Good Wife Season 5 Scoop: Show's Creators Preview 'New Dimension' to Will/Alicia/Peter Triangle, Fresh Love Interest for [Spoiler]

The Good Wife Season 5 SpoilersThe Good Wife adjourned its fantastic fourth season more than a week ago but fans continue to deliberate over the twisty, turny finale and speculate about what’s to come. Series creators Robert and Michelle King graciously agreed to hit the pause button on their hiatus to answer a handful of burning TVLine reader Qs about the show’s game-altering fifth season.

Warning: Stop reading if you do not want to know who’s getting a new love interest, how much time will have passed between seasons, which popular characters may be returning and what’s next in the Will/Alicia/Peter triangle.

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Question: While I love Kalinda, I’ve become a huge fan of Robyn and how her quirkiness-meets-extreme-intelligence/ability vibe plays against the other characters, particularly Kalinda.  She brings an energy to the mix that is unique among the series regulars (and most of the guest-stars, save for Carrie Preston). Any chance we’ll see Robyn back next season, hopefully as a series regular? —Michael
Robert & Michelle King: We love Jess Weixler, too, and would love to have her back. It’s definitely our intent to get her back, but so much of what we do is at the mercy of actor’s schedules. We should know more in the next few weeks.

Question: Kalinda is very isolated now that she and Alicia are no longer friends (per JM), and now Alicia is leaving LG with Cary. Will Kalinda have new dynamics with Diane and Will next season, and what’s in store for Kalinda in the romance department? —Christie
Robert & Michelle King: Kalinda won’t be isolated. There will be a lot of flow between Lockhart Gardner and this new entity. And yes, it’s our intent to create new dynamics with Diane and Will. As you saw with the Diane-and-Kalinda scenes regarding fan fiction and past indiscretions, there are a lot of things we haven’t yet discovered about these characters. Regarding romance, we still haven’t given up on wanting Jill Flint back. She’s been wonderful with Archie. And there is somebody else on the horizon, too. We probably can’t talk much about it until we get some casting in place.

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Question: It seemed to me that Cary offered Robin the job at his firm so that there could be a chance of him and Kalinda actually being together without the restrictions that come with working together. Is that so? If yes, then will we see something actually happen with them next season?!  —Green
Robert & Michelle King:  No, it wasn’t the intent, but it is one of the unintended consequences. We’d love to pursue this Kalinda/Cary relationship further. It’s too interesting and complicated to ignore.

Question: Is your plan that the Will-and-Alicia love story will be completely over, or will the triangle still be a part of the storyline in the next season? —Casey
Robert & Michelle King: It’s our plan that the triangle takes on a new dimension. Love on its own becomes tiresome and repetitive (maybe not in life, but in drama). And hate mixed with love makes a highly combustible combination.

Question: I’m really curious about where Diane’s Supreme Court appointment stands. Seeing as how Lockhart Garner is already taking a massive hit with the fourth years’ exits, the two combined could really leave Will hanging. —Ainav
Robert & Michelle King: We agree. The thing is: None of the events happening at Lockhart Gardner take place in vacuum. They all bang into each other and knock plotlines off their intended paths. Diane’s judgeship, the rebel fourth year departures, Peter’s election — they all get mixed up together. And Diane will have to make some very difficult decisions in the episodes ahead. We apologize if that sounds more provocative than informational. We’re trying to protect some surprises that will come along the way.

Question: How much time will have passed between the season finale and the Season 5 premiere? Will there be a small time jump in the first episodes?  —Alba
Robert & Michelle King:  Great question. At the moment, we’re leaning toward almost no jump at all. Too much is interesting about the next few hours, days and weeks. Now that Alicia has committed to the rebels, how does that change her relationship with Cary? How does Alicia change Cary’s already set plans? et cetera.

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  1. Michelle Cesario says:

    Would love to see that fine line of love-hate with Will and Alicia… was hot in the Red Team Blue Team episode when they shared that angry kiss :)

  2. Saint Alicia says:

    Well that was… uninformative. I’m really glad the Kings have taken this second opportunity (first with Vulture) to completely skirt the Alicia/Kalinda estrangement issue. I guess JM’s word is gospel, then…
    Good to learn an ACTOR knows what’s best for a character over the show’s CREATORS/HEAD WRITERS.

    • Daniela says:

      Well Julianna Margulies isn’t only acting on the show, she’s also one of the producer of THE GOOD WIFE. She is very much involved with what goes on behind the scenes. Guest stars sign on because of her. And JM is very much involved in the creative process of the show since the beginning.
      The Kalinda/Alicia relationship is an issue that I’m sure will be addressed again but I think that the current state of their relationship is very realistic. Kalinda slept with Peter and at the moment Alicia seems to want to stay married to him. Why would she want to hang with Kalinda in a situation like this? They bonded over work but then Alicia felt betrayed.
      I don’t see where some actress who doesn’t know what she’s talking about comes in and destroys a dynamic relationship. That’s not the case. It’s very much in-character. And something the majority of people would do in Alicia’s situation IMO.

