Was Arrow Death a Misfire? Um, Can't Castle Just Move? Obvious Grey's 'Shocker'? And More Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2013We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Revenge, How I Met Your Mother, Castle and Arrow!

1 | Orphan Black‘s tail reveal: Crazy awesome or just plain crazy? And did the special insignia ring on Helena’s handler’s finger give any Elementary fans a deja vu moment flashing back to last month’s “Dead Man’s Switch” episode?

2 | Wouldn’t Revenge‘s big Patrick cliffhanger have packed a bigger punch had they actually cast an actor in time for the finale and not been forced to use a random, awkward-sounding off-screen voice? (Speaking of which, who do you envision playing Victoria’s MIA spawn?) And who is the grandma that Jack shipped Carl off to? Jennifer Jason Leigh’s crazy Kara??

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3 | Up until the finale’s penultimate scene, did Once Upon a Time have you fearing that the show would forever (and annoyingly) avoid referring to Peter Pan by name? And with “Aurora” and “Mulan” now starring in new shows, will it fall on Phillip to nurse Neal back to health?

4 | Has Mad Men‘s Don crossed the line from antihero to just plain unlikable/despicable? Are you relieved that Don’s affair with Sylvia is over, in light of the unsettling turn it took? On the other end of the spectrum, has anyone ever deserved a nice guy like Bob more than Joan?

5 | Even given Game of Thrones‘ penchant for sex and violence, wasn’t Theon’s torture scene involving the two ladies a little over the top?Castle_S5finale_AngryRick

6 | Hey, Castle — “You get this job, you move to D.C., I’ll never see you”…? What, you can’t write your novels from a brownstone in Dupont Circle?

7 | To all the How I Met Your Mother viewers saying Cristin Milioti isn’t pretty or hot enough to be the mother: 1) Seriously? 2) Maybe Ted isn’t hot enough for her? And are you relieved that one more season is coming, considering the creators said they always envisioned ending with just a glimpse of the mother? Or has the idea of “the longest wedding weekend ever” turned you off?

8 | Did 2 Broke Girls have you thinking for a moment there that TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard had reserved a “Fatalities” slot for electrocuted Max?

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Popular TV Shows 20139 | Most disturbing facial expression of the week: Maya Rudolph’s ridiculously heightened angst in SNL‘s “The Californians” sketch or Zach Swon’s “Scream mask” on The Voice?

10 | Can The Mindy Project add Anders Holm as a regular for Season 2? We know Mindy and Danny are endgame, but Pastor Casey – particularly in the season finale — is just so great.

11 | Who else thought Arrow might kill Thea and is still shocked that the series had the balls — or was it foolishness? — to off one of its best characters? (And we didn’t even like Tommy at first!) Also, does anyone have an official tally on how many of the show’s 23 episodes found a way to get Oliver shirtless?

Popular TV Shows 201312 | After seeing Arrow‘s collapsing Glades and Supernatural‘s shower of falling angels, we have to wonder: Was The CW stockpiling its special effects budget for those two finales?

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13 | Based on Wednesday’s Chicago Fire, how likely are you to watch Chicago PD next season?

14 | If Maddie’s paternity is such a huge secret on Nashville, maybe Rayna should’ve kept the evidence of it somewhere more safe than her closet, no? And the show is going to introduce a smokin’ hot, country boyfriend for Chris Carmack’s Will next season, right?

15 | When you think about the Modern Family storylines that might’ve come out of it, are you kinda sad that Hayley didn’t make it as a Laker Girl?

16 | What’s more wack — a CSI such as Morgan Brody (and not a police detective) going undercover as a hooker, or a medical examiner such as Body of Proof‘s Megan Hunt (and not a police detective) pursuing murder suspects?

17 | Despite its sharp ratings decline and persistent rumors of its demise, isn’t it amazing that American Idol managed to present an almost fairytale-level Season 12 finale, in which the most consistently excellent, risk-taking vocalist actually managed to win the whole enchilada? Also, which was more bizarre: Aretha Franklin performing via satellite as the Top 5 girls gamely sang “backup,” or Mariah Carey presenting a badly cut-together, badly dubbed pre-taped medley?

18 | Which coupley moment on The Vampire Diaries made you swoon more: Elena’s confession to Damon… Klaus telling Caroline he intends to be her last love… or Matt and Rebekah’s “date”  plans?

Popular TV Shows 201319 | When might be the last time one actor — in this case, Sendhil Ramamurthy — appeared in two season finales (here, The Office and Beauty and the Beast) airing opposite each other? (That said: Very different roles!)

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20 | In the Beauty and the Beast finale, wasn’t it nice of Gabe’s guards to afford Vincent and Catherine more than two minutes to stop for a heart-to-heart convo, in the midst of being chased? Kinda like how Arrow’s Oliver hit pause on, you know, saving his city to chat with Laurel about how the island revealed “the real him.”

21 | We’re all for suspending disbelief, but let’s be real: There was no way in hell Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson could’ve survived that bus explosion, right? Do you buy Arizona’s argument that Callie lost “nothing” in the plane crash? And how obvious was it that Richard was in for a “shock,” once the handyman told him how simple it is to flick the power back on?

22 | In an otherwise clever, twisty Scandal finale, was blood-spattered sadistic Quinn a bit hard to swallow? In all his snooping, Jake never came across a photo of Olivia’s father? Could Harrison (again) have had less to do? And can some cable channel air the alt-verse version of Scandal where Olivia’s FLOTUS transition plan actually plays out?

Popular TV Shows 201323 | Which moment from The Office‘s swan song moved you Mose most: Michael showing up at Dwight’s wedding with a “That’s what she said!”… Pam secretly selling their house and telling Jim it’s time to move on… Erin reuniting with her birth parents… or the crowd cheering on Andy with a rousing ‘Ri-di-dit-di-doo!’ chant? (Also, did you hear the news? Michael Scott has kids… plural!)

24 | Given how there was not a peep about Elementary‘s casting of Moriarty, shouldn’t we have seen it coming that he was actually Irene Adler? And do you wish they hadn’t caught her so quickly?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!