Grey's Anatomy Grandma Jennifer Bassey Teases Owen/Ethan 'Tear-Jerker,' Possible AMC Encore

KYLE SILVERSTEIN, KEVIN MCKIDDTonight on Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 9/8c), Dr. Owen Hunt’s paternal leanings will be further reignited as he considers the fate of young Ethan, whose mother has just died while his father lay in a coma.

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When last we tuned in, Ethan’s grandmother Nancy — played by All My Children alum Jennifer Bassey — had arrived on the emotionally fraught scene. And while she might appear to be the logical fallback guardian should her son never regain consciousness, “There are a lot of twists coming up,” Bassey tells TVLine.

As her three-episode arc continues, “I’m in terrible fear that my son is never going to wake up, so my grandson Ethan and I have a lot of tension between us,” Bassey shares. “Our relationship will really be tested in this next episode.”

One thing we know is that an “incident” happens this week, causing Owen to question Nancy’s ability to care for Ethan. Might Owen — who longs to be a father (despite Cristina’s anti-kids stance) — somehow wind up with a wish fulfilled? “There are actually two curveballs coming up,” Bassey teases, adding, “It’s heavy-duty…. They write real tear-jerker stuff!”

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Directing Bassey in her second episode was scene partner Kevin McKidd himself — an impressive feat considering Owen’s prominence at this instant. “I said to him, ‘Did you know that you were going to have such a heavy storyline when you directed this episode?’ And he said, ‘No, I didn’t!’ she relates. “He was like a whirling dervish, running back and forth so much.”

Even so, Bassey — who connected with McKidd while discussing her past travels to Scotland — reports, “The Scots wear their hearts on their sleeve, and that’s how Kevin is. He’s very outgoing and full of good cheer… a lovely human being.”


At the time we spoke to Bassey, she had just gotten done checking out the first two online episodes of the resurrected All My Children — a former stomping ground she would love to revisit.

“I’ve got to tell you, it’s the best writing I’ve ever seen on that show,” she raves. “When I emailed the producer, Ginger Smith, to wish them good luck, she wanted to know if I’ll be in New York for the summer, so there’s a chance” for Marion Colby Chandler to resurface in Pine Valley. “So we’ll see!”

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  1. So one of the shows most followed couples (Cristina and Owen) may be splitting up (though Shonda had labeled them “soulmates” a few years back), so Owen is going to move on and probably going to end up taking this kid in? I’m sorry, but I’d have found it more realistic if the woman Owen picked up at the bar last season came back and was pregnant with his kid. Ever since Cristina had the abortion, these characters two have been messed up. I’m sick of the entire “I want kids” and “I don’t want kids” storyline. I know dragging Cristina into this may be considered irrelevant, but her line of “I think I’m losing Owen” to Alex in the last episode was just a massive hint that these two are completely over because he’s going to adopt this kid.

    • Ninna says:

      Unfortunately i don’t think they will split. I’m one of the few who thinks they will stay together. He will adopt, she will be the cool aunt until he doesn’t fed up of that situation. And this is the compromise Shonda has to give us.
      The only problem is, if we think this properly we can see that this is not a solution neither for Cris neither for Owen in the long course. This will end them in a couple of years. This will be the remedy that will make them ill later.

      This or Shonda will surprise us, and make Owen abdicating of kids for Cristina. Which is deeply beautifull but very wrong.

    • jennifer says:

      I have no idea when Owen said I want to kid in S9? Owen may say tonight? may not? who knows??

  2. Babygate says:

    As much as I love Greys, I just do not care about this arc or where it’s going. If Owen ends up somehow adopting this kid it will feel rushed and like there will never be a chance between he and Cristina. IF they do, it would be the emotional equivalent of entrapment. It feels like Owen has already made his decision: he wants to be a father. And that will leave Cristina out. This just makes no sense. This kid comes out of nowhere and Owen becomes so emotionally invested so fast? This whole storyline has felt weird from the inception. IMO.

    • Kara says:


    • Ninna says:

      Completely agree! In a nutshell, everything I feel about this eternal story that never ends

      If Owen adopts, he and Ethan will be the family. His sex buddy will always a guest in their lives.

      If he adopts is the statement of their dysfunctionality.

    • jess k says:

      It has been pretty rushed, but let’s be honest: Owen and Christina ARE over. Despite what so many of us want, there really is no getting around this. Kids aren’t something you just change your mind about for a partner, and I’m so thankful that the writers haven’t made Christina just magically change her mind for Owen.

      • Ninna says:

        At least that they did right!