      • Chryseis says:

        It could be realistic if they were following that line since the end of season 2, but that’s not the case : the end of season 3 and the first half of season 4 clearly showed them on the mend. And then… nothing. And not even anger, just NO contact whatsoever. Which is illogical for the show and for the characters development.

        • C says:

          ^^ Yes this. Though I think the bigger issue (for me) is that it feels like the story was dropped…not that the relationship suddenly doesn’t make sense. I could make an argument that whatever internal motivation that’s pushing Alicia towards Peter is at the same time pushing her away from Kalinda. But I don’t feel like they’ve shown that. And six to eight episodes is a pretty long time for two of your lead characters, whose relationship with each other (good or bad) is significant, to not share a single scene. When their work, in theory, should be forcing them to overlap quite a bit – even if its in a purely professional context. That’s just weird. And if the intent really is to split them up and say – yup they can’t completely recover from this (as would be the case for most people) – then I just think they did a poor job of that.

        • Lee says:

          @Daniela: But then it begs the questions–Why is Alicia able to forgive Peter and not Kalinda? Especially since Kalinda didn’t even know Alicia when she was sleeping with Peter. But Peter did know that he was married to Alicia. i find it all very hypocritical of Alicia. This is just another reason why I don’t like Alicia.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        If Alicia freezing out a former friend was so “realistic” in the first place then why did the Kings go through the trouble of having both Alicia and Kalinda working to fix things?
        Why, in season 3, have Alicia tell Kalinda “I’d like to try to make it work. It’s just that everything has to be on the table. I can’t be the only one being forthcoming. I can’t be the only one being honest… can you do that?” Why have Alicia turn a bar stool around (an invitation to sit) for Kalinda in the season 3 finale? Why have Alicia entertain another apology from Kalinda and share a hotel room with her in season 4?
        Up until the middle of season 4 they appeared to be on track to repairing their friendship and then suddenly it stonewalled. Not only did their bonding/healing scenes cease, ALL scenes with the two of them together stopped. That doesn’t seem like a friendship running it’s course, that seems like the intentional and even prejudicial destruction of a relationship.
        As you mentioned, JM is an EP, so I have know doubt she played a role in that; just listen to/read anything she’s said on the subject in the last year. MAYBE I could have believed this turn of events was organic or “realistic” if the show hadn’t already begun making amends. MAYBE I could have bought it was a matter of “believability” if JM hadn’t so condescendingly concluded her dismissal the Kalinda/Alicia relationship with: “And there are only so many scenes at a bar you can do. [Laughs.]”
        But no, there is nothing genuine, legitimate, believable or realistic about the turn of events here. Something is rotten in Denmark.

        • Daniela says:

          I’m with you as far as they have to address it sometime in the future. They have to give us some kind of closure in the Alicia/Kalinda relationship. But I do understand why it happened at the time it did. Alicia became closer to Peter again … they started to make things really work for them again. That started at the middle of season four. Maybe Alicia just saw at that point that a friendship with Kalinda can’t work if she and Peter get closer again. I agree it should have been addressed at some point or it should be addressed. But as of now, I’m okay with it.
          Maybe there is some personal note on that subject too. Maybe something did happen between the two actresses. I don’t know and I don’t want to speculate. But there is a season five … and I don’t see Alicia interacting with every cast member but Kalinda next season. So we’ll see. There certainly is time to bring more sense to it.

          • Saint Alicia says:

            “I don’t see Alicia interacting with every cast member but Kalinda next season.”
            Did you see the last 8 episodes of this season? Kalinda and Alicia weren’t on screen together once during that time.
            Something tells me the show can keep that up.

          • guategal says:

            I disagree that Alicia and Peter became closer again. I think there were attempts which often had an artificial taste left on/for each. I believe Alicia tolerated as often as not. Their parenting activity sharing did however become much improved and provided a safe comfort base. That personal aura and inspiration of simply needing to be in each other’s presence seldom resumed nor grew. The recent K/A distancing because of one past night with Peter appears to be a distraction about something else to me since the timing reaction is so far off.

      • rowan77 says:

        JM has some say, but the Kings are the final say. Plus people no longer guest star just to work with her. The show is full of fantastic name actors and the writing is top notch. Unlike on shows like NCIS or CSI where the writing staff actually writes the show, on The Good Wife, the writers are the Kings (mostly Robert) while the staff writers pitch ideas (Sorkin works primarily this way on his shows as well). So unlike NCIS, the star can’t pitch a fit and threaten to not renew their contract if the showrunners aren’t replaced because no one else actually writes the show. The quality and voice would change (see Community this season). So let’s not overstate JM’s power.

