Can The Americans Be Beat? Why'd Glee Blab? Did Community's Pop Top Castle's? And More Qs

GirlsWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Bones, White Collar, The Americans and Community!

1 | How did Hannah, Girls‘ perpetual victim, never once mention her OCD before the latest episode? Wouldn’t that have been exactly the kind of thing she would’ve used to solicit sympathy in a fight? And after chewing on spoiled milk solids, is there any disgusting thing Adam won’t do?

2 | The Good Wife‘s Will and Alicia sharing the same cold — a little heavy-handed for a show so steeped in subtlety, right?

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| Where were Once Upon a Time‘s Rumplestiltskin, Bae/Neal, Emma and Henry coming from when the last episode opened? Are we to believe that they simply “put a pin” in their ginormous reunions/discussions to all go out for a slice of pizza?VIKINGS_seer

4 | Is anyone out there ‘shipping Vikings‘ blind, disfigured seer and Once Upon a Time‘s own? Or is he not in her league? (Would either of them even know…? Oh wait, we suppose they would!)

5 | Did Switched at Birth‘s all-ASL episode, which required viewers’ undivided attention, make you realize just how much you multi-task (meaning: probably a lot) while watching TV?

6 | How did The Carrie Diaries‘ straight-laced dad get himself into such a hip nightclub?

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7 | To Dallas‘ Christopher: We’re sure Elena is nice and all, but did you get a good look at that hottie Department of Transportation honcho? Because she sure seemed to be sizing you up. And more questions: Are Harris Ryland and his mother giving us Bates Motel before A&E’s Bates Motel can? How come some of the show’s high-rise office scenes look legit, while others have window views that seem lifted from ABC’s V? All that said, how great was it to see ol’ Gary?

8 | Did Bones‘ Cam pull a Beckett when — secret romance be damned! — she hugged Arastoo in front of her coworkers? And wasn’t it perfectly fitting that Hodgins, and no one else, engaged in weird, celebratory clapping at the announcement of their relationship?

9 | Have the cheeky viewer tweets The Bachelor has been featuring on-screen this season ever been funnier than during the “Women Tell All” episode?


10 | How different would the outcome of this week’s The Following have been if Ryan hadn’t made so much ruckus and alerted Joe to his presence in the building?

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11 | When did Epiphany become head of General Hospital‘s nursing program? Is she secretly teaching on the side? What gave her the authority to give Sabrina a chance to re-take her big test? Also: Sabrina, we know you’re smart and all, but don’t you maybe wanna review your flashcards or something before betting your professional future on repeating your perfect score?

12 | It is possible for us to just once get a modeling show about actual modeling and not catty girl fights and histrionics? (Yes, The Face, we’re looking at you.)

hart of dixie13 | Um, Hart of Dixie‘s Lemon, wasn’t that a scrunchie we spotted in your hair when you dissed Shelby’s collection of them?

14 | White Collar‘s Peter sure had to do several things just plain wrong (Grab the murder weapon bare-handed!) to get pinned for the senator’s murder, didn’t he? And why did Sara look like she was dressed for a funeral during her romantic (fake) proposal?

15 | Have you had your fill of Ron Eldard’s Justified thug?

16 | On Suburgatory, was that audio of a dolphin, or actual noise from Carly Chaikin, during Dalia’s hilarious, “tearless” cry?

Americans Keri Russell17 | The Americans‘ Keri Russell whaling on Margo Martindale: Did that scene promptly land in the TV Spy Show Hall of Fame? Do you think/hope Boyd Crowder was tuned in to see Elizabeth pummel ol’ Mags Bennett? But how did Elizabeth and Phillip not teach their kids about stranger danger?!

18 | Was American Idol‘s bizarrely paced, keep-the-singers-in-a-holding-pen Top 10 announcement a direct result of producers trying to avoid an onstage meltdown from emotionally fragile Charlie Askew? And while we’re talking about the teen and his Wednesday breakdown, how come his parents didn’t insist on him withdrawing from the competition after a publicly televised cry for help?

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projectrunway27519 | Wouldn’t it have been more interesting — and more in character with his season’s worth of emotional growth — if Glee’s Finn had manned-up and kept his secret about kissing Emma to himself, instead of acting like a weepy child and confessing his trespasses to Mr. Schue?

20 | On Project Runway, didn’t Layana and Stanley’s design and model remind you of Blair Waldorf?

