Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Scandal, Bones, Big Bang, Grimm, Once, Spartacus and More!

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Question: Please. I’m begging you. Anything Scandal-related would be greatly appreciated. —Mateo
Ausiello: Thursday’s insane Season 2A climax features two reunions, three (possibly four) **e****s and at least one **a**. There’s also tons of male nudity, if, you know, you’re into that sort of thing.

Question: Got any Once Upon a Time scoop for us? — Susan
Ausiello: Yes! While speaking with Josh Dallas about this week’s David/Charming-heavy episode, Matt Mitovich picked his brain about Brothers & Sisters alum John Pyper-Ferguson’s character, who thus far has only been described as the widowed father to a young boy. “I can’t tell you anything,” Dallas hedged. “Just know that he’s an outsider.” Speaking of outsiders, Dallas was slightly more forthcoming with a status report on wayward driver Greg Mendell, played by Ethan Embry. “In this Sunday’s episode, you see Greg grilling Belle about what she actually saw that night at the car accident,” he said, musing: “Hmm, why does he want to know…?”

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Question: Big Bang Theory spoilers, please! —Kathleen
Ausiello: For the occasion of Raj’s first date with Raising Hope‘s Kate Micucci, the show finds a clever way to get around his selective mutism.

Question: OMG! Did you see that kiss that Nick gave Jess? Got any scoop for New Girl about their potential future together? —Tiffany
Ausiello: Their short-term future will involve more kissing. Their longer-term future will involve this complication. Bonus Scoop: Cece/Schmidt fans will enjoy the tag at the end of this week’s episode.

dannyQuestion: Any Blue Bloods news? —Geraint
Ausiello: It appears the show is looking to add a new, possibly permanent notch to Danny’s rotating partner belt in the wake of Jennifer Esposito’s controversial exit. Producers are casting the role of Bax, a whip-smart, thirtysomething, female detective who gets assigned to work alongside Danny.  Well aware of her new partner’s mercurial reputation, Bax is ideally equipped to handle his temperament (i.e.: she’s a better investigator than he is). Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

Question: Any Nikita scoop on Alex? —Ross
Ausiello: Sean will be “fuming from the ears” when Alex and Owen get paired on a mission together, previews Devon Sawa. But chillax, “Salex” fans, things remain strictly platonic between the agents. Allow Sawa to explain: “Owen attempts a joke that is only funny because it’s so awkward, but at the same time the intercom is on and Sean’s listening in.” Hence the jealous ex-Navy SEAL’s reaction.

Question: Love The Good Wife!  No one has asked this and maybe I’m reaching, but will we find out what exactly happened to Nick?  Did Kalinda kill him? —Amy
Ausiello: No one asked it? Is that your story, Amy? And are you’re sticking to it? ‘Cause I could’ve sworn I asked Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King about that very mystery back in December. And I could’ve sworn their answer appeared right here in Ask Ausiello. Speaking of which, not content with their “ambiguous” response, I dispatched my colleague, Vlada Gelman, to Saturday’s NAACP Image Awards to get more concrete intel from Archie Panjabi herself. When asked if we’ll ever find out what exactly Kalinda did to Nick, the Emmy winner said, “Possibly…” Curses, foiled again! Gelman did manage to coax a Kalinda/Cary scooplet from Panjabi, who hinted at some “interesting moments” coming up for the pair, adding, “We  filmed [the scenes] last week in the freezing cold. They’re worth watching.” Bonus Scoop: Props to ReAAder Christine for theorizing that the “very big” season-ending plot Julianna Margulies recently hinted at involves Alicia starting her own firm. I have no clue if it’s true but it totally makes sense.

Question: Can you please give us some Shameless scoop? — Alex
Ausiello: Now that Kev’s crazy ex is out of the picture, he and Veronica will get busy making a family. “We’re trying to have a baby, so you’re going to see us go full force with that, which is going to be a storyline that’s never been on television before ever,” Shanola Hampton told TVLine at the Image Awards. But as determined as they are to create a little one, “Veronica is at the point where her body is not necessarily doing what she wants it to do, which is being able to have children.” Hampton teases that we’ll see “another side” of her frisky, fun character as she goes “through [this] struggle.”

Question: Should I be worried for my favorite Israeli assassin? Cote de Pablo has yet to renew her contract on NCIS and it has me scared! —Emily
Ausiello: I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Besides, the network just locked in Mark Harmon — one thing at a time, Em!

spartyQuestion: I’m loving Spartacus this season. Any scoop on the final episodes? —Rosetta
Ausiello: There’s a twist coming that will Blow. Your. Mind. That’s according to leading man Liam McIntyre, who says, “The rivalry between Caesar and Tiberius, who are both vying for Crassus’ favor, [reaches a turning point] in Episode 8. It goes one way, and you’re like, ‘Oh, is that what this has all been building to?’ And then, boom — it goes the other way. It completely flips it. I was like, ‘Jesus Christ!’ In one line, half a page, in a little bit of writing, they flipped it totally the other way. I never saw it coming. It’s absolutely shocking, even by Spartacus standards. I don’t think we’ve ever done anything [like it].”