      • Babygate says:

        I think the writers painted themselves into a corner. The only way to resolve this is for one of them to budge, but neither or them is. In real life this would have been over. So basically, the writers designed the demise of Crowen but still claim they are MFEO. I can’t see how this can possibly happen in any credible way because they both obviously feel very strongly about their positions. This is Greys limbo at its worst.

        • Ninna says:

          Totally MFEO!!!

          I think the writer who said this or insinuated it, now must be hiding in a hole

      • jennifer says:

        unfortunately,Cristina wanted to try again in s9x9, did Shonda announced Cristina never change her mind for Owen?

  3. Mel says:

    The writers think they’re so clever but it is painfully obvious where this is going. Either Owen will adopt or almost adopt this kid and lose him tragically causing him to adopt another kid. Seriously guys, how transparent can you be?

  4. Tia says:

    Such a boring storyline and sucks that it’s until the finale.
    Owen seems like a creepy old guy following a kid around, instead of doing his chief duties, he’s like running a daycare instead of a hospital.
    Cristina and Owen should break up once and for all, they are beating a dead horse with them, they can’t go anywhere as a couple.

    • Babygate says:

      OMG! Agreed on all points! I also think that this storyline makes Owen look creepy…

      • Ninna says:

        Creepy. What more can we say about an adult who uses a child to alleviate his own emotional imbalances?

    • jennifer says:

      a creepy old guy following a kid around is micheal jackson, not Major Owen Hunt
      have anyone in the show pointed out Owen didn’t do the chief duties??

  5. Alice says:

    Kid’s gonna die…right after Owen leaves Cristina to become his guardian. That’s the heartwarming show we all remember, right?

  6. Scottyb says:

    Jennifer Bassey was wonderful on AMC and I would love to see her back on she show. She is such a talented actress. She was one of the very first daytime Cougars. Who could ever forget Marion and Tad together so many years ago.

  7. cdog says:

    Who in there right mind would think that this is a good is an entirely inappropriate behaviour from Owen, it’s almost creepy and stalky.

  8. SJ says:

    This is such an uninteresting story line. It feels as though they’ve dragged it on for forever now. Also, why is this website hyping up daytime guest stars so much? Know your audience. We don’t know, or care, that this woman was on some soap once upon a time…

  9. tahina says:

    Grey’s can survive without Owen. Find him annoying and has no chemistry with Cristina. Hope the actor didn’t sign for season 10.

  10. Robin says:

    Does anyone else notice the resemblance of April’s paramedic boyfriend to Alex Karev? They could be real life brothers

  11. A says:

    Christina and Owen need to just end it already. This issue is too big and their attempts to resolve it have not worked. The only way it can be resolved is if one side gives in (which neither of them should have to do). I hate that they dragged out this storyline. Every episode seeing them sleep together is so annoying because its like watch a train wreck about to happen in extremely slow motion.

    • jess k says:

      This x 1000.

    • Ninna says:

      The writers made tactic mistake after mistake over this couple. The last one was place them in sex scenes day in day in, in attempt of buying the fans back. They thought some KMK shirtless scenes and some steamy scenes would solve the problema. That’s how low they think about the viewers. Unfortunately they went too far and no sex scene between these two talented actors could bring the magic, the story and fans back. And they know it, thus why Shonda came out, not long ago,saying she never intended to write a fairy tale. By now they know the crap that made.

    • jennifer says:

      Every episode seeing Mer/Der sleep together is so annoying , kissing is so boring,
      watching CrOwen’s sex life is more more exciting!!

  12. Dizzle says:

    I guess I’m the only one enjoying this storyline right now then! Kevin McKidd has been one of my favourite actors for a long time, and I love Owen and Christina’s relationship – so different to the other fairy tale, Hollywood romances on the show. I love that they haven’t just wrapped up the whole kids storyline and moved on – it would be an ongoing issue for a real life couple, not something you can just move past and get over. I trust that Shonda won’t take the expected route with regards to Ethan, and that she’s got some tricks up her sleeve – tis the season finale after all!

  13. Molly says:

    I agree with everyone else. This story line is dumb. It’s not believable that Owen would become so invested in this kid that quickly. And the kids/no kids thing has been buried and unearthed WAY too many times. Put it to rest. There are so many other characters/possible story lines this show could be pursuing. The writing has been stale and flat this season, except for the episode last week about Bailey.

  14. Pingu says:

    Iff there were any chanche that Teddy commes back i liked her and owen together there was more Chemistry between them than there is between Owen and Christina. end it they are better in beeing friends than lovers.

  15. justanotherfan says:

    I disagree with the whole Owen adopting Ethan. It would make a good story. I would just have a problem with Christina coming in and playing mom.

