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Question: Do you have any spoilers for Law & Order: SVU? There’s loads of rumors going around that Olivia might die in the finale. —Kayley
Ausiello: OK, so… apparently Mariska Hargitay has not yet inked a deal to return next season, despite my earlier assertion to the contrary. (In my defense, this is the only time I’ve ever been wrong about anything ever in the history of everything.) So, that little development, coupled with Kelli Giddish’s promise that the May 22 finale is “insane,” makes me wonder if the rumors might be true. “I cannot believe they ended it this way,” Giddish adds. “I gasped, myself, when I finished reading it. The fans are going to go nuts. It’s jarring and emotional, because so often our detectives never, ever let the perp get the upper hand, and that happens in this episode.” The episode opens with the detectives enjoying “a day off,” elaborates co-star Danny Pino. “It’s a very unusual way to go into an episode, where we’re all relaxing, doing our own things. And then it does this slow descent into a very dark place. It’s probably one of our darkest. And by the end of it… I mean, I really don’t know how we’re going to get out of it. I feel like the writers have really painted themselves into a corner.” As to whether Benson makes it out alive, all I can tell you is what Warren Leight tells TVLine: that the finale is “a struggle for survival between Benson and [a perp nicknamed] the Beast… I guess it can go one of three ways, you know?” Not exactly comforting, is it?

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Question: The Big Bang Theory closes out its best season yet this Thursday. That warrants a scoop! —Charlie
Ausiello: No matter how many times I rework my calculations on the white board in my office, I can’t alter this probability: Breakup rumors are swirling around one of the show’s couples. (In other TBBT finale news, did you see this?)

Question: Whatever happened to ABC airing the remaining episodes of 666 Park Avenue?  I need some closure here. —Matt
Ausiello: The remaining four episodes will unspool Saturday nights beginning in June, and Rachael Taylor is giving the final episode two very enthusiastic thumbs up. “I love the ending,” she tells TVLine. “Everything gets completely flipped on its head, and it was very fun for me to play. My character is very different in the last episode. I’m really looking forward to people seeing the end, because s—t gets crazy.”

Question: I’m a TVLine addict who is terrible at writing. How can I have your job? OK, I’ll settle for Breaking Bad scoop. —Sara
Ausiello: First off, Sara, I’d say you need to work on your cover letter. Here’s a little Bad intel to mull while you’re crafting your next draft: The series finale is “amazing,” raves Betsy Brandt. “It’s the perfect ending for that show.”

Question: Is Heather Morris leaving Glee? That finale sure seemed like Brittany’s farewell. —Donna
Ausiello: All indications are that Morris will be back in some capacity, but probably not until the first part of 2014 at the earliest (Morris’ baby is due in the fall). But don’t expect Santana to wait around for her ex to resurface. Word on the street is she’s getting a serious NYC girlfriend in Season 5.

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Grimm - Season 2Question: Any word on when Nick’s mother might be returning to Grimm? —Amanda
“There will be references” to to the Woman in Black in next Tuesday’s finale, per David Giuntoli. “There will be communiqués involved. I’m not sure in what capacity she’ll be back next season, but I’ve been ‘hearing things.'” (I have too; she’ll be back). Speaking of the finale, Giuntoli offers up the following teases: “There are going to be zombies; one of the main characters kinda-sorta dies and may or may not be coming back; and Nick and Juliet – romance!”

Question: 90210 pretty much wrapped up everyone’s storyline with the exception of Silver’s. It was kind of cruel just to leave things hanging on that cancer diagnosis. Was there supposed to be more to the story? —Tammy
Ausiello: Yes, but the 11th hour cancellation precluded the show’s brass from telling it. “It was a bit of a struggle not knowing where the series was headed,” admits co-showrunner Patti Carr. “We thought we would have more time to tell the end of it. It’s our apology to the fans if some of the storylines feel like they weren’t where you thought [they’d] end up — and I think Silver’s is one of them.”

Question: Any hints about who takes the cure in the Vampire Diaries finale? —Kate
Ausiello: Three, actually. 1) It’s not who I thought it would be. 2) Julie Plec is a genius. 3) Julie Plec is a genius.

