Once Upon a Time Post Mortem: Who Has Death Changed 'Forever'? And Lots More Burning Qs

Once Upon a Time Season 2 SpoilersWarning: The following contains massive spoilers from this Sunday’s episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.


This week on Once Upon a Time, Cora and Regina — with The Dark One’s dagger in their possession — set out to breach Gold’s “protected” pawn shop, gain control of Rumplestiltskin and have him do their fiendish bidding. Worst-case scenario: Cora would use the dagger to become the Dark One herself.

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In a last-ditch effort to save himself (as well as his life, in the wake of Hook’s assault), Rumple reintroduced Mary Margaret to the enchanted candle that she as a child refused to use to save her own mother, but now could activate to put down Cora and save the good guys of Storybrooke.

And though Mary Margaret — after tricking Regina into putting Cora’s cursed pumper back inside of her (in the name of letting her mom truly love her) — ultimately had a change of heart, as it were, it was too late. Regina had transplanted Cora’s ticker, enjoying a fleeting moment of blissful motherly love before the crone collapsed to the floor and died in her arms.Once_0310_MM

A recuperated Gold, with some degree of plausible deniability, deflected Regina’s accusations that he was behind this plot, leading her to wonder for a few hot seconds who did orchestrate this plot. Enter Mary Margaret. Cue blood-chilling stare from Regina: “You did this.”

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What happens now? With an eye on this game-changing development, TVLine ran some burning questions past the series’ stars at last Sunday’s PaleyFest event.

HOW DISTRAUGHT IS SNOW WHITE, HAVING KILLED CORA? | “Extremely. It’s definitely going to change her completely forever,” Ginnifer Goodwin told us. “What happens [in ‘The Queen Is Dead’ and then ‘The Miller’s Daughter’] will shake her self-confidence, her self-definition, her identity. And once those things go, it’s really hard to be happy.”

HAS THE SNOW/REGINA FEUD REACHED THE NEXT LEVEL? | “Things are [heating up], for sure,” said Goodwin. “The end of the season is coming, and I predict explosions. I have not read the last episodes … but I feel like ‘the Shiite has to hit the fan’ with this many obstacles piling one on top of the other.”

HOW WILL REGINA REACT TO CORA’S KILLING? | Once_0310_RegCora“Regina is just a mess right now. She really is just a mess,” said Lana Parrilla. “Now she has two reasons to hate Snow White. The first one was because she broke a promise and Danny was killed because of it. And now, she has a hand in her mother’s death. So this is just devastating for Regina on so many levels. I think that road to redemption is now far behind her.”

WILL VENGEFUL REGINA HAVE TO TIP-TOE AROUND SON HENRY? | It sounds like the lad is due to grow up in that regard, and fast. As Parrilla noted, “Children have a lot of insight, but at the same time, a lot of what’s happening isn’t meant for a child to see or to get to really be involved in. So I think that she’s going to say, ‘You know what, Henry? You’re my son. You’re 11-years-old. I’m the adult. I’m going to start taking the lead here.'”

WILL THIS DARK TURN CAST A SHADOW ON THE CHARMINGS’ FUTURE? | “What happens to Mary Margaret and her relationships will definitely affect how they address whether or not they are going to go back to fairytale land,” Goodwin shared. Series cocreator Eddy Kitsis added, “It complicates the plans in that David warned her, ‘You won’t be able to live with yourself’ — and that is actually the case. What she’s looking for is, how do I lighten my heart? How do I restore it? David’s job is going to be to help her, but I do think he believes the best way is to go home and rebuild what they had.”

WILL CAPTAIN HOOK MOURN HIS COHORT? | Whenever (and wherever, heh) the pirate resurfaces, “There will probably be a tinge of regret that it’s happened,” Colin O’Donoghue ventured. “Whether or not they were friends, I don’t know — that’s up for debate — but she certainly helped him try to achieve what he wanted to achieve. So it’s a big shock.”

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WILL ROSE (MCGOWAN) BLOOM AGAIN, AS YOUNG CORA? | “This season, no. But we absolutely need to see her again next season,” Kitsis said of this week’s flashback guest star.Once_0310_Belle “We wrote that role for her because we were such fans … and she exceeded our expectations. I could just watch her forever.”

DID MR. GOLD’S ‘GOODBYE’ CALL SPARK BELLE’S MEMORIES? | Not quite, so now that he has cheated the Grim Reaper, he’s going to try to work his magic, literally and/or figuratively. “In Episode 19 [or] 20, he says to Belle, ‘I’m going to do everything in my power to bring you back for your sake and for mine,'” Robert Carlyle previewed. Because in addition to having his lady love back on his arm, “There’s another reason why he needs her there. He really needs the good in him to come out, and she’s the one that can best bring [that] out.”

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  1. Khorrie says:

    Now THAT’S an episode I can enjoy! I really thought they’d kill Cora without getting Snow’s hands dirty, but I’m so pleased they didn’t. And you could practically hear Regina’s mind snap when Cora died. Can’t wait to see the evil back in the Evil Queen.

    • valeriel40 says:

      Oh, YES. A very good ep! Rose McGowan did a terrific job as young Cora. I am really surprised that Snow used Regina! But it puts Regina back in Evil Queen mode and I am. So. Ready. For the Havoc. She. Will. Wreak. Whoo! Sad to to see Barbara Hershey go as she did a great job, but hopefully we’ll see her in some flashbacks. Can’t wait til next week!

    • sarah says:

      One of the worst episodes since the doctor ones. Its not beliveable that cora and rumple.were in love. Rose mcgowan not the best actress with that frozen face.

      • liz says:

        She was phenomenal, matching Barbara Hershey’s facial expressions with that glass eyed look, devoid of a heart, and the hand motions… I tjhought she was a perfect choice.

        • Nat says:

          Barbara Hershey and Rose McGowan were both wonderful. They did an amazing job.

          • maki says:

            The 2 of them rocked the show today. Their scenes with Rumple/Mr Gold where jus amazing. tvLine will have a hard job to decied qho of the 2 will be the performer of the week. Maybe Barbara for an inch cause of the moment she got her heart bac. How her facial expression changed. tremendous.

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        Considering that Rose McGowan was in a car wreck within the past few years that damaged her face and she’s been in recovery since then, your comment is kind of douche-ish.

      • Mike says:

        And Rumple and Belle are any more believable, sorry if buy Cora and Runple over Rumple and Belle any day.