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Question: I’m not happy with Happy Endings‘ chance of renewal. Should I be as worried as I am? Yes, pun intended. Some scoop on my all-time favorite show would make happy though! —Bahop
Ausiello: Max is going to compete for Mr. Gay Chicago. If that doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will.

Question: Banshee is just amazing and quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. As hot as Lucas and Carrie are, I’m more interested in Siobhan and Lucas and what’s in store for them. —Scott
Ausiello: Don’t miss this Friday’s episode. According to exec producer Greg Yaitanes, that’s when the pair’s “unexpected chemistry” will begin to “develop.” Bonus Scoop: There are more Season 2 clues in the Banshee Origins comic book.

Question: Any scoop on Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith, especially surgeon/hospital-related? —Tia
Ausiello: The popular theory going around is that the Survivors (Mer included) will use their settlement winnings to bail out Seattle Grace, thereby giving them all an ownership stake in the hospital. But would that be a good thing? Chandra Wilson isn’t so certain. “I’m not sure [Bailey sees] a good end to any of it, especially if the ‘children’ take over the house,” she says of the current financial crisis that has the staff on edge. “It feels like a sinking ship.” Bailey’s primary concern remains a selfish one. “She has no stake in the game whatsoever,” Wilson points out. “She doesn’t have any money to [offer]. She’s just trying not to lose a job. She does have a husband that lives out of state, so that’s a consideration for her, too.”

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Question: What’s coming up on 90210? —OC
Ausiello: “More music, more relationship woes, more up and downs,” promises Tristan Wilds. Um, can you get a little more specific? “You get to see what’s going on with Dixon and Ade and how they work it out — or how they don’t work it out,” he continues. “You get to see what happens with him and his sister. It’s going to be crazy. The rest of the season is pretty crazy.”

Question: Loved your Bones‘ teases last week. Care to explain one of them with more detail, either the alarm clock mystery or the Booth-Brennan marriage dilemma (I heard wedding bells when I read that), please? —Cassidy
Ausiello: I have no additional information on either one of those wonderfully cryptic teases. I do, however, have fresh intel on the upcoming episode that delves into Sweets’ past. According to John Francis Daley, in “The Fact in the Fiction” (airing Feb. 25), Sweets will finally reveal who inflicted the scars on his back (as first glimpsed in 2009’s “Mayhem on a Cross”). “He helps this girl who is a victim of a date rape by telling her she’s not alone in having dealt with childhood trauma,” Daley previews. “It’s kind of an intense scene. Sweets doesn’t break down because he’s trying to comfort this girl, but I think she’s probably the first person he ever talked to about this situation.”

grimmQuestion: Take pity on me. Throw me a bone with some Grimm scoop. I have to make it another month until it’s back. —Mike
Ausiello: No one pities you more than I do, Mike. It’s in that spirit that I ask you: Is primetime big enough for two Rumpelstiltskins?! We’ll find out later this season when the NBC drama spins a story inspired by the classic fairytale antagonist (currently being played by Robert Carlyle on Once Upon a Time). In possibly related news, that same episode — Season 2’s 16th — features a guest turn by Lost‘s Eric Lange. He plays Dominick, the owner of software company whose staff falls victim to dark circumstances and will do whatever he needs to do to help Nick and Hank resolve this case.

Question: What’s the latest on a Parenthood renewal? —Christine
Ausiello: TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard still lists it as a “sure thing.” And who am I to question TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard (which, for the record, boasts a 99-percent accuracy rate)? Speaking of Parenthood, guess who’s moderating the show’s PaleyFest 2013 panel. Come on, have a guess. Hint: He’s the one person who will have the guts to ask Lauren Graham about a Gilmore Girls reunion movie.

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  1. I demand Shonda to give Harrison is love interest!

  2. Jenni says:

    Bones Scoop = meh

  3. Amy says:

    Ugh. Sweets. Ew.

    • Talyor says:

      Double ugh. UGH. Do. Not. Care. How he got scars on his back. Even forgot that plot exsisted. *Yawn*

    • Marisa says:

      Oh goody, another sub plot for Sweets…..NOT Just how is the FBI getting involved in a tween rape case? Is that a Federal crime? At least make it somewhat believable, how about a kidnapping instead? Lame.

      • Josh says:

        I’m sort of over Sweets…I feel some bitterness towards him because I feel he acts a buffer for Booth which keeps him out of the lab…I think since Booth has been appearing less in the lab, I just feel the show lost a lot of magic…

  4. Bored Zzzz says:

    Seriously. If a fan asks for a Booth and Brennan scoop it would be nice if the scoop was actually on them. SERIOUSLY.

