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NCIS Castle Once Upon a Time SpoilersWhat is up with the back end of NCIS Season 10? Is big news brewing on Castle? What brand of evil is Once Upon a Time‘s Regina now serving? Get answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

NCIS | On the short-term spoiler front, I’ve got Pauley Perrette teasing a bit of high drama on March 19, when the NCIS team swings into action to… help Vance hire a nanny for his kids. “But Vance is such an independent person that all the help from the crew is not making him happy,” the actress says of the Michael Weatherly-directed episode. “He’s kind of like, ‘I love you, but leave me alone!'” Now, looking in the general direction of the Season 10 finale, show boss Gary Glasberg has been telling his cast, “‘The last half of this season is going to be unlike any season’ — and I’m not sure what that means, to be honest,” Brian Dietzen reports. “All of us are on pins and needles, like, ‘What are we going to do? What does that really mean?’ But he’s not giving anything away!”

Once Upon a Time | As previously previewed, Regina is most definitely out for blood, having realized that Mary Margaret orchestrated Cora’s death. But how exactly will the Evil Queen go about exacting her revenge? “I honestly can’t say — it’ll just give away too much,” Lana Parrilla (sorta) tells us. “But I think she’s going to ‘rely a little bit on the universe’ and let things unfold as they’re meant to be.” Said differently: “She’s going to stalk her for a little bit, and then try to take her down.” (Psst, more Once scoop below.)

Castle | First, there was the Valentine’s Day jewelry jumble. Then, during Alexis’ kidnapping, Gates urged Kate to do whatever is necessary to help Rick. Was the latter a sign that the captain is wise to the workplace romance? “Do you know what that [line] came after? Seeing or not seeing them hug,” Penny Johnson Jerald reminds. “In fact, I remember the director saying, ‘I want you to turn around,’ and I go, ‘I don’t think I ever look at [Beckett]. ‘Cause I always think it’s about [Castle].’ So that was a good call.” Jerald can’t say if Gates in fact is onto the lovebirds, but in her mind, “It’s not whether she knows or not; it’s how she’s going to handle to truth.” BONUS SCOOP: Seamus Dever tells us that by Episode 18 (airing March 25 and revolving around Ryan’s past), we’ll know if his detective is gonna be a dad.

The Big Bang Theory | Speaking with EP Steve Molaro at the CBS hitcom’s PaleyFest 2013 event, we asked if the matter of Penny proposing to Leonard will be revisited this season. “We addressed that pretty well and won’t be hitting it any time soon,” he answered. “But when that springs back around, we know whose court the ball is in.” As for the show’s newest coupling, Simon Helberg shared that as Howard’s bestie Raj dates Lucy, “He discovers some stuff on the Internet about her.” (Insert :-O emoticon.) As Raj processes this finding, “Howard tries to help give him some tips,” Helberg says, “which is always a double-edged sword!”

Beauty and the Beast | As the show returns from its midseason break, Nicole Gale Anderson says the death of Heather’s beau Darius presents “a huge shift for the show. They start a whole hunt for the beast, to vindicate that death, and [Darius’ brother] Joe takes this huge turn…. It changes all the relationships at [the precinct].” Vincent meanwhile will hunt down the thugs who set in motion Darius’ killing, “Not only to clear his name but because he knows what it’s like to lose brothers,” Anderson explains. “He definitely is dealing with a lot of guilt and this whole complex of ‘Am I still human or am I turning, slowly, into this monster that I am?'” Lastly, tonight’s arrival of Sendhil Ramamurthy as a vigilante-hunting ADA presents “a huge twist,” the actress teases. “Just when you think something is going to go a certain way, he comes in and changes everything.”

And now, we finish with a few reader questions….

On Once Upon a Time, does Neil’s fiancée possibly have a fairytale background? –Tedi
Ooh, I like this question. Let me say this: Soon enough, you won’t be wondering who Tamara might be so much as wondering what the [bleep] her agenda is.

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming NCIS: LA spin-off? –Ali
Though Daniela Ruah doesn’t share many scenes with the “Red” team, she did share this observation with us: “There’s a lot of tension going on between Callen and the female lead” aka Agent Paris, played by Kim Raver. They’re just throwing more wood in a fire.” (Reminder: The two-part planted pilot kicks off March 19.)

Can you feed my Scandal addiction and give me some spoilers? — Nicole
Given your name, howzabout I drop this bit on you, regarding Fringe alum Jasika Nicole’s mysterious guest-starring role: Her character has a deep connection to an existing character.

Pretty Little Liars! I’ll take anything, except if anyone is dying. I hate it when someone dies. –Elke
Though I cannot vouch if any of the following pertains to death, you’re getting it nonetheless. Exec producer Oliver Goldstick gave us this three-word tease for Tuesday’s season finale: “Haunting. Mind-blowing. Smoldering.”

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