but perhaps YOU should read the latest incarnation – BC and GA aren’t together. At all. And even in canon, BC kicks him to the curb regularly for screwing around on her, and he has a laundry list of lovers that make Heidi Fleiss’s little black book look short. (And multiple children by other women.)

        Time to add your name to the goofball list.

  2. PPPG says:

    I hope the deleted scene is put on, captions ☺, the DVD

  3. “we don’t call [Oliver] Arrow, Green Arrow yet — because he’s not that person,” I don’t understand what this means. it sounds like he is implying that at the end of his journey Oliver will become the kind of comic booky superhero who smiles all the time or something.

    • Mari says:

      I think it means that while all superheroes in comics are somehow selfless, and do things for the greater good – while encountering bumps on the road – Oliver was, in this season, mostly driven by anger and vengeance and didn’t really use his power and abilities as he should have.
      Now he can grow and become a true superhero

    • TJCrinc says:

      aside from the toyman and Mxyzptlk and the joker is the only comic book characters that i can think of that smile a majority of the time. It wouldnt be a realistic show without realistic reactions to such tragedy.

    • Patrick says:

      I took it to mean that Olly would become a Batman-like hero. ie one that patrols for wrong doing, etc. Olly was only interested in “big bads” and not small crime. A guy who committed white collar crime felt the full wrath of the Hood, while a gang of violent bank robbers were the “police’s responsibility.” With his skills, he could really help take down violent elements of society, rather than merely going after the string pullers of crime.

    • Alan says:

      have you read any green arrow? the guy is not exactly laugh a minute, especially in the stuff that is the primary inspiration for the show. i think what he means is that he doesnt deserve the name right now but will eventually as he learns to be a better hero.

      • I have, which is why I’m worried that he might become that kind of person.

        I don’t really see anything in the show right now that isn’t like the comic, so I’m wondering what kind of change he has in mind that would earn Ollie the name Green Arrow? The name is fairly comic booky, so is he hinting at a change of personality to go with that name?

        • Alan says:

          i think its more to do with his abilities than anything else. so far he is good but nowhere near where green arrow is in the comics, i suspect after several years where his abilities as a hero have increased that he will be given the name. or at least thats how i read it.

        • brb123 says:

          I think Oliver will earn the name once he starts fighting for the little people instead of fighting for revenge. The list will be gone next season and we’ll see Oliver stepping up to see people at the Glades instead.

          • johhnny Juarez says:

            I respectfully disagree. I don’t think the next season will be marked by Oliver Ignoring the list. It all flows downhill. To truly change a dire situation you have to restructure the top before going to the smaller issues. Sure car theft and burglary seem to be the biggest issues within any small area but as a whole most petty crimes can be attributed to a lack of resources and wealth. In my HUMBLE opinion. The best path for the Arrow would be to dis-empower the supremely wealthy that sustain their wealth by preying upon the middle and lower class. Those persons would surely be at the top of the “List”.

  4. cb says:

    It was pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain the way the season ended that Ollie wouldn’t be in a good place for the start of season 2. He essentially lost, yes he beat the Dark Archer and stopped one machine but the other one still want off and his friend died. I hope he doesn’t push laurel away as we’ve seen that crap before and I don’t want to be constantly going back and forth.

    • johhnny Juarez says:

      Oliver’s demeanor throughout the show has always been right triumph’s all. The loss of a friend, which has occurred before, could not be seen as an instigating occurrence. Oliver believes himself to be able to discern right and necessary between wrong. His best friend died of circumstances outside of his control. As have others. The death of yoa feia. I know i spelled that wrong. As for laurel i believe this show will continue the “Dark Knight” approach. The mask is for the people you care about.

  5. Sher says:

    I freaking love this show. I hope it has many seasons in it’s future.

  6. Agree with Mila, but, I want Olicity slow and constant!!!

  7. sarah says:

    I think Thea NOT Roy will become Speedy.
    I do not want Felicity and Oliver to be a couple they are better as friends.

    • Azerty says:

      When Thea hit that guy in the Glades and said something like “I guess I have a good aim” I immediatly thought about it too.

    • Rook says:

      I want Thea to become Speedy more than Roy.

    • brb123 says:

      It seems Thea will become Speedy and Roy will become Red Arrow.

      • Keycode says:

        I think almost every single time I saw Roy he was wearing a red hoodie. Makes me think the color red means something with him and Oli calling Thea Speedy all the time says alot to me about her future character development.