  5. Dominique says:

    So we get a pissed off Sean who’s forced to listen to Owen and Alex kicking ass and getting know each other… I can live with that!! If they’re not gonna go down the romantic path with Olex, then I’ll take as many friendship/partner scenes as possible, and if that includes a raging Sean; even better! Man needs to know he can’t just guilt-trip his girlfriend into leaving her friends and family behind.

  6. Brett Reasor says:

    Raj is going to mistake Kate Miccucci for a dude…

  7. ok, who has a guess for **e****s in the scandal spoiler?

  8. Shaun says:

    Can’t wait for Spartacus,the fight scenes have been epic.

  9. Linda says:

    Oh thanks so much for the interview with Matthew! Great to hear his accent in full bloom.

  10. Beth says:

    Thanks for the Blue Bloods scoop!

  11. male nudity? On Scandal? Uhhhh yeah I’m into that sort of thing.

    • CJ says:

      My initial thought when reading this was Fitz or David but I actually think it’s going to be James and Cyrus. Just based on a comment from one of the actors in the couple and Shonda saying her favorite scene ever involved the two of them in this ep. We shall see!!

  12. Ulose says:

    WHY would you answer a Good Wife question that has already been answered? And WHY do you keep answering questions about Sweets? I thought the show was called BONES.

  13. Diva says:

    I rather have Olex together than Salex.

  14. Julie says:

    More Sweets, don’t care, you know there are more characters on Bones than Sweets. You must have a the same weirdo crush on the actor as the star and showrunner do. Thanks for the heads up, another ep that will get fast forwarded. Best season yet, my a$$.

    • megan says:

      TVLine are forcefeeding us Sweets spoilers whether we ask for them or not, it is now beyond ridic The poor Bones fan asked about Booth & Brennan not about this overused, polarizing supporting character name Mary Sue Sweets: Teen Shrink.

  15. Alisa Neely says:

    here we go again…..a FEMALE character who ‘thinks” she is BETTER at the job then her partner…..hmm, what is the age difference ?….i think, danny ( blue bloods) is a DAMN GOOD investagtor…..last thing he needs is a partner, who is going to try and SHOW HIM UP…and possibly put him in danger on the streets…..we’ve had that with NCIS, with kate todd ; thinking she should have been SFA, simply because she’d protected the president of the united states….then with ziva david….and then to TOP those 2 off, was director jenny shepard.

    speaking of NCIS’s ZIVA: please DON’T bring her back for season 11…..i’m SICK of tony being DUMBED DOWN, simply to make her suddenly look GOOD…..WHY do male characters HAVE to SUFFER, simply so a female character can be strong?

    and by the way: i’m a FEMALE.


    • lll says:

      THIS!!! I am so sick of ‘strong female characters’ being made to look strong because the man has to look weak. It turns me completely off. Preach sister.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i’m guessing, your agreeing with me… IS getting OLD, watching GOOD male characters being turned into WHIMPS, just to make the females they work with look BETTER…..WHY can’t male and female characters be EQUAL?….everyone can get into a tight spot, but partners NEED to know that they can TRUST their team mates/partners to cover their backs, if need be…’s TIME for show POWERS THAT BE to start showing this… agents/cops need to KNOW their place on teams…..and FOLLOW ORDERS given….something that agent ziva david does NOT seem to know HOW to do, when given orders BY her SFA….i.e SPECIAL SENIOR FEILD AGENT ANTHONY DINOZZO.


    • Gaara says:

      What’s wrong with you? FYI women everywhere, in every usually-ruled-by-men workplaces, have to toughen up and work at least twice as harder just to be considered equal to their male coworkers. One day men and women will be truly equal, but that day is still far away. Hollywood does what the audience wants, and for now no one would want to watch a show with a weak and submissive woman, everyone knows that.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        that doesn’t mean, that men NEED to be make to apear WEAK….just to make WOMEN LOOK GOOD….that doesn’t help a DAMN thing.


        • Do you hear yourself, really? I have never seen the male character in question as weak or incompetent. He’s a goof sometimes, and a womanizing a**hat others but he’s not weak. He knows his job and does it well. Strong female characters do not make men weak. If you have issue with how the character of Tony is written, then sure, I’ll accept that; you would prefer him less goofy. But that has very little to do with his partner, it’s just how the writers have chosen to portray him. If there’s a funny line to be given, then it goes to Tony. You must also remember, that he is NOT male lead in the show. He is the second. Gibbs is the lead. Gibbs is and always will be the strongest, smartest, wisest, etc. The rest of the show has to balance. Ziva is the enforcer/the ex-assasin; Kate was secret service. There are aspects to both of those characters that I like and dislike (as with most people) but I would never begrudge either of those women their strength. Tony is the detective: he has the street smarts; McGee is the techno-geek; Abby is the forensics genie; Vance the boss; Ducky and Palmer the autopsy alliance. They all have there role to play.

