Grey's Anatomy Finale Preview: Shonda Rhimes on the 'Calzona' Scene that Left the Cast 'Stunned'

Greys Anatomy Season 9 Calzona TwistGrey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes added another sharp turn to Callie and Arizona’s rollercoaster year this week with the introduction of Hilarie Burton’s potential third wheel Lauren.

As of now, Arizona has yet to reciprocate the flirty doc’s advances, but a lot can — and it sounds like will — happen in this season’s final two episodes.

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“We’re equal opportunity over here at Grey’s Anatomy,” maintains Rhimes of a possible ‘Calzona’ cheating scandal. “Straight people have their cheating moments all of the time. We’ve created this relationship that’s very interesting and complex, and I feel like we’re at a moment where this [temptation] feels earned. We’re doing something that feels very in keeping with what’s right for these characters.”

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The exact nature of that “something” was provocative enough to bring the show’s season finale table read to a brief standstill. “There was a [Calzona] scene that was such a breathtaking moment that it stunned everyone into silence,” Rhimes recalls, adding, “It’s the culmination of a [season-long] journey for these two characters.”

So, what say you? Do you think Arizona will stray? Theories about the “breathtaking moment” in question? Hit the comments!