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21 | Was Community‘s surprisingly deep reunion between Jeff and estranged dad James Brolin everything that Castle‘s reunion with estranged dad James Brolin wasn’t? And did you, as we did, spot the poster in Shirley’s garage early on, knowing it’d have a Shawshanky hole behind it?

22 | Which Big Bang Theory sequence was more winning: Raj’s all-texting date, or Bernadette and Amy empowering future female scientists while dolled up as Disney princesses?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. madbengalsfan85 says:

    8-Hodgins clapping made me spit milk out of my nose…it also sold me on Camstoo

  2. #15: That was your only takeaway from this week’s episode!?! How do we all feel about the revelation, non-shocking as it was, that Shelby is really Drew? Jim Beaver is awesome. That is all.

  3. Amanda says:

    Loved Bernadette as CInderella when she told Penny to come at her. too funny

  4. BH says:

    1 – Yes, Hannah’s OCD bugged me for the exact same reason
    17 – That beat down was amazing!

    • Russ says:

      The thing that I took from Hannah’s OCD is that she was avoiding it, so she possible didn’t talk about it because she didn’t want anyone to know. But it was kinda random.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    #17 WOW, Keri Russell beat the crap out of dear sweet Margo, HA! That was awesome!

  6. the girl says:

    17 – Was stranger danger a big deal in the 80s? I feel like it became a larger issue in the 90s, but perhaps I’m not old enough to really know.

    • Danyelle says:

      That’s a very good point, it wasn’t really. Even her hitchhiking was petty much common and excepted.

      • Whatever says:

        During the early 80’s there was no such thing as stranger danger.
        Hitchhiking was an acceptable form of transportation during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
        That’s just part of the reason Stranger Danger was invented in the 90’s

      • Elibu says:

        I disagree. In 1981, I was about the age of the daughter in the show and everybody knew that hitchhiking was dangerous. The phrase “stranger danger” might not have been used, but it was common knowledge that it was a dumb thing to do. I hope the show shies away from more Kim Bauer/Dana Brody-esque subplots in future episodes.

    • I don’t watch the show but stranger danger was a big deal in the 80’s. Adam Walsh was kidnapped in 1981, and as a kid it was a big deal.

      I was in elementary school in the late 80’s early 90’s and they were doing the finger printing, secret family passwords.

      • Chris says:

        Kerri Russell said the show is set in 1981 so maybe the kidnapping hasn’t happened yet?

        • Sam says:

          It hasn’t happened yet. Reagan’s shooting was at the end of March 1981, and Walsh’s kidnapping was in the summer, so they’ve still got a few months. With the way the made use of Reagan’s shooting, it wouldn’t shock me if the show did touch on this since they’ve already shown the kids to be a potential weakness for them.

      • Suz says:

        It was April 17, 1981 based on the pitchers mentioned on the baseball game heard in background.

  7. Claire says:

    20. YES! I said the same thing!

  8. The Kaibosh says:

    Dalia’s Dry Cry was one of the most alarming, disturbing and funniest things I’ve ever seen/heard on TV.

    Community: The Shirley’s Sandwiches poster was amazing and James Brolin’s Papa Winger beats James Brolin’s (ridiculously ill conceived) Papa Castle. Hands Down.

    • vincent dante says:

      Castle’s father was better. An intelligence asset who has always been trying to help you from afar even if it might have put himself in harm’s way? Not even close.

  9. 5 – I usually watch tv on my side with my tablet out. It was definitely an adjustment. I usually listen to the television more than I watch.

  10. JR says:

    19) Yes, but then there wouldn’t be a reason for Will and Finn to “feud”. This entire season’s story line for Finn has been frustrating–from the out of character usage of the R word to create conflict with Sue to that ridiculous Emma kiss designed to create tension and conflict between Finn and his mentor. I will say, no matter the dreck the writers continue to throw at him, Cory Monteith continues to impress me with his subtle acting!! (and he’s looking so fine this season too!)

    • Ann says:

      I hate how the writers have made Finn such a loser! He’s still hanging around his old high school every single day instead of working or going to college? Even community college would be better than hanging around a bunch of high school kids. Grow up and get a life! If he wants to hang around kids all day, he should maybe go to school at the local college and get an education degree…or something! Don’t these kids parents think it’s creepy that a 19 year old man with no plans for college or a job hangs around their kids all day? That’s gotta be illegal….

