Nikita @ Comic-Con: Season 3 Brings Familiar Foes, Fractured Family and... a Steamy Shower?!

NikitaAgents, get ready, because the Nikita Comic-Con panel was full of Season 3 scoop. With two new series regulars – Noah Bean’s Ryan and Devon Sawa’s Owen – the cast and executive producer Craig Silverstein had plenty of dish about the new dynamics and tensions in Nikita’s ragtag group. (And Mikita fans, they’ve heard your cries for a certain scene!) Read on for highlights from the discussion.

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THE FAMILY THAT STAYS TOGETHER… | While last year was about finding a home, the theme of Season 3 is “family,” said Silverstein. “They’ve got this home now, a home [Nikita] didn’t expect to find. … It’s watching them come together and get fractured.”

FAMILIAR FOES | The villain in the first episode back – which includes a mission in Hong Kong – will be played by Jeffrey Pierce aka Alcatraz‘s memorable Jack Sylvane. The Baddie of the Week will be a theme for the beginning of the season, which will be more standalone. “They’re going after all these rogue agents from Division that Percy created,” previewed Silverstein. “Each one is a window into a different world. We’ve got some really great bad guys.”

WELCOME TO THE TEAM | Former Guardian Owen will make his return in the fourth episode with “a mystery [and] an agenda,” teased Silverstein. “We’re going to answer the question, Where the hell is Owen? Why didn’t he participate in the raid? Does he still think there are Guardians out there?” Meanwhile, Ryan’s top position at Division will cause tensions between him and Nikita, who “has a huge problem with authority,” described Maggie Q. “This is not sexual – She’s got to make Ryan happy.… He’s got a job to do and so does she. They’re two characters with strong convictions.” Added Shane West: “No one’s going to agree about anything.”

MIKITA HAPPILY AFTER | “We’re going to start off in a good place,” said Maggie Q of Nikita and Michael’s relationship in Season 3. “Hot and heavy,” chimed in West. Maybe even steamy? Yes, a shower scene is in the works for the couple. “We’re trying to figure it out,” assured Silverstein. “It’s really hard to produce a shower. You have to flood the set.” But all hot things have to cool off eventually, and the couple will hit some challenges. “Something’s going to happen…,” teased the EP. “But there’ll be happiness for a little while. I don’t think anyone’s going to see it coming.” Could it have to do with this cryptic tease from West?: “I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised and maybe shocked” by Michael’s storyline.

ALEX THE CELEBUTUANTE | “The season is going to start out very confusing for [Alex] because she doesn’t have anywhere to hide,” said Lyndsy Fonseca. “She’s such in the public eye.” Poor thing can’t even go undercover! At least she’s got Sean to comfort her – for now. “Finally, Alex has a little bit of a romance!” the actress enthused. “I think it’s going to be good for a bit, and then like all things, fall apart. But yes, Alex is happy with Sean.”

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THE BADDEST BABE | Although Amanda won’t be back right away – “Her return is something we build up to,” said Silverstein – big things are on the way. Among the highlights: We’ll finally get her backstory, as well as a female version of Roan for the villianess. Her relationships with protegees Nikita and Alex will also be a big part of the new season. “She’s in same position Nikita was in the first season – she’s all alone” in exile, said Melinda Clarke. And much like Nikki, she has a “singular obsession” — to catch Nikita. Meanwhile, Amanda “starts to get to Alex in a stronger way,” hinted Fonseca.

GEEK LOVE | Is more romance on the way for Birkoff? With the techie and Sonya both offering similar skill sets at the new Division, “There might be a bit of new tension between [them] that wasn’t there before,” Aaron Stanford teased.

Nikita returns Friday, Oct. 19 on The CW.

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