      • flutiefan says:

        her face is distracting after all that work, but her acting is spot-on.

  2. michelle says:

    I hope we can get Cora resurrected somehow in the end. I loved seeing her backstory. And as much as they try to tell me Rumple is misunderstood. I want him to be the evilest one on the show. Not Regina or Cora.

    • Aly says:

      I agree with all of this :)

    • Janie says:

      Yeah, Rumple has always struck me as the worst of them all – and yet he gets his family, his true love, his magic… consequences don’t stick if you’re a man, apparently.

      • Addie says:

        I really hope we get to see Neal find out that Rumple murdered his mother. I can’t imagine that conversation going well.

        • Janie says:

          It didn’t seem to make that much of a difference to Belle, did it? Given that it’s Rumple, Bae will be upset for an episode or two and then back to normal.

          • A says:

            We’re talking about his mother. Belle knew Rumple was a beast but grew to see him “change his ways” so to speak so I can see why she was able to move past that fact, Bae, however, was absent from his father for over 300 years so this so called “change” would like mean nothing to him once he find out his dad murdered his mom. I for one can’t wait for this reveal and hope they don’t just make him mad for a few episodes and then move on. That would be so unrealistic.

        • Alichat says:

          I’m wondering if he already knows or has already been told and has forgotten. I think his recognition of Hook means he was in Neverland. I can’t see Hook keeping that from him if he was a Lost Boy.

        • chistosa says:

          It may not go as badly as one might think. His mother abandoned him and Rumple for Hook. Rumple was raising Bae in the absence of his cheating wife. So Bae may not have any feelings for a mother who ran away and left him with Rumple.

      • ChrissyCook says:

        Well, he lost his first wife/love so yes, magic has come with a price.

        • Janie says:

          He didn’t “lose” her, he murdered her. And neither his new girlfriend (or, I’m betting, his son) nor anyone else gives a damn. Rumpel is one of the best characters on this show, but that sparkly skin is like Teflon.

        • Ben33 says:

          He lost his wife like Jack the Ripper lost a bad date.

        • …His first wife left him because he embarrassed her and his family on the battlefield by breaking his foot sending him home. By the time he killed her, she had already embarrassed him with her gallivanting around in bars with other men, soon after shacking up with hook. The love that he lost was clearly of Baelfire’s and Corra’s….followed by Belle’s.

          • liz says:

            I agree. Bae’s connection is with his dad, his mother didnt really mother him either. She seemed to use the battlefield as an excuse.

          • fifitrixbell says:

            So that makes it OK for him to kill her (rolling my eyes forever at some people in the OUAT fandom.

      • Judy says:

        He’s the greatest manipulator as the Dark One, but as a man he only desired to rise from his poverty, n to have strength n power over the one’s who would lead his son into . He just didn’t understand the price. Deep on his insures there is still a spark of goodness. I still want Beauty to break that curse n bring the good man back….I thought they could dump the bad guy thing on Cora n still have redemption 4 Regina…but can’t go there any more thanks to Black Snow….

        • Judy says:

          Oops auto correct is a pain…I was saying deep on his ‘insides’ Rumple has a spark of goodness..he was defending his son from being led into ‘death’…sorry about that…

    • Louise says:

      As powerful as this episode was, it did feel too early to kill Cora off. There was a lot left to explore with her character and I’m sad she’s dead-dead now. At least we’ll have more of her backstory, but it’s still sad to know Barbara Hershey won’t be back again as Cora in Storybrooke.

      • Mike says:

        Agreed, I figured out it was goin to be Cora as soon as I found someone was going to die, but if they were going to redeem Regina it made sense to keep Cora around as a antagonist, but now that she’s dead evil Regina seems to be coming.

      • Gail says:

        Remember Regina killed her own father, who she loved more than anybody, in order to be able to cast the curse. a little hard to believe she is more upset about a mother who never loved her until she was about to die.

        • Nat says:

          I don’t find that hard to believe. Regina always loved her mother. After she thought Hook had killed Cora she told her she couldn’t let her come to Storybrooke with them because even after everything she’d done Cora’s grip on her heart was too strong.

          Maybe that’s Regina’s curse. If she does love, she loves deeper and stronger than most. Even if she’s not loved or loved the same way in return.

          • Alice says:

            I’m not sure what kind of love says: “I love you so much you must die because I would rather have power than the weakness loving you brings.”
            But it’s not the kind you really want reciprocated if you want to live very long.
            Bit that is a choice both Regina AND Cora made- Cora by tearing out her heart, Regina by having Hook kill her mother. Then Regina killed her father, again for power. I’d be terrified if I were Henry, as being loved by Regina means eventually, she’s going to kill you.

          • Blnstar527 says:

            I believe that Regina is just looking for someone to love her since her mother Cora didn’t really show affenction towards her. I feel sorry for Regina, she is an emotional wreck and really needs someone on her side.
            I really hope she changes for good.

        • tyra says:

          You’re so right. I don’t see where Regina’s anger at her mother’s death comes from, unless she wanted to kill her herself for another spell. She’s managed to despatch everyone that ever had any feelings for her with no regret …her father, Sydney Glass…

      • OnceUponATimeLover says:

        Agreed I wish Regina could’ve enjoyed more mom time with Cora. And there had to have been another way for Mr Homd to live besides the candle. I liked young Cora and young Regina. Now I have to watch Snow go practically into depression

    • Kay says:

      Isn’t he already? He has manipulated EVERYONE just to find his son. Plus Cora was so “evil” because she ripped her heart out… whereas Rumple has always been conscious of his actions… even when he lead Snow straight to the candle.

  3. Elyse says:

    SUCH a good episode :) :) loved all of it!

  4. Meg says:

    I love Rose, but she was looking very harsh in the episode. Maybe it was the make-up to make her look more like Barbara Hershey?

    • Khorrie says:

      It’s bad plastic surgery. I thought she did a great job getting Barbara’s intonations down, though.

    • JustMe says:

      It’s called bad plastic surgery…

      • Ryan says:

        Talk TV Matt yes, I agree but I feel it pertinent to speak up. She was in a horrific car accident that required substantial reconstructive plastic surgery. She dropped out of numerous films she was signed on to and took a while to recover. She is a strong, successful actress and people should focus on her acting, not a circumstance far beyond her control that in no way affected how well she performed the role of young Cora tonight. I pray you people never go through something like that, because it’s an absolute nightmare to live through.