        As for her comments about Kalinda and Alicia’s relationship – I think to say it’s totally over is a sour grapes statement (Archie gets the most recognition by fans and awards). I think some professional jealousy is more the reason for JM’s statement than about Alicia not being willing to forgive Kalinda some day. To not try rebuild it and deal with the issues that causes does the characters and audience a disservice.

    • C says:

      I mean honestly though – what would you do in their position? I hate that they won’t address the A/K issue as much as the next person and I’m definitely part of the camp who thinks letting that narrative fall to the wayside is a little bit of poor storytelling, but what are they honestly going to do in an interview? If they completely negate JM’s comments and pronounce at the top of their lungs that they still have plans for A/K, they make their lead look bad (which from their perspective, hurts the show) and they’d likely piss her off in the process. If they confirm what she’s saying is true, they contradict themselves in a major way (because A/K has always been their favorite relationship), they look like pushovers, they still make JM look bad, and they piss a ton of fans off. Really, it was a no-win situation. Once JM said what she did – the only way to handle it was going to be in-house. And although it wrankles me (because I JUST WANNA KNOW), I do think its the right way to handle it. We’ll all just have to wait and see if anything changes next season. The Kings are smart (most of the time). And they troll the internet. I’m holding out hope that they recognize the number of people who think dropping the narrative is a poor choice and they readjust accordingly. And if not…they’ll either come up with something great enough to distract us or they’ll lose some viewers.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        If an actor decides to run her mouth it’s her prerogative, but then it’s only natural people should respond to/question what was said. And while it’s very gracious of the Kings to do damage control (and that’s what these last couple interviews feel like, damage control), if you’re going to offer up “answers” in the wake of a backlash then maybe you should ACTUALLY ADDRESS THE PROBLEM. Instead of bending over backwards to placate Alicia/Will shippers they need to worry about the viewers JM actually alienated.

        • C says:

          I think this really only applies though – in terms of offering up answers in the wake of backlash and damage control – if their interviews were a direct result of JM’s comments. They weren’t. It’s year end. This is when they make their press rounds. Sure, some of their answers played it safe and could be qualified as “damage control” but I’m not sure that they would have addressed the “backlash” at all if it hadn’t coincided with finale time and if press hadn’t pushed at our behest. They’ve been backed into a corner and at this point there isn’t recourse for them that won’t piss someone off or further amplify the situation. So they’re refusing to address it publicly. I don’t like it, but I think from their perspective it’s probably smart. I personally think they love A/K. Every interview they’ve ever given where they’ve openly discussed that relationship, they gush. And I think some of the lack of Kalinda and lack of A/K in the back half of the season could just as easily be attributed to the failed hubby story as it could to JM’s influence. I don’t think we’ll ever know and I’m ok with that. For now, I’m just going to cautiously have faith that the Kings have heard us and they’ll do what they can to address it next year. And if they don’t…well…they’ll probably lose a few fans and hear plenty more griping in its wake…

          • Saint Alicia says:

            Immediate post-finale interviews are standard operating procedure for showrunners/actors, and there were several last week (from JC/MC/the Kings) with TVLine/EW/Vulture/The Daily Beast. This interview right here is a second go at press from the Kings. They already did a postmortem with Ausiello (4/28), but then a couple days after the fact (in the 4/30 AA) Aus said he was accepting finale/season 5 questions to relay to the Kings. Oh, really?
            I can’t remember another time showrunners, after already giving “closing remarks”, turned around and offered to answer more questions–submitted by fans no less. Though a quick look at the comments section of the JM interview (re-posted here, orig from Huffington Post) would probably explain why the Kings felt compelled to explain themselves further. I should add, Vulture also solicited fan questions to ask the Kings (a day before Aus), but they also failed to address a single Kalinda/Alicia question. So like said, for damage control, this isn’t assuaging anything.

  3. Carol says:

    ugh, I can’t stand this WillxAlicia talk any longer. Can we move on from that?

    • Paola says:

      I WISH! goshhh….this triangle just keeps dragging this show down!

    • guategal says:

      Many of us fans feel the Alicia/Will relationship is truly a positive core element of the show’s success. Also ratings are higher when A/W is a part of the show’s focus

  4. Dani says:

    “Regarding romance, we still haven’t given up on wanting Jill Flint back. She’s been wonderful with Archie.” well that’s great news! as much as i love kalinda/cary these two are just great together. taking everything with a grain of salt though, robert and michelle king are also graduates of the Shonda Rhymes School of Lying and Bull$%#ting lol

  5. danielle leigh says:

    anxious about the lack of a time skip! We’re in for a stressful time if Alicia’s planning to jump ship (and having to work at L/G and keep it quiet, while plans are being finalized with Cary). Good for drama, but bad for stressing me out.

  6. Dmac says:

    I am so sick if Will, Alicia, triangle and the “shippers” that follow it, it is starting to change the dynamic if the show and not for the better. Love triangles end up being irratating and reparative. I am hoping they make Lucia less of the second coming (highly doubtful as she is a producer) and have her fall on her face a time or two, she needs to find a bit if humility.