    • Jess says:

      I was kind of hoping Roy will become Speedy but only after Thea dies. And Thea dying would turn him into Speedy.

  8. K. says:

    Well I’m a Felicity and Oliver fan also, they just have the right chemistry and really when Oliver took Laurel to bed I didn’t feel any heat whats so ever.. Also I know that Laurel was with Green Arrow as a couple in the comics but they didn’t stay together and both moved on….I do want Oliver and Felicity to get together but slowly….

    • Erik says:

      Black Canary and Green Arrow have a LONG history together. (at least they did before DC rebooted everything). To him, she’s always the “one” that everyone has to live up to. They got married, and only divorced when he went off the deep end when his city was destroyed.

      • brb123 says:

        Now his city was destroyed on the show too. I guess it means they’ll break up again next season..

      • kath says:

        On the other hand, didn’t Tommy survive in the comic to become The Dark Archer?

        The show doesn’t have to follow the comic completely, especially when it’s not working on screen..

  9. In the comics, Merlyn blew up a big chunk of Star City and the city abandoned The Glades, building a wall around it. Oliver ended up running for mayor to help try to rebuild the city. I wonder if this storyline is going to be the basis for next season somehow.

  10. LianHarper says:

    Based on the reveal that Moira’s maiden name is Dearden, Roy and Thea both have potential to step into the same wolf das Oliver. I’m curious to see if how they get involve is independent of or even in spite of the vigilante.

  11. Mikael says:

    I’m glad they acknowledged that they don’t refer to him as Arrow or Green Arrow. I was starting to think they should’ve called the show “The Hood.” I figured it was like Smallville where they kept saying The Blur. I hope they start calling him Arrow soon. I hope Thea becomes Speedy, Roy becomes Red Arrow and Laurel becomes Black Canary. Laurel will probably be the last to find out and join the team.

  12. Rob says:

    I’m holding out for Tommy not being dead – if he is they should change it. He was the most charismatic character on the show. It’s a cheap shot to kill him and leave his father alive.

    • Bruce_F says:

      Both Tommy and Malcolm are dead and nothing about it was cheap.

      • A says:

        Malcolm won’t be dead.

      • mac says:

        Malcom being dead would be a deal breaker for me. The character is amazing

      • Tess says:

        I didn’t get the impression that Malcolm actually died. Sure he was severely wounded but we never saw him die like we did with Tommy. My guess is Malcolm will lay low for a long while, since the police know he was behind the machine that caused the quake, but he will take his time to heal and come back with a vengeance because now that he’s lost Tommy and probably his company and fortune as well, he won’t have anything left to lose and that would make him all the more dangerous.

    • caffeine2 says:


  13. Jessie says:

    Excited for the second season and for ”broken Arrow”. As for Olicity, I’m in. Both Stephen & Emily are doing an amazing job & I’m exited too see their relationship develop more – Laurel/Katie Cassidy is simply not working for me.

  14. jj says:

    Tommy’s death is the best thing that happened in Season 1. Bring on Season 2.

  15. camille says:

    oliver and laurel not seeing it maybe if it was a different actress playing laurel instead of kate cassidy and i love felicity and oliver but together nope the have more of a friends relationship thats good,most shows dont give much focus on two people just being good friends and SO LOVING THIS SHOW.

  16. Patrick Maloney says:

    I don’t wanna say we are going to see Batman next season, but someone Batman adjacent? Perhaps Jason Todd? And have him team up with Roy?

  17. dela says:

    Olicity is better not to be rushed. I love what they’re doing with Jane and Lisbon at The Mentalist, friendship and a little bit flirting. They have to get another romance too, for sure. But, I am all the way for Felicity in season 5 or 6 maybe :D

  18. gabby says:

    No no N O to Felicity and Oliver. I want them to just stay friends, not every female/male needs to end up in a relationship. They can just can just stay friends. I just don’t see it between them.

    • Guest says:

      What is this, you can’t be friends and lovers, too? Why can’t he be friends with Laurel, then, if we need male/female friendships so badly?

      I smell people who just like to enforce the trope that intelligent women aren’t worthy romantic partners. Way to be sexist.

  19. kath says:

    I will miss Tommy. Good character, great job by Colin Donnell.

    But if his death keeps Oliver and Laurel apart, he won’t have died in vain. (I love the show, but I’m dreading Oliver and Laurel becoming a couple as they are in the comics.)