        • Temperence says:

          And she did a *brilliant* job.

        • Karen MT says:

          Oh, here I was thinking it was just prosthetics. I’ve been watching a lot of Face off.

        • fan_o_fantasy says:

          Agreed Ryan! I thought she was amazing and assumed it was a patched up makeup job to draw visual similarities between the two women playing Cora. The big question is did Cora really love Rumple and did he love her as well? Is it even possible that Regina is his kid?

      • Name That Tune says:

        I have a Home Theatre and watch these Shows in HD on a 300 inch screen. Her face looked fine in close up. This just sounds mean – spirited. If you want to find a flaw, YOU Can, but yoo have to look for it, She always had the collagen puffed lips, even in her days on “charmed”

  5. OMG Matt, this episode was nuts. Snow going through with the candle on Cora’s heart, didn’t think she’d actually do it. Can’t wait for next week even though I’m not looking forward to seeing Regina grabbing at Snow’s heart

  6. Melinda says:

    I really wish people would stop kissing Regina’s ass. Yes Snow killed her mother. But Regina and her mother were responsible for pretty much ruining Snow’s life. Cora killed her mother and Regina killed her father. It’s technically not right that Snow killed Cora at all but I would much rather prefer Rumpel alive to Cora alive. This was a fantastically acted and well written episode.

    • Josh says:

      Exactly! Regina and Cora deserve no free passes for what they’ve done.

      • Mari says:

        Plus, for me the excuse that Snow caused Danny’s death is also an extremely poor excuse. Did she break a promise? Yes. But she was a child, who had been taught to trust adults. For me, the hardest part of taking the Regina character seriously is that she went into total revenge mode on someone who was about eight years old–for making a mistake that is completely understandable for a motherless eight year old.

        • Louise says:

          Can we maybe not make Snow younger than she really was all the time? She was at least 10, the casting call wanted someone to play a 12 year old. I get your point, but it really weakens the argument for me if people try to make Snow even more of a child than she truly was. It’s still utterly wrong and a horrible case of misplaced anger if we acknowledge that Snow was not basically fresh out of kindergarten.

          • Addie says:

            I think it’s just difficult because it was never stated in canon how old Snow was. I always figures she was around 8-10 years old. We can’t even guess based on present day Snow because who knows how old she’s supposed to be, technically she should be in her 50s by now!

          • Mari says:

            Ok. I honestly had no clue how old the actress was -I was guestimating based on how she seemed. Personally, I think my main point still stands : it doesn’t make sense to me that the character we met in the early flashbacks fixated on a child, even if the child was 12 and not eight. I’d believe a more general fixation or one on her mother much sooner.

        • A says:

          It is honestly a ridiculous excuse for revenge because Snow was a juvenile when the incident happened but then again without that the premise for the show wouldn’t exist. Regina is angry because she lost her true love. She didn’t care the circumstance or age, etc. She just wanted revenge. Plus lets not forget the fact that the show is based on fairytales and that things in fairytale world are typically viewed as black or white not gray.

        • Alice says:

          Exactly. I’m normally a huge fan of villains you love to hate- Moriarty on Sherlock or Victoria on Revenge. But while Lana Parilla is very pretty, I had NO respect for Regina as a villain because carrying on a decades long vendetta against Snow, totally ignoring that Cora was the actual murderess, seemed to ridiculously childish. Every attempt to make me sympathise was wasted because her hate was so misdirected it bordered on farce.

          Actually LOVED that the student became the friggin teacher when Snow used the exact same manipulation technique Cora used on her as a child (her love of her mother) to get Regina to put the heart back into Cora.

          And now, maybe I’ll be able to like Regina, because THIS is the kind of thing that you try to kill people for. Not failing to lie to your mommy for you.

    • Christina says:

      Couldn’t agree more. They both deserved it, and honestly Snow was perfectly justified. Time and again they had chances to change…but nope. I was thrilled to see Snow go through with it.

    • Katie says:

      I actually think that if it weren’t for Rumple and a lesser extent Cora none of this would of happened they set Regina and Snow up for failure.

      • Name That Tune says:

        But That is the point. “Evil is made not born” We saw now Rumple became evil. Now we have a pretty good idea what happened to Regina and Cora.

    • Shuayb says:

      Exactly! I was so happy when Cora died. I know Snow is in a dark place but for everything that she and Regina did to Snow and everyone, she deserved what she got. Cora had to die. Regina and Gold are the villians of the story. Cora was the intermittent one. Also Regina wanted to stop Cora from coming through so that’s another thing.

    • xaverie says:

      LOL, the guy responsible for orchestrating all of it. HAHAA

    • Katherine215 says:

      And Cora also killed Johana, the last parental/motherly figure Snow had even after Snow gave Cora what she wanted.

    • Nicole says:

      Not to mention Snow regretted her decision and tried to stop Regina.

    • jc says:

      And wasn’t it just one episode prior that Cora wisked Snow’s past housekeeper out of a window in the clock tower, killing her instantly? While Cora and Regina just stood there, grinning menacingly, I might add. Cora killed Daniel, not Snow. Cora killed Eva, Regina killed Leopold. Pretty sure Snow’s life is just a little more ruined than Regina’s. Just sayin’….

  7. Isaac says:

    And I am no longer disappointed in part 2 of this season. (I mentally split it after the winter finale)

  8. Addie says:

    It was a really good episode! And now Regina actually has a completely legit reason to hate Snow, so that will be interesting. And Emma seemed to enjoy doing magic a lot! However after reading those quotes, I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that Snow and Charming are going to be that blind item couple that separates in the finale and I do not like that feeling. Plus I’ll be really angry/annoyed.

    • Name That Tune says:

      OTH, Snow always had a Legit reason to hate Regina and Cora, but was too pure at heart to openly hate either one,
      The problem I had with both Snow and Charming was their utter blindness to the evil motives of both of them and now easily they fell Into their traps. Hopefully, the battle will be More even NOW.

      • Addie says:

        Oh of course, I figured Snow having a legit reason to hate Regina was a given. IMO there was never any doubt that Snow should hate Regina for all she’s done to her/her family, but it was her goodness that kept her believing that Regina could change. And yes, I hope that now the Charmings won’t take any crap from Regina and will be willing to actually fight.

  9. prish says:

    I don’t want Regina to stay evil. I was on the redemption bandwagon. I say, fix it.

