Are The Following's Feds Failing? Did Glee Find Its Funny Bone? Missing Ellis? And More Qs!

walkingdead300We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Following, Dallas, The Big Bang Theory and Glee!

1 | Which Saturday Night Live Five-Timer’s appearance surprised you the most?

2 | Has Walking Dead‘s Daryl been sneaking off to an Aveda hair salon in between zombie attacks? And weren’t you both thrilled and horrified when he kinda manly-man bonded with Martinez? Because don’t we all know that, now that Martinez is getting actual scenes to play, he’s as good as dead by the season finale?

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3 | Was The Good Wife‘s cut-to-black following Cary and Kalinda’s bar flirtation just cruel? After so much teasing – not to mention, several Alicia/Will and Alicia/Peter sex scenes – don’t we deserve to see these two at least kiss? And did you think it odd that Lemond Bishop’s gym opens at 8 am on weekdays? On what planet does a big-city fitness club open that late?

4 | How many weeks in a row now has Once Upon a Time‘s Charming been KO’d? (And just how long does the guy stay unconscious for, anyway?) And how bizarre was it to see wicked Cora, even if ever so briefly, beam at Regina with such motherly love?

5 | With alllll the talk of Revenge “getting back to its simpler roots,” does it still seem like every third scene is Victoria and/or Conrad talking in circles to someone about The Initiative? And please, some gadget geek correct us if were wrong, but isn’t the type of “heavy duty” armored laptop that Emily lobbed into the ocean made to be water-resistant? Also, are you as happy as we are that the show is finally giving Nick Wechsler a chance to show off his chops and do more than look perplexed and/or hurt?

Girls6 | Who wants to tell ABC’s promo department that Red Widow is anything but a new “hit” series?

7 | On Girls, can you give us any reason Shiri Appleby’s Natalia should stay with Adam – or, based on the way he’s acted with both her and Hannah, why any woman would date him?

8 | Call us crazy, but wasn’t The Carrie Diaries‘ odd couple of Walt and Donna kind of fun? We’re almost sad the relationship is already over.

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Following9 | We hereby have The Following Questions/Concerns: Is Debra one of Joe’s devotees or is she just a total waste of law-enforcement space? Like, why didn’t she disable the SUV outside of where Mike was being held… or stick a tracker on the car… or do little more other than yell “FBI!” as the villains sped away? And are we the only ones disturbed by the Roderick strangulation/sex scene and the message it sent? Finally, can we please get back to Jacob and Paul (who’s been bleeding out somewhere for two episodes)?! UPDATE: Series creator Kevin Williamson chimes in with a few answers via Twitter.

10 | How badly did your heart break when Dallas‘ Sue Ellen threw back her second, third and fourth swigs of bourbon? And then as she professed her love for the oily bastard at his casket?? Also: Would you like to see her “sober” buddy Gary stick around?

11 | What kind of horrifying circus was that riding through Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars? And why were all of those kids laughing at the terrifying puppet show?

12 | Be honest, Cougar Town fans: Did you also forget that Andy is the mayor? (Guilty!)

13 | Did you ever imagine that Smash could create a character as awful as repugnant songwriter Jimmy, and make you long for the days of sniveling Ellis?

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14 | You’d have to be a cold, cold bastard not to have felt for RuPaul’s Drag Racer Roxxxy Andrews when she confessed that she’d been discarded at a bus stop as a kid, but don’t you still kinda wish that — in the wake of that — she’d become a nicer person? Wouldn’t her story of overcoming that heartbreak Todayhave been more inspiring if she’d grown into… well, less of an obnoxious bully?

15 | Srsly, Today?

16 | Was Southland‘s long-awaited Cooper/Sherman reunion everything you hoped it would be?

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17 | How are you feeling about The Americans‘ Stan these days? Is it refreshing that he’s not some Boy Scout G-man husband, or frankly disappointing? And not to get nitpicky, but what DC-to-NYC train was Phillip on that would’ve afforded him an East River americans275view of downtown Manhattan (Twin Towers included, see photo)? Not even his subsequent taxi ride (from presumably Penn Station) to his midtown hotel would yield such a vista.

18 | Wasn’t it a little insane for American Idol‘s Nicki Minaj to threaten a walk-out if Curtis Finch Jr. got eliminated on Thursday’s results show when she’d actually missed his Wednesday-night rendition of “I Believe” by showing up 10 minutes late?