  20. dude says:

    Why is no one talking about the island …. Green arrow and deathstroke have a huge back story in comics…. How do they get kill that bond oh the island ….WHAT HAPPENED ON THAT ISLAND.

    • brb123 says:

      I read in another interview the question on the island next season would be “what happened to Slade on the island.” I think we’ll see him turning evil.

  21. ‘ll Still see people biting the tongue, when the new Laurel arise! This is because as “Oliver is evolving to be Green Arrow,” Laurel also become a Black Canary, and alienated “olicitys” will have to swallow. And from what I understand, and HQs Shows, Laurel does not need to detonate Team with the crime of staling City. Go Laurel!!

    • andrea says:

      laurel is basically lana lang from smallville

      • Jade says:

        Andrea is SOOOOO right!! Clark wanted her soo badly at he begining of the series and without knowing fell in love with louis* and they were just friends at the begining!!(;

        • Lady Deathstrike says:

          Dear God, you people need to do a bit of gooling at least before saying things like ‘Laurel is just Lana Lang’ and implying that Felicity will become the Lois Lane of Arrow, because, as much as we want that to happen, it just isn’t going to. Laurel will most probably become the Black Canary and even those who don’t have the most extensive comic book knowledge know that Green Arrow and Black Canary are the endgame. So, no matter how many love interests Oliver has throughout the (hopefully many) seasons, I’m pretty sure Laurel is the ‘be all, end all’. SHE is his Lois. And I was cringing the whole time I was typing that because Felicity is my absolute favourite character in the entire show. She’s freaken awesome and although I have also entertained the fantasy of Olicity happening on the show, I still think it would nonetheless eclipse her awesomeness. She don’t need a love interest! *snaps fingers*. Although, if truth be told, I’d be really into an Olicity coupling, I’d rather the writers tone down her crush on Oliver abit and find her another love interest.

          • Lady Deathstrike says:


            -PS. Regarding my earlier “SHE (laurel) is his Lois” comment…I just realised that they retconned Superman and Lois’ relationship in the new comics, making him and Wonder Woman the power-couple instead, and this is pretty revolutionary because, if they can redo a Supes without a Lois, who’s to say they can’t do the same thing with the Green Arrow/Black Canary thing? ;) Olicity shippers, there’s still hope for us!! :D keeheehheeee.

  22. Felicity to me is just a secondary character that can be easily replaced. But Laurel is impossible, since their importance is infinitely high both in life and in the Oliver Show and comics. The only couple that will be explored will gradually Lauriver and the rest will have to fit around the two. Because like it or not, Stephen and Katie are ACTORS.

  23. bello shegun says:

    I love dis arrow

  24. I think that Felicity plays an important role in Arrow; she is resourceful, smart, witty, and cute. Laurel is Laurel and Felicity is Felicity; in other words, they are both two different individuals with two different purposes androles to play in a non-competitive posture. I think that Olly should remain focused on his destiny of keeping his promise to his father and clean up the city of the bad guys and if he is to be with Laurel, so be it. Maybe a new character interest for Felicity, and has to stay focused on his nemesis! These three main characters need to remain in their present existing relationship – as I’ve always heard, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  25. kaleem says:

    ive never read the comics so i dont know if laurel is the black canary or not but if it isnt her i reckon it is her sister. Cause we dont know if she is actually dead or not and if i remember correctly in one episode laurel told someone that when she was younger her dad used to buy hes sister canarys. So you have a character who had canarys as presents, supposedly dead, her family thought she was alive but didnt have enough evidence. And a character called black canary. For me this all points to the sister being alivf and being the black canary

  26. andrea says:

    one thing they need to do for season 2 is fix laurel’s character. mess her up a little, she’s little miss too perfect, even though she know how to fight, she’s far from badass and I do think the story and chemistry between oliver and her was bad, their character may have a legendary love in the comic, but I’m sorry if they continue her like that in season 2 they should just erase her from the series

    it’s weird, from smallville to arrow, they always make canary unlikeable

    and about olicity, I still don’t know if I like them as a friend or more, but felicity as character is more interesting than other girls in the series

  27. slamzii says:

    let Oliver chose 4 himself………but i prefer Oliver with Felicity cos they look cute together.

