Emilie De Ravin Previews Once Upon a Time's Sexy Switcheroo, Teases 'Sweet' Season 3 Twist

Once Upon a Time Preview Belle Rumple FinaleABC’s Once Upon a Time returns Sunday at 8/7c with the first of Season 2’s final four episodes, kicking off with a tale in which Regina pulls a fast one on longtime foe Mr. Gold by turning his sweet love into a tart. Emilie De Ravin spoke with TVLine about Belle’s racy Lacey reversal, how the May 12  finale tees up an “anything goes” Season 3, and the times she most feels Lost on the set.

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TVLINE | Going into “Lacey,” what would you say is Belle’s current view of Mr. Gold? Because he seemed to move her a little bit a few weeks ago with his deathbed phone call. Though she was terribly frightened by him after the accident, is she coming around?
She’s coming around in a respect. As far as the phone call, that was probably the most emotional feeling she’s had since she was shot and forgot her identity. You can’t deny the honesty in his voice and neither can she, yet she can’t remember, so it’s this awful struggle of this man telling you who you are and all these beautiful things about you and that he’s in love with and wanting desperately to believe this. Even though there’s been the cup throwing and some not-so-trusting moments with him, he’s still really the only one who cares about her. She knows that even if she’s confused and pissed off about not remembering [their relationship], it’s pretty obvious that he’s not coming to see her to annoy her.

TVLINE | So then, what brings “Lacey” to Storybrooke?
Oh, the Evil One of course. [Laughs] Belle was never implanted with a Storybrooke memory, since she was locked away for 28 years and it was not necessary to give her one, so to mess with Mr. Gold, as per usual, Regina says she will give me my memory back but gives me “Lacey” instead.

TVLINE | And in what ways is Lacey different from Belle?
The script description is “scantily-clad bar whore,” but not in a provocative way. Yes, it’s in a sexy way, but not because she’s trying to draw attention. She just likes dressing like that! She’s fun. She’s happy where she is. She’s not an adventurer, so the bar (named The Rabbit Hole) is kind of like home. She probably plays pool there every night with the same people and does shots, she’s probably pretty irresponsible with money, a girl who’s just living life….

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TVLINE | After more than enough weeks of sitting in that hospital bed, was it fun for you to let loose?
Oh, yeah. But I was not in the bed that long, physically, so it was all right. It was actually quite comfortable! I’d stay there between takes.

TVLINE | Regardless of this identity swap, might the episode offer “Rumbelle” fans some pleasing moments?
It’s going to give the Rumbelle fans some “interesting” moments, good and bad.

TVLINE | Personally, have you been itching for Belle to get her memory back, to resume that storyline with Robert Carlyle?
Oh yes. I’m looking forward to that, but at the same time a challenge is always a lot of fun. Playing, in this episode at least, Belle/Lacey and then Fairytale Belle — where it’s one day doing one, the next the other — is challenging but in a fun way. Lacey’s nice to have around for a bit.

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TVLINE | Meanwhile in the Fairytale Land That Was…. What’s going on?
There is a thief (Robin Hood, played by Tom Ellis) who tried to steal something from Rumple — and Rumple of course doesn’t like that. There’s a bit of “torture,” shall we say? But when sweet Belle decides to set the thief free, Rumplestiltskin forces her on this hunt to find him. This Fairytale Land portion in “Lacey” takes place between him kicking me out of the castle and me going to fight the Yaoguai.

TVLINE | How would you tease the Season 2 finale?
It’s going to be big. One of the elements at play is, “Do we go home? Do we not?” There’s arguing about that, because that’s a pretty big decision. There’s also the matter of what’s going to happen to Storybrooke’s existence, seeing as it could be a bit in danger. We also see Hook’s ship again, in a pretty big way.

TVLINE | Is this a finale where lives are left in jeopardy? Or is it more about, “What the hell is Season 3 going to look like?”
I can’t tell you anything on the first , but yes, Season 3 could be anything, which is pretty sweet.

TVLINE | With fellow Lost alumni Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz running Once, has there been any one particular moment where you really felt serious déjà vu?
Whenever we see smoke! [Laughs] Or like with the wraith, I’m like, “It’s not the wraith — it’s the Smoke Monster!”

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