  10. Kelly says:

    I was actually completedly underwhelmed with the fairytale backstory. Maybe because people made a big deal out of it. It was just bleh to me. Favorite moment though had to be the Gold and Neal moment in the back of the shop. That was truly beautiful. Great acting there. Michael Raymond James needs to be a season 3 series regular.

    • I says:

      I might have to flip a table if MRJ doesn’t become a regular next season. He’s got great chemistry with the other cast members and “Nealfire” is too wrapped into almost every plotline of the show for them not to expand on his part more.

      • HeatherC says:

        I agree with this so much. Michael Raymond-James is awesome and he should be a series regular next year. Those scenes with him and Robert int he shop were AMAZING tonight. Wow!

        • angela says:

          I totally agree. Michael is an amazing actor. I thought Manhattan was great with the chemistry him and jennifer have,and i luv them two together there is just something great abt them, but last night the scene between neal and gold was one of the best ever. Im just loving michael i thought he was great in true blood.

    • Ben says:

      Agreed, that scene was amazing and he earned some time to explore the now with his father and Emma next season

    • kavyn says:

      I’m pretty sure they’re going to go into Neal/Bae being Peter Pan in season 3, so I expect we’ll see a lot of him and Hook.

  11. Louise says:

    That was easily one of the best episodes of the season, maybe even the single best episode. Barbara Hershey, Rose McGowan, Robert Carlyle, Lana Parrilla, and Ginnifer Goodwin all knocked it out of the park. The final scenes between Rumple and Cora, Cora realizing Regina and loving her would have been enough (and Regina’s joy about that!), and Cora’s death were among the highlights of OUAT’s two season history.

    Just like Once Upon a Time to make me feel for a villain like Cora and mourn her death on the show. It’s the feeling of what could have been that makes it so tragic.

    I also feel for Snow White. She wanted to do the right thing, wanted to protect her family. But Rumplestiltskin manipulated her and now he will try to wash his hands in innocence and pretend he had nothing to do with what happened to Cora. I hope the other characters don’t buy it and I hope Regina will go after him too.

    Last but not least I very much feel for Regina, too. All she wants is to love and be loved and the minute her mother can finally love her she dies. And now she’s left with nothing. No wonder it’s so hard for her to believe in love and happy endings and being good with her history. I really hope she can eventually get back to working on her redemption and the show will allow for her to have love in her life again with Henry.

    • Name That Tune says:

      If Regina ever gets her “Happy Ending”, the show is over. When need her as a villian.

      • Amy says:

        Ehhh I think the real villain is Rumple and he gets Belle so why not have Regina be redeemed a little?

      • Louise says:

        Not really. Rumple makes a pretty darn good villain too. There’s Hook. And they have masses of fairytales to dig into if they do feel they need new villains on top of that.
        Not saying Regina should get her happily ever after right now. She has to work for it otherwise it doesn’t mean anything and the character deserves this journey too. Only the journey does her justice. But she really has no one in her life anymore now. She’s not blood related to anyone (which means a lot on this show) and the only person she loves with all her heart after Daniel’s second death – Henry – has shown little interest in her since episode 9 or something. A little glimmer of hope for her before the season ends would be nice.
        I think Regina works much better as grey character anyway. The Evil Queen is fun in fairytale land, but Regina is so much more than that. So much more complex.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Actually, they both make pretty good complex villains. If we see either one get a Happy Ending, it will be the series finale. I’m not ready for that

      • Blnstar527 says:

        I think that Rumple is Regina’s father not the king that Cora married.
        I also hope that some how Snow and Regina become friends.

  12. Name That Tune says:

    Thank God, the evil Queen is back. And Regina and Snow renewed their rivalry The show was in danger of Cora taking Over all the wickedness. Now, A chance for Love’s True Kiss between Belle and Rumple. Which meanshe has to make a ChoIce.
    Next week, the early dap in Story brook then “Racey Lacey” then we board Hook’s ship (Kind of like Noah’s ARK) bound for FTL but somehow they end up in Never Land. Is Peter Pan the boy responsible for Rumple’s “undoing”?
    Does Rumple ever Keep his promise to Bae?

  13. girlinmd says:

    What a great episode from beginning to end I was on the edge of my seat! Can’t wait to see the reprocutions from what Snow did all around and also what’s to come of the rest of the season into the finale! Lana Prialla and Robert Carlyle were AMAZING in this episode Rose exceeded my expectations as young Cora the evil in her eyes really brought this all together as a top on my list of episodes for this season

  14. Brenna says:

    Loved this episode!! I will be replaying that Rumbelle scene again and again all week :)

  15. Lana says:

    The irony in Cora’s death is that she died by her own hand, technically. If she hadn’t created the candle to kill Ava, it wouldn’t have been used on her.

    • the girl says:

      Wow. I hadn’t even thought of that, but you’re right, that is completely amazing. That karma thing, I tell you.
      On another note I can’t begin to express how happy I am that Snow actually went through with it. When she started telling Regina to put the heart back in her mother’s body so that she could have a real family, I stopped breathing for like five minutes. That was perfect.

    • fan_o_fantasy says:

      Wow so true!

  16. Jade says:

    Rose McGowan made the show tonight! I wouldn’t mind her being apart of this cast in future episodes.

  17. david says:

    great casting choice, and powerful episode. shame that cora is gone

    • fan_o_fantasy says:

      Why is everyone assuming Cora’s death means she is gone? The writers of this show are rascals so take your own imaginings about the plot and go with the exact opposite possibility. I bet Regina will take her mother’s body to a new realm with the hope that she can bring her back to life. She may kidnap Snow to sacrifice her for Cora’s return. Regina may even take Emma as well b/c she will need more magic to enact her plan. Besides, the intruder in the hospital will force their exits to a new place and I am sure Gold will welcome the change as a way of restoring Belle’s memory. The storyline is forcing them all to exist Storybrook to look for some Shangri-La. The slipper just doesn’t fit anymore.

  18. Sam says:

    I’m curious to see how Cora gets booted out of royalty. I’m assuming it starts with finding out that Regina is Rumple’s daughter, not the prince’s.

    Also, can someone tell me if the Prince’s name is Henry. I’m curious to see how Henry became her father his name isn’t Henry. And even if his name is Henry, I’m curious to see how Regina was kicked out of his home and then became her loving father again when she became the queen.