    Owen wants kids, Christina doesn’t. I don’t think that any relationship can make it through something like that, especially since she had an abortion. If she changes her mind about kids now , it would just make it a hundred times worse for them. Owen will always be angry with her for aborting their kid, even if he did go to the appointment with her. They both just need to move on and stop acting like getting a divorce has fixed everything.

    Don’t see how the writers plan do fix this mess they wrote themselves into.

    • Ninna says:

      There’s no way they can fix it. They cornered themselves with this story line for this couple in such a way that there isn’t a possibility to come back from it. Not with this couple!
      I never understood the necessity to vaporize the couple in such a way. They simply destroyed them. They haven’t left a small trail that would allow them to go back in their story, they simply closed all the doors.
      At this point it’s impossible the writers and producers not to have realized that they went too far with Crowen and that they didn’t manage to regain their fan base back.
      It was a beautiful couple .

      The only way it turns out to be a good story is in the sense of bringing up more drama between these two next season, like Shonda likes.

      • Babygate says:

        I think Shonda made a miscalculation with Owen. He came on the show as Cristina’s love interest. As Crowen they are golden, but as a singular, detached character Owen doesn’t have much of a fanbase and by making him choose between a kid that’s is not even his and Cristina the writers have just basically vilified Owen in such a way that we may just start begging for a better and more compatible mate for Cristina; because if there is one message the writers have clearly delivered, intentionally or not, is that Cristina and Owen are fundamentally incompatible. They have ruined this couple in such a way that I think may be irreversible. I mean, either Cristina finally acquiesces, which would be OOC, or Owen does. And he wouldn’t because if he did he knows he would just resent Cristina forever. So basically, this is tic-tac-toe. There can be no winners.

        • Ninna says:

          Yes, it’s true she made a miscalculation with Owen. And while I agree he doesn’t have much of a fanbase now, not always was like this. When KMK arrived to the show, the ratings were falling in cascade after the infamous season 4 and I remembered he helped to hold up them. Girls were all excited about him, all giddy and chatty everywhere at the time. Much is talked about Sandra to be a fantastic actress, but he helped to put her in the map again after IW have left the show and the story line the way he did. Because she was a little bit lost. See Justin? Alex never had a coherent Sl after KH departure. He never got in track.
          The miscalculation she made, was of thinking that the heartthrob could do anything that the girls who watch the show would take anything they wanted to shove down their throats. It seems that those girls are are getting smarter , with better taste and more critical!

          I completely agree with you that this is a choice the writers put Owen making between the kid and his ‘love’. And that was totally needless. I forsee that they will manage him not to make that choice. They will take the easy escape of letting Cristina solve the problem. You’ll see!
          Incompatible people. But I’m not seeing Shonda admitting this.

          • Babygate says:

            I hope Shonda doesn’t take the easy way out. It would be completely out of character for Cristina to budge..

  16. Carrie says:

    Fans of little faith…perhaps Owen taking the boy in is a possibility but anyone else believe that perhaps Shondra has more up her sleeve than Chistina not wanting to be a mom, round 3.

    • Ninna says:

      Shonda already stated categorically Cris won’t change her mind about being a mother. To her kid or others kid. And after have aborted her own kid, that would arise some ethical and writing problems.

    • Dawn says:

      I agree with you that in all liklihood, Shonda has something else up her sleeves. She does it on Scandal on a weekly basis. She can pull something together here. The problem will be with the fans who are clearly on one side of the fence or the other. There don’t appear to be too many people out there riding it.

    • joy says:

      i have a feeling Cristina will support Owen’s decision and desire , so she won’t make him to choose between her and a kid

  17. Laura C says:

    I <3 Owen! He has such a kind soul

  18. Jamie says:

    I am in love with this storyline. I don’t get all this negativity. It seems whatever storyline on whatever show comes up, everyone is screaming about how much they hate it. Honestly. The storylines on this and most other shows that people are taking their rage upon are actually interesting. I may have some disagreements about some choices and sometimes there is no chemistry between actors. I personally am not fond of Jo/Alex relationship, I found them much more interesting as friends. However, I am keeping my mind open to the possibility that one day I may fall in love with them as a couple.

    • Babygate says:

      The thing is, that this is all subjective. What you may find interesting someone else may find unwatcheable. The problem is that enough people agree in their dislike of a particular course of action and the show may take a sudden hit on the ratings. Like recently after Lexie and Mark were killed off and back in S6 when George died and Izzie left (even though it was the actors who wanted to leave the show, many fans didn’t like it). That’s why showrunners should be somewhat sensitive to overall popular opinion and in this case, this storyline doesn’t appear to have much viewer support. IMO.

  19. joy says:

    I love Owen and Cristina stay together and Ethan is cute, the storyline is better than Al/Jo and April/Jason ,