  7. wendy britton says:

    I want to know more about what happens with Alicia’s daughter and Tyler. I’d love to see more of her at school and with her friends.

    • Greg says:

      I hope you are kidding, the less time the florrick kids have on screen the better… Especially Grace

      • wendy britton says:

        Well I feel like they were setting up a scenario in which the kids have been ignored because of the election, etc., and Grace conceivably strays from the straight and narrow path a little. This complicates things further because PF is now in office. I think it could set up a good conflict, because Alicia will be busy with her new firm, trying to help it succeed but she is the “good wife” after all, and wants to be a good mom, as she said recently.

  8. Lisa says:

    I haven’t watched Good Wife in a long time and I won’t until Alicia and Will get together! I cannot stand her with Peter the pervert!

    • risa platt says:

      I love her with Peter!! She is the Good Wife.. not the Good Mistress or the Good Lover… I am so excited to see them really TOGETHER… and hope that some real family values can be incorporated into the show. :)

      • Marcia says:

        Absolutely and what gets me is that while married, Alicia cheated on Peter with Will. She’s doing the same thing so i hate it whenever she gets holier than thou. That said, if she leaves Peter, she’s not The Good Wife anymore. She has to stay with him or they need to rename the show ESPECIALLY since Peter has reformed. We’ve seen him with temptations thrown at him and every time he’s made the right move. I still remember the first time he went to court and saw Alicia in action. He was turned on and proud. It was energizing. I hated the return of the whole Will mess. We’ve been there, done that — move on already!

        • kit says:

          the Good Wife is a drama for entertainment not necessary to incorporate family values. Every character, including Alicia is a gray one. I am confused as to why all of sudden Peter is the “good husband”. What temptations did he face. Sorry, just don’t see it. He’s as guilty as Alicia for using each other to fit their needs Also, the writers themselves have admitted they regret the title “good wife” because their intent was not to imply that Alicia is only a wife and must remain so for the rest of the series. Whether she stays with Peter or not has nothing to do with the title.

          • Marcia says:

            It’s not sudden for me. I’ve thought this from the beginning of the show. I never liked the Will hook up because it gave her a holier than thou attitude and it didn’t go over well with me at all. The title is what it is; it tells folks what the show is supposed to be about. They named it; they’re stuck with it. Peter isn’t all of a sudden a good husband. He was a jerk in year 1. Over the last seasons, he’s grown and changed. He’s not perfect, but he’s earned a right for a second chance. Alicia is actually worse in ways. Has she slept with Peter because she really wanted to or to escape feelings for Will? Go back and watch many of her choices; they are questionable. She’s the one playing a game, not Peter.

        • Krissi says:

          Alicia is more the “Good Mother” than the good wife, & she chose Peter to keep her family together. I totally disagree that Peter is reformed; I think season 5 will show that. She will need to eventually leave him when her children are raised. The main reason I watch the show is for Willicia … they truly love each other, & Will would never betray her as Peter has. Team Will!!!

          • kit says:

            I totally agree!

          • Marcia says:

            I admit I am a traditionalist and a romantic. I want Alicia with Peter, the old love conquers all. Will isn’t love, he’s lust and there’s a big diffrence there. The day Alicia gets with Will permanently will be the last show I watch. That’s just me. I won’t stick around. Remember Knots Landing? I only watched it when Gary and Val were together. lol I had a friend tell me and then I’d tune in. Whenever they separated, never watched. It’ll be the same with The Good Wife. I don’t like Will; he’s a jerk.

          • kit says:

            I am not sure that Alicia even is love with Peter. I mean she may love him as the father of her children and respect him but she is not in love with him. While Peter may not be the total jerk he was in Season 1, he has shown that he is not above using his power to get what he wants. Recently, the Kings have said that Alicia has only 1 love and it’s not Peter. While it would be nice if no one ever divorced, if her heart is not in it and she’s not giving 100 percent I think that the best thing for both her and Peter is to end it before anyone gets hurt further. I agree with Krissi that she has only stayed with Peter because of the kids but I think her kids want her happy too!

          • Krissi says:

            I think I might be biased against Peter because I was cheated on. My ex promised to change but in reality, true change is extremely difficult & doesn’t happen very often. In my view, the way the writers portray Peter as a man who loves his wife, but cannot or doesn’t really desire to change his inner core. He may never resort to prostitutes again, but the damage has been done. Alicia’s heart has moved on.