    • Rob says:

      The Prince was Henry. I’m confused as well about how specifically they stopped being royalty and thus made Regina no longer a princess. And I totally agree that Regina is Rumple’s daughter.

    • Name That Tune says:

      In season one, RegIna had the genie kill her father. We were told his name was Henry. Cora was seen briefly as the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland when Regina tricked Jefferson into taking her there so She Could bring him back to Life. But that was before we had Reason to believe that Rumple might have been involved.

      • Sam says:

        No, Regina has the Genie kill Snow’s father, her husband. She went to Wonderland because the Queen of Hearts kidnapped her father

        • Name That Tune says:

          Sorry, you’re right. However, he was in that episode-listening to the genie’s plan to Kill Snow’s father. He also appeared in the episode Where we first saw how mean Cora was to Regina When She refused to marry Snow’s father. We briefly see Henry’s tomb in episode 7 of Season One When Regina Visits the mausoleum Where she stores the hearts of people from FTL. The coffin clearly says ”Henry mills Beloved Father.”
          I just watched the entire first season again Yesterday. and can’t remember how Henry died.

          • Name That Tune says:

            Which makes me think that Henry is his Storybrook

          • Deena says:

            Regina took his heart to complete the curse. She needed the heart of something she truly loved. When her favorite horse didn’t work, she sacrificed herr father.

          • sas510 says:

            Regina killed her father, Henry. To complete the steps she needed to create the curse, she had to use the heart the person she loved the most, and that was her father. It was really early on in the first season, though I can’t recall which episode. Maybe the second one?

          • Name That Tune says:

            Thanks for reminding me. That was the “Maleficent” episode where we learned of her issue with a Sleeping Beauty

          • A says:

            I think maybe the curse could have been completed using just the fact that she had to kill someone she “loved”, It didn’t specify that it had to be a biologically related love (or did it?). So Regina did love her “father” and she killed him thinking that he was indeed her father but it could be possible maybe that Rumple is her biological father based on the Rumple/Cora relationship from this episode.

          • liz says:

            Totally missed Ava being snows mother, who ends up marrying the actual king and taking first in line to the throne. Loved that shed taken her own heart out though. It explains so much.

          • Anissa says:

            Liz, while that might be the same Ava that had Snow (that may have made he realize her bratty ways and change), that can’t have been the king she married. He would have recognized Cora and his son when introduced to “Regina’s family” and that would mean he married his granddaughter…eww no!

    • Judy says:

      Yeah his name was Prince Henry, but I think Rumple enacts some revenge in breaking their agreement n takes it’s out on her new found position n her husband. It’s seems on purpose they got an actor that’s like a tower for the young Henry, but the man we were introduced to as Regina’s dad was a much smaller man. I think Rumple gave Cora a little pay back for ditching him….

    • gdv says:

      I’m definitely with you on the theory that Regina is Rumpel’s daughter, not the Prince’s. That is one seriously crazy family tree. I wonder what made Ava (Snow’s mom) turn good when she was such a brat when she was younger? I suppose that’s something they’ll explore down the road a bit. Good episode. I was really impressed with Rose McGowan. She made a great young Cora. This season has gotten really good since it came back from break! Looking forward to the rest of the season now!

      • K says:

        Good theory about Cora.
        I think Regina is Rumpel’s daughter as well.
        Crazy family tree is putting it mildly… more like a twisted family vine. :)

      • AL says:

        But if Regina were Rumple’s daughter, Cora would have had to turn her over to Rumple according to their agreement. I’m not ruling it out, because we know he held her as an infant and maybe some trickery or new wheeling-and-dealing went down, but I think it’s less likely.

        • Blue says:

          I don’t think Regina is Rumples daughter. Cora told Rumple the truth about herself loving him right before getting ready to kill Rumple with the dagger. I feel like she would have mentioned Regina being his kid during “his last moments”

      • CC says:

        EP Edward Kitsis said in an interview on Huffington Post that Regina is NOT Rumpel’s daughter,

      • Ale says:

        Does that mean she’s Henry’s Aunt-mother?? Weird..

    • CC says:

      In an interview with Huffington Post today, Edward Kitsis said, regarding Rumpel’s and Regina’s relationship, “”He’s definitely not her father, but he has been a father-figure to her in a most corruptible way,”

  19. Talia says:

    Wow what a episode that was. I expected Cora to last until the season finale so I wonder who will be the next big bad.. Regina? Someone else? But as great as this episode was it was ridiculous to see everyone fight for and defend Rumplestilskin. As bad as Cora and Regina are he is the one truly responsible for everything that’s happened. If anyone deserves to die there’s no character more deserving than him and all the romantic dribble with Belle won’t change my opinion on that.

    • Name That Tune says:

      But he saw the future. He Knows what is Coming but he may not Know all the details.

    • Sarah says:

      I wish I could like this comment. I will just post my agreement with it.

    • Kay says:

      Rumple needs to start paying for what he did. None of this would have happened had he not manipulated all of the three women involved in tonight’s story at different points in his life. Snow needs to realize what he did to her tonight. He played her like a puppet. If she lets him near Henry again, I’m officially questioning her sanity.

    • Nick says:

      Rumble is my favorite character in the show, if he is removed ill probably stop watching.

  20. Gillian says:

    Loved this episode. Rose did an incredible job as young Cora and spoke just like Barbara Hershey – great casting OUAT!

  21. Rob says:

    Can someone (Matt or otherwise) explain to me the timeline here? Is Bae like 300 years old or am I crazy? I know time is really weird with this show but wasn’t Bae born before the events in this episode?

    • Sam says:

      Bae mentioned that he went somewhere before he came to out world, or else he would be 200. Supposedly that place is Neverland

      • Rob says:

        Ahh. Thank you. Neverland is gonna be awesome-where kids go to not grow up. So the events during this episode took place quite a while after Bae was born which is Rumple’s motivation for wanting a child

    • Dominique says:

      Do you not watch this show? Bae has said that our world wasn’t the first one he visited. There was/were other world(s), most likely Neverland, since he knows Hook. And since no one ages over at Neverland… well you do the math.

  22. Mari says:

    I cannot believe they killed off Barbara Hershey’s character. She was the best addition to the original cast and her character was more interesting than all new s2 character combined!

    • Miranda Scott says:

      I agree with you completely! Barbara Hershey is a brilliant actress and was amazing in this showl And her death scene was SO tragic.
      It would’ve been great to see what Cora would’ve been like WITH a heart. We only had 30 seconds of it! She’s the best actress they’ve had on this show, and they’re crazy to have got rid of her.

