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Scoop: Arrow Targets Summer Glau for Recurring Role as Oliver Queen Adversary

Arrow Cast Summer Glau Season 2The CW’s Arrow has its sights set on further upping its geek cred by casting Whedonverse alum and onetime Terminator Summer Glau as an adversary for Oliver Queen.

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In Season 2 of the superhero series, Glau will fill the recurring role of Isabel Rochev, the beautiful (yathink?) and dangerous Vice President ofArrow_Summer_Glau_Isabel_Rochev Aquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company looking to take over Queen Consolidated. Previously on the show, her name was glimpsed on Robert Queen’s “list.”

Per DC lore, at least, Isabel fancies herself a bit of a rightful heir to the Queen family business, and as such she will be eager to get Ollie out of her way. (She is also technically a blonde, but if the show so desires, sources tell me we now have the technology to make that happen!)

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In addition to Firefly, Dollhouse and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Glau’s credits include The Cape, Chuck and, most recently, guest-starring turns on Alphas, Grey’s Anatomy and Hawaii Five-0.

Arrow lets its new season fly on Wednesday, Oct. 9. Are you curious to have Glau/Isabel on board? (Illustration by Diogenes Neves/DC Entertainment)

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  1. Bob says:


    • chrisdvanne says:

      This should be interesting to see Summer play as a main villan. It’s good to see that she’s expanding her exposure to other types of characters rather than sticking to the ones that she is known for.

      It was an absolute pleasure to watch her play such divergent and opposite roles of River and Cameron. And that I look forward to each and every project she has taken part in since TSCC and that I hope to see her in many more to come. She has a talent that speaks volumes and is only outmatched by her spirit and character. Her talent is a gift from God, and her presence at this time is a gift to all of us.

      I can’t wait to watch the season 2 of Arrow!

    • levin75 says:

      Arrow is currently my favorite tv show. I’m very excited to see Summer in a recurring role in CW’s hit show.

    • nicholasm says:

      That is awesome news, I can’t wait to watch the season 2 of Arrow!

    • kevin932 says:

      Guess she’s tired of pretending to be a good girl.
      I mean she’ll do fine. While the show never hooked me in before what I saw was good. A superhero who actually messes up and even…kills…the baddies? Well, OK.

    • jacksd says:

      Wonderful news! A villain this time.

    • Dave says:

      Never watched the show……..I will now that Summer is in it, fantastic news and I hope it goes well.

    • StephanieWatson says:

      Great! Which means having to watch season one, but that is doable.

    • aline88 says:

      Arrow season 1 was great, but I have a suspicion Season 2 will be even more awesome

    • lucy says:

      i would like to see Seth Gabel return….from badnick to goodnick! If his brain can be cleared of the evils, he would be a good a good silent partner for Oliver. Since he had an inside track of many other badnicks on the list

      • I checked out Seth Gabel. Yeah why not! How funny that he is married to Bryce Dallas Howard who made a token appearance in terminator 4 as Kate Connor, nee Brewster. I thought she was stunning and would have made a good Kate.
        Let’s both hope he gets another turn and we see more of his wife.

  2. Dick Whitman says:


    • chrisdvanne says:

      Brilliant news for Summer Glau!
      So pleased for her at last a breakthrough for Summer, Arrow is absolutely pure class, now its about to get even more classier. Can’t wait for season two of Arrow, chuffed to bits for Summer.

    • judyLee says:

      Yay! Great news! I think I’m going to start watching Arrow now!

    • ricardo says:

      Great news, Absolutely love the Arrow series and can’t wait for season 2 to start, now Summer has been

      added as a recurring character just adds to the excitement of season 2 starting.

  3. Muriel says:


  4. Spoiler Junkie says:

    I really like Summer Glau so this is great news. I am thrilled.

    • chrisdvanne says:

      Summer Glau joins Arrow S2 as Oliver’s mysterious new adversary. As if Arrow needed to be cooler.

