Good Wife Season 5 Scoop: Show's Creators Preview 'New Dimension' to Will/Alicia/Peter Triangle, Fresh Love Interest for [Spoiler]

The Good Wife Season 5 SpoilersThe Good Wife adjourned its fantastic fourth season more than a week ago but fans continue to deliberate over the twisty, turny finale and speculate about what’s to come. Series creators Robert and Michelle King graciously agreed to hit the pause button on their hiatus to answer a handful of burning TVLine reader Qs about the show’s game-altering fifth season.

Warning: Stop reading if you do not want to know who’s getting a new love interest, how much time will have passed between seasons, which popular characters may be returning and what’s next in the Will/Alicia/Peter triangle.

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Question: While I love Kalinda, I’ve become a huge fan of Robyn and how her quirkiness-meets-extreme-intelligence/ability vibe plays against the other characters, particularly Kalinda.  She brings an energy to the mix that is unique among the series regulars (and most of the guest-stars, save for Carrie Preston). Any chance we’ll see Robyn back next season, hopefully as a series regular? —Michael
Robert & Michelle King: We love Jess Weixler, too, and would love to have her back. It’s definitely our intent to get her back, but so much of what we do is at the mercy of actor’s schedules. We should know more in the next few weeks.

Question: Kalinda is very isolated now that she and Alicia are no longer friends (per JM), and now Alicia is leaving LG with Cary. Will Kalinda have new dynamics with Diane and Will next season, and what’s in store for Kalinda in the romance department? —Christie
Robert & Michelle King: Kalinda won’t be isolated. There will be a lot of flow between Lockhart Gardner and this new entity. And yes, it’s our intent to create new dynamics with Diane and Will. As you saw with the Diane-and-Kalinda scenes regarding fan fiction and past indiscretions, there are a lot of things we haven’t yet discovered about these characters. Regarding romance, we still haven’t given up on wanting Jill Flint back. She’s been wonderful with Archie. And there is somebody else on the horizon, too. We probably can’t talk much about it until we get some casting in place.

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Question: It seemed to me that Cary offered Robin the job at his firm so that there could be a chance of him and Kalinda actually being together without the restrictions that come with working together. Is that so? If yes, then will we see something actually happen with them next season?!  —Green
Robert & Michelle King:  No, it wasn’t the intent, but it is one of the unintended consequences. We’d love to pursue this Kalinda/Cary relationship further. It’s too interesting and complicated to ignore.

Question: Is your plan that the Will-and-Alicia love story will be completely over, or will the triangle still be a part of the storyline in the next season? —Casey
Robert & Michelle King: It’s our plan that the triangle takes on a new dimension. Love on its own becomes tiresome and repetitive (maybe not in life, but in drama). And hate mixed with love makes a highly combustible combination.

Question: I’m really curious about where Diane’s Supreme Court appointment stands. Seeing as how Lockhart Garner is already taking a massive hit with the fourth years’ exits, the two combined could really leave Will hanging. —Ainav
Robert & Michelle King: We agree. The thing is: None of the events happening at Lockhart Gardner take place in vacuum. They all bang into each other and knock plotlines off their intended paths. Diane’s judgeship, the rebel fourth year departures, Peter’s election — they all get mixed up together. And Diane will have to make some very difficult decisions in the episodes ahead. We apologize if that sounds more provocative than informational. We’re trying to protect some surprises that will come along the way.

Question: How much time will have passed between the season finale and the Season 5 premiere? Will there be a small time jump in the first episodes?  —Alba
Robert & Michelle King:  Great question. At the moment, we’re leaning toward almost no jump at all. Too much is interesting about the next few hours, days and weeks. Now that Alicia has committed to the rebels, how does that change her relationship with Cary? How does Alicia change Cary’s already set plans? et cetera.

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