          You may want Tony to be the hero and by all means you are entitled that opinion. But he is part of an ensemble cast and although he may not be the hero every week, he has worn that hat on many occasions. Other characters are equally entitled to that role. The show works very well in this way and is incredibly successful. Removing female leads(competition) does not make men stronger. Tony would be Tony regardless of whether or not his partner had a vagina. Reverting to female leads of the past – where the women would get kidnapped every couple of weeks so the men could save them would be hideous and entirely unacceptable to women of today. Well, at least this one….


          • taliesin says:

            Thanks for posting that. I’m a foot taller then my wife, and close to 100 lbs heavier, but her blackbelt in tae kwon do means she could kick my butt from one end of town to the other. A man isn’t weak just because women is stronger then him in some particular area. We all have different strengths and weakness in life; and the characters in NCIS do as well.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            excuse ME, but i’m NOT the only NCIS fan who feel that way….YES, tony comes across as a goof ALOT….but, when ever tptb want ziva to look GOOD action wise, they turn tony into a DAMN WHIMP….and we are SICK of it…..they have done it from day 1, of having ziva around….and just because kate was secert service, does NOT mean she had what it would take to be SFA….and neither did ziva…as well as tim…..tim doesn’t have a police background like tony….there is MORE to investating (sp?) case, then sitting at a computer….good old fashioned LEG WORK….something time, doesn’t like doing….i seem to remember, when the computers were DOWN….and they had to do things the old way….and he complained about paper cuts and dark copys….and again; I AM NOT THE ONLY FAN WHO FEELS THIS WAY…..getting 1 week of WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER….then we get BUTT OF THE JOKE tony….and that’s getting OLD….tony has been on TEAM GIBBS for longer then the rest….and i for 1, am SICK of the LACK OF RESPECT shown towards him by MOST, including gibbs.

          • taliesin says:

            They do the same thing to everyone, Alisa. It’s called writer’s fiat. When they want Tony to look cool, he looks cool. When they want someone else to look cool, they look cool. It doesn’t matter if Tony is teamed with Gibbs, McGee, or Ziva.
            One episode Tony gets punched in the face, returns a punch to the guy’s stomach, and then draws his gun before Ziva can do anything. The next episode Ziva jumps the guy to keep Tony from getting hit. And I can site the same type of examples when teamed he’s teamed with Gibbs or anyone else.
            Each character is god-like or not depending on the needs of the story.
            Plus we have a decade worth of history to show that Tony’s only an average hand-to-hand combatant: better then McGee, but clearly worse then Ziva or Gibbs. Like when he was taunting Gibbs that he took a couple of boxing classes and Gibbs took him down in 2 seconds.
            It seems somewhat childish to get feathers in a ruffle just because a favorite character isn’t the best at everything all the time.

          • Breckan says:

            Alex, I think I want to kiss you. Very well said. It’s a sad day when Tony fans think the only way Tony can shine is if his female partner doesn’t. Tony and Ziva have different strengths – Tony is not the ass kicker – Ziva is (and he appreciates it when she does). Tony is the investigator and his insights have solved many a case – but as long as Ziva gets to throw the punches – those fans don’t care what he does with his brains. MW enjoys the comedy and a lot of “idiot” Tony scenes are actually his improvisation. The writer of this episode nailed it when responding to a tweet last night about “idiot Tony, wonder Ziva and shipping anvils” – those things are only real if you want them to be…if you are looking for something to complain about…you are going to find it.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i DON’T have a problem with STRONG female character….but, NOT when STRONG male characters to turned into WHIMPS….as has HAPPENED with TONY….and i’m NOT the only NCIS fan who feels that way…..i would feel the same way, if it were ANY other male character as well…..while MW likes the jokes at times….he HAS said in the past, that even HE was getting SICK of them making tony into the butt of everyone’s joke……there SHOULD be a way to BALANCE everyone’s strengths and such.


          • taliesin says:

            I get the feeling that the only people who think Tony is weak are the people in love with him. :) Tony isn’t weak. He’s Gibb’s right hand. He’s the soul of the team. When things look their bleakest it’s Tony who comes up with the joke that keeps everyone strong and moving. No, he’s not the best hand-to-hand fighter, nor is he the best shot, but when the crap hits the fan it’s Tony you want at your side. He’s the ultimate team player: the “wildcard” as he once described himself. He never loses hope and never gives in. He doesn’t need to be better at things then Gibbs, McGee, or Ziva. He’s already the rock of the team.

