Grey's Anatomy Recap: Love, Loss and Liquor

RICHARD KAHAN, SARAH DREW, GAIUS CHARLESGrey’s Anatomy returned Thursday night with hookups, sob stories and a tragedy or two.

Here, we relive the episode’s biggest moments.

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WEDDING BELL BLUES | After saving Adele’s life, Bailey runs into her waiting fiancé Ben at the hospital and admits that during a tense moment in the operating room, “I forgot about you and the wedding.” And it won’t be the last time because she’s a surgeon with ambitions, she tells him, which killed her last marriage. But rather than getting angry, Ben reminds her that he, too, has dreams of becoming a doctor, so they’ll make it work even if they only see each other in five minute increments every three months. The two get hitched, but the romantic affair becomes hinged with sadness when Webber shows up. “You’re here,” Meredith says surprised, knowing that can only mean bad news for Adele. As it turns out, she suffered a heart attack post-surgery and died. As everyone watches Bailey and Ben dance, Webber imagines himself and his wife swaying to “My Funny Valentine.”

THE INTERN SHUFFLE | Avery and April’s intern dates to the wedding both turn out to be a little more than they bargained for. Avery tries to resist Stephanie – “You need to stop. You are not gross, and you are not Karev,” he tells himself – but ends up making out with her in the car. On behalf of viewers, she asks him to never put his shirt back on. Meanwhile, April compares Shane to having dinner with Ripley’s Believe It or Not, but he’s just ratting off trivia to push off her so-called advances. Finally, he confronts her and says he’s come too far to sleep with his mentor. “I was being nice,” April replies, horrified at the thought that he may feel sexually harassed by her. Awkward!

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ALEX AND JO SITTING IN SOMEONE ELSE’S ROOM | Since they’ve had alcohol while waiting at the wedding, Alex and Jo are forced to stay put at the bar when paged. They end up bonding over what basically amounts to a competition about whose story is sadder. Alex reveals to Jo that he was in juvie and mentions his schizo mom and abusive dad. She counters with a tale about a horrible foster home in which all the kids slept in the basement and had to pee in buckets, which the older kids then… Well, you know. Except psych! She just saw it in a movie. The fake shenanigans continue when Jo decides to prove that a crying woman freaks everyone out. Alex pretends to yell at her for losing their room key. She promptly bursts into tears, he follows, and soon the front desk clerk is handing them the key to “their” room, where they drunkenly revel in the minibar and bathrobes of the real occupant.

ALL IN GOOD TIME | Callie and Arizona’s attempt to get their groove back by ditching the wedding for some alone time in a hotel room proves to be a little more first date awkward than sexy. Arizona asks Callie to wait in the bathroom while she takes her prosthetic leg off, but then can’t go through with it. “I wanted to be spontaneous and fun, but I can’t,” she says. “I’m not ready. Please don’t be mad.” Instead, they order champagne and make-out in bed to a movie, but not before Arizona makes a request of her other half: “Please don’t run.” “After the car accident, you never left my side,” replies Callie. “Not once. There’s no way I’m leaving yours.”

A FRESH START | Another marriage came to an end as Cristina and Owen signed their divorce papers. “We should never have gotten married in the first place,” Owens says. “When we did, we took something beautiful and we put it in this box. For the last two years, all we have done is beaten against those walls and teared each other apart.” But once they sign those papers, “We don’t hurt each other anymore.” So they do, tears falling down both their faces as they kiss. So the end is only the beginning?

Grey’s fans, what did you think of the episode? Are you sad about Adele’s death? Do you see Alex and Jo hooking up any second now? And did Cristina and Owen do the right thing?

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