  23. Jesse says:

    I don’t really “buy” Regina being devastated over the loss of her mother. Up until a few episodes ago, Cora was the one person Regina feared more than anything. Cora made Regina’s life a living hell, murdered the only man she ever loved, and threatened her existence and happiness continually. It was obvious up until the last moments of her life that Cora wanted to become the “Dark One” for her own selfish desire for absolute power — and not to “protect” Regina and Henry. Regina should be smarter than that — get a clue, girl — Snow did you a favor!

    • Kay says:

      Snow took what makes Regina human, her love for her son and her mother, to break her even further. Because Rumplestiltskin told her to. Rumple is the only one who won anything tonight. Gets to live, gets to keep his power, gets his son to come around, gets to play Snow like a puppet, gets to break the other woman he’s manipulated for years, gets to watch Cora die after she confessed he’s the only man she ever loved… Snow did Rumple a favor. But certainly not herself or Regina.

      • Jesse says:

        I still think Snow did Regina a favor. If Cora had become “the Dark One” (as would have happened without Snow’s intervention), do you really think Cora would have become Mother of the Year from now on?

        • Nat says:

          In my opinion the “problem” was the end, when we learned that giving Cora her normal, healthy heart back maybe would have been enough.
          Maybe she wouldn’t have become mother of the year, but she felt deep love for Regina for maybe the very first time and died realizing loving her daughter and being loved by her in return was what she wanted. Not power, not becoming the Dark One – Regina wouild have made her happy.
          So poisoning her heart with the candle so it would kill her saved Rumple’s butt. But it took away an opportunity to maybe finally have the relationship they should have had as mother and daughter for Cora and Regina.
          The tragedy is that everything Snow told Regina in the vault could have come true – without the candle.

          • Blue says:

            Yea…and who created the candle?

            Keep in mind that it was the “Cora with a heart” who took out her own heart. The heartful Cora was the one who ditched love in the first place. Cora’s actions are because of herself not Rumples.

            I personally hate it when people scape goat. I’ve come to realize that Rumple isn’t truely “the villian”. He is what he said he is “darkness” – the darkness that dwells in peoples hearts. Everyone has a choice to do what’s right or wrong, and its up to that indivisual to make that decision. Rumple just indicates the “wrong decision” – but people who act upon this are the true villians.

            For example – A person is driving a car down the road. And the passenger tells the driver “I’ll pay you a million dollars to run over a child on the side walk”. This person is losing their house and knows that the passenger has the money to give. But It is still up to the person rather or not they follow the passengers pitch. The driver has the choice to become a villian or not.

          • Alice says:

            Yeah, but Cora, with her heart, picked power over love.
            And Cora created the candle.
            Not only did she create the candle- but she taught Snow how to manipulate Regina. When Snow was little, Cora played off of her grief and love for her mother to convince her to tell her about Regina and Daniel. Snow then used Regina’s longing for her mother’s love to convince her to shove Cora’s heart back into her body against her will.
            If Cora had just been satisfied with punishing ONE generation for tripping her all those years ago, she’d still be alive.

          • the girl says:

            Blue, I agree with you completely. You cannot make a person embrace their dark side. Actually one of the issues I have with evil vs good stories is that a lot of times, bad guys have abilities (ex: access to magic) that the good guys don’t. Good guys often equate those abilities to darkness, as if having those abilities will corrupt you, when really, as Rumple showed Emma, you can cultivate those abilities without embracing the dark. What I really want to see is Snow and Emma learning how to draw forth magic using light and love, rather than going dark. Why should Regina and Rumple be the only ones who know magic?

  24. Dominique says:

    this was a fantastic episode!! OUAT really made a comeback after the winter hiatus, it’s so good now!
    I’m a little torn over Cora’s death. I’m glad she died, cause there really wasn’t much use for her, and tho I’m not a big Regina fan, I felt like Cora was sorta taking over her place, and I didn’t like that.
    On the other hand, I was very surprised to see Cora’s change in behavior the moment she got her heart back. That would’ve made for an interesting story, to see what she would do, now that she had her heart back.

  25. Kelly says:

    The phone call between Belle and Rumple was beautifully written and acted. Talent and chemistry and they weren’t even in the same room..Epic. Neal has amazing chemistry with Emma and “i’m still angry” hand clutch scene had me in tears. Plus Neal fits right in with the charming family. although I wish they’d given him a proper introduction so I could see neal do a double take on wait that’s your dad.

    i have faith snow is not lost. she’s done the one thing i have never really seen cora or regina do and that’s show guilt and remorse.

  26. Judy says:

    Awesome episode!! We need to change Snow’s name to Black Snow after this one. She took manipulation to a whole new level playing the sweet innocent card to get Regina to kill her own mother…But hey, what would you do if someone was threatening to kill your whole family? Black Snow would totally call that self-defense, even tho Cora hadn’t tried killing any of them yet. Awesome script writing! I love having the evil queen back! Although I’m still hoping 4 some redemption 4 Regina or Rumple, but obviously somebody has to be the bad guy in order 4 good to triumph over evil….lol

    • Alice says:

      “Even though Cora hadn’t tried killing any of them yet”.
      Cora did kill her mother. And last week she threw her nanny out the window. I think we can safely say that she’s drawn first and second blood.

      • It’s the theory of being bullied. You can get picked on till your hearts content but eventually, the person that was tormented will break. Throwing Johanna out the window was Snow’s breaking point and decided that it was time to come back at Cora and Regina.
        Once that happened, it was basically like a time bomb waiting to go off; I hate that Rumple manipulated Snow but I won’t apologize for Snow’s actions (except the way she tricked Regina) for going on the offensive.

  27. Patti says:

    Regina had no problem killing her own loving dad, i don’t get the big deal about her mom. i mean between cora and regina they killed both snow’s parents, her nanny and taken her daughter from her. she fights back and is immediately regretful. it’s like the message of the show is bad guys always win and are better. I wish they’d stop throwing Charming around as well.

    • Kay says:

      How exactly did the “bad guys” win tonight? Unless you mean Rumple?

    • Kelly says:

      It does seem like the want to excuse Regina and Cora and even Rumple. Or they favor the bad guys. Regina can kill Leopold, Graham, Henry Sr and imprison so many yet they want you to feel bad for them. They never really pay. and Snow finally doing something makes her “go dark” “evil”. The good guys seem to be just pawns and poor david is the punching bag and punch line.

