Ratings: Scandal, Big Bang Hit New Series Highs

Ratings: Scandal Hits All Time HighsScandal resumed its sophomore run on Thursday night by hitting all-time highs, drawing 8.4 million total viewers (up 18 percent from its fall finale) and a 2.8 demo rating (up 17 percent and beating CBS’ Elementary by four tenths).

Leading into that, Grey’s Anatomy (9.2 mil/3.1) was up 12 percent and two tenths. The antepenultimate Last Resort opened ABC’s night with 5.8 mil/1.2, up 18 percent and two tenths from its previous outing.

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Over on CBS, The Big Bang Theory just keeps on getting bigger, inching up 3 percent to hit series highs for a second consecutive week: 19.8 million total viewers and a 6.3 demo rating.

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Coming out of that, Two and a Half Men (14.3 mil/4.2) dipped in the demo week-to-week; Person of Interest (15.6 mil/3.3) ticked down from last week’s series highs yet still bested Grey’s in both measures; and Elementary (11.3 mil/2.4) slipped some but drew a larger audience than Scandal.


* NBC’s 30 Rock (3.8 mil/1.4) returned up 27 percent, The Office (4.53 mil/2.2) ticked up a tenth and 1600 Penn‘s regular time slot premiere (3.85 mil/1.6) was down a tenth from Parks and Recreation‘s season average there at 9:30 pm. REMINDER: Parks and Rec returns next Thursday it its new time slot of 8:30 pm.

* Fox’s Mobbed (3.3 mil/1.2) was up 9 percent week-to-week.

* The CW’s broadcast of the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards drew the event’s largest audience (1.9 mil) and best demos since 2006 (on The WB, ribbit).

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  1. Paige says:

    There is no stopping Big Bang!

    • Stacey says:

      It’s doing the “NCIS” LOL. Syndication rose the show to above 20 million a lot of weeks once the show went into heavy syndication. Now it’s also benefiting Big Bang Theory as well. Which is funny, since BBT which I love is one of those shows. You either get or you don’t. NCIS was the different kind of procedural. Comedy, drama. Allows you to connect. On BBT, you grow to like these characters even though most of the time Sheldon is very obnoxious.

      • Paige says:

        Oh absolutely syndication is helping. Definite slow-burner ratings wise. I think it appeals to a wide range of people. My dad is actually the person that got me into watching it! Now he PVRs it every Thursday & laughs hysterically. It’s adorable.

  2. Anasazi says:

    FANTASTIC for Scandal. Yay!

  3. Martina says:

    Last night was the worst episode of 2.5 men I’ve ever watched, it in no way resembles the show it used to be.

  4. Christian says:

    I’m so frickin’ happy for Scandal! My favorite show this year! May it continue to grow and pop over a 3.0 in the demo! That would be amazing for a 10pm show. I so hope the Superbowl doesn’t boost Elementary because no way will that show ever deserve to beat my precious Scandal! Big Bang is just a beast.. NBC should just throw the towel in on Must See TV and air a drama in the slot. No comedy is ever going to gain traction against such a juggernaut.

  5. Sasha says:

    Big Bang is a BEAST!


    So happy! Love the characters and the actors.

  6. Becks says:

    Awesome news for Scandal! Sounds like lots of people got hooked on it over Xmas break like I did!

  7. aciel says:

    its amazing how scandal keeps on hitting highs. i mean ever since the the assassanation storyline has started has constantly hit all time highs. just before the assassanation storyline it was hitting low 2s never seen a show go up this high in a short period of time

  8. Nicole says:

    I don’t know how two and a half men keeps doing so well. Last nights episode was just awful! I only had it on because I was waiting for person of interest and Sherlock.

    • Stacey says:

      It’s now after Big Bang Theory. So it’s the bomberang effect. While it’s not doing as well as NCIS:LA is after NCIS. It’s still getting the viewers, and since it’s only 30 minutes…they largely stay.

    • Jake says:

      so you do know how it’s doing so well…you don’t like it and you watched it…you know how it will stop doing so well? when people like you who don’t like it stop watching it.

      • mercuryblues says:

        I couldn’t agree more, and I’ve always thought the same thing; people watching it who don’t even like it! What’s with that?

    • Abe Froman says:

      Nicole, you just answered your own question. It keeps doing so well because it’s sandwiched in between two more popular shows.