  11. Alice says:

    #21: Didn’t Abed say “Then don’t look behind that poster” early in the episode when they decided no damaging Shirley’s property?

  12. dude says:

    #12: No because the fighting is the only interesting part. If it was 40 minutes of “stand and have your photo taken” it would be dull.

  13. dan says:

    #7) Completely agree about Dallas. Harris and his mother are creepy, the DOT woman is much more interesting than Elena (and incredibly hot!), seeing Gary was great, and the office sets are completely fake looking sometimes.

  14. Ross says:

    I completely disagree with you on James Brolin. The Community one was on the edge of boring until Jeff freaked on him. Where as the Castle was heart warming. It was nice to learn he had been there for Castle’s life even if he was unaware at the time.

    Furthermore I think the fact that this column exists is terrible. An entire column built around criticizing mistakes shows make? That’s really low, and honestly not worth the time. I’m not going to read it anymore.

    • soundscene says:

      I don’t think you get the point of the article.

      It’s to point out those, “hey, weren’t you thinking…?” moments we all get when watching a TV show. Contrary to what you may believe, TV show writers/producers/actors are not perfect, and healthy criticism is good.

      • mysteriousmystery says:

        While I agree with you that the point of this recurring article isn’t solely to criticize, they have certainly made plenty of “observations” that I don’t agree with at all, or are completely off-point, and I’m sure there are plenty of others that feel the same. I guess we all need to remember that this is, for all intents and purposes, an opinion piece, and as such, we’re going to have differing thoughts on it.

    • Danyelle says:

      I’m one of the hugest Castle fans and even I see what they were saying, and I totally agree. Jeff’s reunion came off as having more thought put into it and wasn’t rushed, which is strange since one is a 30 minute sitcom and Castle was a two-hour thing.

  15. Leah says:

    2. I thought that about The Good Wife, too. I didn’t care really care, though because the look on Alicia’s face when Will sneezed beside her was worth it.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Agreed, and nowadays I appreciate any connection between the two of them since TPTB insist on pairing her with Peter. *dry heaves*

  16. Amy says:

    #13 – I thought the EXACT same thing!

  17. mspenn1013 says:

    #7 yes, Harlan and his mom are creeeeeepy. Judith Light better be nominated for a guest emmy. She has been spectacular.
    My husband and I are always laughing at the window shots. In this day and age they should be MUCH better.

  18. S says:

    #5 I didn’t even realize it was on at first and had to run into the room and start he show over (thank goodness for DVR!) not to mention I don’t think I can read captions quite as fast as some people. It made a good point that hearing people take a lot for granted.

    #13 I laughed when she made that comment, I flipped back just to make sure I wasn’t crazy and had actually seen her wearing a scrunchy. Unless she has decided to call it a hair tie or hair accessory :)

  19. Jennifer says:

    #15, you so have read my mind!! Dispite how great the rest of the show has been especially this episode, I am so tired of him! He’s well overstayed his welcome and if he flips his hair one more time…I’ve been PRAYING that someone would just shoot him, At this point I don’t even care who does it, well, preferably the US Marshall that Raylin works with but I would have settled for Boyd or the mission girl looking for Ellie Mae.

  20. LC says:

    14: It would have had his prints on it anyway – it was his gun. Can’t they find James’ prints on it though?

    • Bec says:

      Nah he was wearing gloves the whole time. I thought that they telegraphed what was going to happen pretty early by him wearing the gloves

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Ok so i just re-watched the scene. They were smart and had part of the Green Uniform they wore involve rubber gloves. So when he was holding the gun(s) he never put his prints on them.

      However i still think with Peter’s amazing FBI record, and them having the proof in the box they found, and you have to remember that warning shot Peter fired, the bullet went somewhere (into a wall or the floor) so there’s proof that backs up his version of the story.

      I would think with how much Neal loves Peter and finding out his father is leaving him to be screwed and him being a murderer, that Neal would have stopped James either by following him and tipping off the FBI so they could arrest him, or by kicking his ass while hes in his apartment and bringing him into the FBI himself.

  21. mysteriousmystery says:

    You know, this isn’t the first time this particular column has made a comment about Castle that leaves me wondering: are the people who are writing this particular piece familiar with the show, it’s characters, and their backstories AT ALL? Time and again, the answer I’m being left with is no, they can’t possibly be. I for one loved both reunions, precisely because they were so different. Your comparison was that of apples and oranges: pointless.

