Scandal Recap: A Torturous Wait

Scandal Recap: One for the DogsThis Thursday on ABC’s Scandal, multiple plots to “steal” the White House were afoot as Huck tried to keep his head above water.

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WAKE-UP CALL | With Huck in custody (and subject to “enhanced interrogation techniques” that make David uneasy), Sally is itching to announce her big win to the press, but can’t do so sans confession. Meanwhile, Vera confesses to Olivia her role in Huck’s arrest — as well as alerts Liv, Cyrus and Mellie to her suspicion that Hollis Doyle was Becky’s backer. Armed with that info, Harrison and Abby collaborate to find Hollis’ secret phone and lift from it the only number he ever called. Later, we see Fitz’s name being signed to his reinstatement letter….

Back home, Olivia asks Edison what he’s heard about the shooter in custody, but the government isn’t even admitting they’ve got a guy. Just as the duo agree they need a “Chinese wall” to make their relationship work, Edison receives from a military office a copy of President Grant’s restatement letter. All but shoving aside her beau, a startled Olivia races off to the hospital, where she chides Cyrus for not telling her that Fitz woke up. But upon arriving at Fitz’s bedside, she realizes the truth: He’s still out like a light. To Cyrus and Mellie, she demands: “What did you do?!”

CLIENT-IN-CHIEF | Mellie admits to forging her husband’s signature — a bit of deception Cyrus argues isn’t ” the worst move, but which Olivia maintains is treason. (“This is not Nicaragua! You can’t steal the White House!”) Cyrus argues that Hollis had the president shot, and now he sits at the right hand of Sally Langston — “and that is not OK. We can’t wait for justice to be served.” Just as Cy begins explaining how he could hold the reins until Fitz actually wakes, Sally calls, looking to speak to Da Boss. Mellie though grabs the phone and launches into a breathless celebration of miracles, how Sally’s endless “prayers” worked and such. When Mel blows of Sally’s request for an in-person visit, Madame Acting President smells a rat.

Meeting with his boss, David says the Constitution is being “shredded like confetti” in the cellar of the Pentagon, where Huck’s at. David’s boss responds, “You can’t just talk about ‘wearing the white hat.’ We live in the real world.” meanwhile at Pope & Associates, Abby wonders why they’re not doing anything, why they’re not trying the number from Doyle’s burner. “Olivia runs with big dogs. This is grassy knoll stuff,” Harrison explains. “This is about stuff regular Americans never hear about. We don’t question them on this.” And on that note, Liv arrives to announce their new client: President Fitzgerald Grant.

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HUCK, CHUCKED | Sally whines to Hollis how Mellie and Cyrus are treating her like an idiot child, yet she can’t challenge their claim without looking opportunistic. So at Hollis’ suggestion, Sally leaks to the press word of President Grant’s recovery. The Gladiators meanwhile swing into action, pulling an elaborate Ocean’s Eleven-like con to work Fitz’s doc and circulate anecdotes about POTUS’ awakening. (Even Perd Hapley gets to bleat that Grant “is out of the woods!”)

Huck holds steady in his resolve, using any gasps of air and lucidity to inquire about the president’s health, warning that “he’s still in danger” if alive. “She’ll come back to finish the job!” After getting a tip from a fed-up David, Olivia convinces Sally to release Huck, explaining that only he has the tools to capture the real shooter. Shortly after David delivers an executive order for the prisoner’s release, Huck is quite literally thrown from a moving car, back into society.

MUZZLED SNIPER | At the hospital, Mellie signs off on Fitz’s transfer, then muses to Liv, “If he never wakes…. What am I going to do? What are you going to do?” Olivia responds, “Mellie, you have one job. You’re holding off Sally, I’m doing everything else, so get a grip.” Later, Edison comes looking for Fitz himself, and confronts Olivia about not taking his calls and ignoring Sally’s questioning of the “recovery.” When Edison warns his woman that she’s wading in a huge legal mess on behalf of her “friend,” she retorts, “You have no idea what you’re talking about” and kisses him off bigtime.

In the Oval Office, Hollis insists to Sally that somethings gotta be done about Fitz, and in the name of “plausible deniability” he’ll take care of matters. Moments later, Becky gets a call. Huck meanwhile meets with Olivia, who furnishes him with the motorcade route for Fitz’s transfer and the phone number from Hollis’ burner. “I won’t let you down this time,” he avows. Later, as Becky sets up her sniper nest atop a roof by the hospital, Huck rings her, then pulls a gun. The transfer was a ruse, and Becky (aka Kate) is apprehended by a SWAT team.

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL | After reporting to the nation that “the search is over” for the president’s shooter, Sally taunts Mellie with her knowledge of graphology aka handwriting, and how the reinstatement letter’s signature had incorrect T’s. Sally also has a doctor’s sworn affidavit saying Fitz has yet to open his eyes. Meanwhile, Cyrus opens up to James that Grant never woke, and they head off to get their baby — until Cy gets a call. Over at P&A, Quinn demands answers from Olivia about the Cytron/Becky mishegas, and is about to get them, when Olivia gets a call from Cyrus: “Someone wants to talk to you.”


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