      • Blue says:

        Agreed. I too am waiting for the day that Charming and Snow find their minds and stop being punching bags. Our law does it. Sometimes you have to kill the serial killers to stop the killing. If you don’t, people would just keep dieing. Its sad that they ran a kingdom and never knew this. They’ve tried way too many times to help Regina become good. When the apple goes rotten, its time to throw it out. Regina has showed plenty of times that she’s a rotten apple to the core….But she’s still my favorite character :P

        • MaryAnn says:

          Remember in Fairy Tale Land how upset Charming was when Snow stopped the Evil Queen’s (Regina’s) execution?

    • Ben33 says:

      I’m hugely amused by Charming being walloped and otherwise thrown around. He’s like the good version of Hook that way – I wait for the day they’re both revealed as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the twin punching bags of FTL. It’s drinking-game worthy at that point.

  28. DarkDefender says:

    I thought this episode was crazy good. First episode of the season that reminded me how much I loved season one.

  29. Patti says:

    I don’t get the heart thing making cora suddenly fine. regina has her heart and did really evil things and graham didn’t have a heart but could begin to feel and do good.

  30. Morgen says:

    Hoping for the Wonderland spin-off, giving us a chance to see more of Barbara Hershey as the Queen Of Hearts.

  31. Kelly says:

    Cora/Rumple was a let down. I wasn’t really feeling chemistry between Rose/Robert and even less with Barbara/Robert. Sad to see BH go for the fact that she was brilliant as an all out evil character.

  32. Josh says:

    Honestly….it sort of stinks that they’ve blown up the Regina redemption storyline for a “Dark Snow White” storyline….since Dark Snow White, will obviously end with her finding the good in herself again…and really, she isn’t even that dark…she tried to stop it.

    I can’t say I love the direction this show is going in….I don’t really watch anything at 8, so there is no competition but if there ever was, I’d probably drop the show.

    • Kelly says:

      I never really bought the redemption thing. She really didn’t try to find Snow and Emma and of course after 28yrs people wouldn’t trust so quickly and it was oh whoa is me. Regina is more interesting as the evil queen anyone. I wish they hadn’t dropped the original plan of Regina having cursed herself too and that’s way she fails and that’s way she couldn’t fully love Henry. That made more sense and kinda allows her to be evil longer.

      • Nat says:

        Characters that are to be only evil or only good all the time are boring, IMO. I don’t want cardboard villains who are constantly evil for evil’s sake. The Evil Queen and the Dark One Rumple are fun in flashbacks every couple of episodes, but I easily prefer Regina and Mr. Gold as layered, grey characters in Storybrooke.

  33. Babybop says:

    SO happy Cora is dead. I couldn’t stand the way she made Regina act. I hope Regina goes back to being the strong-willed woman she was at the beginning of the show and not this soft push over.
    I don’t want Rumple to be evil… I actually teared up when he gave that speech to Belle…

    • Summer says:

      Yeah, in the past two episodes, I really felt as though Regina was left holding the idiot ball where Cora was concerned – she wasn’t written as intelligently as she’s generally portrayed to be. Granted, now, we’re going to be getting “Rage”gina, so that will be interesting.

  34. Meredith says:

    When do we get other characters involved again? The Charming-centric episodes don’t leave room for anyone else’s storylines :(

  35. Judy says:

    I think it’s great to bring all these characters around n develop what motivates them. It’s what brings everyone back to see where they will go with it next week. Otherwise, it would be boring cuz we know all these stories. I loved seeing Black Snow taking a walk on the dark side. That’s great…now we get to see her reconcile with her imperfections. We all have them…now Snow White does too. I love it!

  36. Tom says:

    Wait, Hold on.
    Regina and Cora are evil for everything they have done but yet, Rumple gets a free card for everyone he killed and manipulated to get to our world? LOL.

  37. Erin Whitehouse says:

    Umm..does anyone else wonder how long Emma and Neal will be stuck in the woods?

  38. Ben says:

    Matt, really big fan! This was by far the best episode I’ve seen of this show. Kept myself surprised for this one and it paid off big time. Snow giving Regina Cora’s heart I think was the best scene for the fact that her family means more to her than anything. Even though David gets thrown around, he is the best of them all and deserves his Kingdom.

  39. Michele says:

    Why is the show getting predictable all of a sudden? And why not pull Regina into the inner circle tighter and then have her rubber band to ‘bad’? Got to be honest … I’m a little underwhelmed this second half of season 2.

  40. 4theloveoffilm says:

    1) Michael Raymond-James needs to be a series regular for Season 3.

    2) Belle needs her memory back. She belongs with Rumple.

    3) Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold is still my favorite character on the show. Robert Carlyle is spectacular.

    4) I like that Snow killed Cora. It makes things interesting (although I hope it doesn’t break up her and Charming), and if she hasn’t, Cora would be The Dark One right now.

    • Josh Dallas said in at PaleyFest that David of all people understands about making mistakes so Charming will stand by Snow. This isn’t a game changer. If you’ve seen the sneak peeks for this week’s, Charming goes into major protection mode when it comes to his wife.

  41. A says:

    This may be a little farfetched, but does anyone else think that Rumple could be Regina’s actual father? I mean seeing how “close” Rumple and Cora were, they could have slept together before she got married and before she took her heart out and she just passed it off all these years as Prince Henry being her father. I’m probably wrong but the thought definitely crossed my mind as I was watching.

    • A fan says:

      Your not the only one who thinks Rumple is Regina’s father.

      • A says:

        Glad to hear that. If its true, damn, this family tree will become even more twisted. That would make Regina, Bae’s sister and therefore Henry’s aunt. WTF :S This gets more messed up as I think about it lol

    • allamarane says:

      Jane Epsenson confirmed via Twitter that Rumpel is not Regina’s father. Here are the tweets:

    • Nat says:

      I think she’s not his daughter, but it was a bit ambiguous because Cora easily could have only passed Regina off as the prince’s child when she’d been with Rumple and Henry around the same time. And they did suggest that in the scene with her in the wedding dress.

    • SK says:

      I thought that in the beginning. But after Cora took her own heart and told Rumple that he can’t have her daughter because it won’t be his based on the contract that he amended for Cora to give Rumple not any daughter but Rumple’s own, I don’t think so anymore. She reminded him about that change in the contract and he was mad.