          • Alisha – I understand you’re frustrated but there’s no need to shout. You’ve said you have no problem with strong female characters – that’s good. So really, you have no problem with Ziva or Kate. Your issue is purely with Tony. Now if you’d addressed that at the start we could have saved ourselves a whole lot of typing. If you have concerns about how Tony is being portrayed then it’s that you need to address. Making inflammatory statements about female characters/actors does not get your point across, it merely makes others write you off as a hater(every fandom has those). If you would like your points discussed or addressed either on message boards or with TPTB your notes need to be both focused and respectful. Writers and showrunners do listen to concerns that are addressed in a thoughtful, considerate manner. But they are well aware now that ‘Haters gotta hate.’ And whether you’re on a message board or tweeting at them, if you are throwing hate at characters(actors) or telling them that your fanfic is better than their show you will be ignored. We are talking about the number one show in the country – they wouldn’t hit the numbers they do if they were doing it wrong.

    • Martha says:

      Go Ziva go! :)

  16. k. says:

    Am I the only one noticing that Jess and Nick’s future includes more kissing?

    • Patty says:

      Noticed too! so excited!!! Love them together!

      • Olivia says:

        What a hot kiss. I wanna be kissed like that! With decision but not aggressive, perfect. I heard about the kiss before seeing it, so didn’t understand the ‘I meant something like this’. So when I saw the ‘Not like this’ my heart just melted.

    • lara says:

      I was on the edge of my seat for today’s episode, because I thought there might be another kiss today!! Soon, hopefully :)

  17. kat says:

    I’m sure Olex shippers will love any moment with Owen and Alex, and hey more power to them. I enjoy their friendship, but I’m very happy that Alex and Sean made up (and made out, good lord that was hot) in the last episode, and I’m looking forward to all the scenes coming up for my canon pairing.

  18. Barbie says:

    Thank you so much for the scoop on GRIMM! I can’t wait until it comes back! It’s on my Top 5 favorite shows and I miss it badly!!! <3

  19. Elyse says:

    unfortunately I do still watch 90210 and I have to say I am
    PISSED after last nights episode. ill probably have to quit watching. it was a train wreck before but now I just can’t handle it anymore. felt good to vent that!

    • William says:

      You’re not alone. At this point I have no idea to what the producers plan. The show just keeps more infuriating each episode. Every single plotline in the last episode had a character upset with another -or acting totally out of previous characterizations -or getting their heart torn out. At this point it feels like a paint-by-the-numbers type of show. There is no continuity -no solid friendships -no one to actually root for. Are the writers sincerely thinking this is interesting to the fans. I think they’ve giving up and they deserve the ratings they have recieved this season.

    • Hannah says:

      Agreed. I honestly don’t know why I’m even watching anymore, but it’s hit rock bottom. I’m done.

      • Elyse says:

        i so agree. ugh! its so frustrating. it used to be a good show a few seasons ago.

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        I watched from the beginning. That’s the only reason I still watch. But if I miss an episode, I don’t try to watch it online and every season when they announce renewals, I hope it doesn’t make it so CW can make room for something better. 90210 has gotten so eye-rollingly bad. It’s like a long version of Saved By the Bell. Only worse, because Saved By the Bell was in on the joke.

    • ReeRee says:

      I think they realized that Annie and Riley are not going to work out with Liam available now – so to shift Annie’s focus more towards Liam (very apparent from the If/Then episode), they just wiped Riley off as an extra baggae.

      I think writers need to be co herrent and for God sake give Naomi a PROPER storyline, other than being a n insecure wife! she is Naomi frikkin Clark! give some sizzle to the storyline!

      • Elyse says:

        i used to LOVE Annie and Liam together and wanted them to make it work. but i actually really liked Riley. i felt like killing Riley off was so unnecessary. they’ve also completely ruined Naomi and Annies characters. i just can’t handle it anymore!

  20. Georgia says:

    Blue Bloods is NOT the same without actress Jennifer Esposito. The other two they’ve tried to replace her with — NOT a good fit at all. Just bring back Jennifer Esposito.

    • Susan B says:

      Agree with the two actresses they have already used…Esposito was perfect but she has already said she will not be returning. My vote is for actress Christina Cox.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i agree with you….they should bring jennifer esposito back….she was BEST with donnie walberg (sp?)….they should just WORK with her and BRING HER BACK.


  21. Ryn says:

    I respect peoples’ right to watch for whatever reason they want, but as someone who loves the team/family on Bones, I am very much enjoying this season, and I’m looking forward to the episode. As to complaining that spoilers here are only about Sweets – that’s sort of funny, given that the person was asking for more details about last week’s spoilers…which were about the alarm clock and B&B’s marriage, not Sweets. I guess it would have been better for Ausiello to say, ‘Nope, not got anything new on those issues since last week. Next!’?

    • blue says:

      Yes actually it would of been better to with hold the Bones answer to another week and wait for a general Bones scoop question. It is poor form to answer a question that wasn’t even asked for. If the fan had wanted a Sweets scoop they would of asked for one. They however wanted a Booth and Brennan scoop.

      • boothROCKS says:

        @blue well said Agree. B&B was the question and B&B related scoop should of been the answer. It’s not like asking for the stars. Seriously

        • 4theloveoffilm says:

          Auso does this ALL OF THE TIME for multiple shows! Ot’s not a new concept. At least you know your question is being read and considered. And yes, any scoop is better than no scoop at all.