  28. Ariana says:

    I love everything about this show, except for Laurel. I find her extremely annoying. I don’t know if it’s how her character is written, or the actress herself, but she has really just rubbed me the wrong way from the very beginning. I agree that not every female character has to be a potential love interest for the lead male character, but that being said…Oliver and Felicity would be fantastic to watch. And I agree that if they do develop them as a couple, it should be a very long marathon, not a sprint. But Oliver needs to be completely over Laurel before any of that can happen, and I just don’t see that happening anytime soon. Regardless of what plans they have in store for Arrow, if season two is half a good as season one was, I’m in :D

  29. cas says:

    I don’t understand everyone’s deal with Laurel. I like her. I like Felicity too, and if at some point Oliver and Felicity hooked up for a minute I would be okay with it but if they didn’t that is okay too because I like them as friends. I think Felicity and Diggle would be a good idea. I mean Laurel’s has been quite reserved this season, but I’d say she must be a pretty good person for forgiving Oliver for what he did. I don’t think after 1 season, we know any of the characters enough to really say much about them. Felicity is there for comic relief, etc, that is how her character is written. Laurel’s is written as the more serious one. I thought Oliver had chemistry with both girls but I guess everyone has a different opinion.

    • Ariana says:

      I can’t really put my finger on why I don’t like her, but I agree with you that it takes a pretty generous person to forgive Oliver for what he did. But like Oliver says, she always did see the person he had the potential to become, and she sees the change in him now. I like that aspect of her character and I warmed up to her a little. But I think it’s just the actress that I don’t care for. It will be interesting how she is portrayed in S2. And yes, everyone has a different opinion and i respect yours…it’s ok to agree to disagree, makes life more interesting :D

  30. Asia says:

    Laurel’s name is laurel lance and black canary’s name is Diana lance so I think that she might be canary.but a few things are wrong because canary knew about her powers from a very young age and it looks to me like laurel has no idea that she has powers. added to that fact canary is a blond.on felicity’s fragment of this argument based on the comic facts she marries firestorm with no relation to oli.

    • brb123 says:

      Laurel’s name on the show is Laurel Dinah Lance (and the BC’s name in the comics is Dinah Lance, not Diana Lance.)
      This show doesn’t have superpowers and they will introduce a “real” version of the Black Canary, thus Laurel shouldn’t have any powers she was supposed to know about from a very young age in this show.

      • Ariana says:

        On the show, they referred to her as Dinah Laurel Lance in the beginning of the season. Pretty sure Dinah is her first name even though she goes by Laurel.

  31. Yusuf says:

    do you know the star of arrow (oliver) is he spartacus??? surely is he,…….

  32. Benjamin says:

    i love this show and i cant wait to see the season 2 but i’d really like to know what happened to wilson and shadow on that island

  33. shinerra says:

    it’s very kul avin felicity and ollie 2geda,bt in most cases i tink laurel nd oliver are suitable for each other,bt unfortunately Ollie should be d middle man(marry the both of them secretely)bck to the island d gurl teachin ollie how to shoot an ARROW is also kul for him,i tink dat gurl didn’t die cos av nt watch all of de seasons…

  34. Shadreck says:

    Mr diggle must not be apart with oliver

  35. shinerra says:

    That film shuld definitly end up in season5 cos its very interestin especialy about d affections of luv nd suspense in there….Ollie shuld get in wit felicity,nd i tink if laurel sees dat she wil get angry,cos she had hotted ollie b4,nd dat makes it draw….

  36. tyler ryan says:

    I want Oliver with Helena

  37. If it is true to the comics, obviously Laurel will continue her relationship with Oliver,Tommy will be alive(he’s dead) and Oliver will become mayor of the Glades. Some of this will work but some just doesn’t suit the style of the show. If Oliver turns into a more Batman like character there will be a lot more action which would be good. Hopefully Slade returns to the island, not only would it be cool to see Deathstroke in Star City, it would make Oliver have a lot more flashbacks which are always exciting. An appearance from Batman would be awesome because Batman suits the style of the show but hopefully at first Oliver thinks Batman is another bad guy or other way around, come to think about it, anyone from the Batman family would be great, especially Nightwing and Catwoman. It would make sense for Dick Grayson to appear with Roy as they both have a lot in common but that would introduce Two Face due to Graysons back story and Two Face definitely doesn’t suit the show. Hopefully Felicity meets Firestorm but instead of having powers he will just be a slightly more helpless version of Roy. Hopefully Sarah is actually alive, comes back but Oliver’s alter ego as the Hood will get her killed and that would cause a break up between Laurel and OlIver, it’s not like their relationship can last the whole series, that would be boring, plus that would be interesting. At the moment Thea is being underestimated, fair enough that she takes drugs like Speedy in the comics but it would be nice to see what she would be like as a vigilante like we did Laurel in episode 2. As for Laurel, her character needs to be built a lot, at the moment all she does is hook up and then break up with people. If she became Black Canary it would be great because in episode 2 when she took down trained security guards she seemed like a very interesting character, then the rest of the season came. However she cannot have any powers as it would not suit the show. Helena was predictable from the start. She needs to become a good guy, get a better costume, use crossbows instead of guns and be more like she was the first time she appeared without the corruption. She did move to another city, perhaps Gotham? Roy must become Red Arrow right now, the red hoodie suits him! Yao Fei, perhaps Fyers and him planned a fake death. Digg is cool, hopefully Deadshot continues causing problems. Hopefully gets arrested but then busted out by Oliver. She would be confused as to why he saved her after interrogating her, obviously Oliver has to save his mum, that would patch things up with the two of them, conseal his identity and cause more suspisions with the cops. Enough catching arrows, it was cool the first time, now it seems like a standard thing. An appearance from Billy Batson would make sense because he an orphan like Roy. Hopefully Oliver becomes less bent on revenge and more of a hero than an assassin hunting down a list of names he was given. This would make for lots of character development, Easter eggs and a hell of a lot more action, not that the show’s not already doing all of this perfectly,Obviously a lot more exciting things are going to happen in season two but these things would be good for the directors to add to their “To Do” list. Best show ever!!!!!!!!!

  38. Typo, Slade comes off the island and to Starling city, not return to the island

  39. Hopefully Moira gets arrested

  40. An appearance from Justin Hartley would be hilarious!!

  41. Dolapo adetunji says:

    I love laurel and oliver together and i love felicity and oliver as friends and partners

  42. Kathy says:

    Laurel and Oliver should ultimately be together but they really need an actress who has more chemistry with Arnell. I like her as an actress but they just don’t feel right. IDK.

  43. stk.wayne karls says:

    Mr diggles must fall in love with the chemist

  44. Jowy says:

    Felicity n ollie would b perfect 2geda,definately no chemistry between laurel n ollie shez 2 perfect(its like she cn do no wrong..i dnt like dat) they nid 2 shake ha character up a bit… wuld make d show more intresting

  45. Rose says:

    DEFINITELY OLICITY. Oliver and laurel don’t match Felicity and Oliver must be together

  46. Rossyy Songz says:

    I really lovee to see Oliver and Felicity develope feelings for each other. Especially Oliver but it would takee some time, dont want to rush it maybe @ the end of SEASON 2 the LAST EP. It would be really cool if theres another GEEK (smart guy) introduce in this TV SHOW and the geek guy would date felicity and this makes Oliver alittle bit jelous and spy on them (felicity and geek guy).JUST SAYING. but 100% on OLICITY . They totally have a chemistry than ALL the other Girls in the Show. I dont like Laurel and Oliver because everytime when its there scene together i DONT SEE the CHEMISTRY between them two. Wonder why Oliver CHEATED on her with the sisterr.so i pretty sure Laurel is going to be the Black Canary to get her REVENGE on Oliver after she finds out that hes the VIGILANTE or Green Arrow guy. lol. FEILICITY AND OLIVER ALL THE WAY. she is Beautiful and he is Hot., to the Director and team behind this Tv SHOW. congrates you guys aree doing a AMAZING JOB. keep it up.100% ARROW. :)

  47. Vlad says:

    Oliver and Laurel need to stay together and Felicity needs to stay focus with her computer hacking stuff!! Haha
    Laurel is super hot and needs to stay together with Oliver because they make a great couple

    • George says:

      Yes!!! couldn’t agree any more
      Laurel is super sexy and I can’t imagine them not being together
      Oliver and Laurel make such a good sexy couple!!

  48. Jeb says:

    SHADO you morons!!!

  49. Celebrian says:

    Oh please. Laurel might be pretty but that is all she is. She’s got the personality of a brick. Oliver and she should just quiet, I can’t go through another season of I love him/her I love him/her not. I like Felicity and she and oliver will be sweet. But if it don’t happen it won’t break my heart. But I would like to learn more about her back ground.