19 | Vampire Diaries: Does the Salvatore mansion have plumbing separate from the rest of the town?!

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416416-2_05620 | Isn’t it remarkable how Naya Rivera’s injection into Glee‘s New York City storylines instantly returned the show to its comedy roots? If the producers are pushing any single cast member for an Emmy nod this season, shouldn’t it be the woman who’s brought Lima Heights realness to the Big Apple?

21 | OK, who out there teared up when The Big Bang Theory crew was relaying to Howard the possible contents of the letter his father left behind? And do you think it was Bernadette who shared what it actually said, or do you suspect/wish it was some combination?

22 | Can someone nudge us when everyone on Grey’s Anatomy stops squawking at each other? And doesn’t it feel like this was the fifth time the show has done a Cranky Old Man Donates Organ to His Frenemy case?

23 | Were you surprised to see Beauty and the Beast “go there,” having Vincent ever-so-briefly “beast out” mid-coitus? (Or, frankly, did you even care, the scene being so shteamy?)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    1. Loved, loved, loved Candace Bergen’s appearance (even though it was brief)

  2. Pat D. says:

    “Like, why didn’t she disable the SUV outside of where Mike was being held… or stick a tracker on the car… or do little more other than yell “FBI!” as the villains sped away? And are we the only ones disturbed by the Roderick strangulation/sex scene and the message it sent?”

    Uhhh, I made both of those points on the recap page (and I think others did too), LOL, so you are not the “only ones”.

    • crystak says:

      Donna,is one of joes followers come on it’s the worst kept secret!

      • Ashley says:

        The FBI ON THE FOLLOWING suck ………….they are FAILING big time and joe has alot of followers than they think and as for DARYL’S hair on The Walking Dead who cares he looks good and diffantely kicks ass doing so!

      • KevyB says:

        I assume crystak is talking about Debra. DEBRA being one of his followers would be the most obvious turn of events ever, since the writers already showed us her culty background. Kevin Bacon being one of his followers would be more likely than that. That said – listen up here, Kevin Williamson – if ANYBODY on the FBI is one of his followers, every single person I know who watches this show will instantaneously STOP watching this show. Let’s not get all 24 on this. Speaking of 24, that show wasn’t successful because it was intelligent but because CTU didn’t spend every single episode JUST MISSING the bad guy. Terrorists would win one. Jack would win one. So far on this show it’s like FBI: 1/2, Followers: 8 billion.

    • tsi431 says:

      You would think she would of heard the firefight 200 feet away, in an open abandoned warehouse. She should of had her gun ready to fire and going to help her partner. Instead she acted as if she was caught off guard.

  3. Dom says:

    Santana is one of the few reasons I still watch GLEE. That being said, last night was a GREAT show.

    • Jen says:

      They should have moved Santana to NY a LONG time ago to be honest. The show is so much funnier with her back! I do hope she gets some actual story lines for herself though. I don’t really want to see her be kurt and rachel’s prop the rest of the season.

      • dan says:

        It seems like they’re setting us up for some awesome Santana working at Coyote Ugly numbers. I thought for sure someone was going to stop by and beg her to join NYADA.

      • Cheri says:

        Santana’s return to Glee has been a godsend. New York portion has been revealing and shown growth for Rachel and Kurt but the humor was lost to deep and serious drama. Way too long into the season to have that silent from Glee. Naya, Lea and Kurt are just wonderful together. Glad to see Glee return to what made it great.

  4. Melanie : ) says:

    OH BATB! How I love thee…. Please be renewed.

  5. Sid Aildasani says:

    I did not remember Andy was mayor in Cougar Town. Of all the twists!

  6. Me says:

    #6 Can I tell them? Please? I also have some words for their programming department…

  7. JeniLee says:

    I didn’t forget Andy was Mayor….they never showed that he won the election! Kinda skipped over that Cougar Town!

  8. xaverie says:

    3. I’m trying to imagine anything less appealing on The Good Wife than Cary/Kalinda. And I’m coming up blank.

    4. It’s when Charming is at his best, not attempting to contribute anything with his empty platitudes or inability to understand words.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Number 3 so much. Ugh, it was such a disappointing letdown. Who thought that would be a good idea? It wasn’t cute/coy, it just pissed me off. Just hope Cary/Kalinda will kiss sometime soon AND we’ll get to see it.