          • sunny says:

            Disagree. At this point I would rather have a scoop on nothing than on the most overused and boring character on Bones. IMO.

          • spurs fan says:

            I would embrace a spoiler on the survival of Hodgins bugs or just how does Cam breathe in her uber tight dresses ANYTHING than yet another spoiler on Sweets. It is overkill now.

  22. Susan B says:

    For Blue Bloods casting….Danny’s new partner should be Christina Cox! She kicks butt and is a strong presence!!!

  23. Leo says:

    I can’t stand the new partner on Blue Bloods. I love the first replacement, but they just have to replace her too with this icy queen character whose first appearance is so cold and distant.
    But then again, I watch Blue Bloods for Reagan family. I could care less about the partner.

  24. Linderella says:

    My favorite characters on Blue Bloods were Danny and Esposito. When she left, so did I. As much as I’ve liked Tom Selleck through the years, “Saint” Frank Reagan and his clan just don’t do it for me. I was never sure if the show was about the NYPD or the Catholic Church. I just got a little too preachy for me especially with Len Cariou’s portrayal of Henry Reagan.

    • Whatever says:

      Jennifer Esposito was one of my faves on Blue Bloods.
      She was sick and CBS handled the situation in a deplorable manner.
      If they wanted to let her go due to her illness they should not of kept her from working elsewhere if she could.
      The whole situation just turned me off as far as the show goes. I can’t stand to watch it anymore

  25. May says:

    No Castle…

  26. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for any and all things Grimm! I’m so starved from lack of this show, I’m having EXTREME Renard withdrawal and new episodes are the only cure!

  27. J says:

    I’m guessing Tiberius and Caesar have sex with Caesar doing to get something out of him, and then he totally betrays him

  28. The Squatch says:

    It’s funny… whenever they mention Eric Lange they always say “from Lost”, and I did watch Lost, but to me I can’t seem to picture him as anyone else but Sikowitz any more. hehe

  29. jjovana3 says:

    Jess and Nick will be kissing again??? YAYY!!!!

  30. Danielle H. says:

    Did nobody else catch in the GA scoop that Bailey might be slowly leaving the show????? Cause that’s totally what I caught a whiff of there. That would be a freaking shame. It’s an utter sham that she has been down graded to a background player anyway, since she’s the soul of that show. Meredith might be the mind and the voice, but Bailey is the soul for sure.

    • Tracie says:

      I didn’t catch that but I will say they are making Bailey unlikeable this year. And based on history, that is what they did to other departed characters I think so that the fans wouldn’t miss them that much.

    • Olivia says:

      I miss the Nazi sooo much. It was pure crap when she became ‘soft’ and Izzie killed Denny (remember the Izzie-super-baking episode around season 3?)
      We all know she doesn’t mean it when she’s angry at them because 2 of them died and it’s not their fault. But she has to keep her job and provide for a child and a husband who’s in Med School. So, hearing McDreamy whining about closing the ER, she’s had enough. She was being supportive, especially for Callie, Arizona and Meredith, now she needs to think about herself.

    • Azerty says:

      There are 3 general surgeons on the show (Richard, Bailey and Meredith) and unfortunatly I have a strong feeling that 2 of them might lose their job by the end of the season :(

  31. Jade says:

    I don’t know why, but from the begging, I was more interested in Lucas/Siobhan than Lucas/Carrie from Banshee. Glad to read these two have story. Hope there are fans for these two.

    • Enad says:

      Yes, yes, yes. So am I. And I’m not knocking the actress that plays Carrie, but I’m kinda sick of seeing her naked, having sex with ‘whatever’ and whoever and pretending that it’s Lucas. Maybe I’m less invested because I know that they’ve already had their chance, I’m way more interested in seeing how a relationship between Siobahn and Lucas would work.

  32. Mere says:

    Thanks for the Grimm scoop! I’m so excited about the second half of the season! We seriously need Nick and Monroe scoop, but anything is great.

  33. Babybop says:

    Excited for Bones! Always happy for a spoiler no matter what it’s for! (And I actually like Sweets)

  34. KK says:

    Michael! I could NOT LOVE the fact that you are getting to moderate the Parenthood panel at Paleyfest any more!! Can’t wait!

  35. aciel says:

    anything on revenge?

  36. Steph says:

    I hope the Grey’s survivors don’t buy the hospital. Let this storyline end soonish. I would love for Alicia to set up her own practice on TGW. As far as male nudity in your first item..please don’t let it be Cyrus.

  37. crc says:

    Okay don’t know if this is right or not, but I think in regard to Pelant and the alarm clock, I think he replace Booth/Bennan’s clock with one with a camera in it. I think he’s done that with several items(Booth’s bobble head bobby) because of the screen shots in the one with the body in Angela and Hodgin’s house. That’s how he knew about Brennan’s burner cell. Anyone else agree????

