Exclusive Grey's Anatomy Video: [Spoiler]'s Back, Meredith's PO'd and an 'Intervention' Is Staged

greysThe docs of Seattle Grace Grey+Sloan Memorial jump into rescue and recovery mode this Thursday on Grey’s Anatomy (9/8c/ABC) in a desperate effort to save one of their own — and we’ve got an exclusive first look at the quasi-intervention.

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Despite receiving the news that it was a defective surgical glove and not her own negligence that led to the deaths of three of her patients, Bailey is still careening toward a nervous breakdown.

A visit from her loving husband Ben (the returning Jason George) fails to turn her frown upside down (Clip No. 1). A dose of tough love from a fed-up Mer doesn’t do the trick either (Clip No. 2). But what about an all-out sneak attack from Der, Mer, Cristina, Jackson, Cristina, Callie and Arizona? Surely that will work, right?

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Press PLAY below to find out!

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