Once Upon a Time First Look: Emma and Neal Mull a New Mystery, Discuss Returning 'Home'

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, while Belle is off being racy “Lacey,” Emma and Neal put their heads to together to solve a new mystery — and we have a sneak peek.

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When last we tuned into the sophomore drama, August — with his last breaths, after being tasered by the mysterious Tamara — warned Emma & Co. about Storybrooke being in danger, but didn’t ID his assailant before croaking.

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Here, Emma and Neal mull the adult Pinocchio’s cryptic words (after talking about his subsequent “reboot” as a “real boy”/new pal for Henry). Also at hand is the matter of possibly going back “home” once the magic beans are ready for harvest, even though Neal admits to not having had “a fairytale childhood” (har!).

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Would Emma return to the magical, now-rundown land where from which she came, if it meant staying with her newly discovered parents, Snow White and Prince Charming? Series cocreator Eddy Kitsis explained her hesitation during TVLine’s May sweeps preview, saying, “The thing is that a year ago she wasn’t a believer, and it took Henry … going into a sleep curse and her fighting a dragon to realize [her origin story] was true. Then she went back to that land and found it to be burnt and found of ogres. So like anybody, Emma struggles with this…. The thought of going back and having that be her life is very frightening, because change is frightening.”

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But on the flip side, TVLine noted to Kitsis, Emma’s life in our realm has kinda sucked — and he could only concur. “Isn’t it time she goes back and finds her happy ending?” the scribe offered. “And that literally is explored in the next four [final episodes].”

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  1. Theo says:

    I am still pissed off that they killed adult August. That was so crappy…

    I do think that both her and Neal will go and obviously eventually wind up facing challenges but be more happy being with family in a unfamiliar land than without then in the real world.

    • xav says:

      Obviously if they went back they would return to absolute hereditary monarchies so Emma would get all the benefits of it.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        LOL — I’d venture to say a certain lawlessness has overtaken The Fairytale Land That Is, so it’s not going to be all glass slippers, shiny baubles and divine crumpets if they return.

        • xav says:

          All 5 people? Didn’t Cora kill most of them?

        • xav says:

          Yes, I’m sure that going back to FTL would inspire power-hungry monarchs like the various kings we’ve seen to shift into democracy. Royalty always gets the best, even if it’s not much.

      • Mary says:

        Yeah she gets to inherit the rubble of her family’s castle! It is true though that her family would still be looked to as leaders for their people, and her in particular since she’s supposed to be the Savior. But they have Ogres to deal with before they can do much of anything in the way of restoring any kingdoms, if they restore them.

        • xav says:

          They had the ogres BEFORE so it shouldn’t be that different. And let’s be real: they’re spoiled royalty. The poor people would be fixing the castle.

          • Mary says:

            But they already had the castles then. Now they have rubble. And spoiled? I suppose Snow had nice big fluffy pillows, held fancy balls, etc while hiding out from Regina in the forest. Charming grew up a shepard, Snow spent time on the run living in the woods, and Emma grew up in the foster system in this world and spent time living out of her car. Don’t remember Snow and Emma living in comfort while in the Enchanted Forest this season either.

          • xav says:

            We’ve only seen one castle. And it was one that Snow and Charming stole from someone else.
            But come on, we saw that they didn’t STAY that way. They came in, orchestrated a massive coup-d’etat and took a whole bunch of power and wealth for themselves.

          • Mary says:

            They were doing that to get Regina under control, as well as reclaiming Snow’s family’s castle. We’ve seen two castles, and I think that one was Aurora’s family’s castle. And yeah they would be doing nothing to help. Right.

          • xav says:

            @Mary Yes, two or three years out of her entire life.

          • xav says:

            @Mary So they needed to overthrow an entire other kingdom in order to “get Regina under control”? Which they didn’t do at all because nothing changed, but they kept the castle.
            And no, we know there are many castles. Rumple had one, Aurora’s family had one, Leopold had TWO, George had one, Prince Thomas’ father, Midas, Xavier had one, presumably Eva had one because she was a princess from SOMEWHERE, etc. And we know the curse didn’t destroy every castle because we’ve seen it. So Snow could just go to any of the other two castles she “owns”

  2. Kelly says:

    I love Emma and Neal.

  3. angela says:

    I cant wait for sunday after seeing this clip. I love neal and emma and i love the chemistry between the 2. Im really looking forward to more neal bc i have always been a fan of MRJ since true blood and i think him as neal is great. I hate all the rumors going around he will be killed. I believe there is so much more to neal and he is will be around for awhile.

    • Kelly says:

      I hope he is not killed or marked by a wraith or something. I’m loving Neal and definitely want him as a regular and more Neal/Rumple and Neal/Emma/Henry

    • Mike says:

      If he is killed, it will be another character killed too soon. I personally though Cora still had a lot of potential.

  4. Patti says:

    Great clip. I adore Neal and Emma&Neal. It is kinda great seeing them putting Henry to bed and that was a good discussion. Although it looks like most things it looks like the discussion on Emma never getting the money happened off screen which is a bummer.

  5. sasha says:

    Love Neal and Emma together!! Please make Michael a regular

  6. xav says:

    I really don’t understand why they would want to return to a cesspool like FTL. I guess it would work for Emma since she’s a princess and wouldn’t have the hard life everyone else living in poverty got.

