Post Mortem: Carrie Diaries Boss on Exposing Carrie's Secrets, Walt's New Romance and More

Hush, HushThe following contains spoilers from Monday’s The Carrie Diaries. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now!

Carrie’s double life is over!

On Monday’s episode of The Carrie Diaries, the young Ms. Bradshaw’s dad caught her clubbing in the city and put an end to her covert internship at Interview magazine. Elsewhere, Donna told Walt about Maggie’s side relationship – and then made him her boyfriend! – while Sebastian tried to make a grand gesture to show Carrie how he feels.

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“The premise of the show for me was never, ‘I have a secret life and how does that play out?’” executive producer Amy Harris tells TVLine. “That was a great plot driver for us for several episodes, but at some point, I wanted to explode that. Now, Carrie’s secrets are out. In some ways, that’s a good thing. She finally is going to tell Sebastian how she feels, and he’s going to tell her how he feels and that’s great. But then on the other side, in her New York life, it was a grenade that exploded in her face.”

Below, we break down — by pairing — how the big revelations will affect Carrie and her pals.

CARRIE AND HER DAD | The budding journalist will make her way back to the city — and her coveted internship — without sneaking around. But Carrie’s getting back to Interview will mean focusing on the father/daughter relationship at home. “Tom has a lot of work to do, trying to figure who this person is that he knew so well,” Harris says. Future episodes will find Tom coming to terms with the idea that his daughter’s dreams are different from his own, then deciding how to proceed. “It’s going to be about her father figuring out how he wants to parent this very special kid,” she adds. “He’s going to get some help in some very surprising places.”

CARRIE AND SEBASTIAN | Yes, they’re finally a couple, confirms Harris, but what follows isn’t without its challenges. The upcoming episodes will dive into “what I always loved most about Sex and the City, which is when you are a complicated person and have a lot of fears about abandonment and fears of what love and relationships look like, how does that play out for you?” she says. “This is her first really big relationship – no pun intended. That’s going to be a really fun thing to explore.” And will Sebastian’s sexual past, which is much more advanced than our heroine’s, become an issue for the young lovebirds? Unlike Carrie’s surprisingly jerky ex-boyfriend George, “who didn’t totally understand Carrie’s take on virginity, Sebastian is someone who really clicks into Carrie’s psyche and gets that more,” says Harris.

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WALT AND … DONNA?! | Wait a minute – does the mean girl genuinely like Maggie’s closeted ex? “I do believe that she probably always thought he was cute,” replies the EP. “They’re sort of a surprising couple, but in a way, [they] make sense. Walt would totally like to go shopping at the mall for clothes and not be bored with that. And Donna, in some ways, doesn’t have to feel as overly sexualized as she always is in all her relationships, and that might be a relief to her.”

Despite how much they might make sense on paper, the pairing is going to raise some eyebrows, especially among Walt’s pals, who don’t really like his new girlfriend. “They’re confused as to why Walt would ever want to be with Donna,” previews Harris with a laugh. “I don’t think they want to watch the making out much, but they’re trying to be understanding. Carrie knows Walt wasn’t happy, either, in his relationship with Maggie, so she’s just trying to be as supportive as possible – while cringing.” And don’t you worry about Walt’s ex, because “Maggie’s going to take some time to lick her wounds, but then will come back ready to be bold again.”

WALT AND BENNETT | “Being with Donna is going to force Walt to look at himself a little harder than he had to with Maggie,” teases Harris. For Walt, who has yet to even come out to himself, his new relationship is “definitely going to open up the idea that something else is going on. Donna’s a very confident woman in her sexuality, unlike Maggie, so stuff may come to a head faster because of it.” That means viewers will also be “seeing a lot of more of [Larissa’s openly gay colleague] Bennett, and Walt will be thrown into some situations with him.”