      • SW says:

        I don’t think Regina is Rumple’s daughter, if she would have been he would have taken her as was the price in Cora’s contract. No she had it changed and played Rumple because she wanted power more then love. Also Rumple and Cora did not have true love as his curse did not break. But I do believe Rumple did love her and was once again hurt by a woman he loved. It opens up for me why he believed Bella was using him when she kissed him. Every woman Rumple had dared to love had left him for another man or power. So why would Belle be any different?
        I’m glad though that Rumple finally realized that Belle did love him. I hope she gets her memories back soon.

    • Alice says:

      Creators have already stated that Rumple is NOT her father. Henry, old Henry, the guy she murdered, THAT’s her father.

  42. DRush76 says:

    This isn’t just going to be “good” (Snow White) vs. “evil” (Regina). Snow White has serious blood on her hands. And she did it for revenge. There is no stark good vs. evil between her and Regina anymore. That is . . . if Horowitz and Kitsis have the guts to follow this path.

    • Nat says:

      I hope so!

    • MaryAnn says:

      No, Snow didn’t kill Cora for revenge. She killed her to STOP her from killing or harming anyone else she loved.

    • Blnstar527 says:

      Since I hear that the last episodes are near when will the new of Once Upon A Time begin again?

    • Wow… seriously? “Snow White has serious blood on her hands”; that’s what you’re going to go with? Regina killed Snow’s father; Cora killed Snow’s mom and the woman who became a mother-like figure to Snow… Snow protected her family. Should she have manipulated Regina? No, but Snow doesn’t have “serious blood on her hands”.
      It’s the being bullied theory, Regina and Cora have pushed and pushed; Snow pushed back.
      I, like everyone else, felt bad for Regina in the final moments of the episode but I’m sick of the Regina apologists making her out to be the good guy in this scenario. Regina is still the evil queen.

  43. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Emma, this is your chance to escape Crazytown. Forgive Neal, tear him away from beautiful Tamara (because you are both still in love with each other–otherwise, it’d be plain wrong), and take Neal and your son to some new place and start over. After all, you three can leave Storybrooke. Pinocchio and Hook would be your only “threats”.

    But that wouldn’t be as interesting, now would it?

    • Nat says:

      I don’t think Emma is all that in love with Neal. Understandable after what he’s done to her and over a decade apart. They didn’t get closure and there is a need for that, I believe, but I don’t see them as star crossed lovers who desperately need to get back together at all to be honest.

      • Ben33 says:

        This. Much as I love that fact that Emma’s clearly inherited her daddy’s brains, even she can’t be dumb enough to fall back in love with Mr “left me in jail because Pinocchio told you to”.

    • Susi says:

      I’d love to see that but for the sake of the story, we need Storybrooke ;) I’d love to see Emma and Neal back together, and I thought that the chemistry between the two characters was palpable in every scene.

    • 4theloveoffilm says:

      I was just joking. :) There are only five (seven, if you count Gold with his scarf and the giant) that can leave Storybrooke. They are three of them. They more or less could escape fairy tales, but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting show!

      Although, I personally do hope that Emma and Neal reconcile.

  44. hello says:

    Really funny how some people think Regina has the moral high-ground here, after spendings weeks plotting to have Snow and her family killed by Rumple

  45. Steph says:

    When Gold taught Cora and Regina magic he taught them through anger and pain. He told them use those kind of feelings to fuel the magic. He’s teaching Emma to do it from love and for the people she wants to protect. There is going to be a huge battle between Regina’s dark magic and Emma’s magic eventually. That’s where I see it going.

    • AL says:


      Also, I think where Gold used to be all out for himself, he’ll subtly shift to align with the Charmings. First, Emma said point blank, he’s family, she’ll protect him. Second, Mary Margaret killed Cora to save his life. Yeah, he manipulated her, but he owes her. Third, presumably Neal will side with Emma and Henry, and Gold wants to stay on his son’s good side. The wild card is Henry, since Gold believes him to be his undoing.

  46. kirads09 says:

    Best episode of the season so far IMO. While I know it goes against “princess code” or whatever, I feel Snow/Mary Margaret did what really had to be done (and in quite a shrewd way) to end Cora. Yes, she will have to deal with the consequences of her actions internally and externally. But if she had not, Cora would’ve become the dark one and they all would be doomed (even Regina ultimately I think had that happened.)
    I personally am not sad to see the Cora storyline end. I do feel for Regina because all she wanted was her mother’s love. I just want to add I love Bae/Neal/Peter Pan? MORE than ever. His interaction with his father and Emma, his standing toe to toe to fight with them. His reactions to things (“she’s your father’s girlfriend” – heh) . Please tell me he stays in Storybrooke fulltime now. It was also kinda cool to see Emma get her magic on (with a little coaching from Gold).

  47. shar says:

    I love the acting, but the plots just don’t make any sense. If you return Cora’s heart to her, then of course you don’t need to kill her. Also, why the heck do you know there’s a room full of people’s hearts and continue to keep it all locked up still?

  48. Ayla says:

    Regina is not Rumple’s daughter. So does that make her Snow’s cousin? I’m so confused by the family tree, does anyone else think Eva and Henry were related?
    Also why have the writers seemingly abandoned Emma’s lie detector power?

    • Louise says:

      Henry and Eva weren’t related. :) King Xavier told Cora that Eva was a princess from the North who was visiting their kingdom. He probably wanted to marry Henry off to her.

  49. wldkat says:

    IMO she very well could have removed her heart again even after it was returned to her. Assuming that she wouldn’t choose power everytime just makes for bad story writing. Character development tells us that Cora was always out for power… she gave up love with Rumple why would getting her heart back now and love for and from Regina matter anymore at this point? Also, Gold is not Regina’s father, that has been debunked by the show runners.

  50. Joan says:

    I really liked this episode – and even though I guessed Cora would be the one to die I did not expect to see Snow manipulate Regina into playing a part in it. There is no chance now of Regina ever getting over her hatred of Snow! I wonder if Rumple will teach Emma more about magic now….

    • MasterC says:

      Sometimes I feel like I’m the only guy that watches this show!!! Yeah until this I never thought I’d see Cora die; she was such a good villain. SOOO psyched to see if Emma learns more. Wouldn’t it be an interesting twist if Emma and Gold became partners similar to him and Regina when he “taught” her magic?