Once Upon a Time First Look: Emma and Neal Mull a New Mystery, Discuss Returning 'Home'

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, while Belle is off being racy “Lacey,” Emma and Neal put their heads to together to solve a new mystery — and we have a sneak peek.

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When last we tuned into the sophomore drama, August — with his last breaths, after being tasered by the mysterious Tamara — warned Emma & Co. about Storybrooke being in danger, but didn’t ID his assailant before croaking.

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Here, Emma and Neal mull the adult Pinocchio’s cryptic words (after talking about his subsequent “reboot” as a “real boy”/new pal for Henry). Also at hand is the matter of possibly going back “home” once the magic beans are ready for harvest, even though Neal admits to not having had “a fairytale childhood” (har!).

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Would Emma return to the magical, now-rundown land where from which she came, if it meant staying with her newly discovered parents, Snow White and Prince Charming? Series cocreator Eddy Kitsis explained her hesitation during TVLine’s May sweeps preview, saying, “The thing is that a year ago she wasn’t a believer, and it took Henry … going into a sleep curse and her fighting a dragon to realize [her origin story] was true. Then she went back to that land and found it to be burnt and found of ogres. So like anybody, Emma struggles with this…. The thought of going back and having that be her life is very frightening, because change is frightening.”

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But on the flip side, TVLine noted to Kitsis, Emma’s life in our realm has kinda sucked — and he could only concur. “Isn’t it time she goes back and finds her happy ending?” the scribe offered. “And that literally is explored in the next four [final episodes].”

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