    • MandaJ says:

      I so agree with you xaverie – Kalinda and Cary make me squirm. Just icky IMHO.

  9. D. says:

    Naya Rivera is the only thing that keeps me watching Glee. Best character of the show.

  10. heather says:

    WTF is wrong with you people. Even though I agree, glee will never ever be nominated for an emmy ever again and shouldn’t even bother. Crappy writing, storylines and under utilization of former fan favorites. Cancel or fix.

  11. Newo says:

    6) the same thing happened on The CW with Emily Owens AFTER it had been cancelled

    • S says:

      Yeah but people actually did start watching and caring about Emily Owens. It was the CW’s fault for cancelling it so early

      • kavyn says:

        Although the ratings were low, the CW should have at least given the full season order. It’s not like Cult or TCD are doing any better, and EO was rising, even if it was by a small amount.

        • Purple♡Hearts 4 Butterflies✟ says:

          Haven’t watched any of them. Can’t keep starting up new shows ! Hard enough keeping up with Supernatural, the Americans, Castle, The Following, Bones, Breaking Bad, Once Upon A Time, Continuum, Being Human, Walking Dead…as it is!! Can’t add more! I just wish everything wasn’t all on Sundays and Mondays! At least 2of them are on Wed!

  12. Ella says:

    19. They have water-filters that clear out the vervain.. That was Carolines reason to shower there..

    • S says:

      Really? Does no one live in a town or area where people who live outside of the official town limits are not on the a public supply? Yes, Caroline make a smart comment about water filters but the show gives every impression that the Salvatore house is a bit more far out and rural. That would mean YES they have their own water supply (Well water) which is likely not controlled by a public supply. Otherwise the new guy in town was into a much more complicated process of polluting the town’s water supply.
      But then again it is just a TV show, so who really cares if it is real or not anyway.

  13. Meg says:

    On TVD, Caroline said something about them having filters for the vervain after she got out of the shower.

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    I loved the scenes with Daryl and Martinez and kept thinking what a great asset he would be to Rick’s group. But sadly, I think he’ll be a fatality in the end. But one can hope. Rick needs the manpower after all. The one thing that bothered me was since when does Daryl smoke??

    BATB was hot last night. The chem between Cat and Vincent is off the charts!!

    • Kat says:

      Maybe Daryl smoked all along and we nvr saw him do it because he couldn’t find cigarettes. Or maybe the stress of living in a zombie apocalypse made him need some relaxation. Or maybe he was thinking, YOLO

  15. Jules says:

    23. Not really… these two have had that coming on for so long…. this needed to happen, and Vince knows Cat trusts him, and he can always pull himself back just in time when he’s with her..
    and yeah, so steamy… I didn’t really care…. :D

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    #6 that’s no different than ABC touting Nashville as the best new series on television. Every time I see that promo I crack up laughing. I mean it’s okay, but No. 1…

  17. Kim R says:

    3. A kiss would have been nice. :)
    9. Exactly! If she isn’t part of the cult, she is useless. If she was just going to stand out there, why didn’t she run when she heard gunfire to back up Ryan? Unless it is really BAD writing, she has to be part of it.
    18. Niki speaks in hyperbole constantly. And waffles????
    21. So touching and I’m hoping in was a combination (perhaps not Sheldon’s offering). :)
    23. Don’t care. It was yummy. :)

  18. Kathy says:

    #21 TBBT- I think it was a combo of all of them except obv Sheldon’s…I totally teared up !! Awesome job from the whole cast on making us feel all that Howard was feeling not just by what they said but their expressions as well- this is why TBBT is one of my all time fave shows….

  19. Lucy says:

    I actually find Glee to be a lot better when I mute anything Santana says.

  20. Kitty says:

    Naya deserves an Emmy tbh

    • Josh says:

      Just because she may be the best thing about Glee doesn’t mean she’s the best supporting actress on television right now. And being the best thing about Glee is not exactly a compliment.

  21. Alienate says:

    13. Evidently nobody gives a crap about the bad turn of script writing on Smash.
    Jimmy was one bad turn, but the one that really turned me off was the most absurd sub-plot about the a-hole who plays the drama like a comedy with Megan. Pathetic.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Apparently a lot of people give a crap given the poor ratings and the fact it has been shuffled to Saturday for burn-off. Never should have been renewed.