          • Solomon says:

            Krissi, I am sorry. But i don’t agree with what you said. I am not sure why you think Will won’t betray alicia. Will is no where close to be called a RESPONSIBLE OR HONEST MAN. The fact that peter slept with prostitute in season 1 doesn’t mean he did not love his WIFE or his family. The writer has fail to make us know why peter did such because i know he must have his own reason.. Peter is a good man with a good heart. Perhaps, its better to go for who loves you than who you love. Peter loves alicia, peter is the best choice for her. Trust me. Will doesn’t love alicia. Alicia is the one obsessed with Will and Will is just taking advantage of that to get himself laid. And then he was showing some little feelings to back it up plus trying to make her feel loved. Will think alicia is weak. Besides, Will is in love with money than any other thing. That’s Obvious. It will hurt me if Alicia made that mistake and end up with Will because she will just regret it at the long run. I will really like Cary and Kalinda to be together. Kalinda won’t stop playing hard to get with cary. I am not sure what Kalinda wants, She don’t even know what she want. We shall see what will happen in season 5. Any idea when this will begin?

          • kit says:

            I am not sure what show you are watching Soloman, but I never saw any evidence of the Will you describe. If anything Will has demonstrated that he loves Alicia way more than Peter ever has. You sure that you are not Jackie Florrick?!!!

        • Emmapants says:

          They were SEPARATED, it isn’t the same thing at all!! And what proof do we have that Peter has changed? Also, she had a relationship, he had many, many affairs with prostitutes and people who worked for him. Big difference.

          As for the title, clearly it’s about how she’s perceived by the public, “Saint Alicia” and all that, not about her as an actual person. I think it was most telling when the campaign worker scandal came up and she told Peter she didn’t care. Nothing about her staying with him has been about him as an actual person. AND the voter fraud just goes to show what a scumbag he actually is. She’s only stayed in this marriage for her children and even when they’ve had sex, it’s been very wham bam thank you ma’am, cause she’s not in love with him. Meanwhile she spends whole episodes mooning over her time with Will.

          I agree the triangle needs to stop, but I think Peter needs to get out of the picture. He got his governorship, he doesn’t need her anymore. I was hoping that by joining Cary she was actually making a decision towards Will, since they wouldn’t work together anymore so their relationship wouldn’t be tied up with work.

          And back to the title debate, they may be stuck with the title, but it doesn’t mean they have to follow it. Cougar Town, anyone?

      • Julie says:

        Get Real! When the character A went back to P and moved to quit LG, she proved she was no more than a female Peter who has blackmailed and misused his power throughout. He is no more than a crooked pol – and A proved herself to be stupid (remember the illegal erasure of her cell phone call from Will who comes out of this as the only honest, ethical lawyer in the crowd. Disgusting. Can watch the nightly news if wanted to see this type of melodrama. A was separated and to use teens who are well beyond the age of needed a Mom is so unrealistic. Thanks to her actions, she has held criminal P as the model for her son and her daughter is a model for those who see women as no more than future victims of abuse, suicide and failure. Want good drama, either tune in to PBS (same time) or read Ibsen, he hated women as well. Have to believe that with the out of character and story move by A (in choosing ambition over any real character), not the only no longer wasting my time.

    • ash says:

      I totally agree with you. I have not watched it for a long time too. I got curious when I accidentally came across Alicia and Will’s kiss on youtube. So, I decided to watch the finale. That’s all. No more TGW for me if A/W are separated for good.

  9. Lucy says:

    “We’d love to pursue this Kalinda/Cary relationship further. It’s too interesting and complicated to ignore.” Aka we’ll keep jerking fans around about it but we won’t do nothing real about if and if so it will be off-screen. That’s while Cary will spend another season without a chance to get a real love interest. I so I’ve enough of this and Kalinda’s “many” love interests.

  10. Ella says:

    Seriously on the Cay/Kalinda front?! We didn’t even get a KISS this season and there’s just constant jerking around while Alicia’s love life gets explored left, right and centre. I get it, she’s the lead but COME ON. Show the other characters some love in the, well, love department, especially two characters as interesting and compatible as Cary and Kalinda. Their scenes sizzle with chemistry, it’s time to properly explore it rather than skim the surface with 2 seconds of screen time per episode.

  11. Pat says:

    Every damn season we get a “new dimension” of the boring old triangle and every damn season they promise us development for Cary and Kalinda (and every damn season we end up getting nothing). That’s while they’re already busy casting multiple new love interests for her and a big giant nothing for him. How the hell do they intend to further something between them when they’re already casting someone new for her? Do they want to further it with 30 secs every 5 episodes? No, thanks. I’ve enough. I’m also over Kalinda’s love life and I couldn’t care less about her other love interests. But what about Cary’s love life? Everything about it revolved around Kalinda and it’s has been handled poorly or off-screen. 4 years of asbolutely nothing for him in terms of romance. Speaking of waste of potential. Give HIM a real big love interest.

    • moloch981 says:

      I agree: I felt excited about Season 4 ending but I’m really tired of the triangle Alicia/Will/Peter AND of Kalinda the Superwoman and her harem (there’s ALWAYS someone new that pops up). I wish she finally gets together with Cary… ON SCREEN! :-)

      • Pat says:

        Sincerely I don’t want Cary to be a piece of that harem anymore. She treated him exaclty like her other previous love interests. Like crap. He should sign off for good from that “Kalinda’s leftovers” club. But I’m sure those writers are going to waste another season having him chasing over her while she’s busy with her other love interests and with absolutely any consistent, meating and real development between them. Cary’s just their plan B when they have nothing and better to do with her and that’s reason why they keep leaving him alone and without any serious love interest season after season. They don’t care about Cary and Kalinda for real.