  38. Whitty says:

    Gilmore Girls reunion movie! Yes, please! Do not be above begging!

  39. Phillip says:

    For the first Scandal spoiler, it’s 4 possible breakups and 1 death. You’re welcome.

  40. jacob says:

    Kelli Giddish for Bax on Blue Bloods. She was great in Chase and is wasted now on L&O SVU. Team her with Danny!

  41. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Wow! What a sad group of people decided to comment on today’s AA session. Ausiello gets what scoop he can get. He didn’t have any more on Booth and Brennan, so he offered something else for fans of the show. If Sweets scoop is what he gets from his sources, Sweets scoop is what he has to dish. I read this article weekly; he posts plenty about other characters and plot points. Sweets is a lovely character and I am pleased to finally get some background on his scars. They are part of what inform his relationship with Booth and Brennan. I love the show and all six series regulars. Yes, the show is called BONES, but part of the show’s charm is that the characters are not just colleagues, but a family. It is an ensemble cast. All are important. And just because a scooplet doesn’t excite you does not mean it won’t excite someone else. The article wasn’t written for you individually.

    As for the “powerful women” debate: I agree that female characters should not be made strong or powerful at the expense of men being portrayed as weak. However, I do not think that that is the case with Ziva David. Tony is NOT weak. Every character goes through times of weakness; that’s life. I don’t see him as being weak. Ziva was a trained killer, so in some ways she IS stronger than Tony. But in other ways, Tony is the stronger and more level-headed one. They complement each other as partners.

    If you don’t like the scoop, request something different. Write Ausiello yourself. Don’t be jerks.

    • Sandy says:

      ^ THIS !! Thank you very much, I agree with everything you said!

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      thank you for being the voice of reason…people forget that we only get spoilers when TPTB leak them, and therefore only get spoilers TPTB want to give. And you hit the nail on the head when you said the team is really one big family…people always seem to forget that

    • Jane says:

      Well said. You beat me to it. Everybody needs to calm down.

    • Em says:

      Great comment, couldn’t agree more. Nothing is worse then whiny fangirls who stomp their little feet when they don’t get things THEIR way. It’s always the same ones who whine about Sweets or whine about Ziva–don’t like the scoop? Don’t read it. Or grow up, you are more annoying than what is written.

    • Oh, this I totally agree with you on!!!!

      Also, thank you for speaking out about Ziva… you said, Ziva and Tony complement each other and whatever trait one person lacks, the other one makes up for it. Which makes both of them much stronger as partners. :-)

    • john says:

      @4theloveoffilm Bones fans ARE asking for different scoops!!!! Did you read the question asked? The fan asked for a Booth and Brennan scoop and got this instead. So it doesn’t matter what we ask Ausiello he gives answers on whatever he wants regardless of the question. What is the point of asking a question in the first place, it just a waste of that fans time.

      • 4theloveoffilm says:

        I did read the question. He said he didn’t have any scoop that directly answered it, but he did have scoop about the show. He does this all of the time with all shows. Perhaps he didn’t have a question that his scoop would have answered, so he picked one that at least related to the show in question and used it as a segue. And it is most certainly NOT a waste of fans’ time. There are many of us who love Sweets, who fondly remember the episode that introduced his scars, and were happy to have scoop on the topic. Ausiello answers particular questions directly as often as is possible, but even when he does, it is in service to an entire fandom, not an individual fan.

        • john says:

          You said “If you don’t like the scoop request something different. Write Ausiello yourself ” THAT is exactly what this fan did. They requested a dìfferent scoop and got an answer that had nothing to do with it…..I know many fans requested scoops regarding Bones on various aspects this week and yet this was still the outcome. If questions are going to get ignored, then maybe it would be better if a section existed to drop spoilers in that don’t need or have a question for.

          • 4theloveoffilm says:

            I was referring to writing complaints to Ausiello rather than littering the comment thread with them and pretending as though no one else could possibly be interested in the information given. I was not suggesting that fans write to him with questions, as obviously that is what people do for this column.

      • 4theloveoffilm says:

        Pardon me. You did say, “that fan’s time.” Even so, I don’t see how it is a waste of a particular fan’s time to ask a question that was mentioned but not answered rather than not mentioned at all. If you want to get technical, perhaps the fan wasted 15 seconds reading a response that didn’t answer the question. Or, rather, two seconds to read the introductory sentence or two that belied Ausiello’s intention to relay scoop unrelated to the question.

        • kyle says:

          You nor I have any idea how long it takes each individual to read, write or compose something. Just because it takes you a few seconds doesn’t mean it is the same for everyone.. Many people have different needs and difficulties in this area that you have no idea about.

