Good Wife Bosses Preview 'Tense' Love Triangle, a Bolder Cary, [Spoiler]'s Return and More

?????????????The Good Wife‘s Lockhart Gardner is about to get a taste of wealth – but it comes with a price.

Now that the law firm is out of bankruptcy, its staff will find that “what comes with richness is its own set of problems,” executive producer Robert King teased during a recent conference call with the press. “Civil war is where we’re basically headed with the firm.”

If the rest of the season had a theme, the EP says, it would be: “Be careful what you wish for, because you’re not going to like it.”

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Below, co-creators Robert and Michelle King preview Alicia and Will’s “tense” new dynamic and a “take-no-prisoners” Cary and reveal how much of Nick’s storyline – and whether Kalinda’s hubby himself – got cut. Plus, guess who’s back?!

THE KISS HEARD ‘ROUND THE FIRM | “It’s a more tense situation now,” Robert says of the briefly rekindled Alicia/Will relationship. In the past, Alicia “was off the hook ethically and morally because of the way Peter behaved. And now things are warming up with Peter again, and she does see a change in Peter. It’s a difficult situation, because the sexuality with Will doesn’t go away.” Adds Michelle: “Before, she could tell herself it wasn’t adultery. It’s getting a lot more difficult.”

As they try to stay away from each other, Alicia and Will are propelled “in opposite directions just to avoid that contact again – Alicia towards Peter, obviously, and Will towards Amanda Peet’s character,” previews Robert. Although the EPs say there won’t be an easy way out for Alicia, the storyline won’t come down to her having to pick between lovers. “It’s going to be mixed up with what’s going on the firm, too,” explains Robert. “We want to explore the moral dimensions about it, not so much the Team Will or Team Peter dimension.”

OFFICE POLITICS | After being given a partnership and then having it taken away, Cary “thinks Lockhart Gardner is a corrupt place,” says Robert. “He’s not giving up on designs outside the firm.” That might bode well for Kalinda/Cary fans, he adds, since “one of the things Kalinda really likes is when Cary is in take-no-prisoners mode, when he’s not a suburban white boy who sits back passively but someone who attacks something and is proactive. There’s an attractive quality to both Matt Czuchry and Cary when he’s in this mode of, ‘I’ve been screwed over. Now, it’s my turn.’”

In the meantime, as we glimpsed in this past Sunday’s episode, the associate will have to deal with Alicia now being his superior, which prompts the question, “Can a friendship survive when [that] friend is your boss?” says Robert, adding that the newly named equity partner also will test power dynamics and will “slowly venture into a place where she can challenge these name partners more and more.”

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BATTLE OF THE BLONDES | Bad news: The EPs were unable to get Anna Camp back for a guest spot this season. Good news: Mamie Gummer will return as Nancy Crozier in Episode 21!

Runnin' With The DevilKALINDA’S NEW TRAINEE | Having more than recovered from bankruptcy, Lockhart Gardner is now flush with money and decides to hire a second  investigator (played by Jess Weixler) who is “as opposite of a young woman as we could find from” the fan-favorite P.I., teases Robert. “There’s this complicated dynamic that exists between these two.”

RACE TO THE TOP | The election will be wrapped up this season, so what’s next for Eli if Peter wins the gubernatorial race? The White House, of course! “People run eternal campaigns. As soon as they win or lose one campaign, they’re onto the next,” says Robert. “One of the other things we want to see with Alan [Cumming] is his work with his ex-wife.” But first, Eli will have to “battle” Jordan for “the direction of [Peter’s] campaign” because “as much as [Jordan] has shot himself in the foot, he’s still limping. He’s still there.”

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BAD HUBBY | Addressing the controversial introduction of Kalinda’s husband Nick, Robert reveals that three episodes were cut and that the writers “accelerated some of the plot that was already shot.

“The fan reaction obviously had something to do with it,” he admits. “We [set] the characters towards some thematic things we were pursuing with seeing a parallel between Kalinda’s life and Alicia’s life.” The lesson learned? “‘Don’t let theme lead plot again.’” As for whether the P.I. did something to her toxic other half to get him out of her life, that’s a mystery the EP prefers to keep open-ended.