  22. 21. Abed straight out pointed out the poster early on. He said something like “Don’t look behind the poster” after the group said they weren’t going to tunnel out.

  23. John says:

    DALLAS is literally must see TV now. So well written-Im proud to be a 30 year DALLAS fan!

  24. John says:

    How do we fix SMASH? The grand effort to bring in the new show runner to “fix” it has all but killed it. Wasting Megan Hilty in a crappy minor sub plot stuck in an antiquated victorian show? Have you heard her sing? Hello?
    Shoving Jimmy and Kyle (the biggest sad sack in TV) down our throats, when we just dont care about them? Nice job NBC. Again showing how in touch you are with the audience.
    Bring back the old SMASH. The season 1 ratings would be a godsend right now.

  25. Britta Unfiltered says:

    1. It struck me as odd this was the first we were hearing about it. Hannah never seemed like she would be the type of person to do that either. But then her parents showed up and completely sold the storyline to me. I can buy it now. Also, I feel like at this point Adam Driver now has the best possibility out of everyone on the supporting cast of getting an Emmy nomination, and that is even with competing against the 4 Modern Family guys. I really think he could get nominated after that last episode.
    3. Hah. Actually, when that scene started I thought I must have missed an episode.
    15. Not really, no. I think he has been amazing on the show. But I still feel much bitterness over what they did to Arlo.
    21. That episode of Community was…umm…it’s best I keep my thoughts to myself. But I will say, as far as the family reunion went…they could have done better. They could done a lot better. It could have been much funnier, especially for a storyline they worked their way up to for four years.
    22. I don’t know if I’m just barely noticing this and its always been this way or if the show has changed, but I’m suddenly realizing The Big Bang Theory is actually kind of a sexist show. It’s full of female stereotypes and female stereotype jokes. Now that I’ve noticed it, I can’t un-notice it.

  26. Elyse says:

    5: I also realized how slow I read… I kept having to rewind to reread the subtitles! embarrassing!!

  27. Angela says:

    18. All I know is that whole thing with Charlie was just weird. I definitely agree that if he is honestly having some emotional issues going on, to the point where it overwhelms him like that, then yeah, someone should be stepping in and getting him away from this competition.
    19. Well, kissing her in the first place wasn’t exactly a sign of maturity, I’d say, so looking at it from that angle the confession doesn’t seem as unusual to me. I don’t think Finn would ever be able to keep that kind of a secret no matter what. That said, however, I do think there is a way for someone to show character growth of the sort you speak of and still confess to such a thing…it just wasn’t done here. Anywho, so that’s out in the open now, I’m curious to see what will become of that.
    21. I’m not a “Castle” watcher, so I can’t compare/contrast the two appearances. But I really did like the whole thing with Jeff’s dad, moreso because of how honest Jeff became as a result. The scar story alone was weirdly touching and poignant.
    Also, I, um, haven’t seen ‘Shawshank’ (I know, I know…), so I totally missed out on that.

  28. nick1372 says:

    4. Lol. I don’t doubt that there’s shippers somewhere.
    11. Epiphany is awesome. Anything she says or does is fine in my book.

  29. Pat D. says:

    17. I saw pretty much from the beginning that it was a test for Phillip and Elizabeth, not the real FBI/CIA/whatever interrogating them—they kind of spoiled that during the opening “previously on The Americans” foreshadowing. And it must have been pretty obvious, since I only occasionally spot deceptive plotting ahead of time.

    Still, an enjoyable episode.

  30. Sophie says:

    22 – best moment was Sheldon going on about Marie Curie and her deadly fate to motivate female students into sciences. So funny!

  31. Ashley says:

    14: Yeah, he did a lot of stuff off in that episode. Like, why not just have the anklet in his pocket or something? The gun thing, at least, he kind of had to do, but still sloppy writing on that. Sara? I wasn’t paying attention to her dress during the proposal but maybe it was a wardrobe nod to this being their supposed The End….or, you know, they just liked that dress.
    15: I’m just waiting for everyone’s favorite sniper to put the bastard down. He is completely off his rocker.

  32. megshells says:

    Wow…apples and oranges doesn’t being to describe how random your comparison of Community and Castle was. Besides the admittedly eerie parallel between the long-lost father storylines being played out by James Brolin, they were nothing alike, and rightly so! Different shows, different tones, different characters, different backstories…just plain different, and trying to compare them is an exercise in futility. I found both to be touching and appropriate to each show. This particular “burning question” was a complete fail.