Nikita's Devon Sawa Details 'Lost Soul' Owen's New Journey, Assures 'Salex' Is Safe -- For Now

As the third season of The CW’s Nikita (Fridays, 8/7c) speeds forward, viewers are eager to uncover what the recently-resurfaced Owen is all about. And guess what? So is his portrayer, Devon Sawa.

“Owen doesn’t know what to think at this point,” he tells TVLine. “He knows that Amanda has done something to him, and he’s just trying to figure it out… I can’t wait to get to the deep stuff that’s coming later this season.”

Here, the actor contemplates his character’s journey of self-discovery, details the Division-centric struggles ahead and reveals what’s really going on between Owen and Alex — and whether Salex fans should be worried.

TVLINE | How quickly is the mystery surrounding Owen’s real identity going to unfold?
We’re definitely going to dig deeper into that. I know that in future [episodes] we’ll get little bits and pieces. But even up until now [in production, episode 12], we haven’t hit the core of that storyline. Down the line, there’s more stuff with him and Alex talking about it, too. But he’s kind of a lost soul right now.

TVLINE | This is obviously taking you deeper into the character than you’ve ever gone before. Are you enjoying that exploration?
Yeah, I can’t wait to get to the deep stuff that’s coming later this season. Also, Owen’s never really had a love interest. He’s always the fifth wheel and has so much else going on, so hopefully we’ll see some of that, too, as it goes on.

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TVLINE | Moving forward, how will Owen fare at integrating himself into this new Division?
He’s still got 100 questions. He’s coping with it. He’s taking it day by day. It is huge for him. This is the place that changed his whole life, so he’s coming to grips with it all. It’s mind-boggling to him.

TVLINE | There’s a lot of masculine energy in Division right now. How’s he coping with working so closely with his frenemy, Michael? And what’s his dynamic with Ryan?
Owen and Michael definitely have a lot of respect for each other, for sure. There’s always a little bit of tension when it comes to Nikita — Michael’s always watching them. But at the end of the day, they respect each other, and that’s how it is right now. And I don’t think he’s had any interaction with Ryan yet. They haven’t explored that. The only time he ever met him was in Cuba in Season 1, I believe. Other than that, Ryan’s a new guy for him.

TVLINE | This week’s Nikita is pretty Owen/Alex heavy. What brings these two together out in the field?
They are given a mission to go investigate someone together. So, it’s the first time they go off and have a mission — during [which] Owen has a question of his own for her when he notices something.

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TVLINE | Fans are sort of split on the potential Owen/Alex pairing. What are your thoughts on their future?
At this point, Owen doesn’t have love on his mind. He doesn’t know Alex yet. So as of now, I would say the Alex and Sean fans are safe. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Since Owen is a recovering addict himself, will he play a part in Alex’s relapse storyline?
At this point, she is still doing it behind everyone’s back. Not even Owen knows it… When I first heard that Alex was going to go that way, I thought it sure that they’d tie [his experience] in. But it really isn’t. It’s been a long time since Owen was on the Regimen. Plus, it was a different kind of drug.

TVLINE | Now that you’re a series regular, how often will we actually be seeing Owen?
After this week, there [are] two episodes without me, and then I come back for a few and then disappear and then come back. It’s kind of how Owen is playing out this year. When I do have episodes, Owen’s very involved in them. I always knew this is how it was going to be: Owen comes in, does some big stuff, backs away for a few — never too long — and then comes back and does some big stuff for two or three or four back-to-back. I’ve been very, very happy with what the writers have given us this year. They’re stepping out in a huge way. This week’s episode is good and then after that it starts getting really crazy. I think the audience is going to be really happy with it.

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