Question: Any intel on Once Upon a Time‘s casting of Peter Pan? —George
Ausiello: The role of Peter Pan will be played by… a dude! “I can confirm that it will be a male playing the part,” exec producer Adam Horowitz tells TVLine. Beyond that, “Anything to do with that casting we don’t want to talk about, because that would be a big spoiler. Our approach to Peter Pan is one we’re super-excited about. Since Season 1, the Peter Pan mythology was something we wanted to do, but we couldn’t because of the rights issues. Once they were dealt with, we were able to finally go to town and open that world up. We started with Captain Hook, and we knew we wanted to build to what we’re about to do in Season 3.”

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Question: How about a scoop on the Nashville finale? —Missi
Ausiello: “It’s bloody,” reports Sam Palladio, all but confirming reports of multiple season-ending deaths. “It’s shocking, actually. When I read the script, it made me go, ‘Wh-wh-whoa! Wow!’ I can’t wait to see the episode.”

 MICHAEL BUIE, KYLE SILVERSTEIN, KEVIN MCKIDD, JENNIFER BASSEYQuestion: What does the Grey’s Anatomy season finale hold for Cristina and Owen? Please answer. I’ll bake you cookies. — Liv
Ausiello: Before I tell you what Shonda Rhimes told TVLine, let me state for the record: vegan oatmeal raisin. Now then, you can go ahead and abandon any hope of the couple meeting in the middle regarding the issue of children. “There’s never been any suggestion that Cristina is going to meet anyone in the middle,” Rhimes notes. “Cristina is not that person.” However, for better or worse (my guess: worse), she adds, “I do think that the more this Ethan situation plays out, the conversation that she and Owen have been avoiding so much really gets forced out into the open.” Ruh-roh.

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Question: Are Alex and Jo going to finally get busy in the Grey’s finale? — Chris

Ausiello: Whether it happens in the finale, boss lady Shonda Rhimes says that “one would hope” the non-couple is destined to go down in Grey’s history as one of the show’s great romances. “We were stepping carefully on that, feeling out the chemistry and taking it much slower than I originally intended, which I really enjoyed. It felt like it felt truer to the characters. And I feel like it’s working pretty interestingly.” Which gives me the feeling that this could drag on into next season…

Question: Any Veronica Mars movie spoilers?! — Ted
Ausiello: Before the flick goes into production, it’s looking to cast… well, Rebel Wilson, basically. For the juicy supporting role of Ruby, the powers that be want a plus-sized (check) funny lady (check) who can do a British accent (check). Rebel, you can drop my commission check (check) in the mail.

revolution spoilersQuestion: Please tell me you got some Revolution scoop out of the NBC upfront. Something, anything? — Kyle 
Ausiello: Not only did Matt Mitovich score you some scoop, he scored it directly from Giancarlo Esposito, who told him, through the finale, “Tom’s next move is to try and cover his own butt, first. But also, there is a race to figure out who really is in control of the power. The final episode will blow your mind in terms of all of the elements coming together, and some questions you haven’t even thought of asking will be answered.” Which bodes well for a future edition of Questions You Never Even Thought To Ask Ausiello.

Question: I really enjoyed your Q&A with Good Wife EPs Robert and Michelle King. Are there more coming? I have so many burning questions to ask them. —Christie
Ausiello: Is one of them, “Will next season of Good Wife be the show’s last?” Yes? Perfect, ’cause I’ve been sitting on their answer to that one. Per RK, he’s not approaching Season 5 as the show’s swan song… not “yet” at least. “Although if CBS tells us it’s the last chapter of the show, we could probably go there,” he adds. “We always knew from the beginning how we would end it, and it’s not in sight YET. We’re not running out of story. As long people are interested, there are these fun places to go to get us where we eventually want to go.”

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Question: Any scoop on Modern Family? —Andy
Ausiello: In next week’s finale, Jay runs into a familiar face while in Florida for the funeral of Phil’s mom. “He sees an older woman, in her 80s, watering flowers, and he knows her from someplace,” explains Ed O’Neill. “And they finally realize how they know each other and it’s quite funny. It’s a great mislead. The whole finale is very, very good.”

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