    • sako says:

      What great news. I think this is her first role as a villain although in her role as Cameron on
      Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, she got up to some nasty tricks as a terminator.
      Simply put, she is a gifted and talented actress with geek cred that is off the chart. She is a great
      asset to any production and she will work her usual magic in portraying a really interesting

    • Malcolm says:

      I wasn’t even sure I would be watching the second season, but now I know I’ll be there come October 9.

  5. Azerty says:

    Could she be the mysterious woman we see on the phone in the season 1 finale?

    • chrisdvanne says:

      I think I missed that part when I watched the season finale. Can you tell when it happens exactly?

    • Alamoh says:

      You mean the person that Fyers worked for? It was the second to last episode of the season after they stop the plane from blowing up. She was sitting at her desk when that guy came to pass Fyers’ message. We only saw her legs.

      That is definitely who I think it is. If I were her I would be pissed at Oliver too because she stood to make crazy amounts of money with that plan. The Undertaking gave her an opening and she is definitely coming to take it.

  6. Winston says:

    No. She kills shows!

    • Mary says:

      Really? Big Bang Theory – She appeared as herself in the second season. This fall it’s getting ready to start its seventh. She didn’t kill that show.

      • Eli says:

        The moment I saw this headline I went, “and Arrow is canceled in 3, 2, 1….”
        A show can recover from one shot of Glau, but more than one means cancellation!

    • brb123 says:

      IKR, she killed Angel, Chuck, The Big Band Theory, and Grey’s anatomy as soon as she showed.. seriously?

    • Bigdede says:

      She does kill shows! She only guest starred on Grey’s and the other shows. Any show where she is starring gets canceled

      • RobMF says:

        I was thinking this exactly too. Other than guest spots anything she has been in more than that has died a horrible death. Luckily this is The CW so Arrow will get 49 seasons anyway.

      • Alpha says:

        She does not kill shows.The Terminator show she was in was canceled due to the writers strike and the fox to high expectations and even sometimes they put pressure on the director of the show to change the script in some wierd ways but he kept the script the orignal way

    • Doc says:


  7. Ann says:

    Oh no! Does this mean Arrow is getting cancelled?? I like Summer Glau and all, but I’ve never seen her on a show that actually lasts…maybe she’s bad luck…

    • chrisdvanne says:

      The more I think about it, the more I think Arrow’s producers have an evil plan: they hired Summer Glau because they want to ruin a successful tv show and put the cast and crew out of work at the end of the season; not to mention they won’t get money anymore themselves.

      That or the curse thing is complete nonsense. Fortunately for Summer Glau and her fans producers know better and hired Summer Glau because they think she’s a good actress and Arrow will get a new set of rather loyal sci-fi/geeky fans.

  8. shuayb says:

    Um yes! Can’t wait!
    She was on greys and hawaii five o nd niether show is going anywhere just yet….

  9. WyldeMan52 says:

    Well….Arrow was fun while it lasted and had so much story left to tell. Too bad we’ll never get to see it play out now that the albatross has landed.

  10. Drew says:

    Summer Glau is awesome and will rock this show!

    But yeah, this could mean that the show will be ending sooner than we’d like.

  11. Alex the Inhaler says:

    What great news. I think this is her first role as a villain although in her role as Cameron on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, she got up to some nasty tricks as a terminator. And please, no more show killer stuff. That is really getting tired. It can neither be proved nor disproved. I think most people are just getting tired of it.

    Simply put, she is a gifted and talented actress with geek cred that is off the chart. She is a great asset to any production and she will work her usual magic in portraying a really interesting character.

    • Drew says:

      I am just having fun with her. The truth is that her geek creds get her on a lot of shows which probably wouldn’t stand much of a chance anyway. It’s a pattern, just because the shows that fit her audience are usually screwed over by networks. (though admittedly, The Cape sucked… at least the season that we saw in this universe)

  12. David says:

    NNOOOO, I may have to actually give this show a chance now. dang casting news! Willa Holland was almost enough to get me to try it out last year but the lead has been a terrible actor in the few things I had seen him in so I stayed away (longtime Smallville fan too – Justin Hartley is my green arrow).