          • 4theloveoffilm says:

            Really? I was simply making a point that reading the first sentence that states he won’t be answering the question directly could not possibly take up so much of one’s time to be considered a waste of one’s time. I didn’t time myself reading the post and use literal figures. Come, now. I know people have varying levels of literacy and so forth, and I certainly was not commenting upon that. For Pete’s sake.

    • Kim says:

      yup, I don’t watch Bones, but I find the same thing to be true of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s an enemble cast so we divide time. If it was all Callie/Arizona all the time then the MerDer fans would whine. If it was all MerDer all the time then Callie/Arizona fans would whine. If you only watch for 1 couple then record it or watch it online and fast forward or do something else while the other parts play. And just be happy about any new information, or not! One of my pet peeves is being rude and mean and all on the internet (or anywhere, really) but in comments and such. Constructive is good and voicing opinions is also good, but being rude and whining doesn’t really help and just brings everything down.

      • kaye says:

        Except Bones isn’t a true ensemble show. Booth and Brennan are the leads and the other characters are supporting….When Emily was off on her well deserved maternity leave, Fox shutdown production for 3mts and the season order was reduced to 13eps. They had no interest to do eps without her character working with Booth, as that is the backbone and essence of the show….if Bones were a true ensemble show production would of carried on and shot eps without her when she was on maternity leave, like many many other tv shows do when their female stars are on maternity leave…It is very clear no Brennan, no Booth, no Booth & Brennan NO BONES

        • Marisa says:

          This is so true, I like the supporting cast, but don’t really care about them, Its all B & B at work, at home, in the field, THEIR friends. Ever read the synopsis: forensic anthropologist working with the FBI to solve difficult cases. If watching the C/D cast works for you, fine, for me, not really feeling this season. Maybe it time to call it quits. yea, ya, I know its already been renewed.

    • Thisguy says:

      Thanks for this. People need to calm down.

    • John says:

      AND the “answering questions” bit is a schtick! He writes, as mentioned, about what he’s got that he finds entertaining.

  42. Lucy says:

    What about giving Matt Czuchry a damn storyline and not just interesting moments with Kalinda (which will end up in the usual nothing)?

  43. Jerri says:

    What could the Big Bang Theory possibly do to figure out a “clever way to get around Raj’s ‘selective mutism’ ” , have him eat chocolates laced with booze? Send him to a shrink? The selective mutism bit was funny for a few episodes, but at this point it’s just beyond ridiculous. I wish they could fix that, even Howard is married now, well he’s the only one who’s married now (and the dude was portrayed as a downright creeper at first)

  44. nikki says:

    The Good Wife – If Alicia starts her own firm I would be happy. She should just take Eli, David Lee and Cary with her. Diane and Will can’t run a business. They’re morons.

  45. Jane says:

    Geez, there’s a segment of the Bones fandom that feels a bit self-entitled, huh? Chill out and show some manners, people. Ausiello and others in his line generally report on what the networks’ PR departments want to leak to the fans. Don’t waste your anger on someone not giving you exactly what you want. It’s a game. Learn to play. Nicely.

    • Bill says:

      Oh come on, its also a bit of “stick it in your face” reminds me of the Hannah days when all they could write about was her when they knew she wasn’t appreciated by a good portion of the fandom.

      • snowie MT. says:

        YES!!! imo, It seems to be a tvline sport: lets rile up the Bones fandom with spoilers on a contentious character. Just like Hannahgate all over again. I know! Maybe if we ask for a Booth & Brennan question next week we will get a Hannah scoop. Oh what fun. Snark

  46. Lea says:

    Olex FTW!! I’m pretty sure that we’re going to get romantic Olex soon!!! Even if its towards the end of the season i’m pretty sure we are!!

  47. Anon says:

    I feel like AA has been slacking on the vampire diaries scoop lately…ah well! Too many shows enjoyed by many to cover I guess!
    Am I the only one rooting for Sam and Jess because while I LOVE Nick and Jess, I also really like Sam and Jess, he’s awesome.


    YAYY!!!! More kissing! I hope Jess will kiss Nick this time!

  49. Fran says:

    Thanks for the Shameless scoop. I LOVE Kev and V and I’m glad the ex isn’t causing them trouble. Those two prove that you don’t need to split them up to have a good story. Their craziness together is why they’re so great.

  50. jackie2830 says:

    Re: Blue Bloods – Yes, I’ll add a damn comment…….GET JENNIFER ESPOSITO BACK!!!! She is the best. Bax is OK, but too flirty. Jackie and Danny had that great true friendship/partnership chemistry, WITHOUT the flirtatiousness……Jackie knew her place. Bax’s acting does not exhibit that quality……too flirty.

    • Whatever says:

      CBS screwed Jennifer Esposito over while she was sick and contiue to do so !
      If they wanted to replace her they should of let her work elsewhere if she was able but they won’t until her contract is complete. CBS won’t just fire her out right and move on they are punishing her for being ill and destroying her career too.
      I stopped watching the Blue Blood because of the douchebags at CBS !