  22. Alex says:

    3. YES! The gym opening at 8am bothered me so much.

    11. And why was Ella Montgomery there?

  23. Rrrrrr says:

    19. It was actually verbally stated in the episode that the Salvatore mansion has water filters in place incase of vervain poisoning, sooooo

  24. Lindsy says:

    I think glee is coming back bc Finchel are getting closer to reuniting. Brody is out( storyline wasted on him.) and finally the ny storyline is coming together.

    • Josh says:

      Glee is coming back because 12 year olds buy every song they perform. Let’s not pretend like it is the writing or the acting.

      • abc says:

        Do you even know how TV works? Advertisers only care about the 18-49 demo. Song sales only make marginal profits. Their income and their renewal is dependent on ratings, not 12 year olds buying songs. The only reason they’ll stay on the air is if people in 18-49 are watching.

  25. D Miller says:

    THANK YOU #2! As much as I enjoy The Walking Dead, Daryl’s Eurovision hair is so completely out of character. I don’t know how the zombies keep from giggling.

  26. Whatever says:

    17. That would be the Hollywood Taxi / Train Service where the view is always fabulous and the person sitting next to you never drools on your shoulder.

    • the girl says:

      My suspension of disbelief mechanism tells me they had difficulty finding images of what the NYC skyline would have looked like 30 years ago, so they went with this East River one. Honestly, The Americans is so good, that little error didn’t even bother me a bit.

    • Jersey Jeff says:

      There are plenty of NYC cabbies that would gladly take an unsuspecting tourist from Penn to a midtown hotel via Brooklyn.

  27. Maggie says:

    23. OMG didn’t even care, those scenes were HOTT!! it reminded me a little of the first time Elena & Stefan hooked up on TVD, but it was like the grown up version

  28. smidnite says:

    23: I’ve found both characters to be so unlikeable that I stopped watching.

  29. Amy lavine says:

    #9. At what point does a cult that consist of people who LOVE TO KILL become actually untenable? The local sherrif is part of the cult? Really? The ridiculous homoerotic nature of the killing was unbelievable. However, I can’t stop watching this show. Possibly the worst show on TV today.

    • S says:

      Ask the Manson family. It was the entire premise of why their “family” stayed together. For normal people it is unbelievable but there are far too many stories of serial killers (Some have even been the “real life stories” used for Law and Order) of the homoerotic nature or killing. It is kind of scary for me to watch because of just how believable it all really could be.
      Like in a townhouse, you lock your doors but you never assume that your walls are your weakest point!

      • R.O.B. says:

        Yeah but realistically the Mansons were WEIRD. These all seem like normal people that just happen to have no empathy at all for human life and want to inflict pain and cut peoples eyes out. The problem with this show is that it is all too convenient that so many people are not the odd, antisocial types that would have no ability to value human life or empathize. It’s BS.

  30. Lucy says:

    3. I can’t immagine anything more appealing than Cary and Kalinda. But writers love to torture us. 4 years and 2 kisses and an off-screen hook up. Awesome.

  31. Jared says:

    The VinCat love scene on BATB was so hot and sexy..Finally! Love this show so much!

    Naya Rivera is the best thing about Glee. Girl is upstaging that awful Lea Michele now a days. The only thing Glee could have done better was move Santana to NY sooner!

  32. Steve says:

    14 – Sorry, but my heart didn’t break for Roxxxy at all. The timing of her breakdown made it seem a desperate plea to stay in the competition.

    • Erik Galston says:

      My thoughts exactly… especially if you watched the untucked episode. she did the sob story in the room with all the girls, then they split into two rooms and she was back to being a bitchy queen and joking and laughing… then had no trouble lipsynching at all… and then right when Ru was about to speak she started crying… it felt off to me.

  33. Kim says:

    Naya was great. I almost turned off “Glee” and was done with it when Jane Lynch was singing “Super Bass.” I hate Nicki Minaj to begin with, so adding Jane (who I adore) trying to act like her…. It was like that point where I heavily debated. Didn’t need to see Fox trying to cross promote.

  34. Joe says:

    9) that whole episode botherd me I’m watching it till the end of the season after that not so sure
    10) really hoping that they don’t make Sue Ellen a bad drunk again

  35. murley says:

    as much as i adore steve martin, candice bergen was absolutely the best cameo in the monologue.