        • moloch981 says:

          I still want them together so much. In S. 1 they were great because, unlike all the other love interests of Kalinda’s, their relationship was really sweet, light-hearted and funny (mostly thanks to Czuchry’s talent). At the middle of S. 2 drama was added, but I was fine with it, I thought it added something new (the great Kalinda is in danger! she needs help!). I was even ok with the bizarre Cary/Kalinda/Dana triangle in S. 3, even if that meant that Dana, too, was OBVIOUSLY attracted to her, because hey, no one is immune from her charm. But at some time there MUST be a pay off of some kind! :-) All this while we’re treated left and right with every bit of Will/Alicia since the pilot…

          • Lucy says:

            Well, I start to think the Kings really think we’re a bunch of idiots. They say the same thing every season “we’re going to further their relationiship”. And every season we just got a new dimension of the same storyline: the triangle.
            After they’ve wasted another season doing nothing with Cary, involving him in that Nick rubbish, having him being beaten up without a decent follow up, leaving him out of almost every court case, and having him and Kalinda hooking up off-screen and in a absolutely pointless way, I think they owned us more than that! But no, we got the umpteenth spoilers about a new love interest for Kalinda. But, hey, don’t worry, they’re going to pursue Cary/Kalinda relationship anyway. It means we’ll get those looks Archie P. and Matt C. give at each other trying to say something when the script sucks at it or ar bunch of talks about how much money he should pay to her.
            It wasn’t mandatory to have Cary and Kalinda developing a relationship. It wasn’t mandatory to have them hooking up. It wasn’t mandatory if they din’t have the courage to further that thing ON SCREEN. They could have finally given him a love interest worthy of the name instead.
            Hey, maybe next season we’ll have a new dimesion of Cary/Kalinda too: he’ll stop to chase her and finally he’ll find a strong, independent woman….CAPABLE OF LOVE.

  12. Pat says:

    I hated the s3 triangle. It added nothing to Cary and Kalinda dynamics. And it was a waste of time mostly for Cary: they introduced a character who was suppposed to be a Cary’s love interest and ended up being just a Kalinda’s foil ( attracted to her of course, that’s mandatory :/). And unfortunally after that season I don’t think there will be any payoff for the absolute waste of potential we got through the last 2 years. Because those writers are not able to go beyond the surface as for those two and as for Kalinda’s feelings. So here we are, a bunch of new love interests for her and a couple of kisses for him every season to cloud the issue and keep doing nothing substantial with them. And love is not boring. It’s just hard to write about it.

  13. kit says:

    I’d be all for them ending the love triangle as long as she finally divorces Peter and picks Will. To me, the latest interviews point to her not being in love with Peter at this point anyway so how it can it be a love triangle. Maybe, if they let her move on with Will, they can turn their attention towards other storylines they have been neglecting in favor of the angst.

    • wendy britton says:

      Will is creepy. He’s not right for Alicia. Peter is changing–its a better story. And she loves her kids and cares about how they would be affected.

      • kit says:

        I don’t find Will creepy at all. Not entirely sure how Peter is changing, he still seems pretty corrupt to me – neither Will or Peter are perfect but it would be more interesting if Alicia made a different choice. The last few seasons have been with Alicia waffling back and forth. I think the kids are now old enough to accept Alicia’s choices. They want her to be happy and I am not sure if she can be with Peter

    • ash says:

      Agree. I am also very sick with the triangle – not love triangle as it is clear that Alicia is not in love with Peter, Alicia’s character has grown from being a good wife – to good nothing. She is the one manipulating others. The show cant move on with other storylines as the Kings have been busy focusingon the triangle and Peter winning elections.

  14. itmatters says:

