Once Upon a Time Bosses Tease the Final Four Episodes, Four Reveals and One 'Really Big' Twist

Once Upon a Time Season 2 SpoilersWhen Once Upon a Time unspools Season 2’s final four episodes starting this Sunday at 8/7c, there is one thing the ABC drama will definitely — and finally — have going for it: momentum.

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GOING TO EXTREMES | After seeing the show suffer through multiples stops and starts since its winter hiatus (a problem that a lass named Alice might remedy next TV season), Adam Horowitz says that he and fellow series creator Eddy Kitsis look forward to presenting “an uninterrupted string of episodes where we can really tell a story and build to a finish we’re really, really excited for the audience to see.”

Speaking with TVLine from the set in Vancouver, where he and Kitsis were overseeing the filming of the Season 2 finale (airing May 12), Horowitz eagerly anticipated exploring “two extremes” over this final run of episodes: the intimate, and the scope. “The intimate of what our cast can pull off and the emotions they can convey always floors us,” he says. “As does the scope of the storytelling, and the visuals that our crew is able to achieve.”

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SAVED BY THE BELLE? | Kicking things off this Sunday is “Lacey,” an episode in which amnesic Belle adopts an alter ego and delves into a not-at-all-provincial life. Explaining the greater purpose of this, the first of the final four hours, Kitsis says, “We understand that Rumple and/or Mr. Gold is a man who has darkness inside him, and all season he’s been searching for the light, for a way to be better now that his son is in town. And we also know there is a prophecy that said Henry would be his ‘undoing’, and he said to the seer, ‘Well, I’ll just kill him.’ EMILIE DE RAVIN, ROBERT CARLYLEBut now that it’s his grandson, he’s facing a conundrum, and Belle has always been the person who’s brought out the best in him. What ‘Lacey’ does is watch Rumple struggle with his inner demon.”

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WHAT DOES TAMARA BRING? | Speaking of demons, a couple of real devils have recently descended upon Storybrooke: Tamara, who unbeknownst to everyone purposely pursued fiance Neal in the name of finding magic, and her secret cohort/paramour Greg aka Owen, the boy whose father Kurt went MIA after they stumbled upon the freshly materialized Maine burg in 1983.

Tamara and Greg’s mysterious agenda will be made clear over the next two episodes (“That reveal takes off like a rocket,” effuses Horowitz), and as hinted in the last episode, Regina — having deduced Greg’s true identity — “will be front and center in that story,” Kitsis says. “There are not a lot of coincidences here…,” Horowitz says with a smile. “There’s a reason for all of the connections we’ve revealed so far — and some we have yet to reveal.” (And yes, Kurt Flynn’s fate will be divulged by season’s end.)

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NO PLACE LIKE HOME… | But maybe as these ne’er-do-wells nose around Storybrooke, Emma, Snow White et al can escape to, say, another realm? After all, “the [magic] beans are growing,” Kitsis reminds, soon offering everyone the option of returning to the Fairytale Land That Is. But would Emma join her ‘rents for the ride…? “The thing with Emma is a year ago she wasn’t a believer, and it took Henry eating an apple turnover Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Colin O'Donoghue and going into a sleep curse and her fighting a dragon to realize it all was true,” Kitsis recounts. “Then she went back to [Fairytale Land] and found it to be burnt and full of ogres. And like anybody, Emma struggles with this. She’s a person who has found that she has magic inside her and isn’t quite comfortable with it yet, so the thought of going back and having that be her life is very frightening.”

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‘CROCODILE’ ROCKED | Elsewhere as Season 2 builds to its climax (airing May 12 and titled “And Straight On Till Morning”), Captain Hook — who (reportedly) went MIA soon after stabbing his “Crocodile” in NYC — will resurface “very soon, and under surprising circumstances,” Kitsis teases. The pirate’s past with Neal/Bae will then be detailed in the penultimate episode, “Second Star to the Right.” (“We can’t read every theory out there on the Internet, but this [connection] has so far been kept secret,” Kitsis offers.)

Episode 21 will also let loose with the Rumplestiltskin/Bae “game-changer” that Robert Carlyle alluded to at last month’s PaleyFest panel. “I know what he was hinting at,” Kitsis allows, “and yeah, it’s really big.”

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