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A 'Broken' Arrow in Season 2? Plus: Which Finale Scene Was Deleted for Being Too Revealing?

Arrow Season 2 PreviewHe helped save (part of) The Glades and ultimately drove his point home with the Dark Archer, but as Arrow‘s Season 1 finale drew to a close, Oliver Queen chalked up a big one in the loss column — the life of his longtime best friend Tommy Merlyn.

As such, Stephen Amell says that fans of the CW drama should expect to see a “broken Arrow” when Season 2 takes flight this fall.

“Not a Broken Arrow as in the Travolta/Christian Slater movie — which I enjoyed — but yeah… Oliver’s not going to be in a good place,” the actor previews.

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In saying a tearful goodbye to Tommy — who wound up sacrificing his life to save lady love Laurel’s, as one stretch of The Glades cratered — Oliver sustained “a massive loss,” Amell attests. “But hopefully this will be the impetus for something greater.”

In other words, Tommy’s death may ultimately help birth the superhero Starling City deserves as well as needs.

“There’s a reason why we don’t call [Oliver] Arrow, Green Arrow yet — because he’s not that person,” Amell explains. “He was a vengeful, stubborn myopic individual this year, and he has to grow, because his way didn’t work. He had moments of success but ultimately failed, so he’s got to become a better version of himself.”

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Alas, one person whom Oliver may keep at bow’s length as he recoups from The Undertaking and its casualties is Laurel, with whom he had just reunited. Having just lost someone else close to him, “I would think that a gigantic caution flag has been thrown up, for him having any type of meaningful relationship with anybody,” Amell reckons. “If Sara was a big wedge between [Laurel] and Oliver, I can only imagine what would happen because of Tommy.”Arrow_Season1_finale_TheaRoy

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Speaking of Starling City sweethearts: Relative newcomer Colton Haynes, who will be a series regular come Season 2, was pleased to see his Roy Harper take selfless action in the finale, running to the rescue of his neighbors rather than speed outta town with Thea — a certain signs of things to come for Oliver’s one-day sidekick. But, the actor shares, an even more revelatory finale moment was left on the cutting room floor.

Somewhere in between Thea helping Roy vanquish a gang of street thugs and the couple’s mid-quake kiss, “They cut out an entire scene that would’ve given a lot more away,” Haynes shares. “It was a big scene … that might’ve told you the route that Thea is going, or the route that Roy is going. But I think they didn’t want to give too much away.” With those teases tendered, he invites viewers to “draw your own conclusions!”

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