    I just read the interview of Rober King, and I am so shocked to know that Alicia has never been in love with Peter since they were married 20 years ago,”She just loves one person in her life, unforturnetly not her husband”. I think it is nothing but a big tragedy for both of them. It can explain why Peter finally slept with Amber(the callgirl) because how you could expect a man to keep sticking with his wife who was never in love with you. That is why Peter was with Amber for 18 times with such great passion which i believe was even greater than that between Alicia and Will.
    It is so obvious that Peter and Alicia are just like kind of polical partners, they helped(actually used) each other. Alicia used Peter for escalation of her career (saving her job through Peter connection,winning partnership, $600,000 catch…) and sex (quoted from JM interviews). Meanwhile, Peter used Alicia for election campaigns. Both of them are liars and unfaithful to each other by either hooking up with call girl or having love affair with some other man. I can’t see any reason for any forgiveness between them because no one is on high road of morality or ethics.
    Now Alicia is ready to start a new firm, and Peter has already won the governorship even though there is still some uncertaity due to the vote tampering, the values of the handcuffed marriage has tremendouly shrunk for both of them. it is the best time for them to divorce right now and move on pursuing the true love and happiness of each of their own in the season 5. For Peter,
    he should take initiative to divorce Alicia before his polical career is ruined by any love affair of Alicia/Will at any moment. For Alicia, the biggest obstacle should be removed by divorcing Peter as soon as possible, she would get together with Will before their passion or chemistry fades away becasue I assume Will and Alicia would get married and have their new family and their own kid(s), please remember, she is her 40s’, not 20s’, time isn’t on her side.
    This is the real win-win policy and happy ending we should expect for in season 5. Otherwise, it is just disrespectful, humiliating, or even inhumane to holy love and marriage in people’s mind.

    PS: the Peter/Alicia/Will’s relation is not about any love triangle, it is exactly about marriage and adultery especially after Alicia resumed sex with Peter and was recommitted to their marriage.

  15. Caro says:

    Oh noooooo! I thought that whole awful Peter/Alicia/Will triangle was OVER! I totally hate it. Everything else I love, but I was happy we got rid of that with Alicia choosing Peter. Too bad it appears the writers will still be dragging this along! :-(

  16. Carly says:

    Kalinda and Lana is the hottest thing, I lovvvve them :)

  17. Cailey says:

    I think it would be no more fun if they got rid of the triangle. What would be fun about Alicia choosing her husband and then moving on? Who cares about that, it’s TV and that’s always been a fairly important plot, too central to just get rid of. Besides, I like watching Peter get jealous of Will, seeing Will get torn up, and watch Alicia just piss everyone off with her indecision and infidelity (to both men, technically). I think it’ll get interesting, Will helped Peter by lying about the vote tampering, what will it mean for the triangle when Alicia finds out? And Will will be furious at her for this betrayal, after everything he’s done for her. And will Peter find out the details of this attraction that’s never ending between Will and Alicia? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Like, I think it’s definitely gonna get interesting.

    As for Kalinda getting a new love interest, since when has this show, or any show ever said ‘one love interest per person please!’? So being kinda slutty the way Kalinda is, she’ll get with Lana, someone else, and probably have some more complicated junk with Cary and stuff wll get shaken up. And don’t forget, we’ll get to see if she murdered Nick. I’m excited for that.

    • itmatters says:

      i understand your perspective on upcoming season 5, but i still feel a little worried about the consequence of the adultery.Does anybody remembers that in season 2, a husband was accused of killed his wife by stabbing her 46 times due to his jealousy of his wife love affair with some other man, and how Bishop killed his wife after he found out her sleeping with the lawyer? Peter is a powerful politician, he might do whatever it takes, of course he might not do it by himself as ususl, hiding behind the scene and keeping his hand clean. i hope the storyline wouldn’T go extreme like this. Love affair is like playing fire, it maybe exciting, but to be prepared to get burnt.

  18. stacie says:

    Fantastic season four – can’t wait for season five !
    Please give Cary a real relationship next season. Glad Alicia chose Peter and her family .
    although I think she is still in love with Will…

  19. A Happy Fan says:

    This is a great show as all the comments show, so many people wouldn’t care if it weren’t one of the best shows on TV. So far they have kept me interested in everything that happens and I trust them to continue that. I haven’t produced and shows, they have, I’ll let them handle it.

  20. Nancy says:

    Well since JF now has her own show on NBC, I guess Lana won’t be coming back any time soon?

  21. RC says:

    I’ve always felt that Alicia and Peter belonged together. To me, I just don’t see Will and Alicia as a permanent thing – besides, I think Alicia would be a great first lady of Illinois! A Cary/Kalinda romance would also be desirable to see how that would play out – but I think a lot of the best to come is when Lockhart/Gardner faces Florrick/Agos and Associates in court!

  22. Mary M says:

    Alicia and Will are much better together than she and Peter. Will was her first love and Peter is scum.

  23. ash says:

    Go back a few episodes.
    Peter has his people checking how he’s doing in the polls. They discover he’s losing. In a bad way.
    Alecia had just made it pretty clear she didn’t want to be with Peter. Eli sits by and tells her Peter won’t be able to do it alone if he loses. And states that he loves her. She’s too silent. You can see her mind working. She knows. So he has to win so she can leave. Later. She puts everything on the line to make sure he wins. The tampering case. Changing the rules the second they find out they had it wrong. Half way through in the car with will she says she can’t figure a way out. Her plan wasn’t working. She was convinced he would lose.
    But then he won. As soon as she had a moment alone after he won she disappears without word to anyone and joins Cary.
    She had made up her mind several episodes ago. She’s either backing off from the firm to be with will in a more dramatic setting (which is important for a television drama or they would lose interest of fans) or she has chosen neither of them. Bringing us into a new season of Peter and will fighting over her and both individually fighting to get her back.
    In my opinion the last several episodes were written very cleverly and has perfectly set them up for a very dynamic new season.
    If only they would hurry up and tell us when the new season starts. I’m so starved for the good wife that I’m watching old episodes.

