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Question: When will Kate finally say “I love you” to Rick on Castle? —Meg
Ausiello: Probably when she succeeds in breaking down those steel-fortified walls of his. “The issue [ex-wife Meredith raised] is going to cause some trouble,” series creator Andrew Marlowe acknowledges. “We spent four years exposing who Kate is. She’s a very private person, and she’s kind of opened [up] to Castle. But now the question is, where’s Castle’s depth? He tends to live on the surface, but we know there’s more to him than that. So part of what we’re going to do is dig a little deeper.” As such, Castle‘s boss says the final batch of episodes will shed additional light on Rick’s backstory. “It was really gratifying in the [recent] two-parter to be able to expose some of his history,” notes Marlowe, “some of the things that came to him when he was a kid and some of the things that made him who he is. We’ll see more of those kinds of moments as we move forward.”

Question: I’ve been having major True Blood withdrawals! Any news for the upcoming season? —Victoria
Ausiello: Triangle alert! Around the midpoint of Season 6, the show will introduce Wes, a sexy and deep-thinking vampire who’s smart, compassionate and (not sure how I feel about this next part) can play the freakin’ guitar. Picture the love child of Jim Morrison and Gary Clark. Now picture him coming between Jason and Jessica.

Question: My son and I watch Once Upon a Time together all the time and he wanted me to ask you if they plan to ever show Goldilocks? —Estée
Ausiello: Goldilocks? No… Not Goldilocks. Another iconic young female literary character, though? Mayyybeeee…

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Question: I am a huge fan of “Rumbelle” on Once Upon a Time. Do you know what is going to happen between those two once Rumple’s back from his trip to the Big Apple? —Mélodie
Ausiello: This Sunday, as Rumple lay dying, he makes a most passionate outpouring to Belle that is sure to make ‘shippers such as yourself kvell. But will it be enough to spark her memory? “This influx of hearing who you were or are, or even thinking about what you’re supposed to be, obviously sort of goes round and round and round in your mind,” Emilie de Ravin allows. And while it might not bust open Belle’s floodgates ASAP, she says, “There’s always going to be that connection with him in a certain respect.”

Question: The chemistry between Once Upon a Time‘s Jennifer Morrison and Michael Raymond-James is amazing. What’s next for Neal and Emma? —Patti
Ausiello: In the short-term, as glimpsed in these pics? A bit of side-by-side sword-brandishing. But as for them reconnecting in more intimate ways, “It’s hard for Emma,” says cocreator Eddy Kitsis. “Their dream was Tallahassee, to just go and get regular jobs — and now he’s doing that with [fiancée Tamara]. And since Emma’s the kind of character who has a wall up around her heart, I’m not sure she wants to admit it hurts her, but we’re definitely going to see that it does. And it affects him because we know that he didn’t want to leave her. He’s in love with her. What happened [in “Manhattan”] is a situation that neither of them ever thought would happen, so now what do you do? That’s what a lot of the rest of the season’s about.”

Question: I may be reading too much into it, but wasn’t it a bit curious that Daniel bought his assistant breakfast back from his fake meeting with Helen on Revenge? Since he broke things off with Emily, perhaps he has eyes for someone new? —Jen
Ausiello: Josh Bowman confirmed to TVLine Monday at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ “Evening with Revenge” that Episode 18 (slated to air March 31) will mark “a return to romance” for Daniel, though it’s not his corporate minion he’ll be canoodling with — it’s Ashley… or Emily, he teased. “[Daniel is] changing quite drastically as a character,” Bowman added. “The Initiative story starts to wrap up, which is I think a good thing, and we’re getting back to the roots of who each of the characters are and why they’re there — why Emily’s here, more importantly — and Daniel gets involved.”

Question: I read that the Good Wife may not be renewed.  Tell me this isn’t so. —Mary
Ausiello: It isn’t so. For the last time: The Good Wife is not — I repeat not — on the bubble. TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard only speaks the truth.

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Question: Will Kalinda’s ex make another appearance on The Good Wife this season? I hated the storyline but I’d still like to know what happened to him. —Judy
Ausiello:  Nick is gone and he ain’t ever coming back. On the bright side, at least one good thing came out of that ill-fated plot: It revealed a Kalinda both vulnerable and desperate for companionship. “We loved what it said about Kalinda and her ability to bond with people,” explains series cocreator Robert King. “Kalinda is someone who’s constantly resisting connection, but also there’s something within her that’s trying to find connection to other people. The situation is just going to propel her closer to want to reach out.” Translation: Kalinda and Cary sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…

Question: Tell me something about Revenge! —Simona
Ausiello: Aiden will be a scarce presence in the next batch of episodes. “He’s been [put] on the backburner purely because of [Emily]’s emotional state,” explains Barry Sloane. “One thing he knows about her is that she needs space. And because of Amanda dying, she’s going to be putting [her] guard back up, not allowing people into her life so much.”

Question: I can live with 90210 ending this season. But I can’t live without knowing whether we’ll get closure. Can you confirm if we’re in for a good ending? –Jarrod
Ausiello: I can confirm that producers had time to prep a series finale, so yes, you’ll get closure. Whether or not it’ll be any good depends on what your definition of good is. (And they say I can’t be diplomatic!)