    • Ben33 says:

      I know! Plumbing, antibiotics, electricity, central heating, contraception… let’s give it all up to live in a dirt-floored shack while rebuilding castles for our betters, and sending our kids to scavenge for mushrooms all day because peasants don’t need an education. Plus, when the castles are done, we can be sent out to die because that passel of inbreds can’t stop fighting each other long enough to build a school or do something useful for the 99%. Yay!

      To the guillotines, I say.

  7. Len1 says:

    I really cant root for Neal being the guy for Emma, who basically has done nothing uptil the point of knowing the curse was going to break, chances upon chances… never found her, never chose her, never fought for her!!! So how do your root for him, (also he is not a fighter, someone who can stand on level with Emma.) This is what true love is about, he put his daddy issues first and did it again when August came back for him.

    As for Emma, who did she meet in the FTL world after the curse was broken = Hook!!! Two ppl so similar and Hook understood Emma then anyone had ever done, in the few hours he spent with her. He did everything opposite to what Neal did in the flashbacks. Chose Emma, sided with Emma going against Cora and her wraith, wanted to go back SB with Emma, and never even thought about abandoning her, he wouldnt have!!!

    • Mike says:

      Emma spent a few hours with Hook, I’m not rooting for either, but I’m so sick of ships taking over OUAT, eps especially when each side comes off so hypocritical, Hook was using her to get to Storybrooke, simple as that, to get his revenge on Rumple. Neal is not worse than Hook, he thought he was doing what was best. I’m not saying Neal is best for Emma, he still abandoned her, but I don’t think Emma wants to be with Hook either, he did shoot Belle.

    • Mary says:

      Put his “daddy issues first” when August found him? You weren’t paying attention. He wasn’t sure that Emma would even want to see him again. You also missed the part where he came to face his father out of concern for Emma. He didn’t go looking for Emma because he thought it was best that he stay away from her.

      Cora and her wraith? What wraith? Are you even watching the same show? Hook only wanted to go to Storybrooke because he wanted revenge on Rumple, not because of Emma.

      • Len1 says:

        Did i say he wanted to go SB COZ of Emma, i said he wanted to go to SB WITH Emma instead of Cora. I mean Cora and her angry outburst, thats what i named as wraith.

        • Mary says:

          That’s wrath. But Hook still wanted to go because he wanted revenge. And no way he could have gone with Emma anyway. The tree originally only took two so someone had to be left behind. And Emma would rather have her mother than Hook.

    • Louise says:

      I agree about Neal, completely disagree about Hook though. Emma can do SO much better than either of those two men.

  8. Len1 says:

    Did i say Emma wants to be with Hook lol. Emma and Hook both wanted the same thing to get to SB with a compass, so it was best to work together which they did and was quite a team.. but it never crossed Hook’s mind to leave her behind on the beanstalk. One issue she had and always had was abandonment and the one person who didnt mean nothing to her (coz he was nothing to her, no relation there), was the one person who would NOT have abandoned her.

    • Len1 says:

      Another thing despite him shooting Belle, he was aiming to hurt not kill… thought still not right to shoot but i think Emma understood the motive and why he wants revenge, she can understand the heartbreak

      • Mike says:

        That’s ridiculous, just ridiculous, I would hope Emma understands that there is no excuse to shoot a person, no matter the circumstances, I doubt she was ok with him shooting Belle. Who cares if he didn’t want to kill her, he still shot her. You’re the reason I hate shippers.

        • xav says:

          Now that’s not true. Emma and PCharms have always got their guns out, so obviously they’re cool with some circumstances.

          • Mike says:

            Fair enough, but you can at least agree the circumstances that led to Belle getting shot were not justified.

      • Mary says:

        Oh yeah and that totally excuses shooting someone, because you want to hurt someone else for revenge. I guess she didn’t even consider locking him up after that. Oh wait she did. He was cuffed to the hospital bed.

    • Mary says:

      So instead he’d want her to abandon her mother in the Enchanted Forest. Nice guy.

      I am not a fan of any ship, but Hook is a creep. Hitting on Emma in one episode and later hitting on her mother in another episode. Yeah what a great guy.

      • Len1 says:

        That was Hook ruffling feathers and getting to Charming more then anything, it was to irritate Charming which he did, why else would he do it, when Charming was right near him lol

    • Mary says:

      No, but you’re implying that he wants to be with her. He only wanted to use her. Like August wanted to use her to break the curse. And still not sure how I feel about Neal, but he hasn’t used her. She volunteered to go get the watches for him.

    • Cass says:

      We don’t have any proof that he wouldn’t have left Emma, except for his word, which I kinda distrust considering that he left her in Rumple’s cell to die about five minutes later.

  9. AMCPress says:

    It should be an interesting episode.

  10. Loki says:

    Swan Queen or bust.

  11. LisaS says:

    Love seeing this clip of Neal & Emma together.  It just makes me believe that Emma and Neal will eventually find their way back to each other. It’s obvious that they still love each other. I just love Neal carrying his sleeping son back to Emma, that was so sweet. SwanFire!!!!!!!!!!!!