    • Helen says:

      I’m stunned that it’s still on the air! Despite most of the subject matter, the so-called acting by Kutcher and some other members of the cast is terrible. Person of Interest is my favourite show and it’s also on another channel that doesn’t air the new TAAHM. So that’s the station that I tune into. I wouldn’t give CBS the satisfaction of tuning into this horrible version of TAAHM, not even for 30 seconds, just so their ratings go up. But to tell you the truth, I really think that someone is fudging the books on this show for the numbers to be so high.

  9. FragglesRock says:

    No Thursday Night Football is good for everyone else’s ratings!

  10. rachelle says:

    got SO obsessed with Scandal over winter break. also got my sister and cousin hooked and we all tuned in last night. by these numbers, I think a lot of people discovered this show over break as well. i’m so excited!!! this show is definitely among the best on tv!

  11. JCT says:

    Loved scandal – glad it is gaining more people – still think best show on TV

  12. cjeffery7 says:

    TBBT’s rise is absolutely remarkable. Haters gonna hate, but you can’t argue with hitting series high ratings in their 6th season.

  13. lll says:

    I’m calling it now. Person of Interest had the best episode of the season last night–and the season is halfway through. One word: brilliant.

    • Tania says:

      I have to agree with you. Person of Interest knocked it out of the park last night. It’s a shame that the next fresh new episode is not until the end of the month. There will be two reruns before that.

    • Holly says:

      I agree. I want to watch all the interrogation scenes again just to catch more of the subtext. John was making stuff up, but at the same time, he wasn’t. Same with Carter. Great writing overall. Did NOT see that ending coming at all.

  14. Babybop says:

    Big Bang was hilarious last night! Glad it’s doing so well.

  15. nasirakd says:

    Scandal is freakin’ awesome!!!

  16. Alienate says:

    I’m just happy that 1600 Penn opened with such terrible numbers and will soon die. I’m embarrassed just watching the promos for it. UGH!

  17. Tania says:

    CBS has the worst comedy line-up which means their ratings will be high. What an embarrassment. lol

    • CJ says:

      Unless you mean an embarrassment of riches, I don ‘t understand your comment.

    • Ana says:

      I get it. Some may consider TBBT to be mind-numbingly pedestrian, even with all the geek talk. It is juvenile and hopelessly banal. And Two and a Half Men is one of the most misogynistic, irreverent and objectifying shows on television. But hey, it is obviously what works for some people. Consider the source. How many female-fronted shows does CBS have? Two. The Good Wife, which in spite of being excellent drama gets lousy ratings, and Two Broke Girls which is a comedy featuring two pretty girls, lots of boobs and dirty talk. For some reason, this kind of tripe works for CBS.

  18. Shari says:

    SO HAPPY ABOUT SCANDAL! I think a S3 is in the bag for sure now.

  19. Sharie says:

    Scandal is amazing! I am so thrilled but I still miss Stephen :p

  20. jenna says:

    Agree about Scandal. Great show!

  21. Ana says:

    I am beyond happy about Scandal ratings. From the opening lines you can appreciate the exceptional writing and the gripping storylines. I am loving/hating Kate Burton as Sally. She’s the type of character that I love to hate. Unlike Hollis who I really, really want to see take a long walk off a short pier. I hope he meets the full extend of Olivia’s rage. And I know it is all kinds of awkward, but is it wrong that I love, LOVE to see Mellie and Liv conspiring together? I really hope they continue to develop this relationship. It was kind of scary but funny when Olivia turned to Mellie with the ‘what did you do?’ Classic!!!! It is interesting how Mellie resents Liv for being the ‘other woman’ but at the same time defers to her because she respects her abilities.It is such a deliciously dichotomous dynamic…
    I hope the ratings continue to improve and this show gets the respect it deserves.

  22. Stormy says:

    When the guys got home to the apartment, why did they go straight to the door? Leonard would have gone to Penny’s to get the spare key. How did they expect to get in?

  23. Mary says:

    Thrilled for Scandal. It’s been great from the get-go, and I’m happy more people are discovering it! It’s a fast paced, well written show with interesting story lines.

  24. Curtis says:

    “Antepenultimate?” Did you get a thesaurus for Christmas?

  25. lynn says:

    i love scandal. i can hardly wait for it to come on every week. i hope more people will tune in. if they see it once they will be hooked.