Question: Look what I just found for you! I don’t even have an Ask Ausiello question, unless you want to give me scoop on J.R.’s big Dallas swan song. —Karen
Ausiello: I was going to say something snarky about that being a somewhat underwhelming Smurf discovery, but I’m still getting death threats over my dismissive response to a certain French-speaking Aushole last week. So I’ll err on the side of caution and simply say thank you for sharing that most awesome link with me! I’ll also honor your request for info on next week’s J.R. tribute. What the specialized opening credits/theme starts, the back-to-back eulogies from Sue Ellen and Bobby finish — meaning, this send-off is going to leave longtime Dallas fans a blubbering mess. In addition to a flurry of returning faces (from the instantly recognizable to “Oh yeah, her”), framed “classic” J.R. photos are sprinkled throughout, to tug further on the nostalgic heartstrings. As for the “Who Shot J.R.?” murder mystery redux: It starts off looking rather skimpy — the only wrinkle is in what country J.R.’s body was actually found — until a final scene that in a rat-a-tat-tat of reveals casts a shadow on multiple suspects, including perhaps the very last person you’d think of.

Question: Is Rachel pregnant on Glee — yes or no? —Miwako
Ausiello: She’s still pregnant in this week’s episode (assuming you trust home pregnancy test results). Meanwhile, Rachel’s new roomie Santana finds a wad of cash  belonging to Brody and suspects he’s peddling something other than sex. Bonus Scoop: Finn tells Will that he smooched Emma, and Mr. Schue responds… quietly.

Question: I just saw a pic of Kitty from Glee dressed as a Spice Girl! Are they really doing a Spice song? —Carol
Ausiello: They are. And if you wanna find someone to blame thank, look no further than Sam and Blaine. “[They] kind of take over the glee club for the week and make assignments for the girls and guys to do.,” previews Chord Overstreet. “So, the girls decide to do a Spice Girls number, which it amazing. Jacob [Artist] does a really awesome dance number. I can’t say who it’s by, but he absolutely killed it.”

Question: Anything on Hawaii Five-0? Particularly Danny-related, if you don’t mind. –Sarah
Ausiello: Done, and done: Later this season, when Five-0 hunts an abductor of little girls, Danny-the-dad, as you can imagine, gets especially aggressive — to the point that he even must hand over his badge to Steve.

Question: You always say it’s never to early to ask for a scoop, so… what’s the word on your super-awesome annual Comic-Con party? —Barbara
Ausiello: It’s still in the planning stages. But I can confirm the presence of alcohol and light crudité. And there’s a decent chance I’ll once again be greeting you at the door with free swag.

Question: Everything has been quiet on the Bones front lately. What can you tease about the finale? —Amelia
Ausiello: You already know that we’ll meet Booth’s mom (as played by Joanna Cassidy). You also know it will feature “one more surprising piece of the Brennan/Booth marriage dilemma.” But what I’m fairly certain you don’t know is that the title of this season’s final episode is “The Secret in the Siege” — and, according to exec producer Stephen Nathan, “It takes Booth back to a Ruby Ridge situation he was involved in years before. And Pelant, of course, is pulling some strings to complicate things further.”

Question: What does Zoe and Wade’s break-up on Hart of Dixie mean for George and Tansy? —Melissa
Ausiello: In the short term? It’ll bring them closer together. “I don’t think it’s going to fray their relationship,” ventures Scott Porter. “If anything, it gives them something else to bond over and to focus on outside of their relationship.” Rachel Bilson, however, suspects the show will eventually pull the trigger on George/Zoe on account of the fact that “we haven’t seen them together yet.” (Plus, there’s a scene later this season where even the local gossip columnist is buzzing about, as he puts it, a “Zeorge” romance!) Bonus Scoop: Dixie‘s season finale, titled “On the Road Again,” finds Zoe traveling back to the Big Apple (for reasons that are not immediately clear).

Question: Care to show The Carrie Diaries some love by giving us scoop? —Julius
Ausiello: Sebastian and Carrie’s considerable mommy issues will become a focus when the S’s ma enters the picture later this season. “Both Carrie and Sebastian have been abandoned by their mothers — one, obviously, tragically and unintentionally,” notes EP Amy Harris. “And Sebastian is dealing with a mother who abandoned him for her own selfish forays into her own life. They come at that mother relationship from a very different place. Sebastian is very weary of his mother, and Carrie has a very romanticized version of parents together and wanting a parent around all the time. It’s definitely going to highlight their differences. For me, the fun of it is really getting to see Sebastian’s backstory a bit more and what he’s been through that made him who he is. And Carrie, when you learn more about someone’s past and they open up to you, it gives you a greater intimacy in your relationship.”

Question: Any scoop on Monday mornings? —Alex
Ausiello: They’re the worst! Odd question.

Question: Not loving this Scandal hiatus. Not loving it at all. Gimme something to tied me over until March 21. —Jay
Ausiello: Jake will start showing his true colors. And they are multiple shades of extremely freakin’ dark.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Megan Masters)

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