Grey's Anatomy Recap: Sucker Punch

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 RecapOn Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Jo reaches out to Alex in hopes of burying the hatchet – or would that be the scalpel in their case? But instead of making peace, the duo once again amp up the “Will they, or will they?” tension by loudly agreeing to stay out of one another’s lives. Mind you, that’s before the unthinkable happens…

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BLACK AND BLUES | As Alex is leaving the hospital, he sees Jo and Jason engaged in a heated argument and tells Jackson it’s of no concern to him. However, when he arrives home, he’sgreatly concerned to find the object of his affection there – beaten to a pulp and in need of a place to stay! (Something tells me the next operation Alex performs will be one that involves Jason’s face getting rearranged… )

THE SILENT TREATMENT | Meanwhile, poor, freaked-out Bailey spends the hour holed up in her genome lab, giving everyone the cold shoulder while she tests herself over and over again to make sure she’s really gotten rid of her staph infection. Only when hubby Ben shows up does she finally speak. “I feel so dirty,” she says. (And, obviously, not dirty in any of the fun ways.)

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ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING? | After April apologizes for blaming her short-lived break-up with Matthew on Jackson, she asks out her ex. Unfortunately – luckily? – he already has plans with Stephanie, who, after demanding that he treat her better, is rewarded with a big smooch. (Hey, it beats getting stood up.)

FLIRTING WITH DISASTER | From the moment that Arizona accidentally steals craniofacial specialist Lauren’s coffee, she’s smitten. But it isn’t until the visiting doc starts complimenting her eyes that Callie’s wife brings herself to mention that, by the way, she’s married. And has one leg. Both of which Lauren says she already knows. Uh-oh!

THE PARENT TRAP | After Ethan ODs on his grandma’s sleeping pills, she tearfully tells Owen that she can’t be his substitute parent, so they should just let Social Services take him. “I’ll take him!” Owen clearly wants to say. Instead, he reassures Cristina that he doesn’t want a child, “I want you.” She lets it drop – for the moment – but her skeptical expression speaks volumes (none of which end with “ … and they lived happily ever after”).

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