  36. Steph says:

    4. Yes, charming is getting knocked out a lot. He’s the new Giles. As Cordy so famously said “one day you are going to wake up in a coma!”

    • ollie says:

      evertime lana got knocked out on an ep of smallville it just would annoy me. any person knocked out that many times would either die or have.severe brain damage.

  37. Daniel says:

    on the Following, Debra is totally one of Joe’s followers which sucks…for all the bad, the show needs just as much good and it seems all the good guys are turning bad. Kevin Bacon is the only true good guy, there has to be a balance, so please don’t turn Debra bad or even Weston.

    • R.O.B. says:

      Too many bad guys it is almost nonsense now. Are they really telling us this guy can turn people into killers just by talking to them for a little while through plexiglass? I get that there are likely a whole bunch of people out there in society that want to be like serial killers, but I think they would be odd, antisocial people with sociopathic tendencies. The only one that was like that on the show was just killed on Tuesday. Otherwise, it is laughable how many people are dug in and waiting to play their role – my wife and I are ready to give up because we aren’t buying it at all.

      • Cort says:

        But isn’t it always the story on the news where the neighbor is talking about so and so being nice and normal. No one ever suspects the true sociopaths. The serial killers of the past like Ted Bundy were those normal charismatic guys. I don’t find it so unbelievable. How normal they can seem until you see them in their “true element” is what really creeps me out (in a good way) about this show. And as for how far reaching Carrolls influence is…that is insane and I watch with a friend and we joke every week that we trust no one except Ryan and well maybe now Weston after the most recent episode. And @Daniel, I couldn’t agree more that there needs to be more of a balance. For every win that Carroll has let Ryan’s side win one every once in a while. That part was getting a bit unsatisfying…And yea…Debra I don’t trust. Hell, I didn’t even trust Ryan’s sister.

        • R.O.B. says:

          I understand, but these people are inflicting screaming, ear-splitting pain and torture on people – taking their eyes out, skinning them, burning them alive, etc. There are a lot of killers out there that the neighbors are shocked about, yes, but most of these, I think, are people that snapped. The ones that were planning the murders, like this whack job in Colorado – look at him. Does he strike anyone as normal? The kid from Connecticut – not normal in the least. For a human being to be so switched-off to empathy that he can strap someone to a table and use a knife without a second thought requires serious mental illness. Realistically, even those that are fascinated by the idea would probably freak out and refuse to go through with it if given the opportunity (like the one guy who couldn’t kill the abducted girl – I would think most of them would be like him). It seems the writers of The Following are purposely writing their bad guys as everyday people, which is cheating.

  38. Ram510 says:

    12 – I didn’t forget Andy ran for mayor I just couldn’t remember if he won or not. I DO remember Ellie’s list of things she wante to happen then “her pen ran out”. Hopefully now they’ll give Andy more to do. I like his character especially scenes with him and Travis and Andy is being a goofy and all knowing kind of guy. BTW where is Grayson’s baby Tampa???

  39. Kalee says:

    Glee’s Naya is great and all, but Emmy great? Uh… no, she gets the same “Psychic Mexican Third Eye” shtick and more of the funny meta lines, so please stop hyping her like she is truly Emmy-worthy, TV Line. They were already trying for her to get an Emmy last season but realized she’s probably better in short bursts.

    • Nina says:

      Emmy nods are a little much, but she is clearly the best thing on that show right now. If anything needs to be focused on in short bursts, it’s Blaine, Sam and everyone at McKinley.

  40. kate says:

    You are so right Naya Rivera = Santana Lopez is the best character of Glee and the writer should know that…

  41. Jem says:

    1. Candice Bergen! It was a great cameo and totally unexpected.

  42. Jessica says:

    #9 I thought the Roderick strangulation/sex scene was disturbing, but so it much of The Following. I’m not sure it’s a good show to be looking for messages in!

  43. Margo319 says:

    I love Smash and Jimmy is incredibly talented. Shut up already.

    • Liana in San Diego says:

      Jimmy may be talented (and that’s questionable too- all a matter of taste), but the character of Jimmy is a self-indulgent, narcissistic schmuck. He’s a full-on creep, and it’s even more distressing and discouraging that Karen continues to enable him and even find him “endearing.” There is nothing likable there.

