Nikita Boss Talks Division's Mole Issue, 'Salex' Surprises and Ryan's Percy-esque Transformation

Nikita Season 3 SpoilersAfter a lengthy winter hiatus, Nikita resumes this Friday (The CW, 8/7c) with an installment that will rock Michael to his core when a much-talked about “gnarly” fate befalls him. But there’s much more to Division than just ‘Mikita,’ and the rest of the crime-fighting squad is in for quite the new year as well.

Here, showrunner Craig Silverstein chats with TVLine about Division’s major mole problem, Alex and Sean’s romance woes and Ryan’s potential turn to the dark side. (And for more on that awful thing ahead for Shane West’s leading man, spoilers can be found here, here and here.)

TVLINE | Let’s talk about this mole business. Can we trust Sonya’s claims that there’s a second infiltrator?
It’s not about trusting Sonya, really. I would trust her, but whether or not there’s a second mole will be confirmed when we come back. Really, if you think about it, Amanda can say there’s a second mole and that there’s somebody watching you, but how can you be sure that’s true? And you can’t take steps assuming it’s not true, so that’s part of the paranoia setting in.

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TVLINE | Amanda has clearly been established as the show’s new super villain. To what lengths will she go to teach Nikita more lessons?
It gets pretty intense. It definitely goes to some places that I think Percy would never even go. In fact, it gets so intense with Amanda that it starts to break up her own world, with Ari and the people that work for her. She really becomes more and more dangerous as it goes on.

TVLINE | Will Alex’s dabbling with pills evolve into a full-blown addiction again?
No, it comes to a head in the next episode. It’s one of those things that gets exposed and they deal with it. But really, it’s laying the groundwork for some later developments.

TVLINE | Sean is really only part of the group because of his involvement with Alex. Now that he’s essentially shunned her, what’s keeping him around?
Exactly. [Laughs] There are some surprises coming in that storyline that I think are pretty cool. But right now it’s a situation where he came back [because] he wants her out, but he also feels rejected by her not choosing to go with him. That issue still has to get resolved between the two of them — and it does, but it’s difficult because Alex is frustrated in herself. She doesn’t have any kind of normal past, and Sean has been brought up in a fairly stable environment. He’s sympathetic to her past — which she hasn’t 100% fully shared with him — but it’s hard for him to relate. I think he acted inappropriately, really. I understand it, but I don’t think he acted the right way.

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TVLINE | What is Owen’s mission moving forward? Will he keep up the search for who he really is?
There’s another dynamic that he becomes a part of as a result of what happens between Michael and Nikita, which is still coming up. So, that sort of puts his memory thing aside for a little bit. Then the memory stuff comes back in a way and ends up getting him in trouble.

TVLINE | Things now seem less tense between Ryan and his Division counterparts.
They’re definitely all on the same page now and working quite well together — until Amanda begins to turn up the heat on Division as a whole. Then we’re going to slow-walk Ryan toward Percy Land in a way that completely makes sense every small step of the way. People who’ve watched the show for awhile will begin to see the danger signs and yet completely understand how they would have taken that step as well.

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  1. kat says:

    “I think he acted inappropriately, really. I understand it, but I don’t think he acted the right way.” I’m really happy to hear him say that. That’s pretty much how I felt about it. I understood Sean and I didn’t get the extreme amount of hate that got heaped on him by the fandom, but he *was* being a butthead. If the writers think of it the same way, then hopefully that means it’ll be fully addressed, and their eventual reunion will actually deal with that. Maybe if he eventually apologizes it will appease some of the people who were ready to throw him overboard.

  2. Marc1 says:

    Somehow, I knew that the writers would push Ryan towards a more villianous role. You could see the signs from the very beginning of the season and I like Ryan’s character way too much to start hating him now, some of the decisions he’s made so far, eg, giving the name and addresses of all division agents to the president basically in exchange for their lives was completely understandable to me and I was annoyed by the fact that Nikita felt as if she couldn’t trust him because of that reason. Nikita gets to be the hero on a weekly basis while Ryan gets to make the tough decisions and I understand that sometimes you’ve got to make certain sacrifices, that is a lesson that Nikita has yet to learn. Her goal is to save as many people as possible; however while she’s doing that, Ryan is still accountable for their actions.

  3. Emma says:

    My guess. Michael is in an accident caused by Amanda and can’t feel his legs. Becomes lame for a few episodes and Nikita teams with Owen for a while.

  4. kavyn says:

    Any details on Isaiah coming back?

  5. Alan says:

    oh its is good to be back. its been too long without my weekly dose of spyjinks. wish we had more info about what birkoff will be getting up to but ill take what we can get. really loving what they are doing with ryan this season, it makes sense that his character would be affected by the position he is in.

  6. VOXPOP says:

    i’m always surprised at how seriously viewers take tv shows…WOW~!

  7. Wow, never thought the people who predicted Ryan will become Percy 2.0 would be right. But yeah, as others have suggested, it’s probably not him turning evil like Percy but being pushed to make more ruthless, morally questionable decisions as the head of Division. Ryan may not remain the innocent boy scout we know for long, but I just can’t see him ever acting out of the selfish, power-hungry motivations Percy had. His motivations will still be pure, but his actions won’t be as tame as before.

  8. Kevin says:

    Great read. Best show on tv is back tonight :-)

  9. Dominique says:

    “I think he acted inappropriately, really. I understand it, but I don’t think he acted the right way.”
    You don’t say. The man basically wanted Alex to leave her family behind to go away with someone she hasn’t been dating for over a month. And he threw the “I love you” in her face to make her feel more guilty… Oh yeah, quite a charmer he is.
    I hope all other characters will be back kicking ass as usual, although I have no doubt they will! I missed this show, I’m glad it’s back! :D

  10. Lambsilencer says:

    Oh yeah, I also thought he acted inappropriately. I mean, what kind of man in his right man would step away from a girl as breathtakingly gorgeous as Alex/Lyndsy Fonseca?

  11. Lambsilencer says:

    ehm… his right mind, obviously… :)

  12. I REFUSE TO WATCH RYAN GOING “DARK SIDE”…I love that character as the good man that he is!!It was heartbreaking when he was keeping secrets…