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I definitely think the show is worth watching, i love the show. I havent seen the lead in anything else, and i am still to this day not fully convinced hes the strongest actor, but i really like him and i think he does a good job.

      • Drew says:

        I don’t know Amell from anything else, but I think he has been a very solid Oliver Queen. He’s not Hartley’s light and gun Oliver. He is an emotionally damaged character (though we see different sides of his personality, depending on who he is interacting with and when the scene takes place).

  13. Well, there goes season three

  14. steven says:

    Just when I wouldn’t think this show wouldn’t be doomed to cancellation, Poison Glau has been cast.

  15. Steve F. says:

    Yes! Great news – let’s hope she breaks the “show-killer” sobriquet she’s (unfairly) earned.

  16. Polly says:

    OMG! Great night for my favourite shows!

  17. M3rc Nate says:

    This is awesome, love her since Firefly. My question is, how in the world does she think shes the rightful air to a company named Queen Consolidated when the son, wife, and daughter of the Queen who built the company (the father) are all still alive? lol. Im sure it will be an exciting arc, and a great excuse for her to be on the Comic Con Arrow Panel.

    • Cesar88 says:

      In the comics she was Robert Queen’s mistress and felt she honored his memory better than Oliver. But considering her age in this version they would probably change that. Theory: she is Robert’s illegitimal daughter and half-sister to Oliver and Thea, that way she won’t try to steal Oliver from Felicity!

  18. wrstlgirl says:

    Mixed feelings about this. Most shows second season is tough to begin with. It’s difficult to keep up the momentum…..Revenge, OUAT are two good examples…..I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this is a good deal or not.

    • carlycane says:

      Even person of interest fell off the wagon in season season, but not enough to take notice like Revenge and OUAT. Since she’s on the ‘list’ she will eventually die off.

  19. Liam says:

    Arrow just went from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘gotta buy the first season on blu and binge it’!

  20. Arrow over SHIELD? hmm…

  21. James says:

    Booyah River’s back, I hope she gets to kick ass. true her shows die quickly but this show is ridding a pretty big high on the CW so as long as they don’t screw up royally then i think we should be good (fingers crossed). love this show can’t wait for next season.

  22. Yes! Fantastic! Another reason to get excited for season 2 :)

  23. Kevin Wales says:

    Oliver Queen is a strong guy who fights strong guys. Summer is a small girl, she is not a terminator and whatever the delusional think, she can’t be a fighter in the real sense. Perhaps she will be nimble and a deadshot with a crossbow or something. Those people who derive her are poisoning her chances. She’s a great actress with great feeling and can portray a very caring loving person on screen given the chance. As a woman trying to take over the company, on a par with Oliver Queen’s mother but younger, I think she would be great. Especially if she has good skills in her chosen field.

    • liz says:

      Well Hollywood refuses to cast women who have the actual physicality required to do those roles, so we have to accept the women they do cast if we want women on tv at all. And I do.

  24. John says:

    No season 3 for Arrow, then.

  25. Pepper says:

    I know I’m supposed to like her because everyone else does but the characters she plays are so freakin’ annoying.

  26. dylan says:

    summer is an awesome actress, i didn’t watch arrow but cause of her i’ll watch the 1st season and of course the new season.

  27. Jared says:

    So excited for season 2 of Arrow. Summer is gonna be an incredible addition to the cast!

  28. liz says:

    Absolutely awesome!!!! She’s a delight in everything she does. She’ll be the perfect choice to be both villianous and charismatic, and hold her own in a fight!
    Be awesome to see her and Ahmell spar – both physically and verbally.
    Hopefully she’ll have some scenes with Felicity!!!

    • Nice one Liz. If I lived close to you I’d pop round and watch it with you. I’d make a fuss of your dog too.

