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Castle Bones Mentalist SpoilersWhat do we see in The Mentalist‘s future? What “hot” storyline is ahead on Bones? Are you ready for the Castle finale’s jelly? Who are the Once Upon a Time bosses excited for you to know better? Will Nashville‘s Deacon sing the (baby) blues? Get answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Ausiello’s off hosting Parenthood‘s PaleyFest panel, so he wont notice if I do all Q&A this week, right? Of course not. Our secret, folks….

Is there anything you can dish on The Mentalist? –Katrina
Well, that sure sounds like a “red” alert! In the new run of episodes kicking off this Sunday, Lorelai comes back into Jane’s life (with bloody results); things start to heat up again between Van Pelt and Rigsby (in a way neither could have predicted); JJ LaRoche, the head of the CBI’s Professional Standards Unit, returns and the mystery of what’s inside his Tupperware container is (finally!!) answered; and Jane’s quest to narrow down the list of Red John suspects comes to a thrilling conclusion in the season finale, “Red John’s Rules.”

Please tell me Hodgins gets his money back on Bones. He isn’t the same without the money. –Laura
“There’s a very, very surprising development with Hodgins and his money issues that involves Finn… and hot sauce. And a visit from someone who was competing to be one of the Top Chef Masters,” teases EP Stephen Nathan. “It’s a perfect storm of food and money.” Any GH fans getting a Pickle-Lila vibe from this?

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Do you have anything regarding Castle‘s 100th episode? Any scoop will be very much appreciated! –Martina
One hundred, shmun-hundred! How about, instead, Episode 105 – aka the Season 5 finale? “We’re looking at a very emotional finale,” series creator Andrew W. Marlowe previews. “We’re dealing with something very explosive, personally… ‘he says cryptically and mysteriously.'” With a smile, he added: “Stay tuned!”

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Is there any scoop on what is in store for Kono and Adam’s relationship on Hawaii Five-0? –Jennifer
Towards season’s end, they’re still a couple… when Kono learns that Adam’s been keeping a secret from her, about someone who has reentered his life. Uh-oh.

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I am really looking forward to the rest of Season 2 on Revenge. Especially after that last episode, what can we expect? –Matt
You know how Gabriel Mann teased for us a “Nolan-centric” season finale? At this week’s TV Academy event showcasing the ABC sudser, he elaborated – somewhat – about what’s on tap, saying that over “the next three or four episodes, you’re going to have a very good idea of where these events may be leading.” In fact, he’s left to wonder “whether we may hit that apex even prior to the finale — and if we do, what does that mean for what the finale actually could mean?” His working theory: Simply that the season-ender “is going to be next-level [stuff]. It’s going to be hard to top last year, so they’ve got their work cut out for them.”

What’s coming next for Glee‘s “Klaine”? –Basak
I can’t speak for Kurt‘s doings, but what if I told you that a familiar face will have Blaine flipping head over heels…? That’s right, Blaine is heading back to the Cheerios, as you may have heard. But you perhaps do not know why. “Sue’s trying to get him back on the Cheerios, because he was on the team for a hot minute there, so she blackmails him, basically,” Jane Lynch shares. That contentious set-up understandably leads to a duel of sorts ‘tween the two. But is it of the musical variety? “Maybe!” Lynch answered with a laugh.

When do the new episodes of Scandal start again? –Syd
Season 2 resumes March 21, with three — count ’em, three – fresh episodes in a row.

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Will Neal’s fiancée play a role in future Once Upon a Time episodes? –Devin
Yes — though probably not in quite the way you expect. And that’s all I’ll say, for now, on the matter… so here’s series cocreator Eddy Kitsis, pre-PaleyFest: “Tamara’s not going anywhere anytime soon…. We’re very excited for the audience to see what she’s all about.” (Ooh, Devin, you came so close to asking the question I have a tantalizing response for. Maybe next week….)

I know Sally Pressman will make appearances on Army Wives this season, and that [REDACTED] is going to be killed off…. But I was wondering about Drew Fuller’s character, Trevor — is he gone for good? –Vita
My lips are sealed, but as you can surmise by our coverage of Season 7, big changes are ahead – including goodbyes for several characters.

Will Nashville‘s Deacon find out about his secret child with Rayna this season? –Stephanie
Series creator Callie Khouri confirms that Deacon thus far “has no idea” about his progeny, and she seems in no rush to drop that paternity bombshell. “That’s a big deal… We’ll hold that,” Khouri says – though, keep in mind, she hasn’t tackled the season finale yet.

Is the rumour true that T.J. Ramini is returning to NCIS (as Mossad Officer Malachi Ben-Gidon)? –Ted
“It’s no secret Eli David’s killer is still out there — and Ziva wants answers as does Mossad,” answers showrunner Gary Glasberg. “But we will have to wait and see if that means Malachi is coming back as well.”

Now that things are starting to heat up between Person of Interest‘s Reese and Zoe, are we going to see Paige Turco again soon? –Kelly
I was prepared to break the news that, no, Turco has not booked her next visit just yet. And now, in light of her new commitment, it might be a while ’til she’s available for an encore. (Did I ever tell you about the time I sent Paige, then just a soap opera ingenue, roses…?)

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