  44. R.O.B. says:

    I was really liking The Following but now I am just not buying the idea that SO MANY people are evil killers. The one guy that seemed antisocial enough to be a serial killer was just offed in the last episode. Everyone is a killer on this show with no empathy for human life. It’s getting eye-rolling already.

  45. Raven says:

    For TBBT I liked Amy’s story. The audience at graduation. But they were all so good (except Sheldon’s, I’m pretty sure that one is wrong lol)

  46. Jennifer says:

    I was shocked to hear that this was Timberlake’s (whom I think is way over-rated and over exposed) fifth time hosting. I’ve only seen him on part of one show and I’m not sure he was even host.
    I agree about The Following, the only bigger idiot then that FBI lady is the guy they sent in to take over and I’m pretty sure he’s one of “them” anyway.
    PLEASE kill Emma, bring Paul and Jacob back NOW, but PLEASE kill Emma! I absolutely do not like her in any, shape or form. This is not simply a matter of loving to hate a character (like Joe), I mean I flat out do not like her period. Until this show I thought only Amy (aka Norman Bates) on Big Bang Theory could creep me out and not in a good fun way, the character Emma has almost surpassed Amy. I do not understand the fascination the men on this show have with Emma. I really wish Roderick hadn’t sacrificed himself, he was WAY more interesting then anything Emma.

  47. guest says:

    15. she might be the decoy, not the real follower. We might find out it’ someone else form the force. But she sure looks guilty.
    23. not surprised at all, this was to be expected. Glad they got over it, I don’t need yet another Twiligh-esk BS “sex is so bad and men will hurt you” storyline.

  48. Alichat says:

    4) That does seem to be all that Charming is doing now…….getting KO’d. And I’m sure I’m in a minority, but I’m a little tired of Evil Regina. 5) Yes on the laptop question. Hopefully, Aiden fished that puppy out of the sea. And I’m looking forward to seeing Jack develop a revengenda. Wechsler has been underutilized. 6) Some people love Denialville! 9) This sounds awfully familiar. 17) I was rather disappointed in Stan. I thought we’d at least see him conflicted about things for awhile before hopping into bed with her. And what was with all the encouragement to cheat from his partner?? I was also yelling at the TV when Phillip lied to Elizabeth. I know this was something he has wanted for a long time, so he was afraid she would shut down again, but this will come back to bite him badly. Also, I’m wondering what the resolution was with Irina’s son? Is he Phillip’s or was she lying? Or are we supposed to be in the dark about that? 23) Raise your hand if you thought the dream Kat & Vincent scene was steamier than the real scene. Well, up until he beasted out and threw her across the room.

    • Danielle says:

      I think they were both hot in different kind of ways. Dream: hot in an urgent, caught up in the moment kind of way. Reality: hot in a tender, cautious kind of way. Though, I will admit that kiss when he first threw her on the bed was friggin HOT!!!! Wow!! But I loved the hand holding in the reality version. Yep, I loved them both. lol

  49. Ana says:

    6. Red Widow a hit? I laughed out loud the first time I read a promo with that tag line.
    9. I thought the same thing about agent what’s her name. I raised my voice at the tv. Why didn’t you slash the tires of their car??? You KNEW they were going to try to get away? And why were you outside by yourself? DID YOU NOT HEAR THE SHOTS??? Just how far were you from Ryan? I hope I’m wrong but I keep thinking she’s with Joe.
    12. Guilty as charged. I had totally forgotten Andy was the mayor. But I don’t feel too bad because I think the writers forgot too.
    13. Thank you! Smash has made a lot of mistakes this season. They complete rewired the characters and not in a good way. But the worst mistake, after having Jennifer Hudson who was completely out of place and pointless on the show, was to create a ‘Jimmy’. He’s unbearable. A vapid, ungrateful ego-maniac and Karen pinning after him is beyond belief.
    20. Naya Rivera was sorely missed from Glee. She’s singularly the reason why I didn’t quit watching. She has that energy that makes a scene pop. I had missed her antics. I don’t even care if she gets back with Brittany. I hope she doesn’t. I just want her to be on and I will continue to watch the 20 minute version of Glee as I fast forward through all the Lima scenes.

    • Jill says:

      Oh. Em. Gee. Totally agree with everything about 13 ^^. I watch on DVR and fast forward thru every scene with repugnant Jimmy. At least Sean Hayes’ character brings some levity.

  50. Milli says:

    I love Santana Lopez, she makes NY better… she makes everything better.