      • liz says:

        I’m not really sure if that’s a compliment or a threat. What exactly do you want to do to my dog?

        • What do you mean what do I want to do with your dog? I used to have one but I can’t have one now because they live for a long time and I’m not well enough to look after an ill dog. I guess you was joking.
          Katie Cassidy who plays Laurel, Oliver’s prospective girlfrield, is the daughter of 80s popstar David Cassidy. I get the feeling she is taller than Summer Glau. I could be wrong. We will see. Katie Cassidy’s mother was a model, which is hardly surprising.

  29. Ian Grey says:

    Wow! This is so awesome! Someone tell Summer Glau!

    No–someone tell Obama! Tell the Department of Defence! There’s a woman who, just via her appearance on film recorded months prior, can decimated the efforts of entire corporations, of the hardest work of hundreds of men!

    She doesn’t poison anyone. She doesn’t use a stealthy mind ray. My God–we don’t know what it is, but she and only she has it! The ability to obliterate TV shows just by existing in them!

    Now, Ive heard some America-haters say things about shows having run their course, or shows that sucked, or shows that were axed because of writers strikes but all that is clearly anti-American insanity.

    No–the obvious answer is that this small woman has the ability to devastate even shows she guest stars in with the sheer power of her evil girl energy thing! Its so obvious!

  30. chrisdvanne says:

    That is awesome news, I can’t wait to watch the season 2 of Arrow!

    • It’s always nice to see SG fans pop up on other sites like this. There are too many people posting here who do not possess her talents and think could do a better job at acting on TV than her.

  31. RichieS says:

    Doesn’t matter who the villains are as long as Oliver/Felicity are end game.

  32. EveatEden says:

    Love her, just wish she was going to be on something I’d actually watch *sigh* Not feeling CW shows lately.

  33. Mikael says:

    I was hoping she’d be on Agents of SHIELD but I’ll take this! I like her as a villain. She was somewhat villainous on Dollhouse and I loved it!

  34. joe says:

    Good news. Now if only The Sarah Connor Chronicles could have a proper finale before it’s too late.

  35. Lambinclouds says:

    As if Oliver doesn’t have enough chicks already. Dude even doesn’t have the time to change His sheets. Oh,well ,Poison Glau probably will suck the life out of show anyway…

  36. Lambinclouds says:

    As if Oliver doesn’t have enough chicks already. Dude doesn’t have time to change his sheets.
    Oh Well, Poison Glau will suck The life out if show anyway probably…

    • You’re just copying comments made by other people. I bet she cam act better than you. What is the necessity for it? I could understand it if you was talking about Piers Moran or Gok Kwan or Graham Norton but please don’t pick on a little lady. It makes you look like a bullying moron. OH btw., where is your face on your avatar? Are you ashamed or your ugly mug or scared of being tracked down?
      You’re an asshole.

  37. Sam says:

    Nice to see Summer Glau taking on the dark side for a change. She has done action in the past, so if this role involves that at least it should be believable. There is a chance this will work for Arrow and the CW.

  38. A fan says:

    Excited to see Summer on one of my shows again (loved her on Firefly, Dollhouse, the Cape, and Alphas, and will watch TSCC as soon as I watch the movie first.)

    The “cursed” thing is ridiculous. Besides, the same has been said for Paul Blackthorne, I remember last year people were saying HE would be the reason this show dies. Both Paul and Summer are fantastic, and having them both (as well as Seth Gabel, who hopefully returns, and Colton Haynes) on the same show will be a joy. The last DC comic show the CW had lasted 10 seasons, I don’t see why this one couldn’t have similar success.

  39. Mélanie says:

    Keep her as a brunette.

  40. t5000 says:

    This is great news! I already watch the show and liked it a lot.
    Now it is just more interesting with summer joining.
    I think since this show has done good in ratings, this could end the supposed curse of summer glau.
    If the show continues to have good ratings or if they go up, it will end the curse thing.
    however if they go down she will take all the blame.