  24. noah says:

    I want them to try and get jill flint back I loved her and archie together..they are just hot together.

  25. Tafadzwa says:

    This show is so intriguing. I can’t wait for season 5.My heart bleeds for Alicia’s slutty character. She will make a good first lady . Will is a player he sleeps around. If Alicia happens to make a wrong choice i.e. being with Will she will regret for i think Peter is now a changed men committed to his wife and career.

    • guategal says:

      Those who believe Alicia’s love choice is Peter likely own the attitude that “one could and should steer the heart”. Often I read some calling either Peter and/or Will some slanderous childish name. Neither of of these activites develop respect of those ideas issued and belittle in kind their authors.

    • lori says:

      Yes, but how boring would that be? Will sleeps around because he CAN! Alicia has, for now, chosen to be with Peter. Will can do what he wants! Let’s not forget the reason for Alicia leaving Peter in the first place!

  26. kar says:

    When wiill Kalinda get a new wardrobe? I’m speaking specifically about the boots. I guess it makes sense given that she has few.possessions (her apt is equally sparse and dark). But i hope a new serious relationship will also be symbolized with new footwear.

  27. anonymous says:

    lana and kalinda would make a great couple.
    keep lana on the show

  28. lori says:

    I’m a little late in commenting, but I must say… there are many twists and turns season 5 can take. But! What happens if 1. Alicia stays with Peter. 2. Diane gets her judgeship. Alicia and Cary and Robin all leave LG? Where does that leave Will and Kalinda? And David Lee is coming on full time in S5. So… what happens then? Will it be Gardner Lee & Associates, will LG give Alicia her $600,000 back? Will Peter blackmail her into doing so? (By jeopardizing her chances at being a judge)? I could so easily write for this show! In my opinion, I think the Peter/Alicia story line is boring. I think the Will/Alicia story line is captivating, but outside their steamy sexcapades, they really have nothing in common, except the obvious, their careers. I personally would like to see Kalinda and Alicia make ammends. Kalinda lose the boots, wear her hair down more and have a few steamy moments of her own. With Lana and Cary. It would be great to see Alicia and Will on opposing sides of the courtroom, as in the Red/Blue team episode. Also David Lee is one we love to hate but he brings value to the show. One of the firms is going to have to fail miserably in order to bring everybody back together as the dynamic team we’ve all grown to love, but which will it be??? Alicia and Cary could very easily go belly-up by having to do 2 years of free legal services for Collin Sweeney. Diane could put her desires to be a judge aside to keep LG from falling apart. There are so many turns S5 can take. I just hope that they keep it interesting and don’t keep dragging out each and every story line! After 11 years of NCIS, I’m kinda tired of every episode having a “dead marine”. I’m putting my faith in the writers of TGW to keep my interest for years to come!

  29. julie says:

    Hope the writers of the show are actually reading the comments made here. I keep wondering why A keeps insisting she wants her marriage to ‘work’ and still live apart from her husband…Maybe no matter what Peter says she can’t ever trust him again and who could blame her. Peter for all his protests about changing…couldn’t he just devote his time to his family before running back into his political career….and says’ I will only do it if you are in support’. What does he expect? For her to say no…He likes to be in charge and at the core of it is a power hungry character with little Intellect of his own. He is charming and knows how to use the little poor me well when it suits him until it doesn’t . All her life Alicia has tried to be a good person and stick to what she thinks are the right choices probably from her mum flaunting the rules a lot especially when it comes to marriage, her brother can’t commit to relationships…and probably the reason she is sticking with Peter even when most people are questioning her judgements. She might be in love with Will or not but she definitely likes him a whole lot more than she does her husband mainly because Will is exactly what he says he is… a good lawyer that wants to win and not out to make friends .and She is also finding out that Will has always had feelings for her since college but not sure what he wants from her and not wanting to be betrayed again…..and being a TV show its got to be dramatic or who will watch….Personally I don’t think Alicia should stay with Peter because it sends no good message …..Peter is still using her, Peter likes the fact that he does whatever he wants and all will be forgiven because A is a ‘good’ girl and Alicia should stop pretending to be a good girl because she is far from it….she is just a woman with flaws and weaknesses like everybody else and deserves happiness…..And Will should just tell her what he wants already and how he feels about her…..Guess the show will end then and nobody wants that yet..
    As for Cary /Kalinda….Why would they get together.. yes there is chemistry which serves its purpose in keeping us wondering…. and who would want to be with Kalinda permanently. She is like a walking succubus and the few people resistant to her include Will and Alicia…I like her and the facts she does what she wants and loyal in her own way to people she considers her friends